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Stack Xtreme Review – One Good “Stack” for Your or Actually a Regular Product?

What Is Stack Xtreme?

Stack Xtreme is a pre-workout supplement designed to optimize workout capacity, maximize training results, boost performance levels, and help men pack on lean muscle mass quickly. It is legal and all-natural, with a formula featuring purportedly testosterone-boosting ingredients such as L-Citrulline and L-Taurine. It is designed specifically for healthy adult men who are looking to train harder in order to achieve the body and fitness levels they have been striving for. This product is marketed and sold to men all over the world.

This is also geared toward athletes who are looking for a safe, legal supplement to boost their sports performance in order to gain an edge in the game. It is also geared toward competitive bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness professionals who are looking for a similar boost in their competitive performance. Ultimately, it is geared toward any adult man who would like to improve his strength, endurance and overall energy level. It comes in capsule form, and is not intended to replace workouts, to replace meals or to treat any sort of medical condition.



This pre-workout supplement is manufactured by a company named Health Line Marketing. Its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from name and headquarters, the company does not make further information available online. In order to foster customer trust and further connect with its buyer demographic, this merchant would be well-advised to at least post a brief company history on their product websites or a seller philosophy. Consumers are often hesitant to invest their money in products from a company that appears less than established, or with whom very little information is known.

It appears as though Stack Xtreme is the sole product developed and distributed by Health Line Marketing. The advantage to this specialization is that the merchant is able to fully devote all of their company time, resources and research to a singular product. This likely results in a much higher quality level than if their resources were divided among several or many products, as most major manufacturers’ resources are. This resource dedication is apparent in the global marketing effort easily evidenced online.


How Stack Xtreme Works?

This dietary supplement purportedly works by stimulating nitric oxide production in the body, thereby facilitating a chemical reaction that improves performance capacity in order to enable better workouts and bigger muscles. For those new to the world of bodybuilding supplements, nitric oxide is a gas believed to be effective in significantly increasing blood flow. It accomplishes this by relaxing blood vessel walls. This, in turn, allows increased nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue, thereby enabling more powerful pumps and quicker post-workout recovery time. Nitric oxide production is also thought to reduce fatigue during high-intensity workout sessions, as it decreases fatigue-inducing buildup of lactic acid in working muscle tissue.

Additionally, Nitric oxide is thought to significantly increase strength, energy, endurance and glucose levels, which enables better maintenance of core temperature balance. As instructed on the product label, Stack Xtreme should be used only as directed and is not intended to replace meals or treat any sort of medical condition. In order for users to attain maximal results, it should be used every day over an extended period of time to both achieve and maintain results. Users should take one to two capsules daily either before or after workouts with a glass of water (or a protein shake). Some users prefer to stack this supplement with other effective nitric oxide boosters, though it is also purportedly very effective when used alone.


Ingredients of Stack Xtreme

The ingredients in this workout supplement are comprised entirely of plants, herbs, minerals and natural extracts. Key on the formula list is L-Citrulline, an amino acid first extracted in 1914 from a watermelon. This organic compound is converted by the body into L-Arginine, which ramps up nitric oxide production and in turn expands blood vessels. This allows oxygen to be easily pumped to muscle cells, which then amplifies strength and recovery. It is commonly used for athletic performance, bodybuilding and as an immune system-supporting supplement. This artery-relaxing amino acid is a popular ingredient in the modern anabolic supplement industry.

L-Taurine is another featured ingredient in Stack Xtreme’s proprietary blend. As stated on the official product website, this non-essential amino acid is produced naturally by the body and is thought to be significantly more effective when consumed as part of a protein-rich diet. It is a powerful antioxidant that many in the fitness community believe is effective in ramping up vasodilation in order to facilitate improved circulation and blood flow to musculature. Some also believe that L-Taurine is an effective fat-burning property and also works to raise energy levels. It is thought to mimic the chemical effects of Creatine by expanding the body’s cells by helping muscle cells store more water.

Although Stack Xtreme’s ingredients are indeed all-natural, it is important to remember that some of the plant extracts may cause an allergic reaction in a small subset of users. It is similarly possible that some users may experience a medication interaction with certain medications. As with any dietary supplement, herbal or otherwise, users are urged to consult their physicians to make sure that the formula is safe for use. It is also crucial to note that these capsules are not magic pills; therefore, the best results are attained by consistent supplement use in combination with a balanced diet, portion control and a vigorous training program.



First and foremost, the touted advantage customers will likely be most interested in is better workouts facilitating bigger, stronger muscles and a more toned physique in general. By raising nitric oxide production, this supplement may improve strength, endurance and energy levels, which optimize workout capacity so men can train harder for longer to pack on more lean muscle mass. More energy also means more fat-burning; Stack Xtreme may also improve thermogenic capabilities to users burn more calories even while at rest. This product’s nitric oxide production capabilities also promise quicker recovery after workouts, with more oxygen delivered to muscle fibers to speed repair along.

This manufacturer also promises elevated natural growth hormone levels and increased circulation. As fitness experts are aware, growth hormones are crucial to many physiological processes including muscle-building. It is also thought to be closely related to protein synthesis, the biological process whereby cells generate new proteins. Many even assert that growth hormones stimulate protein synthesis, though the extent of which is not known. By stimulating growth hormone production, many bodybuilders believe this process then enables the body to better utilize natural energy.

The manufacturer also promises users sharper focus and more confidence in general. By optimizing the body’s functions and widening blood vessels to improve blood flow, the brain is able to function more efficiently and therefore promote improved mental focus. Although the improvement of confidence levels is subjective, most men would agree that looking and feeling one’s best promotes greater confidence not only in the gym but in everyday life.



Stack Xtreme does not display any sort of certificates on its official product websites. Any mention of where the product was manufactured is also absent (‘Made in the USA,’ for example), as many supplement merchants display these on their websites as a quality assurance. This merchant would be wise to add relevant certificates to attest to the quality of their product, as the absence of such certificates can be perceived as conspicuous in light of the current supplier trend of displaying these.

One important certificate the company may want to consider is “GMP Certified.” As many in the fitness industry are aware, GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and serves to assure consumers of a high level of quality and an adherence to standard manufacturing practices in the diet supplement industry. Many other suppliers also display certificates promoting the fact that their products are made in sterile labs. In order to further foster customer trust, this manufacturer may well want to follow suit.



I believe that Stack Xtreme has been a major factor in helping me crush my workout goals. I’ve gained over an inch of muscle on my biceps and am quickly working off the layer of abdominal fat I thought I’d never lose. This is a great supplement either alone or stacked. It has worked very well for me in the six months I’ve been using it. I would recommend signing up for the trial and at least giving it a go! – Derrick, personal trainer in Madison, WI, USA

I’ve been surprised by how much energy I’ve had since I added this to my workout routine. I can lift longer and harder in the gym, and I’m not bone tired when I leave. I actually have enough energy to power through my day and get things done. This had been a tremen dous help to me in toning up and raising my energy levels. It has done what it said it would do and more. – Justin, forklift operator in Wilmington, DE, USA

My buddies have all been asking me what my secret is since I started gaining lots of hard muscle fast, and I tell them all the same thing: Stack Xtreme. Now that I’m looking more ripped, I’ve had a ton more confidence, and it has paid dividends. I never thought I would look this good in my forties, but this supplement has done it. These pills have helped me bench twice the weight I was able to just a couple of months ago, and I can do more deadlifts now than I’d ever thought I’d be able to. For me, it has been a major win. – Steven, architect in Grace Point, SD, USA

I take a couple of capsules every day after each workout, and I’m amazed at how much it energy it has given me to conquer on the softball field. I used to get winded and sore after games and have to rest for days. Now, I would say my muscles feel 100% in half the time. I’m not nearly as sore after my workouts and after games. It has worked so well for me, I’ve recommended it to my entire team! – Miki, minor league softball player in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Presently, this product has not received any awards, nor has it been featured in popular media outlets such a TV, radio or magazines. Judging by the 2016 copyright date on the official product website, however, it may be the case that this is a relatively new product and has not yet been on the market long enough to have been considered for awards and such. Stack Xtreme may be on to watch to see what kind of accolades it attracts in the future.

In the meantime, Stack Xtreme appears to have made a moderate splash in the online world of anabolic supplements. It has been featured and discussed on a number of bodybuilding websites as well as several popular fitness forums. Overall, many users have reported attaining lean muscle gains when using daily as directed.


Money-back Guarantee

Luckily for Stack Xtreme customers, the manufacturer offers both a trial period and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The trial period is one of the most extensive in the supplement industry, with eighteen days total (approximately four days for shipping and the full fourteen days to try the product). If trial customers do not cancel their membership by the end of the evaluation period, they will be enrolled in the merchant’s auto-ship program. This means that their credit card on file will be charged the full amount of the product, and the buyer will receive recurring monthly charges and a fresh supply of capsules every thirty days. Customers can call the toll-free telephone number provided to modify or cancel their order at any point in time.

This merchant also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in the event the product does not perform as promised. In the event of a refund request, the customer must simply contact customer service by phone or by email to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to place on their package. Then, they are instructed to write this number on the outside of the shipping package and send back the unopened product to the company’s Los Angeles, CA fulfillment center. This must be done within thirty days of the purchase date in order to be eligible for a full refund. The refund will then be credited back to the customer’s bank account and may take up to 3-5 business days to show in their statement (actual times vary depending on the bank’s processing speed).



The merchant offers shipping to the United States, to a range of nearby island territories, and to nearly every Armed Forces location in the world. All shipping and handling charges for both trial and non-trial customers are non-refundable. Customers who request returns are responsible for the cost of return shipping. This supplier offers standard ground mail service shipped via United States Postal Service First Class Mail. They also offer an Expedited Shipping Option, which prioritizes the customer’s shipment and guarantees the shipment of all packages on the same day for all orders placed before 1PM Pacific Standard Time and the next day for all orders placed after 1PM Pacific Standard Time.

Packages are guaranteed to arrive within 3-5 business days. Customers are also advised that shipments are not sent out on Saturdays, Sundays or any Holidays. The company states that they do not guarantee specific arrival dates or times. As far as shipping and handling practices go with current supplement suppliers, this company offers one of the most comprehensive and reasonable shipping policies on the market.


Customer Support

Stack Xtreme customers are in luck, since this is one of the few dietary supplement companies that offers 24/7 customer support. Callers are offered a toll-free 1-866 telephone number to speak with a live representative twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Alternately, the company also provides an email address for those who prefer the convenience of online communication. There is also a Los Angeles, CA mailing address for those who would like to contact Health Line Marketing, Inc. via snail mail. The product website does not indicate whether the support center is closed on holidays.

The manufacturer encourages both current and potential customers to contact their support team regarding product questions, questions about the transaction process or any questions whatsoever. People may contact a representative at any point before, during or after a sale. As this particular merchant expresses a dedication to exceptional customer support in addition to offering 24/7 service hours, customers are likely to be more than pleased by the service experience provided.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Unfortunately, Stack Xtreme does not make any sort of SSL security software visible on the checkout section of their website. This may very well deter potential customers who look for these security certificates as an assurance that their data is well-protected against possible misuse. According the the privacy policy, the company states that all credit card and bank account information submitted to them is encrypted and protected by SSL encryption software. The policy goes on to state that the merchant will use customers’ financial data or bank account information only for purposes of processing and completing the transaction requested on the website.

Additionally, no personal information will be shared with any third parties without the customer’s permission. The privacy party also discloses that the company stores buyers’ personal information in a database on its computers. These computers employ security measures such as a firewall and password protections to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information entrusted to the company. Customers who would like further information on the safety and security of the company’s checkout system may contact a live representative at any time to inquire further into the matter.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full, non-trial retail price of bottle of Stack Xtreme is $92.19. Buyers must also be advised that returns are subject to a $5 restocking fee. All transactions purchased via the official product website are subject to any applicable sales tax (which of course varies by location). Unfortunately, this seller accepts only MasterCard, VISA and Discover. Many customers will likely find the absence of a PayPal payment option to be a major inconvenience, as PayPal is widely regarded as the standard in secure online payment methods.

There are no pricing packages available on the official product website at this time. Similarly, there are there no discounts for purchasing multiple bottles at once. The merchant may want to add such a pricing package as a buying incentive, as many of their competitors offer such package option tiers. Coupon codes and promotional discounts are also an effective method the seller may want to employ in order to provide value both for their company and for current and potential customers.






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