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Vitality Fitness Plus Review – Learn More About the Product

What Is Vitality Fitness Plus?

Vitality Fitness Plus is a pre-workout supplement for those who want to build lean mass, train explosively, and increase their endurance. While these may sound like varied goals, they all are helped along by the central mechanism of this supplement, which is increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a molecule that generates a lot of buzz in the fitness industry, and for good reason. This molecule increases blood flow to muscles, and that increased blood flow means those muscles get more oxygen and more nutrients delivered. This supports your endurance in both strength and cardio, as your muscles work more efficiently when adequately oxygenated and fueled. This supplement also can allow you to be more explosive in lifts and plyometrics, so you can increase your overall athleticism. All of these effects are extremely helpful for achieving physique goals, as well as goals for overall athleticism. This supplement comes in capsules, so it easily integrates into any existing supplement regimen. You also can build a regimen around it.



This supplement is made in the United States by Vitality Fitness, a company that appears to only make this supplement. While manufacturers that make only one supplement may seem somewhat non-traditional, it shows that this manufacturer is committed to quality and to the development and improvement of this one supplement. Another thing to consider with this type of manufacturer is that the customer service representatives only need to know about one supplement. This means that they are likely more equipped to help you with any concerns you have regarding taking the supplement, simply because they don’t need to memorize information on multiple products.


How Vitality Fitness Plus Works?

This supplement is designed to help improve athletic performance, which also can mean that users will more easily reach their physique goals. This supplement is a nitric oxide booster, meaning that it makes the body produce more nitric oxide than it would ordinarily. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to widen while simultaneously increasing blood flow. It is very important that both of these things happen, as an increase in blood flow without also widening the blood vessels will result in an increase in blood pressure. Strength training already temporarily increases blood pressure, so any additional increase in pressure could prove dangerous.

Nitric oxide’s increase in blood flow means that working muscles receive more blood. An obvious effect of this is a muscle pump, where your muscles fill with blood and they appear bigger. A pump can make you look good, feel stronger, and appear noticeably more vascular. While some people may believe that the pump itself helps them lift better, that is only part of the story. That increase in blood flow means muscle tissue receives more oxygen. This means that you will be able to exercise longer without tiring. This holds true through cardio and strength training.

The increase in blood flow also means that muscle tissue receives more nutrients. This is helpful if you take creatine or other supplements immediately before working out and want to maximize their impact. Thanks to the time-release effect of Vitality Fitness Plus, you will experience the benefit of this increased blood flow throughout the day, which is a great thing for muscle recovery. Since the protein you eat throughout the day goes in part to increasing lean mass, it is crucial that the amino acids that are broken down are delivered to the muscle through the blood. Adequate blood flow ensures that your muscles get the fuel they need to grow.

Because this supplement helps with recovery and also helps you work out with greater intensity, it can help those who want to add lean mass, get more ripped, or both to reach those goals faster than they could before. You can increase your training stimulus while also increasing your ability to recover, which can help you reach all of these goals.


Ingredients of Vitality Fitness Plus

This supplement contains several ingredients that are commonly seen in nitric oxide supplements. Some of them are contained in a proprietary blend, so users can’t know how much of each ingredient is included. Below is a listing of the ingredients, as well a their amounts when that information is available.

The following three forms of L-Arginine are included in an 800mg proprietary blend. To some users, it may seem odd that there are three forms of the same ingredient, but the advantage of this is that the supplement effectively is a time-release formula because of these forms. When arginine is bonded to different molecules, the body breaks down each form at a slightly different pace than the other forms. This means that, instead of all the L-Arginine being released into the bloodstream and causing the formation of nitric oxide all at once, you effectively have a steady stream of nitric oxide available. This is helpful because you then benefit from the effects of the supplement throughout the day, instead of right after you take it.


With just about any nitric oxide supplement, you will find L-Arginine. This is because this supplement was the first discovered nitric oxide booster, and it remains the most popular one. It was used in fitness circles for years before anyone knew exactly what it did. Then, a team of medical researchers decided to investigate. They discovered that it increases blood concentrations of nitric oxide, and the research itself won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. This particular form of L-Arginine is not listed as being bonded to anything else, so it may be free-form, and this would be absorbed more quickly than the other forms.

L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 2-1

This form is bonded to a molecule that some studies indicate may be beneficial for athletes. Some studies have indicated that alpha ketoglutarate may help athlete explosivity and also increase peak athletic performance. While this supplement is largely focused on boosting nitric oxide, it is also aimed at those trying to become better athletes, and this ingredient helps with that goal.

L-Arginine monohydrochloride

This is a simple salt form of L-Arginine, so this is one of the faster-releasing forms of this ingredient.

This supplement also contains the following two ingredients, which are not part of the included proprietary blend:

L-Citrulline – 5mcg

While this is a small amount of an ingredient to include, L-Citrulline is nonetheless a powerful nitric oxide booster. It was discovered after L-Arginine, but it has quickly caught on as supplement manufacturers have looked for new ways to boost nitric oxide production. Because it lasts longer, this ingredient may stimulate more production of nitric oxide than L-Arginine does on its own. Additionally, this supplement has some other benefits. It can help the body clear ammonia from muscle tissue. Since ammonia is a metabolic waste product that builds up in muscles, this clearing action can make you more efficient and can help reduce fatigue.

Dipotassium phosphate – 4mg

This ingredient is an electrolyte, which is important to replenish after strenuous exercise. While potassium is not the only important electrolyte, it is not as easily found in diet as some other electrolytes like sodium. Its inclusion here may help speed recovery along, and it can help you perform better when you’re in the gym.

It may be worth noting that, although Vitality Fitness Plus is marketed as a pre-workout supplement, it does not contain any stimulants. This is good news for those with stimulant sensitivities. It is also good for those who may want to increase the dose to get more of the nitric oxide benefit, but who normally have to avoid doing so due to fear of taking too much of the stimulant. If you do prefer a stimulant, it is easy to take a caffeine pill or drink alongside this supplement.



This supplement has several advantage that may make it a good choice for those who are looking to reach their physique goals. One of these advantages is the fact that this supplement is made with ingredients that are scientifically proven. All too often, supplements, especially those sold online, are aimed at those who don’t have a whole lot of supplement knowledge, and they are made with ingredients that have little to no scientific backing. With this supplement, you know you are getting ingredients that have been successfully used for quite some time. Another advantage is the fact that this supplement offers a free trial program. This is a good option for those who are unsure whether or not the supplement is a good fit. They get to try it out without having to spend more than the shipping cost for one bottle. Another advantage is how easy this supplement is to take- with caplets, there’s no mixing or cleanup, so you can take this supplement with minimal effort.



This supplement has not been awarded any certificates from external sources. On its website, the company certifies that this supplement is 100 percent premium quality, and also that it is made in United States. These appear to be from the manufacturer itself. The fact that Vitality Fitness Plus does not have any external certificates may dissuade some potential buyers. However, part of the reason many supplements do not have certificates is the fact that, due to the large number of supplements on the market compared to the relatively small number of certificate-awarding agencies, it is simply impossible for every supplement available to be evaluated for a certificate.



Often, when you try out a new workout supplement, you want to know how it has worked for other users. Below are some of the words of those who have used Vitality Fitness Plus before:

I don’t generally go for supplements marketed online, because I tend to be wary of them. However, something about this one caught my eye. I’m not sure what it was, but I started reading, and soon, I had the sense that this might be a good supplement for me. I don’t usually have any trouble getting psyched up for the gym, but the recovery process is what really gets me. I just feel exhausted, and it becomes so much harder to get through the rest of the day when I just want to take a long post-workout nap. I had tried stimulants, but they just didn’t do it for me. But now that I’ve started taking Vitality Fitness Plus, I notice a huge difference. I feel motivated and ready to go, and I feel like that almost all the time. That feeling lasts even after my workout, when I then feel prepared to face the rest of responsibilities. – Morton O., 41, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

As a relatively younger person, I don’t usually think about needing to supplement. But I felt that my physique wasn’t developing as fast as I wanted it to, and since my training and diet were on point, I decided to look into supplements. I didn’t know much at first, but I started by researching different ingredients. Once I found what ingredients I wanted, I looked into what supplements had them, and that’s how I discovered this supplement. After a few months, I really started seeing results, and I also noticed that I felt better. I was more energized and even almost felt younger. Will definitely keep taking this. – Robert R., 32, Washington, D.C., USA

At one point, I was that guy at the gym who refused to take any supplements, and I even lectured people about how they were a waste of money. I know, it’s embarrassing! But my best friend did the free trial and didn’t like it a whole lot, so he gave me the bottle after he cancelled. I love this supplement- no jitters at all, and the pump is incredible. I know this must have performance benefits but the pump alone makes it worthwhile in my opinion. I keep checking myself out in the mirror in between sets, and it makes me what to train even harder to improve it. – Ronnie H., 35, Newport News, VA


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted above, because there are so many more supplements than there are agencies that can review them, this supplement also does not appear to have won any awards or to have gotten significant media coverage. However, it is still possible that it will receive either. Often, at some point, supplements like this one end up being featured in prominent men’s magazines. Because there are so many supplements not he market, it does generally take a few years for a supplement to garner enough attention to warrant a feature.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Vitality Fitness Plus are proud of their products and want you to be completely satisfied. They offer a generous 30-day refund policy. If you want a refund, you must make sure you are requesting it within 30 days of the purchase date and that the bottle you are returning is unopened. You are limited to one refund, so repeat requests will be denied. To get a refund, you must first contact the manufacturer to obtain a return merchant authorization, or RMA. To get this number, you will need to contact customer service during business hours and explain why you want the round. They will issue an RMA, which you must write on the package you ship back to the company.

The manufacturer notes that orders shipped back without an RMA will not receive a refund. Once the company receives the package, you will get a refund, but shipping and handling are not refunded, and you are responsible for paying return shipping. Refunds are processed in three to five days, which is significantly faster than most supplements on the market.



Shipping of Vitality Fitness Plus is by a flat rate, regardless of destination. This flat rate is $5.95. When you sign up for the free trial, which is discussed in more detail below, you will only need to pay shipping. If you are enrolled in the autoship program, you will be charged the shipping fee in addition to the product price each month. One thing that free trial users should remember is that shipping time is included in the free trial period you have to evaluate the product.


Customer Support

The customer support staff of Vitality Fitness Plus are knowledgeable about their product, and their goal is to help yo reach your goals. While the company does not post business hours, it does have a toll-free number for those with questions, and it provides a mailing address as well. You can call with questions about the product whether you are still considering it or are already a customer, and you can also call with billing questions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing a supplement online can be a daunting experience for many. However, the manufacturers of Vitality Fitness Plus take your information and security very seriously. As such, they have created an extremely secure checkout process that is designed to keep your information dafe from hackers and others who would try to steal it. This process uses SSL encryption for ultimate security. Additionally, employees only see your information on a need-to-know basis, like if they have to help solve a billing problem.


Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement is priced at a rate that is fairly standard when compared to similar supplements. It also offers a free trial option for those who want to see if the supplements works for them before committing to buy. In this trial, you pay the $5.95 flat rate for shipping, and you are then sent a 30-day supply. You have 16 days total, which accounts for four days of shipping time and a 12-day evaluation period, to decide if you want to keep taking Vitality Fitness Plus. If you decide the supplement is not for you, all you need to do is cancel the trial. You will owe nothing, and you keep the bottle. If you want to keep taking it, you don’t have to do anything. At the end of the trial period, you will be billed for the full item value of $85.95. You will be billed this amount plus the $5.95 and shipped a new bottle every 30 days after until you cancel.






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