Sheer NO from Sheer Strength Labs

Sheer NO by Sheer Strength Labs Review – Can It Take Your Gym Workouts to the Level of Top Bodybuilders?

What Is Sheer NO?

Sheer NO is a pre-workout supplement designed to gain muscle and build strength for bodybuilding workouts. It is a Nitric Oxide supplement that is supposed to add strength to workouts within one week. It contains the amino acid L-Arginine which boosts the Nitric Oxide, or N.O. in the body. The increase in N.O. leads to greater blood flow throughout the body’s system which in turn leads to more energy during workout, a greater amount of lifting ability which gives faster overall results.

It claims to be the only N.O. booster with L Citrulline as one of its ingredients, but other workout supplements also have L Citrulline in its listed ingredients. L Arginine and L Citrulline are amino acids, which are the structures found in proteins. Protein is also found in many foods, and it is therefore arguable that you will be able to get these ingredients just as easily if you don’t take a supplement. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you use the product and don’t like it. The manufacturer for the product is Sheer Strength Labs, who have a website where you can buy products and also a Contact Us page where you can ask questions, plus a Facebook page and Instagram page to find more information and get reviews.



Sheer Strength Labs is the manufacturer for Sheer NO Their address is located in Austin, Texas and you can also contact them via email and their Facebook page. They supposedly use science to formulate their products but there are no listed certificates or awards concerning their scientific studies or formulation. However they have modified some of their product’s ingredients and formulation to give better results. They also base their products on results from customers, which are generally positive. They don’t use fillers, ingredients with low quality or low dosages, and they use quality ingredients that are manufactured for highest results.

Sheer NO is one of their best selling products and you can purchase it from the Sheer Strength Labs site or on other sites as well. Sheer Strength Labs also has a blog with articles about their products and also about building muscle and increasing nutrients in your diet. There is a podcast as well featuring different experts discussing workouts, training, sport, fitness and diet topics. Overall the manufacturer has a lot of media coverage but not as much scientific information or certificates concerning their products. It is also uncertain that their products are manufactured at their Austin, Texas site, but there are stamps listed next to their products that say they were made in the U.S.A. You might want to contact them to try to get an answer to that.


How Sheer NO Works?

Sheer NO’s ingredients are mostly made up of amino acids. Amino acids are the main components of proteins and these in turn help to build muscle and trim fat from the body. It is supposed to boost the amount of N.O. in the body, which boosts nutrients, mainly proteins, into the muscle. It also increases the rate of blood flow throughout the body and these in turn increase strength during workouts and power when lifting which leads to more lifts.

The supplement is in powder form so you can add it to shakes or smoothies or to food that you normally eat. Usually with N.O. supplements you will want to take the product shortly before a workout to get maximum power and results at the gym. Once the N.O. is released into the bloodstream, the strength and power for your workout should kick in. Once you have more power and strength for your workout, you will be able to workout longer and harder. Reviews for the product and the manufacturer are also overall positive as to results for them in the gym.


Ingredients of Sheer NO

The ingredients found in Sheer NO are L-Arginine HCL, L-Arginine AKG, L-Citrulline Malate and Pine Bark Extract. The first three ingredients are amino acids. Amino acids are found in protein and therefore are supposed to help build muscle and also increase the flow of blood in the body. This leads to increased energy and power during workouts to give longer and harder bodybuilding to increase the effects overall. Pine Bark Extract is taken from pine bark itself and is meant to help improve the blood flow throughout the body as well, which would also lead to increased energy and power during the workout.

Pine Bark Extract might slow down blood clotting so people with bleeding conditions shouldn’t take the product, and also it is advised to discontinue use before a surgery. L-Arginine can have negative effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, allergies, worsening of asthma and lowered blood pressure, so these are warnings for taking a product containing this amino acid. L-Citrulline has no negative side effects to speak of but might not interact well with some prescription and over-the-counter medicines, so you might seek medical advice before taking Sheer NO if you are also taking other medications. Overall the ingredients are natural and there are no artificial ingredients or fillers listed on the label.



Advantages of taking Sheer NO are an increase of blood flow throughout the body through the ingredients listed in the formula. The amino acids and Pine Bark Extract are included in order to increase the amount of N.O. in the body. When N.O. is increased, the blood flow is increased and power and energy during workouts is prolonged to increase the amount of bodybuilding in any given set. This increases the results of the workout over time. Also the ingredients are to help increase muscle size in the body.

The ingredients are also natural and don’t contain anything artificial, and all of the ingredients are found in food that we eat every day. Also the supplement is in capsule form so it can easily be taken before the gym. If it is taken shortly before a workout this will be to the greatest advantage as the effects will set in shortly after consuming the supplement. Also the manufacturer has good contact information and a lot of other products that are being taken by athletes and bodybuilders. There is also a lot of media coverage and overall positive reviews for their products, which might lead you to think that they are effective.



There aren’t any certificates to be found for Sheer NO or for the manufacturer. There are labels next to the product listed on the site that say 100% satisfaction guaranteed and other such statements. However there is no company or backup information for where these statements came from. There are also SSL certificates on the site for checkout when you buy a product. SSL certificates are for the checkout rather than product information. Also there is a guarantee that you as the customer will enjoy the product or you can return the empty bottles, but this is the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, not other companies endorsing the product.

There are many positive reviews and also media coverage for the supplement and also the manufacturer. One said that since they have started taking the products they have seen huge leaps with their energy during workouts and also strength and said they had an amazing feeling along with it. Another said that the endurance was good during their workouts as a result of taking the supplement, and also that they had seen significant gain in muscle. Overall the manufacturer and the product have real results listed from real people.



The testimonials for Sheer NO are very good overall. There is also a fair amount of reviews on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and selfies posted with fit bodies as a result of using their products. One review said that they saw results after about two weeks of using the product, which is faster than most other supplements which claim to work after a minimum of four weeks. They also said that they were able to burn more fat and get good energy to produce good results. Also they said that they didn’t get jitters or shakes as they had with other N.O. products they have tried.

One man said he is in his 50’s and has seen gains in his endurance. One said that initially they felt dizzy as a result of taking the supplement, but since then they have grown accustomed to the product and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle after four weeks of taking the product. Another said that they got headaches from taking the product so they discontinued it after one week. Most other reviews were positive and some also said they were able to lose weight and gain muscle as a result of the product.


Awards & Media Coverage

There is a lot of media coverage for the product, including information and reviews on the manufacturer’s Facebook page and also Instagram. The manufacturer also has a blog and a podcast. The social media serves as information and also as a place to post reviews and photos of body results. The blog and podcast are articles and interviews with athletes and other professionals about general diet, nutrition and few things about the products from the manufacturer.

The reviews of the products on social media are generally positive and there are a lot of posted photos with rippled muscle showing that the products seem to produce results. However we don’t know if people in the photos are stacking supplements with other supplements or substances, but the reviews seem to imply that they are only taking the products from the manufacturer. The Facebook page also has a good rating for the manufacturer and a good return on messages sent to them with replies averaging a return very quickly. So if you have questions about the product you should hear back in a reasonable amount of time. Again, there are also certificate labels listed on the site such as 100% satisfaction guaranteed but no company or endorser to back it up.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer promises a 30-day money back guarantee if you decide you do not like Sheer NO. They said on their site that they are so sure of customer satisfaction that they guarantee a return of your money if you don’t get the results you want. Also most companies require you to return the product unopened or partially consumed, but this one says that you can return empty bottles if you want. This will give more of an opportunity to try the product for a longer period before deciding if you like the product or not.

Also reviews claimed to see results after two weeks of taking the product, so you should be able to see results fairly quickly and an entire month’s supply of the product should be an adequate amount of time to evaluate. There isn’t any information about how to ship back the product, however, so you may want to contact them to find out any more policy or restrictions. Also it is uncertain if the 30-day guarantee is only for the first time you buy the product to try it. This might be another question to ask Customer Support if you are thinking to continue the product after the initial bottle. There is no free trial available so you will have to end up paying for the product if you like it, but though other supplements offer a free trial, you will still have to pay if you like it anyway, so this product is not much different from those offering one.



Shipping is standard for Sheer NO and will therefore cost around $4.95. This will get the product to your home between 3-7 working days. This will be within the United States. If you are overseas, international shipping rates might apply. Also the amount of time for the product to get to your door will definitely be longer, sometimes up to several weeks. Also look for international fees that you will have to pay on top of the international shipping rate for customs or other extra charges.

Other sites might offer free shipping with the product, but compare the price of the product on that site with that of the manufacturer. Many times sites will include the price of shipping and handling in with the product so you end up paying for shipping as well. Make sure to look at the overall price of the product including shipping to compare prices between sites. Overall the shipping seems to be standard as compared to other similar products.


Customer Support

Customer support for Sheer NO is covered on the manufacturer’s site. If you have questions you can write them on a Customer Support page where you will include your email, phone number and message. You will submit the form and they will get back to you. There is also an email address where you can contact them as well as an address in Texas. This is probably the address where you would send returns, but there is no return instructions for sending back products. Therefore you might want to contact them to confirm directions needed.

You can also message them via their Facebook page, and the turnaround times for messages is quite high. It might be faster to get messages back there as well. If there are also social media sites for a product with customers commenting about the products and where you can message this can provide good information and also makes the company look more established. There is also an FAQ section on the main site, but there are no questions listed there that are answered. Overall there is a number of ways to contact the company with questions about products, shipping and manufacturing information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There are SSL certificates for the products of Sheer Strength Labs. Always look for these as they ensure that there is privacy for you and your identity information as well as financial information at checkout. There are no specific SSL certificates listed such as McAfee, so this does make you question if there are reputable certificates guarding your information, but this is another topic you could ask Customer Support about. In general it is good to confirm that your private information is safe.

Also there is no information regarding your personal details and what they will do with them. Usually sites provide a Privacy Policy reviewing these details. These include information that you give which might be passed along. This information could be given to third parties and also used for promotional purposes and other purposes. If there is no information listed you might want to confirm with the company how they will be using your details to make sure they will not be passed on to multiple parties or become vulnerable to hackers from passing it along.



Sheer NO is available on the manufacturer’s site for $28.97. This is minus shipping and handling fees which are probably $4.95 for standard shipping. This is for a 120 count bottle. Some customers said that they took four capsules per day, which would then be equal to a 30 day supply. You can also ship back the product if you don’t like it within 30 days to get a full refund. You can also send back the empty bottle and still get a refund, which means you can try the product for 30 days and still get your money back.

However you will still pay the $4.95 shipping and handling fee both ways, so expect to pay at least $10 for trying the product. Also if you decide to continue to use the product, you will continue to pay the $28.97 plus $4.95 per month for shipping and handling plus the bottle of Sheer NO Remember too that they often suggest for you to stack this product with other products, which means you might end up paying two to three times this amount if you aren’t seeing results from this product alone. Also keep in mind that the ingredients found in this product are also natural and found in food, so it’s possible to skip the price of the product and consume it in your normal everyday diet possibly as well.






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