Thermo Factor X

Thermo Factor X Review – Can It Prepare You for Your Workout

What Is Thermo Factor X?

Thermo Factor X is a muscle boosting health supplement designed especially for men, to help strengthen the male body. Bodybuilders, athletes and sportsmen will find that this muscle boosting product will help increase protein output, boost muscle strength and enhance endurance by pushing wastes from the body that prevent muscle development, resulting in stronger leaner muscles. By coupling this muscle boosting product with a healthy exercise program and a proper diet, men over18 can achieve their weight goals and obtain the physique they desire.

This muscle boosting product is an all-natural bodybuilding supplement that helps athletes and bodybuilders boost their performance in the gym with increased stamina and amazing power. This all-natural supplement allows the bodybuilder to engage in an intense workout by boosting his energy level allowing extraordinary muscle pumping to stimulate lean muscle growth. This muscle boosting product enhances stamina and supercharges the body, and improves recovery time with explosive energy and strength, boosting results at the gym and minimizing fatigue to allow a more intense workout. In addition to building muscle, this amazing pill improves the metabolic rate and decreases fat.

This muscle enhancer and energy booster is designed to boost endurance and maximize lean muscle gain when taken prior to training. This boosting supplement dilates the blood vessels to improve blood flow, increasing oxygen delivery and nutrient absorption allowing for a prolonged training session. The manufacturers of this amazing product claim that this muscle boosting product is the best boosting supplement on the market and the number one all-natural bodybuilding supplement in the United States.

This all-natural supplement offers bodybuilders an effective solution for transforming weak muscles and a lean frame into a strong muscular ripped body. This muscle boosting product is a revolutionary formula designed to increase stamina, enhance body strength and build stronger muscles while reducing body aches and assuring a faster recovery by repairing the body even as it sleeps.



Thermo Factor X is manufactured by Cellista Labs, one of the largest manufacturers of all-natural nutritional supplements. With their main branch located at 4012 S Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada, their products can be ordered by mail, online or via telephone at their toll-free number (866) 540-9105. Cellista Labs has many locations in the U.S. and around the world. Each branch is an authorized distributor of their products through agents and merchants. While all locations keep their doors open to walk in availability, Cellista Labs offers online shopping from 8:00am through 6:00pm, 7 days a week except for major holidays.


How Thermo Factor X Works?

Thermo Factor X does not contain nitric oxide, instead it uses amino acids to create nitric oxide. This formation results in dilated blood vessels that not only increase blood flow but also enhances the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. This increase in blood flow allows the bodybuilder to workout with greater ease and endurance, creating longer workout sessions and greater gain.

In addition, energy enhancement and muscle boosting this pill clears toxins from the adult male body and eliminates harmful contaminates from the blood, clears nasty blockages from the veins generating a faster passage of necessary nutrients into the blood system. This supplement also helps remove those dreadful layers of unwanted fat that are uncomfortably deposited throughout the adult male body, and assists in increasing muscle growth, while it supports endurance and heightens strength, allowing the athlete a newfound and long-lasting energy, and a much greater intensity during their workout session. Moreover, this astonishing energy enhancer and muscle booster helps the bodybuilder be able to lift more weight with greater ease.


Ingredients of Thermo Factor X

Thermo Factor X is an all-natural supplement containing no hazardous chemicals. The main ingredients include amino acids, such as Arginine. In addition to Arginine, this muscle boosting product contains GKG, A-KIC and A-AKG, Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Di-Calcium and Stearic acid. The amino acids in this product are derived from Velvet Bean, American Ginseng and Oat Straw Extract.

This muscle boosting energy enhancing product is 100% all-natural with the main ingredients extracted from purely organic plants. The manufacturer of this oxide boosting pill guarantees this product is safe for adult men that are over the age of 18. This product contains absolutely no unsafe toxins or hazardous contaminants that can be introduced into the body such as damaging preservatives, harmful ingredients or dangerous chemicals.



Thermo Factor X has a host of advantages, in addition to boosting muscle growth this product also offers a thermogenic boost, increases metabolism and it increases the body’s energy level, enhancing the mind and body, giving the bodybuilder, a greater focus and mental clarity taking any athlete or bodybuilder to the next level. One major advantage is that because this product is all-natural, when taken as directed, it has no adverse or lingering side effects. Even more so, this amazing pill can be added to any diet plan or workout regimen without any hassle or stress. Again, this supplement enhances the bodybuilders ability to extend any workout session increasing the gains from their gym session. This energy booster yields remarkable results, taking any bodybuilder, sportsman or athlete to his next level.

The main benefit of this energy enhancing muscle booster is an increase in blood flow. With this direct increase of blood flow, the adult male body will positively respond to an immediate increase in energy and instant vitality. This instantaneous vivacity is prominently in the feet, the hands, the upper and lower back, the muscles in the back of neck and both shoulders because of the increased flow of blood in the body. This all-natural formulation of energy boosting and muscle building product also conveniently aids in removing most of the harmful toxins from the adult male body while simultaneously providing a steady supply of oxygen and proteins used for enhancing energy and endurance and for new muscle development. When this energy and muscle development supplement is taken properly with plenty of water and is added to a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise program, this energy booster will enhance health, increase metabolism, stimulate body tissue and turn fatty tissue into lean muscles.



Thermo Factor X is an all-natural supplement, and because natural supplements are legal by default, this enhancer is not required to be submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other organization for evaluation or approval, therefore this all-natural supplement can be legally shipped anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. This effective muscle booster is an all-natural energy enhancer and muscle booster, and qualifies by default for certification from the FDA. This organization doesn’t offer any medical advice or healthcare services on their website; however, they do provide the reader with basic information to frequently asked questions in addition to providing basic materials concerning this muscle and energy enhancing product.



Many bodybuilders, athletes, sportsmen and every day typical men have had great results from using this amazing muscle boosting product. The manufacturer is constantly getting letters from consumers telling them about their exciting results. Here are a few examples of some of these consumer testimonials.

I have been watching my younger brother try energy booster after energy booster for almost two years now trying to buff up his upper body. He has been to every health food market in our area and joined several gyms trying to find the muscle enhancer that works for him. He has been so frustrated that I had decided to help him find the answer to his problem. I had noticed one of our neighbors was a bodybuilder and I decided to meet him and ask him if he had any suggestions that might help my brother. Much to my delight and my brother’s appreciation, my neighbor told me about a supplement called Thermo Factor X. He told me that only a year ago he had been having the same problems that my brother was having and suggested that he try it. My brother immediately called the toll-free number and ordered the product. He was especially thrilled when the lady on the phone offered him his first bottle as a free trial. Thanks to my neighbor and this amazing pill, my brother has developed the upper body that he has been working for all of his life. – Stacy, New York, USA

I am not the kind of guy that usually goes online to write articles about products, and usually if I do it is in the form of a complaint, but I have been so pleased with this product I feel I owe it to the manufacturers to let everyone know how much this energy booster has improved my life. I had searched for many years, trying to find a product like Thermo Factor X, and I believe everyone deserves to hear about it. I am the kind of guy that only uses natural products, because I don’t like all of the side effects that come from using steroids or drugs. I have had more energy, since I started using this supplement, than I have had in years. I can work out with greater ease, and I am seeing more satisfying results from this pill than from any other booster that I have tried. Plus, I haven’t experienced any unpleasant side effects from this enhancer.  – Terrance, Chicago, USA

After I had my car accident, I was hospitalized for so long that I had to have physical therapy for several months to be able to walk again. I was sure I would never be able to regain the muscular build that I had before I was hurt. I had to do my physical therapy for months after I was finally released from the hospital, I tried endless supplements and ceaseless hours at the gym trying to build my body back to the way it was. I had given up all hope, when a guy at the gym noticed my frustration and told me about a similar situation he had recently overcome using a product called Thermo Factor X. He told me that he had been using this pill for a while and was seeing some excellent results. He assured me that it was all-natural and completely safe. I called the number he gave me to order a bottle and I was very impressed when the call center operator told me that I would receive my first bottle as a free sample and that the product was guaranteed. I have been using this supplement for a few months now and I am very happy with the results. I have regained a lot of my muscle mass and I have never felt better physically. – Gerald, Atlanta, USA

I had never had a what some guys call a stocky or buff frame. I am a country boy born into a family of tall but slender men. I had always wanted to be stockier and have that ripped six pack like the guys at the gym but I had tried everything and it seemed nothing worked for me. One day while I was surfing the internet looking for parts for my pickup truck I saw an ad for a product called Thermo Factor X. It looked like the answer to my problem. I read the testimonials from some the guys using it and from looking at them, it appeared to work really well on a lean figured man. Plus, the ad said the first bottle was a free trial so I had nothing to lose by trying one more supplement. The first week of taking this supplement I had noticed improvement in my muscles. I also had more energy and felt a lot better after a workout. – Scott, Paducah, USA

As a frequent participant in body building tournaments, I have to be very careful of what I take to help build my muscles. I only use all-natural supplements to avoid being eliminated from tournaments. It seems the older I get the harder it is to keep up some of these younger bodybuilders. I need a little boost now and again to enhance my stamina so I can endure the heavy workout sessions that my trainer puts me through. With competitions getting increasingly harder each year, I was looking for a supplement that could increase my stamina as well as boost my muscles. I decided to try the supplement that I noticed one of my competitors using, Thermo Factor X. I had researched this supplement and found it is all-natural and completely safe and has no adverse side effects. – Rick, Frankfort, USA

I had tried for months to find a pill that would help me develop the muscles and strength that I need to win in the bodybuilding tournaments. I was tired of always placing second or third, and I wanted that first place trophy. I first came aware of Thermo Factor X from a competitor in one of my competitions. I had just place second and he had won first place for about the tenth time in a year. He saw how frustrated I was and was good enough to share his secret with me. I had once suffered from some pretty bad side effects from a muscle boosting pill, and I was particular about what I was willing to try. He assured me that this pill was all-natural and was perfectly safe with no side effects. I went home and ordered the free trial bottle that he told me about and I have had unexpectedly great results. I won first place for the first time and I would recommend this product to any bodybuilder. – Tim, Jeffersonville, USA

Being younger than most of the competitors in a tournament, I have always been a bit intimidated by some of the older more developed guy that I have to compete against. Barely past my teen years, I was still sporting a fairly thin and slender build in comparison to some of these guys. It seemed like going to the gym only made me thinner and it wasn’t really developing much muscle in my upper body. When I quit looking for a pill to take to help me gain the muscle I needed, I met a guy at the gym that had a sister that I became interested in. I always wanted to ask her out but her brother was much bigger than I was and I was sure she would not be interested in me. I confided in my friend how I felt and he told me about a pill called Thermo Factor X that he claimed had given him the ability to buff up like he is. I called the number he gave me and ordered the free sample. I gained the muscle that I wanted and I gained the confidence to get the girl that I wanted too. I would recommend this muscle booster for the man that wants to gain upper body muscle. – Dennis, Cincinnati, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Thermo Factor X holds the distinction of the Best New Product of 2014, Best Product, Best Price, Best Quality and overall Best Choice. The manufacturers of this product offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. The manufacturer is proud to acclaim the distinction of being Industry Acclaimed and being rated the number one supplement in the USA, and has been mentioned in Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines. Bodybuilders have reported they have developed overwhelming endurance from using this product. In addition, this product has been recognized through various media publications and professional websites. This booster is highly endorsed in magazines, blogs and journals in addition to being recommended by industry leaders.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Thermo Factor X offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee to all new customers. The manufacturer backs up this guarantee with a free trial offer giving the consumer two full weeks to decide if this product is working for them. If for any reason the consumer is not fully satisfied with this amazing product within the first 14 days of their free trial, they may return the product for a refund and they will not be shipped any more product and they will not be billed from the company. All returns are processed and credited within five business days. If a product is returned over the weekend or during a holiday the return will be processed on the next business day.



Ordering is simple, orders can be placed from the booster’s manufacturers website. The product will then be delivered within the next few days, orders being shipped overseas take slightly longer. All orders, including the free sample will be charged a standard delivery fee. All orders are processed within three days. If an order is placed after closing on Friday it will be processed on Monday. On the rare occasion that delivery of an order is delayed, customer service is happy to extend the trial period.


Customer Support

Cellista Labs are committed to their customers. Their requisite customer service representatives are available 9am to 6pm weekdays and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday. Consumers can contact customer support on their toll-free number or by email. Cellista Labs customer service offices are closed on Sundays and all major holidays.
Customer Support representatives are available to handle most situations. For the best service and fastest results, it is ideal to contact support with any issue before taking any other step. Customer Support representatives are quick to answer consumer calls and ready to fix any problem that may have occurred. In the event of a return, customer support will provide the customer with a Georgia based address to return the items.

Cancellations and returns are managed through sales confirmation numbers that are provided with the purchase, it is best to have this number available when ever speaking with customer support representatives. The manufacturer guarantees customer satisfaction, so most any problem can be quickly resolved by contacting customer support within the first 14 days of the first shipment.

Customer support also reaches out to contact consumers letting them know about any new developments with their energy booster and so they can gain understanding of what the consumer expects, from this muscle enhancer and to get information concerning the customer’s experience while they’re searching the manufacturers’ website. In addition, the manufacturers customer service department will request information from customers that helps improve the service they offer, such as providing information about updates or the consumers billing information such as delivery address or contact information.

Occasionally, the customer information is correct in the database but due to holiday’s or postal mix-ups a delivery might be late. Then customers should call the customer support line to track the delivery. The manufacturers website also provides this company with the consumers choice of browser versions, the consumers personal credit card information, consumer domain type, customer IP addresses, customer’s personal service providers and in addition to other consumer related data.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The manufacturer guarantees the consumer a safe and secure checkout when purchasing their product online. This manufacturer provides consumers with a convenient, hassle free and secure checkout process. Consumers can be sure their banking information is protected, whenever they are using accepted card, such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal or Amex.

This manufacturer does not divulge consumer information and never shares consumers email addresses or phone numbers. By using state of the art algorithms and encryption, this manufacturer can bar access to consumer banking and personal information. Relying on state of the art technology, the manufacturer can guarantee consumers ordering online through their website, a safe and secure checkout process.


Pricing & Free Trial

This products manufacturer provides consumers with their first bottle free. The consumer has 14 days to decide if the product works for them before their account is billed the cost of $79.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. With this 14-day free trial offer and the first bottle free, consumers cannot lose anything by trying this amazing energy boosting product. If the consumer is still not sure after 14 days of trying the product, for any reason, the manufacturer will automatically extend the trial period. The manufacturer does reserve the right to change the price of their product and will always contact the consumer by phone or email in the event they undergo a price change on this product.

The consumer can try this muscle boosting energy enhancer without obligation or commitment. Consumers have a chance to use this product as a part of their daily diet and routine for two full weeks before they decide if it is what they are seeking. The free trial is a 30-day free supply, at day 15 the consumers account will be charged and the next month’s supply will be shipped.






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