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Xiphos by Body Spartan Review – Are You Craving the Shredded Physique of Ancient Spartans?

What Is Xiphos?

Xiphos is a nitric oxide boosting supplement that is designed to help you achieve incredible muscle pumps, work out harder, and grow muscle faster. This supplement is also an unusually complete nitric oxide booster, as many similarly-marketed supplements contain just one ingredient that supports nitric oxide levels. This on has many. One of the key ingredients in this supplement, and in many nitric oxide boosters, is L-arginine. This amino acid is the original nitric oxide booster. it was used in the fitness community for years before anyone knew exactly how it worked. Then, in 1998, a team of researchers discovered that it supported athletic performance by increasing the body’s production of nitric oxide, which supports delivery of blood to muscle tissue. The study that discovered this won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Many nitric oxide boosters just contain one form of L-arginine, but Xiphos has three forms for maximal nitric oxide production. This supplement also contains L-citrulline, which more recent research has suggested may actually be a more effective nitric oxide booster than L-arginine. With the inclusion of dipotassium phosphate, this supplement helps you to exercise with more endurance and achieve results faster.

Some athletes may wonder why nitric oxide is such an instrumental supplement. A big part of this is the fact that nitric oxide supports each phase of the workout process. It works as a vasodilator, meaning it widens the blood vessels. This is how it increases nutrient delivery to the muscles. The dilation is important – increasing blood flow without increasing vessel diameter would also increase blood pressure, which can be dangerous. Strength training increases blood pressure too, and an additional spike would put you at risk for vessel rupture and other complications. But increasing blood flow to muscles can increase your performance in the gym, whether you’re doing strength or cardio. The is because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. When you’re doing intense cardio or nearing the end of a set, you likely start to feel a burning sensation. This signals that the muscle tissue is running out of oxygen, and muscle failure sets in soon after.

While no supplement can put off muscle failure forever, it certainly can delay failure to have more oxygen delivered to your muscle tissue. By taking this supplement, you allow your muscles to work at near-maximal capacity for longer periods of time. This in turn supports harder workouts, which can help you reach your fitness and physique goals faster. The increased delivery of blood also supports nutrient delivery during and after your workout. This is important, as many people have a pre-workout meal or drink, and they also usually will take an intra-workout of BCAAs or something similar. Enhanced blood flow to muscles often means better delivery of these nutrients, which means you get the most out of your supplements. But this enhanced nutrient delivery means great things for your recovery, too. Nearly every strength athlete takes some form of protein post-workout, and increasing blood flow means that this post-workout meal reaches muscle tissue quickly, right when it’s primed for growth. In short, this is a supplement that is designed to support you in all phases of your workout, in hopes of helping you reach physique goals faster than you have before.



This supplement is made by the manufacturer Body Spartan. This manufacturer makes Xiphos and a handful of other workout supplements. On the manufacturer webpage, it mentions a “Team Body Spartan” of athletes, and potential customers can read about the brand ambassadors, most of whom are NPC competitors in men’s and women’s divisions. The manufacturer does not include much information about itself, but it appears that it is headquartered in California. The manufacturer offers not only supplements, but also brand gear including hoodies and other workout apparel.


How Xiphos Works?

This supplement works like many nitric oxide boosters to support stronger workouts, faster recovery, and great muscle pump. One of the most crucial ways in which Xiphos works is by supporting more challenging workouts. For many of us, maxing out on a set early, or fatiguing early on in a cardio workout, is frustrating and disappointing. By increasing the blood flow (and thus the oxygen delivery) to muscle tissue, this supplement works to delay the onset of fatigue. The burn you often feel as you reach muscle failure is due in part to the buildup of lactic acid in muscle tissue. This acid builds up as muscle tissue runs out of oxygen. Thus, by delivering more oxygen, this supplement helps you to hold off muscle failure and get more out of your workouts.

This supplement also delivers more vital nutrients to muscle tissue, and it even supplies some of those nutrients to you. One ingredient in this supplement is dipotassium phosphate, Potassium is an electrolyte that can support performance, and phosphate is a key component of the cellular energy cycle. At the cellular level, your muscle tissue is powered by adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. When ATP is used for energy, it loses a phosphate ion and turns to adenosine diphosphate, or ADP. By supplying additional phosphate, this supplement enables you to replenish energy faster, thus having more explosive lifts. Nutrient delivery doesn’t stop once your workout is done, however. It continues into recovery, when the increased blood flow means your muscle tissue gets your post-workout protein faster. Timing of nutrients is important, and the increased blood flow means that you get the post-workout protein as soon as possible. This is crucial for muscular growth, as your muscle tissue breaks down during strength training. It rebuilds itself with amino acids taken from your protein supplement.

One last way in which this supplement works is by creating a great muscle pump. A muscle pump is when the muscle tissue fills with blood, thus becoming larger. This is aesthetically pleasing, as it can make you look more ripped. It also can help keep you motivated, as a good pump makes you feel stronger and lasts for hours after your workout. Because this supplement increases blood flow all over, it also can help you to look more vascular die to vessel expansion. For many people, becoming more vascular is a part of their physique goals, and seeing your vessels popping can help motivate you to achieve more.


Ingredients of Xiphos

This supplement contains a collection of ingredients that all work to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals. Here is a list of the ingredients in this supplement, as well as a bit about how each one works.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – This is a form of L-arginine, which as mentioned above is the original nitric oxide booster. This form is bonded to alpha ketoglutarate, a compound with its own workout benefits. Alpha ketoglutarate has been shown in some studies to increase the time at which one can work at peak athletic capacity. whether you are a competitive athlete or just want to increase your working capacity, this is a useful compound to have in your supplement.

L-arginine – This is the unadulterated form of L-arginine included. it may seem redundant to have multiple forms of an ingredient in your supplement, but this is actually an incredibly useful ingredient strategies. Since different forms of a supplement break down at different rates, including ,multiple forms essentially creates a timed-release effect. Thus, Xiphos lasts through your workout and beyond.

L-arginine monohydrochloride – This is a form of L-arginine that breaks down faster than L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate, since it’s a simple salt.

L-citrulline – Though L-arginine is the original nitric oxide booster, more recent research suggests that L-citrulline may actually be more powerful as a nitric oxide support. This is because it degrades more slowly in the body, and a slower degradation means more time to induce further production of nitric oxide. The fact that this is a better nitric oxide booster doesn’t necessarily mean that L-arginine is ineffective, but it does help to have both in your nitric oxide supplement.

Dipotassium phosphate – This ingredient works on a couple different levels. On one level, it contains potassium, which is an electrolyte that supports your workout and general health. It also contains phosphate, which as discussed above is an integral part of the cell energy cycle.



There are many advantages to choosing Xiphos as your nitric oxide supplement. One advantage is the fact that it contains both L-arginine and L-citrulline. In the case of many supplements, buyers are forced to choose between both ingredients. Including both is a good choice, as it tends to increase the supplement’s general effectiveness.



Currently, Xiphos has not won any certificates. This could be due to many factors, but a main one is the fact that the supplement industry, in recent years, has expanded considerably. The collection of agencies that award certificates, in the other hand, has not expanded. This means that it takes a good deal of time for any supplement to get the recognition it likely deserves. While the number of agencies that offer these awards will likely grow, in the current timeframe, it’s unlikely that this supplement will be awarded a certificate immediately. In time, it may get noticed by an agency and awarded a certificate, but in the meantime, it needs to rely on the word of mouth promotions it gets from those who use it.



When you buy online, it can be challenging to figure out whether a company is reputable. It’s often helpful to hear from those who have used a given supplement. Below are some words from those who have tried Xiphos and loved it:

– Steven, 31, Chickasha, OK, USA:

I really love a good nitric oxide support, simply for what it does for my lifting game. But i stopped really supplementing for awhile, and when I got back into lifting, it was time to find a new nitric oxide support. It did take a fair bit of shopping around, but I finally found this stuff. And I love it so much! Whatever the ingredient ratio is, it’s a good one. My muscle pump is truly incredible. I can lift in the morning and then for hours after, I feel so strong. And I look good, too – enough people tell me that that I know it must be true! Sure, it’s a smudge pricey, but really worth it in my opinion. Great stuff.

– Josh, 22, Charlotte, NC, USA:

I like lifting in my free time, and I look better from it, too. I’ve only been lifting for a couple years, and I wanted to boost my performance a bit more. So I started researching supplements, and I discovered that nitric oxide is indeed a thing. I started researching ingredients and decided that the ingredient profile in Xiphos was just what I needed. Then, I took a chance and ordered it. From the first workout with it, I felt better and more energized. And I noticed I was much, much less sore than before, which was great. I highly recommend this, and it’s made my workouts so much better. It’ll take time to see if I get better results, but I’m confident I will.

– Bob, 50, Emporia, VA, USA:

As an older guy, I often need some help with my lifting game. I decided to get myself a good supplement to help me out. And I did find one in Xiphos. I took about a week to adjust, but shortly after I started taking it, I saw some great strength and endurance gains. For one, I was no longer tired out by my pre-workout cardio. After it, I could go on and lift heavier than before. It’s really good stuff! I’m steadily getting more cut, too. I’m thankful I found a great pre-workout that lets me lift heavier, even though I’m getting older.

– Stewart, 33, Toledo, OH, USA:

I’ve needed to upgrade my pre-workout for awhile, and so i decided I’d start my upgrade with some research. I knew I wanted something with both L-arginine and L-citrulline, but that combination can be pretty tough to find. Luckily, I found this stuff, and my lifts have never been better. I have a killer pump, too!


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted above about certificates, the fact that the supplement industry has grown means that it takes time for a given supplement to get noticed. This can get in the way of a supplement earning certificates, and it also can get in the way of earning awards and getting media coverage. this supplement has yet to get any awards or media coverage, but it does have an entourage of physique competitors who work as brand ambassadors. This helps to get the brand name out in public and associated with fit, healthy people, which can work as a kind of media coverage. In time, though, Xiphos may get more thorough media coverage.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of this supplement stand by their product. As such, they offer many options if you are unsatisfied with this product or any of their other products. However, Body Spartan does not explicitly list return policies. It does offer plenty of options for you to contact them if you are looking for a refund. Like many companies do, it’s likely that this one handles them on a case-by-case basis. If you do find yourself wanting a refund, contact the company via live chat, phone, e-mail or regular mail, and a representative can help you to resolve the issue, whether that is with a refund, an exchange, or something else.



Shipping is included in the price of Xiphos for your convenience. Shipping is also fast. Depending on where your package is headed, you may receive it within a few business days. Tracking may be available as well, although this depends on your location and the package destination. If a week has gone by and you still have not received your package, you may want to contact the company to ask about where your package is. If you choose to reorder, shipping will still be rolled in with the price of the package for your convenience.


Customer Support

Whether you’re a customer already and want to ask questions about this product, or you are considering buying Xiphos but want to ask a bit about it first, the customer support team at Body Spartan is here for you. This team is made up of fitness professionals who want to help you be the best you that you can be. They also make sure that you can reach them easily. The website offers a live chat option, and if you are visiting when nobody is working, you may leave a message they can answer later. You also can reach the employees by phone or email, and you can even write them by traditional mail if you prefer. Regardless of the method you choose, you can know that the employees here are eager to help you reach your fitness goals.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online can be worrisome, especially if you remember a time when internet security was poor and information was often stolen online. When you buy Xiphos, you can rest assure that the manufacturers are very knowledgeable about internet security. Your information is protected from those who try to steal it for nefarious purposes, and it’s also kept safe from many employees. Even if an employee has access to your information, he or she will only use it to fulfill your order. In short, there’s no need to be concerned. This manufacturer goes above and beyond to make sure that your information is kept safe and private.



The pricing of Xiphos is on par with many similar supplements. One bottle, or a 30 day supply, is $75.99. This is different from many online supplements, as the manufacturer does not offer an autoship program as an option. Rather than offering you an auto shipping program, this manufacturer offers bulk discounts. When you buy two bottles, you get a 10 percent discount. Buying four will get you a discount of 15 percent, and buying six gets you a 20 percent discount. Considering the fact that shipping is included on the price, this is a fair price for this workout supplement.






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