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Xtreme Exo Fuel Review – Can You Use It as a Safe Solution?

What Is Xtreme Exo Fuel?

Xtreme Exo Fuel is an organic pre-workout supplement that utilizes nitric oxide technology to optimize workout ability, potentially supporting increased lean muscle mass and fat burning. It promises to deliver heightened energy levels, maximized strength and power, faster muscle sculpting and rapid results. Its key ingredient is L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, although there is no official ingredient list at this time. It is intended as a daily supplement to be taken alongside a vigorous strength-training program and a healthy, protein-rich diet for maximum results. It is manufactured in the United States but is also sold to fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

This supplement is designed for any healthy adult who would like to improve their workout potential to achieve a more sculpted, defined physique. It is also popular among competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters who are looking to level up their performance and muscle-building capabilities. It is also touted as an effective performance booster for athletes who want to get more stacked and gain more energy on the playing field. It is intended as a daily dietary supplement instead of a meal replacer.



Xtreme Exo Fuel is manufactured by a company of the same name. Aside from this, the manufacturer provides little else in the way of company information. It does not even provide its corporate mailing address, nor does it provide the address for its return facilities. All mentions of its return facilities and/or physical address appear to have been deleted from the product website. This is an interesting and unfortunate fact, as this lack of information may cause customers to feel less connected to the company and therefore less inclined to buy.

Although the company has researched, developed, marketed and sold a number of successful natural workout-enhancing capsules in the fitness supplement market, it does not provide any such links on the official product website. It does not even link to an official website of its own, nor does it appear to have one. This may cause the company to appear less established than it actually is, especially considering the copyright date on the Xtreme Exo Fuel website is very recent (2017).


How Xtreme Exo Fuel Works?

The secret to its purported success is its sustained release formula, which is designed to support maximum nutrient absorption. It essentially works by releasing a semi-essential amino acid called L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate. This amino acid is dissolved into the bloodstream and then stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide. For those newer to the world of natural anabolic supplements, nitric oxide is a molecule that is believed in the bodybuilding world to have many muscle-building and workout-enhancing benefits. One of nitric oxide’s anabolic benefits is the widening of the blood vessel walls, which allows for more efficient nutrient, oxygen and blood delivery to working muscle tissue.

This enhanced vasodilation may also reduce recovery time after workouts by driving more blood into muscles to speed up the healing process. Less recovery time, of course, means less discomfort and more time users have to spend in the gym furthering their workout goals. Nitric oxide is produced in the body when enzymes called nitric oxide synthases break down amino acids called arginines. When muscle cells begin to become depleted of oxygen due to blood redistribution during intense workouts, increased nitric oxide output instigates a chemical process that pumps more blood to muscle cells more quickly. This makes both myogenesis and post-workout recovery more efficient.

The natural oxidation process facilitated by greater nitric oxide output may help pump up blood volume during muscles and help increase endurance and power as a result. According to instructions, users should take one to two capsules before workouts every day. Most results are seen from those who exercise intensely, frequently and for a minimum of two months. As with any new dietary aide, it is important to thoroughly research Xtreme Exo Fuel to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction or a medication interaction. The company asserts that it is a supplement only and not intended as a meal replacer.


Ingredients of Xtreme Exo Fuel

The manufacturer of this pre-workout supplement asserts that the ingredients in its formula are thoroughly screened for safety and purity. All of its compounds are extracted from plants, flowers, roots, herbs, vitamins and minerals. Its ingredient list is reported to be diet-friendly and includes no calories, carbs or sugar. Unfortunately, however, the manufacturer does not list ingredient specifics on the product website aside from its active ingredient, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate. Although such information can be found online via product research, this lack of official formula information may scare off more cautious consumers; the company would be well-advised to include a detailed ingredient list as is standard in the organic supplement industry.

Xtreme Exo Fuel’s one listed ingredient – L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – is a non-essential amino acid essential to the body’s production of nitric oxide. It is believed to amplify the beneficial bodybuilding effects of this natural molecule. It is a popular supplement additive in the athletic community due to its reputation for helping athletes train harder, longer and pack on lean muscle mass. It may also stimulate the process of protein synthesis, helping to build muscle size and strength. Specified daily dosages of L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate also ramps up strength gains by stimulating the production of insulin, a hormone often associate with muscle-building in the fitness community because of its key role in the process of cell communication and myogenesis.



First and foremost, Xtreme Exo Fuel may increase the production of nitric oxide in order to help ramp up workout potential and muscle-building results. The official product website states that, when used appropriately, consistently and according to instructions, it may help to break users’ lifting records, to increase strength and to build lean muscle faster. It may also provide a rush of energy both before workouts to fuel maximum training power as well as sustained energy throughout the day. By potentially increasing strength, endurance and stamina, it may enable users to build and sculpt a ripped, lean physique. Another important benefit may be an increased fat-burning capability to help lose weight faster.

Another important advantage is the fact that this product is entirely natural. This makes it a safer – and, of course, fully legal – alternative to dangerous and illegal anabolic steroids. It may also delay muscular fatigue, cut recovery time after workouts and combat muscle cramps and soreness. In addition, other advantages may include greater anaerobic and aerobic endurance. With a patented formula blend of potentially vasodilation-enhancing ingredients, it may also sharpen alertness and mental focus as well as increase self-confidence.



Although there are no certificates displayed on the Xtreme Exo Fuel website, this product was manufactured in a sterile FDA-approved facility. All of its ingredients were researched and developed in accordance with strict FDA standards for safety and a set standard of effectiveness. The company does not state, however, whether it this supplement is GMP-certified. ‘GMP’ stands for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice,’ and most modern fitness supplements are certified as such. All products that meet this certification process must comply with federal quality control standards.

In addition, its active ingredient, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, has been in use for many years in the sports community due to its efficacy in pumping up workout and sports performance. It is included in supplements used by many famous athletes, personal trainers and fitness competitors. Although there is little research regarding its effectiveness as a bodybuilding aid, it continues to be extremely popular in these industries and has been for a number of years.



Since I started using Xtreme Exo Fuel, I’ve noticed lines of definition popping up everywhere. The more results I see, the harder I’m motivated to work out. My body looks more muscular than it has in years, and my confidence has been through the roof as a result. The pills go down easy and they give me a nice surge of energy before I hit the gym. I would definitely recommend this to fellow gym rats who are looking for a way to get ripped faster. – Josh, welder in Atlanta, GA, USA

I noticed I’d been gaining quite a bit of weight, so I thought I’d try a workout supplement to rev up my workouts and shed some fat. The results I’ve gotten have been pretty impressive. I’ve lost ten pounds, and my friends can’t stop telling me how amazing I look. I’ve actually got abs! For the first time in years, I actually like the way I look in the mirror with my shirt off. – Jay, line cook in Wheeler, NJ, USA

I started seeing results almost right away. I could lift longer, I could add more weights and I could do twice the deadlifts I could before. I just won my first statewide bodybuilding competition, and I don’t think I could have done it without the energy and stamina boost this has given me. I plan to continue making Xtreme Exo Fuel a part of my daily training routine. This is the best natural supplement I’ve tried yet. – Mark, professional bodybuilder in Cornwall, United Kingdom

The first time I took a couple of these before my leg workout, I was blown away by how much less stiff and sore I felt the next day. I’ve been using it to chisel away at my weightlifting goals for months now, and I like it a lot. It’s given me a major boost, and my lifts have gone up. For me, this has done everything it promised and more. – Federico, personal trainer in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Awards & Media Coverage

Although the copyright date on its website is 2017, Xtreme Exo Fuel appears to already be exceptionally popular among the bodybuilding and weightlifting communities. It has been featured widely on numerous well-known supplement review sites. It has also proven a popular discussion piece on bodybuilding forums, with many users reporting positive results from its use. Although each individual’s results will of course vary, it does seem many weightlifters have reported an energy and strength boost from daily use. Despite being relatively new to the market, it has received a fair amount of hype in the fitness world.

It has not won any awards as of it. Since its website copyright date is so recent, it may be that it will collect fitness accolades in the future. It does not appear to have been featured or advertised in any popular media outlets. Those curious to find out for sure may want to check such magazines as Men’s Fitness, Maxim, Men’s Health and even Playboy, which has been known to feature health and fitness products.


Money-back Guarantee

Fortunately, there is a 14-day trial period for those who would like to try Xtreme Exo Fuel before committing to buy. This trial period includes four days for transit time, which some customers may be unhappy about since it will reduce the actual trial period to about ten days. Trial customers will be enrolled in a recurring billing system and then billed for the full retail price of the product if they do not call customer service to cancel membership before the end of the program. According to the terms and conditions of the recurring billing system, the customer’s credit card on file will be charged each month for a fresh bottle, which will then be delivered to their residence. Customers can, of course, cancel or modify their membership at any time by contacting the customer service department.

The company also offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee for straight sale customers. In the event a customer would like a refund, they may call customer service to request a Return Authorization Number. They must then write the number clearly on the package and ship the item back to the return facilities; all packages must include a valid RMA#, and no packages marked ‘return to sender’ will be accepted. Refunds are issued once the fulfillment center receives the returned package. The refund is then credited back to the customer’s method of payment on file and may take approximately 3-5 business days to post to the account.



The shipping and handling cost for a bottle of Xtreme Exo Fuel is $4.95. Shipments generally arrive in 3-5 business days, although arrival times are estimates only; the company does not guarantee specific arrival dates or times. Packages are shipped the day after orders are submitted. Exceptions are orders that are placed on a Saturday or Sunday, which are shipped the following business day (normally Monday). Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs, and all shipping charges are non-refundable.

Per company policy, packages are not shipped out on Saturdays, Sundays or on any holidays. Merchandise is shipped using standard ground mail service via the United States Postal Service First Class Mail. Orders are shipped to anywhere in the United States. The company does not specify where its corporate headquarters are located, so it cannot presently be determined where orders ship from. Similarly, there do not appear to be any expedited shipping options nor does there appear to be an option for parcel tracking. If not, the company may want to add such; if so, it may want to advertise such on the product website.


Customer Support

Xtreme Exo Fuel customers have a number of options with which to contact the manufacturer’s customer service department. Customer care hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. Callers may reach a live support representative during this time frame via a toll-free 1-844 telephone number. For further convenience, there is also an email address through which customers can reach a support member. There is no quick-submit order form on the product website at this time, which is a feature some supplement suppliers offer.

The company welcomes customer inquiries regarding any issue. Support representatives are trained to answer questions about shipping and handling, products, company policies and customer accounts. Customers may contact the service department at any time, whether they have questions before purchasing or follow-up questions after a sale. Oddly, however, the Xtreme Exo Fuel website does not provide a physical corporate address nor does it provide the address for its return facilities. The manufacturer may want to include this information on the website, as most consumers prefer to be informed about the company and products from which they are considering buying from.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout system is secured by a 128-Bit SSL Connection. This means that, essentially, this technology provides an encrypted link between the company server and the customer’s computer. This ‘data scrambling’ is employed to safeguard customers’ personal and financial information from being intercepted by hackers. Thus, sensitive bank account info cannot be read or accessed by outside intruders. Encryption technology has become standard protocol for online purchases and is used to secure millions and millions of online purchases each year.

According to the manufacturer’s privacy policy, the company states that it may disclose certain types of customer information (non-financial, of course), for marketing or demographic purposes. These policies are elaborated upon in detail via this privacy policy. Aside from the 128-Bit SSL Connection logo on the checkout section of the site, there are no further security logos displayed. The manufacturer does state, however, that it uses state-of-the-art security safeguards to protect against unauthorized use. Potential customers are encouraged to read the privacy policy in detail as well as to call customer service with any questions about data security.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full purchase price of a bottle of Xtreme Exo Fuel – which includes 60 capsules for a one-month supply – is $87.47.The merchant accepts only Visa and MasterCard as forms of payment. This may be a major drawback for customers who prefer the industry-standard secure payment form of PayPal or who do not have either of these credit cards. The terms and conditions state that there is a $5.95 restocking fee per unit returned, which is subtracted from the refund issued. Customers are also responsible for paying any sales tax specific to their geographic region.

There are currently no specials or promotions on the official product site aside from the 14-day trial period. The manufacturer does offer specials on occasion, though there are no discounts or value incentives currently in place for purchasing multiple bottles. Customers are encouraged to purchase Xtreme Exo Fuel directly from the manufacturer in order to guarantee the authenticity of the product.






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