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Xtreme Power Review – One Way to Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels

What Is Xtreme Power?

Xtreme Power is a nitric oxide booster made to increase an athlete’s level of training intensity and load capacity during intense exercise. In addition to energy output enhancement, the supplement is also designed for the purpose of optimizing the user’s quality of post-workout recovery.

The supplement belongs to a particular class of N.O. boosters that are made for continuous activation. If the supplement functions as intended, then the user should be able to feel the effects throughout the day instead of only during their training session.

As the supplement is primarily a source of concentrated amino acids, users are expected to experience a noticeable jump in explosive power and momentum during their workout. In addition to providing a heightened capacity for explosive movements, the supplement is also presented as as a resource for sharpened focus and training motivation.

A single serving of Xtreme Power consist of two tablets, preferably taken one half hour to an hour before exercising. It is exclusively a pre-workout supplement and not meant to be used as any sort of dietary replacement. A single container holds 60 tablets, providing one month of servings per container. As a standard safety measure, is advised that this supplement only be used by athletes between the ages of 18 and 60 years old.



Xtreme power is both the name of supplement and the name of the Malta-based manufacturer responsible for supplying it. Currently, this N.O. booster is the sole fitness product offered by the manufacturer.

Currently, there isn’t enough public information available to determine the amount of time that the manufacturer has been in business. There are no resoundingly negative or positive attributions that have been made in regards to the manufacturer and its business practices.

The company reports that their formula has been clinically validated for high effectiveness, though to fully determine the veracity of the claim, inquisitive potential customers will have to rely on previous user reports and their own experience. The company mainly markets their brand towards athletes who are concerned with increasing their muscularity and mental drive for training.


How Xtreme Power Works?

Like most supplements that supply nitric oxide, this supplement is meant to work by increasing the oxygen flow to the user’s muscle tissue via vasodilation. The most heavily-emphasized selling point is billed as a “perpetual release factor”, which implies that the oxygenization effect should remain undiminished throughout the user’s day.

Should the supplement’s effects manifest to their fullest potential, the result would then be a fast-acting surge of explosive power enhancement. The supplement is designed to do its job without introducing a host of foreign synthesized agents into the body. Ideally, this would allow the body’s natural processes to continue running with minimal interference.

As a provider of nitric oxide, the supplement is meant to cause an energizing but safe degree of vascular expansion. The effectiveness of an N.O. booster is based on the relationship between blood oxygen levels and stamina. In the best case scenario, oxygen infusion from the supplement would lower the user’s risk of lactic acid overproduction while lifting.


Ingredients of Xtreme Power

The supplement’s principal component is an L-Arginine blend. Within one serving, there are 2000 milligrams of what is billed as an “Advanced Arginine Blend”. According to the nutritional information made available on the container, Xtreme Power’s Advanced Arginine blend is made up of the following variations of L-Arginine:

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride;
  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate;
  • L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate – KIC.

It is not made entirely clear what the specific quantities of each L-Arginine variation are within the Advanced Arginine Blend, and a daily value has not been officially established. In addition the L-Arginine content, Xtreme Power’s nutritional information also appears to specify a smaller inclusion of what the manufacturer calls its “Advanced Nutrient Delivery System”.

The Advanced Nutrient Delivery system is measured at approximately 200 milligrams per serving of Xtreme Power, and the elements composing it are as follows:

  • Phosphate;
  • Dipotassium Phosphate;
  • L-citruline;
  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide – NAD.

In addition to the Advanced Arginine blend and the Advanced Nutrient Delivery system, Xtreme Power’s nutritional information also specifies several other micro-nutrients of a small and unspecified quantity within its composition.



Just about every advantage provided by Xtreme Power is based on the effects of alpha amino acid. L-Arginine, the prominent alpha amino acid present in the supplement, has been suggested to have various benefits on a cellular level. Some of the suggested advantages include:

  • Cell division;
  • Immune system defense;
  • Wound healing;
  • Ammonia detoxification;
  • Blood platelet regulation;
  • Lipid metabolism maintenance;
  • Cardiovascular resilience.

If the potential benefits manifest properly, L-Arginine activation through the supplement could facilitate conditions that put the user in the right frame for an unhindered rate of improvement. Proper immune system fortification would lower the chance of falling prey to sicknesses that could offset training routines. With better-oxygenated muscles, the user might be able to retain more explosive energy throughout heavy lifting sets.

The high Arginine content of Xtreme Power presents a feasible opportunity for users to apply its effects to their pursuit of muscle growth and fat loss, but this is still contingent upon their particular fitness ambitions. The supplement will most likely serve strength-focused athletes as a source of extra momentum, but not as the sole catalyst for the results of training.

Though the enhancement of explosive movement and rest quality are not synonymous with muscle mass enlargement, there is reasonable potential for an overlap between the two. If Xtreme Power’s effects substantiate the claims, the benefits could be leveraged into a more effective campaign for weight lifters/bodybuilders who could use an extra boost when approaching the point of failure during any exercise.

Another potential advantage could be the relative simplicity of the supplement’s composition. Because the supplement is almost purely L-Arginine with very few other ingredients, it would be lightweight addition to the user’s preworkout stack.



According to production details made accessible by the manufacturer, the supplement’s quality management meets the standards set by the GMP code of practice and BS: EN9001:2000. The supplement has also received certification of quality assurance by Redrose Manufacturing Limited (RML, DH45RJ).

As the composition of Xtreme Power is primarily a blend of L-Arginine variations, it falls within the guidelines specified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for acceptable forms of supplementation.



An observational University study was conducted in order to assess the effects of consistent Xtreme Power supplementation on users with highly fitness-conscious lifestyles. All participants in the study made regular trips to their gyms throughout the week and possessed a history of athletic activity.

The results of the study showed a significant relationship between the participants’ use of the nitric oxide booster and the intensity of their exercise repetitions. On the other hand, the results did not exhibit a significant relationship between the participants’ use of the nitric oxide booster and changes to their muscle mass and body fat percentage. The University study participants were shown to have developed a heightened number of their maximum bench press repetitions, but there were not significant changes observed in their muscular composition. Despite not undergoing any dramatic physical transformations by the end of the study, participants showed a heightened level of vigor and endurance throughout the duration of their workouts.

In a study conducted at University Medical HKM Pharma, a different group of participants were examined to assess the effect of frequent Arginine supplementation on the general level of Arginine in their bodies. The results of the study showed at Arginine supplementation did in fact increase the participants’ general Arginine levels, but the study did not assess whether or not there was an effect on muscle mass and fat content. The results of the observational studies did not demonstrate a direct correlation between Arginine supplementation and body composition improvements. However, the correlation found between nitric oxide intake and training intensity could conceivably imply an indirect relationship between the effect of Arginine-enhanced exertion and an athlete’s preexisting training habits.

Despite the fact that the studies did not observe Arginine supplementation directly resulting in dramatic physical changes, the studies were not designed to assess or engineer the individual training goals of the participants before they were selected. Athletes with an explicit desire to grow larger or cut body fat have reported that Arginine supplementation is an effective addition to their pre-workout regimen. In a personal report, one power lifter claimed that the vasodilation effect of the supplement was surprisingly strong when he experienced it for the very first time. He recalled that the energy boost was distinctly different sensation than the sort of feeling gained from drinking caffeine. Instead of only feeling alert, he described the energy boost as a “full body effect”.

According to his report, the effects were not immediately onset after taking the supplement. It wasn’t until about fifteen minutes after taking the supplement that the effects gradually started kicking in. He described the onset of the effects as a slow wave that spread from his core and steadily developed into something slightly more intense than expected. Initially, one thing that worried him was the distinct feeling of “prickly tingles” that began before the effects fully took hold. He stated that even though the prickling sensation beneath his skin wasn’t painful, it felt rather odd. The sensation lasted for a few moments, but it was then replaced with a rather strong sense of focus.

When the effects were at their peak, he described a sense of being “zoned in” to his movements throughout his circuit. Though he could still very much feel the burn of heavy lifting, he felt more cognitively locked onto completing a full range of motion instead of thinking about the pain. The supplement didn’t erase the strain of lifting weights, but it made him feel more capable of enduring it and focusing on his form. When the effects began to wear off, he was pleased to find out that there wasn’t an unpleasant comedown or feeling of fatigue from using the supplement. He never gained a feeling of dependence on the supplement, but he did state that it was a positive introduction to value of L-Arginine as a pre-workout resource. His only point of criticism was that the tingling sensation might take some getting used to.

Based on the results of the University studies and the power lifter’s testimonial, it is reasonable to believe that this supplement has more use as a training amplifier than an independent muscle-building tool. Any athlete who has specially designed their exercise and training program for the purpose of muscular growth and/or fat loss could very well increase the efficacy of their program by gaining a higher capacity for intense repetitions.


Awards & Media Coverage

Xtreme Power has not received a significant amount of mainstream media coverage to date. There have been a number of small informal discussions regarding the potential of the supplement on fitness-based forums, but not to the extent of any heavily publicized and shared articles.

While the contents of the supplement fall within acceptable ranges for quality control and professional competition eligibility, it has not been recognized with official awards from accredited persons within the health and fitness industry. Currently, the bulk of the supplement’s recognition comes from independently-published posts in the health and fitness blogosphere.


Money-back Guarantee

In accordance to Consumer Protection Legislation, customers are permitted seven days after the day of purchase to request a refund or cancellation. In order to retain entitlement to a full refund, the package must be intact and promptly returned to the distributor’s address. If the package is returned without any signs of compromise, the customer should have a refund credited to their originally-stated bank account within 60 days after the request is processed. Cash One delivery returns of the product are not accepted. A refund order is only applicable to customer’s first purchase, and the rights to the refund are limited to one product per individual or group. In addition to sending back the product itself, the empty package must be included as well.

Customers requesting a return must demonstrate that their reasons for doing so do not stem for mishandling or misuse. The return request must be submitted via email, and the reason for the initiating a return must be fully stated. If the refund request is approved, the customer will be allowed 10 days to send the product back to the distributor’s address. While all customers are entitled to the rights established by the Consumer Protection Legislation guidelines, the distributor may exercise their rights to decline the return request at their discretion. If desired, customers may also request an exchange for their product. The shipping fees for returning the original product and/or re-shipping the replacement product to complete the exchange must be paid for by the customer.



The standard shipping speed for the product is relatively swift. After the order has been processed, the standard delivery time is typically within 3 business days of fulfillment. Deliveries will be made between 9am and 6pm. If the order is processed on the weekend, the product should be shipped out on the following Monday.

In the event that an Xtreme Power package is no longer available for delivery, the distributor terms state that it is responsible for notifying the customer about the unavailability immediately. The distributor reserves the right refrain from delivering the product if the customer’s provided address and/or phone number are not valid.

Prospective buyers should be aware that the distributor does not claim responsibility for any potential delays in shipping time that may be caused by third-party delivery companies handling the order after it has been dispatched. The distributor is also free of responsibility for any information about the supplement provided by the product’s manufacturer.


Customer Support

If customers have any questions regarding the product, they may contact the product manufacturer via email or telephone. The customer’s full name and working email address must be provided in order for any online inquiries to be submitted.

In regard to the customer’s personal experience using Xtreme Power, the company has issued a disclaimer stating that any and all results are reliant on the user’s lifestyle. The disclaimer also states a variance in results among different users should be anticipated.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Several indicators verify that customers buying the product can checkout safely and securely. Thanks to SSL Certificate encryption, along with several other verifiable security measures, all personal customer details are given a layer of cryptographic protection.

In addition to the security provided by digital safeguards, the manufacturer’s privacy policy explicitly states a vow of nondisclosure in regard to private customer information. The names, home addresses, telephone numbers, credit card details and email addresses of the buyers are not shared with any third parties.

In addition to protecting the private information of buyers, the manufacturer takes measures to prevent the use of stolen identities to illegally acquire the product. At the company’s discretion, telephone number confirmation may be requested in order to verify the identify of the credit card holders before the transaction is authorized.

If there is a reasonable amount of suspicion for fraud, the manufacturer reserves to right to deny authorizing the purchase. The IP address of each visitor, along with the date and time of their visit, is recorded as a security measure.

If there are sufficient reasons to suspect that a fraudulent transaction has been made or attempted, the company reserves the right to cooperate with authorities and provide the information needed to locate the suspect.


Xtreme Power Pricing

The standard price for one bottle of Xtreme Power is approximately $56.29, though with a promotional discount, it can be lowered even more. The standard price for a two-bottle pack is $112.60, with the promotional discount cutting it down to even less. A multi-pack of three bottles can be bought for around $212.99 at the standard price and lower at the promo price. Deliveries made to customers in European countries will not have additional shipping fees.

Credit cards are currently the only accepted form of payment, and all prices are final. Customers are advised to be aware that the standard price of the product can potentially be changed at any time without any prior notification.






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