Xtreme NO2 Boost

Xtreme NO2 Boost Review – Can It Deliver on Its Promise?

What Is Xtreme NO2 Boost?

Xtreme NO2 Boost, also known as Extreme NO2 Boost, is a scientifically formulated supplement that works to boost strength, enhance energy during a workout and trim unwanted fat off the body. It helps to boost the effects of a bodybuilder’s routine beyond the normal effects of a workout. A main ingredient of Xtreme NO2 Boost is Magnesium Stearate, which is an ingredient known to help build muscle through increasing speed of absorption with the supplement’s main ingredients. This higher absorption rate helps the body make the most out of the ingredients in the product and should lead to faster effects. The product is designed to build muscle and while losing fat and the customer should expect to see more muscle and strength as a result of taking it.

The supplement is said to be safer than other bodybuilding alternatives such as steroids that have a negative effect on the body. Steroids can cause high blood pressure, weight gain, mood swings and aesthetically displeasing effects such as acne and more body hair. It is similar to other bodybuilding supplements with its listed ingredients and their effects. This product has none of these listed side effects. It has also been listed as enhancing endurance to make the workouts longer along with the energy boost. Most reviews have said the supplement is effective in achieving results at the gym.



It is unclear on the website who manufactures Xtreme NO2 Boost. On the website there are contact details and an address, but it is not confirmed that this is where the product is manufactured. It is therefore unclear where the product is manufactured and in what kind of factory or facility the product is made. Sometimes when this information is missing about a product, it might be due to the supplements coming from a low-quality source in a developing country.

Because of this, the customer might want to pause as there is no guarantee of the cleanliness and safety in the production environment, therefore leading to adverse effects on the product. Also because there is no clear listing of ingredients regarding the supplement, you will probably want to think twice about taking the product even if there are no reported side effects. Especially if you have allergies, there are no warnings as to what might be in the product. Also the customer might pause at the challenge to purchase the product online, which always directs you to another product for purchase when you try to order. Overall this will raise concerns for the customer as there is unclear information.


How Xtreme NO2 Boost Works?

To see results with Xtreme NO2 Boost, take two pills once or twice a day with water. Then simply do your normal workout routine. It might take a few days to get used to the product before seeing any effects, but after taking the supplement you will supposedly see better energy and endurance, and better fat burning. The Magnesium Stearate helps enhance the effect of the other active ingredients in the product, which helps promote absorption into the body and gives better effects to your workout.

The supplement is also created to boost the level of Nitric Oxide, or N.O. in the body. N.O. is a molecule that is manufactured in the body naturally and causes vasodilation, or an expanding of the blood vessels. This leads to increased blood flow throughout the body, oxygen transport and also a reduction in blood pressure. The ingredients in Xtreme NO2 Boost increase the natural levels of N.O. in the body, which leads to more stamina in the workout, better muscle building and recovery, and an increase in strength and muscle-building. It also will help reduce the fat layer surrounding the muscles.


Ingredients of Xtreme NO2 Boost

Xtreme NO2 Boost contains a blend of natural and active compounds. Amino acid helps you build muscles and reduce excess fats. And compounds such as L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Vitamin B and Dicalcium Phosphate have been screened by certified experts in the laboratory. Also Magnesium Stearate, which is known to help build muscle by increasing the absorption speed of the other ingredients in the product.

The combination of ingredients is supposed to help increase Nitric Oxide in the body as well. This automatically improves the overall functioning of your body and also will help increase the results in your workout. It also leads to an increase in recovery time after a workout and improves stamina and energy levels. All of the ingredients and compounds are clinically approved, and no filler or binders were used in its formulation.

There is not a lot of information on the ingredients however. Also some ingredients the product contains that aren’t listed aren’t known tot he consumer. They are not clearly labeled, which might encourage a customer to do more investigation before purchasing the product. These extra components could actually be harmful because the ingredients are meant to up your testosterone levels. When a supplement is targeting a hormone within your body to increase it, and it fails to list all the ingredients, it has the potential to do damage to your body.



Xtreme NO2 Boost is supposedly safe to use because the ingredients are tested and approved. The compounds are reported to be 100% natural and no binders or chemicals were used in the formulation of the supplement. If you take the product as per recommended use, the desired outcomes should be produced without harmful side effects. However, since not all of the ingredients are listed, the customer might question if all of the contained formula is safe, especially if one is allergic to an unlisted ingredient, for example.

You can take the product before and after the workouts which makes it convenient to use and easy to remember to take. Also you only have to take two capsules at a time with water, which is easier on the stomach than other supplements. It has no bad effects that other bodybuilding substances have such as steroids, which can lead to long-term health problems and more hair on the body and acne problems. Also the ingredients lead to an increase of Nitric Oxide in the body, which leads to an overall increase in the body’s function as well as an increase in muscle mass, decrease in fat and a boost in energy levels. Also the recovery time from workouts will be faster. This means you can expect more and faster results from your workout.



There are no specific certificates for Xtreme NO2 Boost, but there has been significant research and testing done into the ingredients in the product. For example, the ingredients that increase Nitric Oxide are also in other supplements and they have proven effective in boosting and helping reduce fat and build muscle, as well as enhance endurance and strength. Magnesium Stearate has had some controversy surrounding its harmful effects if taken in large doses. However, with the amount of product you take with this supplement, it is improbable that you would suffer bad side effects from the small amount in each capsule.

If taken with the recommended dosage, the Magnesium Stearate should simply help to absorb the other ingredients and enhance the ingredients’ effects. Also the ingredients have been tested and proven to have less side effects than steroids, for example. Also no one has written reviews about other adverse side effects suffered. Also the amount recommended for the user to take is relatively small when compared to other supplements, and should be easy on the stomach as well as quickly absorbed. Since there is no clear list of ingredients available however, again the customer may want to use caution.



There are not many solid reviews to be found yet on the product Xtreme NO2 Boost. There is a before and after photo of one supposedly satisfied customer in which the defined muscle and the increased bulk seems to be very impressive. But it is uncertain how long the supplement was taken to achieve these results, and there is no other information listed about his level of customer satisfaction or how much of the product he used, including recommended dosage.

Also one user said that they tried to achieve built and ripped muscle in the gym but often got less than satisfying results. Also the stamina in the gym seemed to be getting less over time. His trainer recommended he use Xtreme NO2 Boost to get more out of the performance. He consulted a physician first to ask about the product’s effects and he assured him that it should be effective and safe. He tried it and reported a large increase in energy and stamina during the workout and also in strength as a result. Over tim he saw the effects he had desired for a long time.


Awards & Media Coverage

Xtreme NO2 Boost has not received a lot of media coverage or awards up to this point. The product has not been labeled with official awards from accredited sources within the industry of health and fitness. Most of the talk surrounding the product is on the site itself and is spoken in a promotional manner. The product is spoken of more from a testing perspective rather than tried and true customer reviews, however the two reviews seen seem to point to positive results.

The ingredients have been proven to boost Nitric Oxide however, which when boosted increases the blood flow in the body and has been known with other supplements to increase endurance, recovery and muscle building during workouts. However the lack of information provided for the ingredients also might make it difficult for the industry to do thorough research to give awards. But overall the product has been tested in the laboratory and has been proven safe and with limited to no harmful side effects, as long as the correct dosage is taken. Also the effects to build muscle and trim fat should prove effective given that the user doesn’t skip doses.


Money-back Guarantee

It is a challenge to find a way to purchase the product online, as when you click to order a free trial you get redirected to another product to order. However on the site it appears that if you have been taking the pills as directed and do not like the outcome you can return the bottles back within 2 months. You have to send them back within two months of the date you received the product and you will receive your money back at 100% plus shipping. They claim to be so confident you will be satisfied that they are willing to make this guarantee.

You must also return the bottle with only two bottles empty, or two months’ supply. You are not to open or take off the sticker or tamper with the unused bottles. There is a return form to fill out and submit as well. It is good that there is a money-back guarantee to make the customer more comfortable to try the product without charge if they fail to see the results they are looking for. Overall the product is financially risk-free, given that you follow the guidelines for returning the product, and you can expect to enjoy the trial for 14 days.



Most of the product orders made before 1PM Eastern Standard Time will be shipped that same day. It may take up to 48 hours in some cases however to process your order. For shipping within the United States, the standard shipping rate of $5.95 applies for the product. For other countries the price is $8.95. The process takes 3-7 business days to ship through standard regular mail. This seems like normal delivery time as compared to other online product orders, and the price is reasonable.

If you live outside of the United States, standard shipping is through global mail which can take up to 2-5 weeks for delivery. The reason for this is that the product has to clear customs before it can come through. Also the packaging is plain on the outside with no indication of what you ordered, which ensures customer privacy during delivery. Also if you are unsatisfied with the product and return it, you can get your shipping costs reimbursed to you, as well. It is good for customers living outside the United States that potentially want to try the product, though the wait time might deter some customers.


Customer Support

Customer support for the product seems to be helpful. Upon a search for the product Xtreme NO2 Boost, you will come into contact with a link to chat with a representative. The representatives themselves don’t seem very informed about the product itself but are eager to help connect you to purchasing the product or giving you a free trial offer. Also the speed with which the representative contacts you is good. You can talk to someone and get a response very quickly.

Also there are numbers to call in several different countries that are supposedly available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to chat to a customer. You can call and talk to a support agent. You can also email them if you have any questions to send via internet. Also the customer support will be rated more highly due to the money-back guarantee and relative ease to ship back unwanted product. Also with the trial you can cancel at anytime. With it and the money-back guarantee there are plenty of financially safe ways to try the product given you adhere to their guidelines.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Xtreme NO2 Boost has several certificates listed below the order form including VeriSign Secured, Hacer Safe and McAfee Secure, an awarded certificate that has stood up well with user testing. Also they are committed to the privacy of their customers. They said they do not save your email when you order the product. You may also receive promotional material to the email address you provide at registration or checkout unless you opt out of receiving these notifications. They also have a policy not to send spam to customers.

When checking out, you must provide your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and credit card details. SSL codes are set between you and the server which makes it unreadable to anyone trying to intercept the information you have given. Your personal information will be disclosed when it is required by law or if someone is suspected of unlawful activity. Also any breach in security information they do not take upon themselves, such as with a third party. Overall the security seems within the normal range as compared with other online purchasing.


Pricing & Free Trial

Xtreme NO2 Boost has a free trial offer for its customers. If you live in the United States you will receive your free-trial package within 3-7 days of ordering. To cancel the order you simply fill out the online form. Also your credit card will be charged shipping and handling for a 1-month supply of the product. After 14 days, if you have not cancelled the order for the product, your card will be charged the monthly fee then, and every month thereafter.

It is not obvious what the cost of Xtreme NO2 Boost is, and it seems there is a catch to the free trial. The fact is its not actually free because you are still charged the monthly fee for your free month’s supply once the 14 days are over. It is not obvious either what the overall price is, but for products in the same category the monthly cost was approximately $90. So you could reasonably expect to pay in the range of $1000 per year on the product if you decided to continue its use and enjoyed the results. Also the bottles when returned should be sent back within two months. If you adhere to these guidelines you will get your money back 100% plus shipping. Overall the money-back guarantee is good for the customer.






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