Ripped RX NO2 Blast

Ripped RX NO2 Blast Review – Can This Supplement Increase Nitric Oxide in the Body?

What Is Ripped RX NO2 Blast?

Ripped RX NO2 Blast is a bodybuilding pre-workout supplement designed to increase Nitric Oxide, or N.O. in the body. This increase is to increase strength while building muscle with weights and also increase the endurance for lifting in the gym. It is also designed to create better lean muscle, help trim fat and create better muscle definition. Finally, it is supposed to increase energy levels. However, studies done to see if supplements that increase Nitric Oxide actually demonstrate a noticeable increase in the size of muscle and strength have come back negative.

Supplements containing Arginine did show that there might be an increase in endurance for older or recreational athletes, but not for trained, regular bodybuilders. It is not confirmable because there is no official label naming the ingredients for Ripped RX NO2 Blast, but the ones listed on their site show no synthetic ingredients or harmful substances such as steroids in the product. Reviews of the supplement seemed overall positive and people said that the supplement gave noticeable results. However it is unconfirmed if this is due to N.O. levels being raised in the body or if it was due to other factors such as healthy diet, increased workouts or the ingredients themselves.



It appears that the manufacturer for Ripped RX NO2 Blast. On the packaging, “Ripped RX” is listed above the name “NO2 Blast,” which might lead some customers to think that the manufacturer is Ripped RX. But when you look up this name alone, there is a site, but only for the product NO2 Blast. There is another product listed on the same site as the product, but it is listed under DSN. If there is only one product listed then it is difficult to say if Ripped RX is actually a manufacturer.

There is contact information on the next page when you click on the product to purchase it. There is an address listed only for returns in Ontario. There is also a number to call to make inquiries. It would be recommended to try to contact them to ask who the manufacturer is and where the product is manufactured to ensure proper safety measures were taken and good procedures were used. It also would be beneficial to confirm the ingredients in the product and do some research to see how effective the listed ingredients are in getting results at the gym.


How Ripped RX NO2 Blast Works?

Ripped RX NO2 Blast has 60 capsules within each bottle. You should take 2 supplements every day to get maximum results. You should take them on an empty stomach, ideally 30-45 minutes before meal, and take one in the morning and the other before lunch or dinner. Also it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet and stop smoking along with taking the supplement for added benefits.

Antioxidants and other ingredients such as A-AKG, or Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate, A-HCL or Arginine Hydrochloride, and A-KIC, or Arginine Ketoisocaproate are also in the supplement. The Arginine components are amino acids which your body converts, changing the acids into N.O. This boosts the circulation and blood flow and dilates the blood vessels, which in turn helps the workout in several key areas. First is that you will have less fatigue, which will give more reps when lifting weights. Second is enhanced endurance through the increased oxygen from more blood flow. Third is increased energy, fourth burning fat, and finally increased strength for the weightlifting itself.


Ingredients of Ripped RX NO2 Blast

The ingredients listed on the site for Ripped RX NO2 blast are A-HCL, or Arginine HCL, which increases blood flow while lifting weights. Also listed is A-KIC, Alpha-ketoisocaproic acid, that is to help give a more intense performance level when bodybuilding. Also listed is L-Citrulline, which is an amino acid. Amino acids are the essential parts of protein that help build muscle and increase energy.

These amino acids are supposed to increase Nitric Oxide in the body, which boosts the blood circulation in the body. Results include an increase in energy in general and also to help power through workouts, and also to help tire less quickly. Also the increased blood flow from the raised N.O. levels gives increase in endurance, which leads to longer workouts and better built muscle. However, studies and reviews have shown that an increase in N.O. does not necessarily in of itself help in workouts. Instead, the amino acids themselves might produce a small increase in ability to build muscle, but since amino acids are essentially protein, you might get more results from simply increasing the amount of protein in your diet.



The listed advantages for Ripped RX NO2 Blast are an increased level of N.O. in the body which should lead to an increase in the body’s blood flow and therefore a raised level of energy and endurance in the gym. Also effects listed for an increased N.O. level are help in burning fat and therefore better muscle definition, and also increased strength for lifting high volume weights. It is questionable whether N.O. levels affect bodybuilding itself, and studies have shown that raised N.O. levels might help older bodybuilders or those that only work out occasionally. However for regular, consistent bodybuilders, effects are little to non-existent.

Amino acids themselves can help boost muscle building and strength, due to their properties being builders of protein in the body. But the effects might be just as good if not better by simply ingesting more protein from natural food sources that you eat. Also apart from the advantages shown in studies of other supplements, it is unknown if Ripped RX NO2 Blast itself has any positive effects. Research from reviews shows that many customers didn’t see good results. It would be good to research customer satisfaction and also to contact the company itself to ask questions before committing to buy. However it is uncertain that the product even has a legit company behind it.



Ripped RX NO2 Blast has no certificates listed anywhere, and instead one customer commented that because the supplement doesn’t require FDA approval, it is uncertain what is in the product and also how it was made. This customer reported that after taking just four capsules, he had a severe bump reaction all over his body. This makes you wonder what is actually in the product. Also the lack of manufacturing information makes you wonder the process of production and the environment in which it was made and if it was safe.

Instead of there being any positive report on the product or the manufacturing, the response was very negative. One review even commented that there are a lot of supplements about which you are unsure as to good results and if the ingredients are safe and known to produce results. However this review said that this product seemed particularly bad because they didn’t bother to give proper product information such as ingredients and also what the product actually is in its essence. Is it a testosterone booster or just a N.O. booster? Does it contain Dicalcium Phosphate, an ingredient existing on a couple of the lists as a main ingredient, but mysteriously absent from other lists.



Customer reviews for the product were pretty overwhelmingly negative. One said that he had only taken four capsules and suffered a severe reaction of bumps all over his body. Since many of these supplements are not lab tested and do not require FDA approval, you should be careful before you purchase the product. Another review said that there were no pros for the supplement. Another said that it claims to be a testosterone booster but it is clearly just a N.O. pre-workout supplement. It might be good to be cautious about purchasing a supplement that says it is one thing but actually is another. Are there any other things Ripped RX NO2 Blast isn’t telling us?

Also another said that the bottle lists fillers as key ingredients, which will actually do nothing to help build muscle or increase workout capacity. In one place it lists Dicalcium Phosphate as an ingredient, but this is just a filler and has no reported nutrition content. Also be cautious when there are different reports of ingredients in the product. Not all ingredient listings had Dicalcium Phosphate in them, and different lists for the supplement had different ingredients listed. This is inconsistent information about the product and it may make you wonder what it actually contains.


Awards & Media Coverage

Ripped RX NO2 Blast has no awards to be mentioned, and also the media coverage for the supplement was quite negative. One report said that it caused an allergic reaction, and that particular customer requested that the product be banned. The ingredients in the product are said to increase Nitric Oxide in the system, which dilates blood vessels. The dilation increases blood flow throughout the body and is therefore supposed to allow for more Oxygen and nutrients to get into the muscle. This in turn is said to increase energy and endurance during workouts and also help with recovery.

However, studies and reviews have shown that just an increase in N.O. does not necessarily yield noted results in bodybuilders, with the exception of those who are older or only work out occasionally. Also another review complained that the supplement claimed several times to also be a testosterone booster when none of the ingredients in the product actually increase testosterone levels. Another thing to note is the difference in ingredient listings, so what is actually in the product? Finally, there is a lack of clear manufacturing information, and no proven history of other successful products.


Money-back Guarantee

Ripped RX NO2 Blast does say that it has a money-back guarantee. Because there is a free trial listed, you have to sign up for that and then you pay $4.95 shipping and handling fees, and they send you a free 30-day trial supply. However, if you fail to cancel the subscription within 18 days from the time you order, you will be charged $86.51 for the bottle that was supposedly free. They will also continue to send another bottle for that price every 30 days.

If you don’t want to be charged you can call their toll-free number before the 18 days is over and tell them you don’t want the product, then ship back the bottle. Otherwise you will have to pay for it. If you do this then you will get your money back however, minus shipping and handling. One thing to note however, is the many many reviews from customers who were unhappy with the charge and were unable to get their money back, so order with caution. And make sure to read all the fine print. And also maybe call Customer Service beforehand to confirm their policy if you are going to order it.



The only way to order Ripped RX NO2 Blast is through their promotional site. There is no free shipping available for the supplement. So keep in mind that even though you are getting to try the product, you still are paying for it. You will pay the standard $4.95 shipping fee for the free trial offer on the product. You aren’t able to order the supplement from other bodybuilding sites or normal online purchasing sites. The standard shipping fee will get the product to you within 3-7 working days.

However remember that you need to cancel your order within 18 days of the order of the product, not from the time you receive the product. So this might significantly cut down on the number of days that you can try it. Also if you cancel the subscription, you will need to ship the supplement back at your own expense. So expect to be charged up to $10 just for for trying Ripped RX NO2 Blast, even if you cancel before the free trial is up.


Customer Support

There is a Customer Support number that you can call with any questions about the product, but mostly the number is there if you want to cancel your free trial. The same goes for the address listed on the Customer Support page. It is actually an address where you ship back the product if you don’t want it, and questionable whether it is a manufacturing facility. If you are considering giving the product a shot, you might want to call the number to ask questions about the ingredients, to confirm any manufacturing information, and also if there actually is a free trial and what the fine print entails.

The Customer Support is minimal, however. Aside from the address listed only to ship back the product to, and the telephone number, there is no email or other contact information. Also there is only the site for the free trial to try the product and not much other information there again about the manufacturer, the process, any positive reviews or advantages to the product, or other information. Again, if you call the number and can actually talk to a representative, these are questions you might want to ask them. If there is unclear Customer Support information or a lack thereof though, you may not want to purchase the product to begin with.


Safe & Secure Checkout

One concern is that if you visit one site from which you are supposedly able to purchase the product, instead of being taken to a site where you can purchase the product, you are redirected to a page saying that your identity might be compromised if you continue. The site then cuts you off from being able to proceed. The message says that hackers may be attempting to take your information such as your passwords, credit cards and other personal information. Also it says that they could have access to any of your messages to obtain information. This should be a major red flag when you are considering buying this product.

On the free trial site there is a Privacy Policy that states that they care about your personal information and keeping it guarded, however you might question it after visiting the site mentioned to order. Also it says in the policy that they might get your information from third parties and also distribute your information to third parties for marketing purposes. They also said that even if you opt out of their email service, they might still contact you with promotional offers. Be ye warned. There are certificates listed under the area on one site such as McAffee, which will secure your credit card information. Just make sure that you don’t proceed on any fraudulent order sites or sites that redirect you to a warning.


Pricing & Free Trial

Ripped RX NO2 Blast does have a free trial offer on the site from which you can purchase the product, minus shipping and handling. However, beware because after 18 days they will charge you for the supplement. The 18 days applies to the time period from the day you order the product, not from the day you receive it. So keep this in mind. With 3-7 business days just on shipping, you might not have many days left to try the supplement.

Also keep in mind that many many reviews complained about being charged multiple times for the product, and there were more complaints about this than with reviews for other supplements. Therefore make sure to read the fine print, and know your rights before you put in in any credit card details. And know that even though there is a free trial listed, you will still need to pay a shipping and handling fee of $4.95 to initially receive the product. Also if you end up canceling your subscription, you will need to ship back the bottle of the product which will cost you another $4.95. So in reality you are paying around $10 for the free trial.






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