RageDNA Review – Can It Transform the Average Joe into a Muscular Athlete?

What Is RageDNA?

RageDNA is a muscle-building supplement specially designed to help men make every workout more effective. Claiming to be able to melt away excess body fat and increase endurance, this supplement enhances the body’s strengthening and bulking. The optimized, 100% natural formula assists and increases blood flow, pushing the bar further for maximum energy and higher endurance. This is turn allows the time spent working out to be longer and more effective.

The increased blood flow and highly oxidized muscle tissue prevents any crash post-workout. This is accomplished because of the amino acids and enzymes in the formula. The recycling of these amino acids produces higher nitric oxide levels and improves overall performance. With higher energy levels and an increased amount of oxygen able to flow into the muscle tissue, the muscle is able to heal more rapidly and prevent fatigue or post-workout low in energy. With this muscle-building remedy available any man can surpass his bodybuilding goals.



This product is manufactured in the U.S. by Private Label Nutraceuticals. This extremely experienced manufacturing facility is considered a leader in the dietary supplement industry. Comprised of exceptionally skilled scientists, this manufacturer assures quality in every pill produced. In addition to manufacturing, this company performs research and development, quality testing, and product analysis.

RageDNA is produced by Phenom Health, an industry leader in bodybuilder supplements. Sharing the goal of offering the highest quality supplements, it is no wonder why these companies make a great team. They both greatly value quality products and customer service. Private Label Nutraceuticals understands Phenom Health’s goals for the supplement, and surpasses them. Together Phenom Health and Private Label Nutraceuticals deliver safe, effective dietary supplements.


How RageDNA Works?

Two of the key ingredients in this supplement are amino acids called L-arginine and L-citrulline. Both of these naturally-occurring amino acids release nitric oxide into the blood. Nitric oxide is a chemical compound that is released from the lining of arteries when the heart pumps at higher pressures into the blood stream. This nitric oxide then relaxes the blood vessel wall, allowing a higher flow of essential oxygen-rich blood to muscle tissue.

Each of these amino acids are converted over and over. The arginine is transformed into citrulline, releasing nitric acid, and the citrulline is recycled back into arginine, releasing more nitric oxide. This recycling occurs because of enzymes that can transform the amino acids. Arginine can be found in many different foods including meat, dairy, and fruit, and citrulline can be found in meat, dairy, and fish. RageDNA uses these natural amino acids to supplement the consumer’s already naturally-occurring arginine and citrulline.

The surplus nitric oxide produced allows maximum blood flow to muscle tissue with elevated oxygen concentrations, which allows the user to undergo much longer workout periods without suffering from fatigue. Due to this elevated level of oxygen-rich blood, in addition to lack of fatigue and higher energy levels, muscle mass is more rapidly acquired. Often due to aging the body is unable to recycle arginine and citrulline as efficiently as its younger counterpart, so this supplemental supply and conversion aids the body in performing at its max level.


Ingredients of RageDNA

The 100% natural formulation of RageDNA contains amino acids, enzymes, and other compounds scientifically proven to help the clients’ results:

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) – This is the source of the arginine and citrulline. As explained above these are the amino acids that recycle, releasing nitric oxide into the blood. This allows more oxygen to reach the muscle tissue, which in turn increases muscle mass build-up, elevates energy levels, and escalates endurance.

Taurine – Taurine is another helpful amino acid that is found in meat and fish. This supplemental amount helps the body’s naturally-occurring taurine benefit the athlete in several ways. It supports brain function and neurological activities, which is why users experience heightened focus during training. Taurine also assists in metabolizing fat, melting the users’ excess body fat. This amino acid assists the L-arginine and L-citrulline in keeping the body from experiencing fatigue and soreness between workouts.

Beta Alanine – Beta alanine is made naturally by the body and is not provided by food, which categorizes it as a non-essential amino acid. It is a very popular and commonly used endurance booster. Beta alanine escalates carnosine concentrations in muscles, which prevents waste accumulation in the muscles and body. This in turn allows the athlete to exercise longer and harder. Beta alanine is also found to assist in building muscle mass.

Caffeine – Caffeine, known for its energy and focus promotion, is the final active ingredient. It helps the user increase focus and energy, which is of utmost importance when working towards bodybuilder status. Combined with taurine, energy is drastically increased.



The advantages of taking this dietary supplement seem limitless. With a much higher exercise capacity, the user will find themselves in workout sessions that last much longer and are more effective, gaining more muscle mass and melting more fat than before they began taking this dietary supplement. Because of the increased oxygen-rich blood flow due to the arginine and citrulline recycling process, muscle mass will build up faster and fatigue will be kept at bay. Due to the taurine, excess body fat will melt away, allowing for higher muscle mass build-up.

With the taurine’s neurological enhancement, bodybuilders will find a much greater level of focus in lifting, allowing them to lift much more effectively. This, in conjunction with the caffeine dosage, increases energy and focus. The beta alanine heightens bodybuilder endurance, promoting longer workout sessions in which more can be accomplished.

Another advantage is that these performance enhancing ingredients are all natural. Since the amino acids are all either found in common foods (such as meat, fish, and fruit) or are already developed by the body, there is little to no risk of adding these ingredients as a supplement. According to the product’s website, there are absolutely no fillers in this supplement. As long as the correct dosage is taken, a healthy, balanced meal plan is eaten, and an appropriate training routine is maintained, the user can expect to see real results with no side effects.



Though RageDNA has yet to earn certificates or awards, the science behind this supplement has been awarded the most distinguished of honors. In 1998 the Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Robert Furchgott, Louis Ignarro, and Ferid Murad “for their discoveries concerning nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system”. More specifically, nitric oxide was found to have incredible powers including being able to regulate of blood pressure and the ability to act as a control valve of blood flow to different organs and muscles. The premise behind this supplement is to promote the amount of nitric oxide in the blood stream.

The nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessel walls, acting as an opening valve. Allowing more blood to flow increases the rate that oxygen gets to the muscle tissue. In addition, this increased blood flow is rich in nitric oxide, delivering even more oxygen to the muscle tissue and brain. This, in turn, enhances the body’s capabilities. The science behind the supplement is certainly tried and true, and surely awards and certificates await just around the corner for this dietary supplement.



Growing up a short, skinny kid, I always dreamt of one day building muscle and looking like a real bodybuilder – throughout high school I was tormented by kids much bigger than me, who were able to put on real mass without any trouble. Now almost five years later, I’ve decided to try this dietary supplement, and just after a short five months of using this supplement I have gained more muscle than any of my friends. Having always had trouble putting on weight, this stuff made the muscle stick to my arms, back, and legs like glue. I look amazing, feel amazing, and between workouts I’m not even sore! I can’t wait to show-off at my upcoming 5 year high school reunion.

– Will J., 23 years old, started product 5 months ago

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been the chubby kid. I’ve always had trouble with my weight, but a recent visit to my doctor informed me I was pre diabetic. I had to do something, and that was to give this free trial a shot. I lost an incredible six pounds in the first two weeks, and I’ve only lost more and more fat as I’ve continued. Now two months in I am in the best shape of my life, and my wife can’t seem to get her eyes (or hands!) off me.

– Tim G., 29 years old, started product 2 months ago

I’ve always been a healthy person, with moderate muscle and lean figure. But after my twins were born last year, I must say I have found less and less time to go to the gym, and between sessions the soreness wore on me. I started taking RageDNA about nine months ago, and I have never felt better! Not only does RageDNA give me the effectiveness I need with the little time I am able to spend at the gym, but it gives me focus and the energy level required to lift weights and return home to my young family. My soreness has completely disappeared and I am able to keep up with my young sons and with work in addition to working out.

– Jake S., 32 years old, started product 9 months ago


Awards & Media Coverage

RageDNA has become so popular that its parent company has had to significantly ramp up production on this new supplement. Phenom Health experienced an explosion in sales with an astounding 46% increase from its initial sales projection as reported by 24-7 Press Release, and according to PR Underground, in the very first quarter Phenom Health’s sales surpassed initial sales forecasts by 51%. Ms. Tiffany Dawson is the VP of Product Development for RageDNA and is extremely pleased that more and more bodybuilders and other athletes are using Phenom Health’s natural and safe supplements to boost their muscles and athletic performance. Ms. Dawson commented on the stellar sales: “So far, 2016 is on track to be our best year ever.” She continued that Phenom Health’s goal is to continue this extraordinary momentum in sales through the year.

It is no wonder the company has experienced such great success. Known for their quality and potency, Phenom Health has always been a trusted source of dietary and health supplements. Their goal to provide athletes with the highest quality supplements while assuring 100% safety in their use has only brought them success. Since the release of RageDNA, Phenom Health’s success has only increased, focusing the lens on men’s health.


Money-back Guarantee

Customers can shop confidently with Phenom Health’s outstanding comprehensive return policy. Shoppers are guaranteed that if a supplement is not completely up to their standards, then they may return all unused portions to Phenom Health for a complete refund. This return must occur within thirty days of the initial purchase, and in order for the company to be able to process the return the customer must call the customer care department to obtain a “Return Merchandise Authorization” (more commonly referred to as an RMA). This RMA must be written on the package to ensure the return is processed correctly and as quickly as possible, so that the customer may receive their refund straightaway.

While everyone is talking about this supplement, it is possible that some may find this supplement below their standards. In that case the customer experiences an efficient, motivated return system. The customer care representatives are friendly and helpful, and can provide all tracking and reimbursement information Monday through Saturday. If unable to contact a customer care representative, the customer may also use the “easy online cancel” link on the website. Even when a customer must return a product, Phenom Health’s reputation remains positive and intact through a friendly and hassle-free return policy and procedure.



Phenom Health boasts a convenient two-day shipping policy. Generally this means the customer will receive their product by the end of the third or fourth business day. With such a customer-focused shipping policy, it is no wonder why so many have raved on about Phenom Health and their RageDNA supplement. Currently this product is only available online, and not available in any store. But with two-day shipping, the customer gets their purchase quickly after ordering with the added bonus of avoiding the hassle of visiting a store.

Phenom Health provides tracking information with every shipment. Of course with every order the customer is able to use the “easy online cancel” link if they decide to change their minds about a particular order, even after it has shipped. The company will change the shipment of the product, and once tracking information is available it is shared with the customer. This change in tracking information has been a point of contention for some due to the longer wait time in getting information, but overall Phenom Health’s shipping and customer care have been rated highly.


Customer Support

Phenom Health provides support specific to each product. Due to the differences in each supplement they produce and their high standard of customer care, Phenom Heath wants to be sure that any questions or comments are answered as accurately as possible. The call hours for customer care are between 5am and 5pm Monday through Friday, and 8am through 4pm on Saturdays, PST (Pacific Standard Time). For support with RageDNA, the telephone number listed on their website is 1-855-660-1956.

Reviews share that Phenom Health offers excellent, friendly customer service. Customer care representatives are trained to assist in any way possible, be it about tracking information, ordering information, or returns. Cancelling an order mid-shipment will increase the time the customer gets new tracking information and a refund, so it is suggested that the customer waits until the product arrives to return it. Though there have been mixed reviews on attaining an RMA for returns, the RMA acts as a tracking number so both customer and Phenom Health have tracking information continuously. Overall customer service is rated highly and the customer base appreciates it, keeping Phenom Health as a main industry leader in supplemental sales.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The RageDNA supplement is available online only through Phenom Health and its official distributors. While this may be a concern for those uneasy with putting their purchasing information online, the customers may rest-assured that Phenom Health is no rookie when it comes to online security. Using an industry standard 256 bit encrypted connection Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), customers are able to keep their information safe.

Uneasy online shoppers should look for and test the “lock” icon that will appear on a secure site. The lock icon varies in different web browsers but not significantly. If the web browser is Internet Explorer, the lock icon can be found to the right of the search magnifying glass icon, in the same line of text as the URL. In Google Chrome, the lock icon can be found in the beginning of the URL address, highlighted in green. Ultimately the shopper should be able to see the lock somewhere in the web browser and not on the actual web page.

The wary customer can test if it is a secure connection by clicking on the lock icon itself. Upon clicking on the icon, the customer should be able to see the details about the site’s security (a handy feature that can be used on any secure site). Phenom Health and all of its official distributors use this same technology.

The customer may rest assured that in addition to this standard level of security, information including name and email will not be shared with any third party. Phenom Health takes their customer’s privacy and personal information very seriously. Major credit cards are accepted as payment, and as is standard for online shopping the order is not complete until the customer reviews and accepts an order screen with all details on the order.


Pricing & Free Trial

A month’s supply of RageDNA currently goes for $86.51. While supplements can be pricey, there is an option for first time users to try RageDNA absolutely free. The trial customer has sixteen days plus the two day shipping period to try the product before being billed. Upon ordering, a customer is automatically entered into the membership program for convenience. If a customer is not happy with results or decides to cancel before the eighteen day trial period, the customer must return the remaining portion of supplement within thirty days to get a full refund (except shipping and handling costs).

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