SupremeX Review – Can It Give You the Results You Want?

What Is SupremeX?

SupremeX is a pre-workout supplement. The product is designed to combat many of the issues associated with workouts. The supplement battles these issues by preparing the body for an intense workout beforehand. It does this by using a range of natural blend of ingredients. This blend uses amino acids that showed positive results in previous clinical trials, all of which were peer-reviewed.

Pre-workout supplements are one of the most popular categories of supplements on the market. The concept behind the category is that the body reacts more effectively to physical activity if it is adequately prepared. These supplements strive to prevent fatigue and increase the rate of muscle growth, both of which are common complaints among fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

While the ingredients may have been chosen based on the effectiveness in studies, the product’s exact formula hasn’t undergone any official research. There are other pre-workout supplements on the market that have proven their claims by undergoing such tests, so the product is at a disadvantage. To gain a competitive edge, the product should take part in a short-term trial as well as a long-term trial to demonstrate its effectiveness.



The pre-workout supplement’s manufacturer also goes by the name SupremeX. It’s a challenge to find any information regarding the company, and what little that is known comes directly from the product’s website and not the business’ website. The business is located in California, but there isn’t any information regarding the production facility. There isn’t information as to how long the company has been in production or who founded the company.

The manufacturer isn’t listed on the Better Business Bureau’s database. The BBB provides information regarding companies and applies each business a rating. The organization also serves as the mediator between the business and their clients when issues arise. SupremeX doesn’t even exist as a business according to the BBB. This is most likely a result of the company not being in operation for very long.

These issues are not common among manufacturers of pre-workout supplements. The top-selling products are created by well-established companies. Unfortunately, SupremeX’s lack of roots within the community doesn’t help their product stay competitive within a flooded market. The only other companies that operate in a similar way are known as ‘pop-up’ companies, and such businesses are often avoided by customers.


How SupremeX Works?

SupremeX’s functionality is based on the power of amino acids. The product promises to increase strength by allowing muscles to grow at an increased rate. It also guarantees weight loss along with increases in endurance and stamina. The studies that inspired the design of the product match up with the promises of the product, but the complete formulation hasn’t been tested as of yet.

The product covers multiple aspects of common trouble areas within the body. On one front, the two variations of L-Arginine convert to Nitric Oxide in order to rush more blood to the muscles. This helps prevent muscle fatigue, so individuals can avoid muscle cramps and exhaustion. While this is occurring, another amino acid, L-Ornithine, is flushing out toxins and lactic acid to also prevent fatigue and muscle cramps.

The L-Ornithine also increase the rate of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). When HGH is released, it increases a person’s energy levels as well as the rate at which the muscles grow. To finish off the product’s work, L-Glutamine increases stamina during the workout while also helping the body to recover quicker. This prevents individuals from missing workouts as a result of sore muscles. Together, these elements work together to prepare the body to function at optimal levels during the workout.


Ingredients of SupremeX

SupremeX’s ingredients are almost identical to a few of the other pre-workout supplements on the market. The main ingredient of the product is only listed as a Proprietary Blend, and the company provides four of the ingredients that compose the blend, but it doesn’t list the exact amount of each. They do state that there is 2400 mg of the mix in each dosage. The Proprietary Blend is composed of the following four ingredients:

  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • L-Arginine Ketoisocaproate
  • L-Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate

The two types of L-Arginine used in the product, which has become common among pre-workout supplements. These two variations of L-Arginine convert into Nitric Oxide, an element which allows more blood flow to reach the muscles. Typically, L-Citrulline is used because it opens the veins up wider to allow more blood through at once, but it isn’t used by this supplement. L-Glutamine is used for protein synthesis while L-Ornithine is used to prevent fatigue and increase the level of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Since the product uses the term ‘blend’, there are able to use other elements within the main ingredient. However, the company doesn’t provide any other information. Other inactive ingredients include Gelatin, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide. Gelatin is often used in the production of capsules while Di-Calcium Phosphate and Silicon Dioxide are used as binders. Magnesium Stearate is a very common inactive ingredient in supplement formation, and its main purpose is to increase the longevity of the product.



One advantage of the product is that it uses natural ingredients. The perk of natural ingredients is that they are already desired by the body for its daily functions. By increasing the natural levels, it serves to manipulate the body’s own effectiveness. Natural ingredients also reduce the risk of side effects as well as negative interactions with other supplements and/or prescription medications. Even with minimal risks, customers should still consult a professional before using the product if they are taking any medications.

The ingredients of the product offer another advantage because they have shown positive results in previous studies. Amino acids have become extremely popular among supplements which have resulted in multiple studies taking place. These studies were used to decide which amino acids should be used to reach the product’s desired outcome.

Another advantage of the product is the website’s high level of security. The company uses encryptions for the website as well as the servers. They also use an antivirus to prevent attacks from taking down the firewalls. Using multiple levels of security ensures the protection of customer information. A high level of security offers a sense of safety for both potential and current customers.



SupremeX hasn’t succeeded in the certificates department. Supplements that are produced in the U.S. deal with less overhead than products created in other countries. Unfortunately, the lack of official organizations and rules means that there are fewer ways for products to obtain recognized certifications. There are two certifications that are available for pre-workout supplements to receive, and although they are not yet considered common, products in this category are achieving them more often.

One of these missed certificate opportunities for the product is the CGMP certification which is awarded by the FDA. As the FDA doesn’t impose supplement regulations, this certificate is focused on the facility in which the product is produced. To qualify for the CGMP certificate, facilities must meet all the requirements set forth by the organization. These requirements include meeting hygiene and safety standards that are also used for other types of facilities. Without the CGMP stamp, the product can’t compete with products who can guarantee the safety of their product.

Another missed opportunity in this area is a patent. There is absolutely no requirement for patents for pre-workout supplements, but it serves to protect the product’s formulation as well as to prove the effectiveness of the product to the customer. To apply for a patent, the supplement must first undergo extensive testing that results in proof of the product’s claims. Unfortunately, SupremeX has yet to undergo any testing, so it can’t compete with other products that have received patents.



I can’t say enough good things about this supplement. I take it every day to give me that extra boost of energy I need to make it through my workouts. Not only do I have extra energy left over after my workouts, but I can increase my intensity without losing steam. I receive compliments on my new muscles regularly.

– Mark H., Orlando, FL

As a professional bodybuilder, I’ve always taken a supplement during and after my workout. I increased the intensity level of my workouts about two months ago, but I quickly realized I needed to add another supplement to help with my increasing fatigue. I added in this pre-workout supplement and felt my fatigue decreased the first day. I’ve taken it daily ever since.

– Jacob H., St. Louis, MI

I’ve always struggled with staying consistent with my workouts. As I’ve gotten older, it’s become harder and harder to make it to the gym because I get tired more easily. I initially tried this supplement as a way to help with my motivation and give me the energy to make it to the gym. After three months, I’ve never missed a workout. I feel energized and I’ve also noticed results much quicker than any of my other attempts.

– Joey L., Portland, OR


Awards & Media Coverage

SupremeX, like many pre-workout supplements, is lacking in the awards department. In general, awards are provided to acknowledge a success. However, the supplement community doesn’t have one unifying organization to set mandates and regulations for the products. Without providing these rules, there is no criteria in which to compare the products in order to decide if they’re accomplished in certain areas compared to their peers. Currently, the only awards available are provided by fitness publications, and the high level of competition results in very few pre-workout supplements receiving such acknowledgments.

Like awards, media coverage for the product is also lacking. The reasoning behind the lack of coverage is up for debate. The supplement does have the excuse that it is part of a category that is flooded with similar products. A flooded market makes it challenging for products to stand out from the crowd. However, some of the business practices of the product’s manufacturer are the more likely culprit for the supplement’s lack of coverage.

The main strike against the product is the manufacturer. The company isn’t well established. Combine this with its questionable practices regarding its free trial and subscription program, there’s not much reason to consider the company credible. A publication isn’t going to feature a product if it doesn’t find it credible as the publication would be putting its name on the line. These issues are a disadvantage to the product and may not be solvable problems.


Money-back Guarantee

The company advertises a money-back guarantee on their website, but it is not set up like more traditional guarantees. Most companies will offer a product at full price and provide a full refund (minus shipping) for unsatisfied customers. For companies that offer free trials, they usually offer a small amount of the product for free in hopes that the customer will return for a full-size version of the product.

SupremeX breaks both of these traditional policies as its ‘free’ trial only pertains to a trial period, and when that period ends, the company charges the customer full price for the product. The company also doesn’t offer refunds on subscription bottles that have already been received by the customer. Instead of receiving a refund, the customer can only try to avoid paying the cost of the initial trial product.

The rules of the trial period state that the trial begins the day that the bottle has been requested. The customer has 14 days to call the support staff and cancel their subscription. Doing so prevents the customer from being charged for the monthly renewal program, which begins the following month, and it also avoids the impending full price payment for the trial bottle. If the subscription cancellation request occurs on day 15, the customer will avoid the subscription fees but will still have to pay for the trial bottle.



Shipping prices for the pre-workout supplement are applied to both the trial bottle and the forthcoming subscription shipments. Many products will only charge shipping and handling for the trial bottle, but not for the following products. However, SupremeX charges for both even though it also charges for the full price of the bottle of the trial order. This is an unusual policy and doesn’t provide the product with an advantage. The price for shipping and handling is set at $4.95.

There aren’t any options to choose between such as FedEx or UPS. The product is sent as the standard shipping option through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The delivery timeframe is estimated at two to six days, but doesn’t consider any time period in its trial period, so even shipping days count against the customer’s timeline. Weekend days also count even though the product only ships out on business days. If a customer orders the product on a Saturday, it won’t ship out until Monday, but they will still lose those two days from their trial timeframe.


Customer Support

Customer support for SupremeX is not one of the product’s bragging points. A representative can be reached by phone or email, but those are the only options. The team only operates during a limited number of hours during the week. The hours of operation begin at 9 a.m. EST and last until 6 p.m. EST from Monday through Friday. There are no weekend hours available which is another disadvantage to the product because many of the product’s competitors offer around the clock service.

The limited number of operational hours is inconvenient for customers, especially because the areas of customer issues that require their involvement. The team deals with the typical questions and concerns of most support teams, but the staff assigned to the product also deals with subscription issues. Since the trial and subscription charges are time-sensitive, it’s important that there be a level of convenience for customers. However, the hours are during most individuals work day, and there is no click-to-chat option to cancel the subscription for customers who are not allowed on the phone at work.


Safe & Secure Checkout

SupremeX can be purchased through highly secured digital checkout system. As its first level of security, the company uses a level of encryption for their website. This encryption is called a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and it works to prevent outsiders from monitoring any information that is entered into the page. Such information usually includes credit card or debit card information. The SSL can be viewed by customers by looking for ‘https’ at the beginning of the URL as opposed to simply ‘http’.

Another level of security can be found with their use of an antivirus. Antiviruses are common among personal and business computers, but they are also useful to use on a website. Hackers can use a virus to damage a site’s encryption in order to access information, either by monitoring the page or accessing the servers. The antivirus helps ward off such attacks and have become a common means of website security.

The final level of checkout security can be found in the encryption used on the digital and physical servers used by the company. The servers are used to store customer information. They also receive information as it is submitted from the website as well as sending back information. By using encryptions on the servers, they can’t be accessed unless the person has been given permission. This level of security combines with the other levels to create a highly secured checkout.


Pricing & Free Trial

One bottle of SupremeX is priced at $119.46. Each bottle contains 90 capsules of the product. As the recommended dosage of the supplement is three capsules, once a day, a single package of the product will last one month. The size of the bottle is very similar to the majority of the products in this category, but the price is much higher than the most popular pre-workout supplements. The product also has the downside of only being able to be purchased by signing up for a free trial of the product.

The company claims to offer a free trial of the product, but there is only one way to avoid paying for the item. Once the customer signs up for the free trial, they are sent a full bottle of SupremeX. Signing up for the trial also automatically registers the customer for the monthly subscription program for the supplement. From the moment that the order is placed, the customer has 14 calendar days to decide if they like the product or not.

If the customer doesn’t cancel their subscription by the end of the 14th day of the trial, they are charged for the ‘free’ trial bottle and will automatically be sent a new bottle in 16 days along with another charge. Even if the customer cancels their subscription program, they will still be charged full price for the trial bottle if the cancellation occurred after the initial two week period. The customer must also return the remaining product of the trial bottle within 15 days of cancellation in order to avoid the fee as well.






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