Real Nitro

Real Nitro Review – Is This Supplement Just Another Scam?

What Is Real Nitro?

Real Nitro is a specially chosen mixture of organic ingredients that are formulated specifically to increase muscle mass, speed metabolism, and improve overall athletic performance levels. This muscle increasing supplement includes vital ingredients to nourish muscles so they can perform at their highest levels and safely increase muscle mass, athletic stamina, and reduce recovery time after the gym. Specially formulated to meet the needs of bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts everywhere.



Real Nitro Muscle Supplement is a product of Wellness Nutra LLC, 780 Morosgo Dr. #13111, Atlanta, GA 30324. Wellness Nutra is a Georgia Limited-Liability Company that filed for company status on March 17, 2015. The registered agent listed at this address for this company is Jawara Mayfield.


How Real Nitro Works?

Real Nitro works by providing increased oxygen levels to the body’s muscles by adding to the testosterone levels already present in the blood stream. This increase in oxygen allows the muscles of bodybuilders, athletes, and weightlifters to expand and build mass faster and increase their performance results. The proprietary ingredients in this mass muscle building concoction work together to relax smooth muscles and eliminate unwanted waste and toxins from the athlete’s body.

Real Nitro detoxifies the body down to the basic cells, allowing the ingredients to work together to build new superior muscle mass from the cellular level throughout the body. Other ingredients are responsible for increasing the body’s blood flow and increasing the athlete’s adrenaline levels. All of these ingredients work together in harmony to help create the rock hard body that you desire.


Ingredients of Real Nitro

Real Nitro gathers ingredients from southern Asia and Europe. The ingredients found in this completely natural herbal supplement are a proprietary blend of natural herbs, plants, vitamins, and minerals. Collected from all over the world, these specially chosen ingredients work together to help bodybuilders, weightlifters, sports athletes, and fitness buffs create the chiseled and lean body they desire. The ingredients in Real Nitro include:

Tribulus Terrestris – This spiny flowering plant from the warm climates of southern Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe, is an essential component in Real Nitro. It adjusts the levels of testosterone in the body and is a great supplement to an anabolic steroid program. It is responsible for returning the body’s testosterone levels to their normal state after a rigorous workout or competition.

L-Dopa – This ingredient is a neurotransmitter enhancing amino acid that elevates moods and increases the amounts of dopamine and adrenaline in the body of the athlete before, during, and after a workout or lifting session. This allows weightlifters to increase their reps and work out times, as well as increasing the athletic endurance of sports athletes. This ingredient keeps the energy levels in a heightened state even when the consumer is not being particularly physically active.

L-Arginine – It’s one of the 20 most common natural amino acids found within the body with numerous benefits. It is important to the interaction of the other natural proprietary ingredients and the production of free testosterone, muscle mass, and muscle memory to get bodybuilders ripped faster. It releases essential growth hormones to increase muscles quickly and safely in bodybuilders. This ingredient has indication of being responsible for an improvement in the circulation of the body’s systems.

L-Taurine – Acting as a powerful antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, and blood vessel dilator. This allows for larger amounts and quicker blood flow to the muscles. This increase in blood flow increases the oxygen being delivered to the muscles that are being used when working out or competing. Added oxygen gives the muscles more energy to deliver the most from every rep or set in the gym.

L-Citrulline – This essential amino acid is a byproduct of the production of nitric oxide in the body while exerting physical exercise. This amino acid is essential to increasing the blood flow within the body which delivers more oxygen to the working muscles. This increased oxygen level gives the muscles the boost of energy that they need to push harder and farther than before. It interacts with the body on a cellular level and helps to rejuvenate cells. Another benefit of this ingredient in the Real Nitro proprietary blend is the bonus of having the ability to reduce inflammation in overworked or injured muscles.

Nitrous Oxide Powder – This ingredient is essential to the interaction of the other proprietary ingredients and adds the benefit of inducing an emotional state of elation. Normally found in a gaseous state, this ingredient is transformed into a solid in powder form, which is added to the other blend of ingredients and compressed into a pill form for easy consumer consumption.

Fadogia Agrestis – The elements found in this ingredient work as a testosterone booster within the body. The extra testosterone that it helps to produce gives the user increased athletic stamina in the gym and for a long time after. It also contributes to elevated moods and an increased overall level of energy and mental focus in competing athletes and lifters. This ingredient will help you to have longer workouts with more positive results both physically and mentally.

Minerals – They are essential to the optimum functioning of the healthy body. Recognizing the need for this essential mixture, Real Nitro includes a number of added elements and minerals. This proprietary blend includes such elements as:

Carbon – This nonmetallic chemical element is essential in the forming of alkaloids and amino acids. It is an active and essential component in increasing the body’s natural anti-bodies. This completely natural element is effective in the fight against illnesses such as colds and the flu. Having this ingredient in this supplement also helps to protect other vital organs in the body such as the kidneys.

Oxygen – This element is essential to the clear functioning of the blood pumping systems of the body. Oxygen increases the amount of proteins being delivered to the muscles when they are being worked. When the muscles are receiving more oxygen, they are able to work harder and longer, to the benefit of the athlete, lifter, or enthusiast.

Hydrogen – This colorless, odorless, non-toxic, tasteless, nonmetallic element is necessary for the interaction of the other proprietary ingredients in Real Nitro. The special formulation is designed to get the sports athlete and bodybuilder the ripped and chiseled body they are seeking, in a much quicker amount of time with no extra effort.

Nitrogen – This is a natural element that is found in numerous locations naturally. It is an odorless and transparent essential element. It is important in this supplement regarding the processing of other ingredients and delivering antibiotic properties to the body before, during, and after workouts and competitions. It helps the muscles to repair and rejuvenate after being put to the test in the gym or weight room.

Vitamins – There are a number of additional vitamins that contribute to the overall dietary needs of the most active of bodybuilders, athletes, and workout enthusiasts everywhere.

These all natural ingredients in this supplement are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their unwanted fat deposits while increasing their muscle mass, muscle memory, and post-workout muscle recovery. When combined, these ingredients also increase the athlete’s workout stamina, raise adrenaline levels, and give the athlete an overall more positive attitude and outlook. When working in harmony with the body, this supplement is responsible for continued fat burning and muscle building even when the athlete is in a resting state.



The advantages of introducing this all natural supplement to a workout program begin at the smallest of levels; the cellular level. Taking this testosterone boosting pill will help to detoxify a body right from the cellular level. This allows for these organic ingredients to enable the body to increase the amount of essential elements it absorbs.

This clears the way to activate and prepare the body’s muscles for easy absorption of the increased amount of oxygen, testosterone, and blood flow that these ingredients will produce. Users will experience an increase in muscle mass, lean muscle toning, increased levels of energy, and longer performance stamina for more repetitions in the gym. There will also be a heightened sense of self-worth as well as the melting off of excess pounds while working out and while at rest.



This supplement is certified to be all natural and safe for any consumer when taken in the correct dosage. There is no FDA certification for this product as it is completely organic and safe for consumers. There have been no reports of illness or side-effects associated with this muscle enhancing testosterone boosting supplement.



There have been numerous success stories shared by the consumers of Real Nitro. The results that the consumers of this supplement are achieving are outstanding. These people are sharing their personal experiences concerning this supplement with comments like:

Tom H. from LA:

I started taking Real Nitro about 3 weeks ago and I can see a difference already through my clothes. I have never been able to achieve the bulk in my chest that I wanted until now. I’m no longer embarrassed when up against the other dudes in the gym! Thanks Real Nitro!

Paul K. from NY:

I am usually skeptical of products that offer such great results, but after reading the customer reviews, I have to give this free trial a shot. I definitely need to bulk up fast for summer, so I figure why not? It’s worth the free trial anyway.

Steve L. from Texas:

I have been looking for a long time for a way to increase my muscle tone without stuffing my body full of artificial components. I was elated to find this product online. After only 2 weeks of taking this booster, I can physically see a difference in the tightness of the muscles in my chest, and my energy levels are as high as they were when I was 20 years younger. I definitely will be recommending this to the other guys at the gym.

Josh K. from Canada:

Being a semi-pro ball player, I regularly work out to keep in shape in the off season. Looking to build up some bulk muscle so I can increase my hitting distance, I hit the gym at least five days a week. But I wasn’t seeing any increase until I was turned on to your product by another mate in the gym. I am happy to announce that my last practice I was hitting to the track nearly every time and I can’t wait to step up to the plate this season.


Awards & Media Coverage

Real Nitro has been mentioned on a number of credit worthy sites and news medias. Articles and news stories have been featured on such shows as ABC News, on websites such as CNN Health, and in magazines such as Men’s Health. The success of this ground breaking mixture of ingredients has captured the attention of bodybuilders everywhere and celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Gerard Butler are reported on Men’s Health Advice as incorporating this type of supplement in their workout regimen.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Real Nitro offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on their product. If for any reason the consumer is not completely satisfied with the supplement, sending back the unopened product will result in a complete refund of any price paid. The refund will appear as a credit on the credit card that was initially used for the purchase.

Products must be returned in the original unopened package within 30 days of the initial order. Consumers need to call the customer service department to receive a RMA number for the return package. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.



The cost of shipping for this trial offer of Real Nitro testosterone enhancing supplement is a low $4.95. Once the account has been established and the trial period is over, there will be a shipping charge of $5.95 per monthly order. There is also a rush shipping option for first time orders. Shipping for this supplement normally takes from 3-5 days.

After the initial free trial is over, if the consumer has not cancelled the order according to the instructions, a new month’s supply will be shipped. This shipment will automatically charge the account the cost of a month’s supply of the supplement. This will automatically renew every month so that busy athletes and muscle fanatics everywhere have one less thing to worry about.


Customer Support

The customer support for consumers of Real Nitro is superior. The operators are helpful, friendly, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of when an issue arises, there is always someone on the other end of the line to help with any concerns, questions, or information. Simply fill out a message in an email or give them a call on the toll free customer care number ((866)-884-5050).


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing this testosterone enhancing supplement online is easy, safe, and secure. Personal information about consumers is never shared with any other third parties. The transactions that are completed on the Real Nitro website are secure and protected with the most recent encoding and online banking safety practices.

The automatic renewal assures that consumers will only have to enter their credit card information one time. Future billings are deducted from the same account once a month until the active account is cancelled by the consumer. All transactions are encrypted and completely safe for you to use for ordering this incredible muscle ripping formula.


Real Nitro Pricing & Free Trial

The pricing for this incredible muscle builder varies between $81 and $85. This incredible supplement is not available in retail stores and the only way to obtain a bottle of this all natural testosterone boosting muscle enhancer is through their official website. When you visit the web page, you will be invited to an exclusive offer for a free trial of the metabolism boosting ingredients found in Real Nitro.

After the trial period is over for this supplement, Real Nitro will continue to send a new supply of supplement. The first shipment will be sent 45 days after the trial issue has been ordered. After that, there will be a new shipment automatically sent to the consumer every 30 days.

These supplements are shipped and the associated credit card is billed for the appropriate amount. No worrying about re-ordering or running out of your supplement because it is automatically sent right to your doorstep. There is no need to run around to different health food or nutrition stores to find this product, saving you time, money, and frustration.

This incredible muscle enhancing and testosterone boosting supplement is available in a free trial offer. This offer is open to all residents of the United States who are over the legal age of 18 years old who want to bulk up and enhance their physical endurance and stamina on the playing field. There is no cost for this trial above the low cost of shipping the product.

Simply fill out the required information on the Real Nitro website and select the order icon. Read over the payment summary to assure that all information is correct including the name, address, and telephone number. Next, fill in the credit form with the appropriate credit card number and expiration date. The last and easiest step is to select the icon “Rush my trial.”

It is that easy to get a free opportunity to increase muscle, raise endurance, increase mental focus, and bulk up quickly and safely at no initial cost or risk upfront. If the customer is satisfied with the trial offer and wishes to continue to receive a monthly delivery of this metabolism crushing supplement, there is no action required. If the order is not cancelled by the consumer within 15 days of the initial order date, it will automatically be renewed and shipped to the indicated address on the original order form.






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