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Pro Muscle Fit Review – Does This Product Worth a Try?

What Is Pro Muscle Fit?

This product is a post-workout capsule supplement accommodated by an L-Arginine Blend. The providers establish the efficacy of their supplement and maintain the notion that it increases muscle building results significantly when taken to boost the potency of targeted exercises. Blood flow is improved to sustain the muscles, with muscle sustaining amino acids facilitating their nourishment.

The L-Arginine blend previously mentioned is a specific compound of different ingredients formulated to stimulate muscle repair. These mixed together in their specific quantities make up the 2400 mg capsule you would take post-workout. When taken 3 times a day, it introduces ionic compounds into your system all day that consistently acclimate muscle repair to allow for more consistent and safer workouts with improved endurance.


How Pro Muscle Fit Works?

On the provider’s website, the results of this blend is slightly detailed. It boosts the Nitric Oxide in your system (causing higher blood circulation), replenishes nutrients in the blood that recover muscles post-workout, rebuilds muscle fibers, and accommodates for muscle growth and improved strength through these processes. This blend heightens these processes while providing optimal nutrition. The recommended dosage is 7200 mg a day.

How does an L-Arginine blend manage to provide these benefits, however? This supplement has had an impact on the modern development of fitness and medicine. Research has been done on a fairly meticulous level to discover the results of these supplements, and has been performed quite recently in the scope of scientific research. Most of the claims of Pro Muscle Fit are actually valid, and have versatile applications in fitness and medicine.

Improving Blood Flow

The L-Arginine blend is promoted by Pro Muscle Fit to increase strength and boost muscle growth. This is due to an ionic compound neutralized from the amino acids arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate. How this is supposed to build muscle growth in the blend is by increasing nitrous oxide production from the amino acids, which boosts blood flow in general through the dilation of the blood vessels (vasodilation).

Does Nitrous Oxide do as it’s advertised for vasodilation? Research on Nitrous Oxide doesn’t actually confirm this, with no significant differences in bodybuilders that did or didn’t use the supplement during workout. However, this research was only done during resistance exercise, and only accommodates for that. Blood flow was sufficiently noted to have a higher volume of Nitrous Oxide, but regular exercise by itself was the only noticeable cause of increased blood flow. So there is no sound research results informing us if it improves blood flow post-workout in humans or animals.

Endurance Catalyst

This supplement blend claims to boost Nitrous Oxide in the short term to improve stamina and power as well. It may seem an odd inclusion in the blend, as it advertises its efficacy for post-workout procedures, but considering Pro Muscle Fit is ideally taken 3 times a day, Nitrous Oxide would be in the blood when it’s time to workout. This is effect is due to the ionic compound of arginine-ketoisocaproate.

Research finds inconclusive links between supplement use and short-term endurance performance for exercises in humans. The researchers admit, though, that they had no effective conclusions for long-term workouts or long-term effects. In this regard, it’s unknown whether or not these supplements boost stamina in the long term, or if continuous use throughout a month will see significant performance enhancements through official research. Positive endurance results were found when performed in rats, which makes subjective use more relevant when considering Muscle Pro Fit as an application for endurance.

Preserving Muscle Tissue

The Muscle Pro Fit blend is listed to enhance protein synthesis, which accommodates for the prevention of muscle breakdown and preserves muscle tissue. This is because of another ionic compound, except it derives from the molecules of ornithine and alpha-ketoglutarate.

Additional research has actually backed up the claims that this ionic compound helps to reduce degeneration in the muscle. The question they have been attempting to solve is how these processes are facilitated, and what specifically causes ornithine-ketoglutarate to produce these effects. Researchers performed tests on animals following specific nutritional regimens to see the impact it has.

The actual process as described, when tested on rats, shows the release of additional growth hormones and insulin which promote protein synthesis. The researchers believe that this causes reasonable levels of muscle augmentation, and discovered that ornithine and alpha-ketoglutarate actually need to be combined to see this benefit. Because of this, Muscle Pro Fit has conclusive results in human subjects supporting its capacity for muscle repair and preservation.

Sustaining Protein Synthesis

The L-Arginine blend is noted to support the volumization of cells in the muscle and facilitates transportation of amino acids. This is because the positive augmentation of protein synthesis manages to accommodate for this as well. There is, additionally, research performed on human subjects that attests to the validation of these claims in medical practice.

Researchers wanted to ensure that, with the absence of additional outside nutrition, that the ionic compound of glutamine and alpha-ketoglutarate provided in the L-Arginine blend actually provided efficient results in the process of synthesizing proteins and preventing excess degeneration of muscle. When given to patients post-operation from hip surgery, and without necessitating the use of outside nutritional sources, it was actually extremely sufficient for preserving muscle in the hip.

The other subjects performing the test post hip operation were found to have less polyribosome concentrations. It’s interesting to note that one of the subjects specifically was given alpha-ketoglutarate on its own, without glutamine, and that by itself it did not provide the same benefit as it did when combined with glutamine. This provides proof to the efficacy of the specific measurements the blend accommodates.

L-Arginine Blend Analysis

Overall, and with a significant understanding of each of the capacities offered by the L-Arginine blend, we have great insight to how Pro Muscle Fit works. Even with inconclusive results shown in some of the research materials, Pro Muscle Fit does provide scientific results that show its efficacy. There is an overall lack of research when regarding the application of the blend to humans, as research details certain aspects either in animals or with specific ionic compounds. Regardless of a lack of excessive research, applications were still proven to be effective on a scientific level.


When to Use It?

The providers of Pro Muscle Fit recommend to take the supplement three times a day to see optimal results. It’s advertised as a post-workout supplement, and so needs to be accommodated by the user to discern the best times. Depending on your schedule, it should still be easy to take capsules orally whenever necessary.

Ideally, it can be taken with breakfast, lunch, or dinner (if only to develop a routine easier). One of these meals is accommodated by a workout, and the capsule would be taken orally post-workout. For example, if you work out in the morning, then eat breakfast, take a capsule with breakfast. If you workout later in the evening, just take it with dinner (or if you do your exercises after dinner, wait until post-workout). It is recommended as a post-workout supplement, but doesn’t specify it cannot be taken pre-workout or during workout either.

It depends mostly on your diet or timetable to make a decision when to take the capsule. It should be remembered, though, that research was conclusive that some of the ingredients were able to work without any outside nutrition. It’s also common in pharmacology that when you take any drugs on their own, it can potentially cause stomach irritation, so simply make note if you feel any particular discomfort after taking a capsule on an empty stomach.



The benefits are detailed within research results for specific applications, but it should be mentioned what the provider implies Pro Muscle Fit would provide for the consumer:

  • Muscle recovery occurs faster;
  • Muscle is preserved as breakdown is prevented;
  • Facilitation of muscle growth, and promotes the development of additional strength;
  • The L-Arginine Blend is completely based off an amino acid formula;
  • The preservation of muscle tissue accommodates for quicker recovery time;
  • Improved blood flow allows essential nutrients, including the ones in Pro Muscle Fit, to be more efficient.

Despite the promises that Pro Muscle Fit makes, because of research results that could not conclude the efficacy of Nitrous Oxide to promote blood flow in humans or animals, a more accurate and completely scientifically backed benefit list with no implications would look more like this:

  1. Promotes protein synthesis within the muscles, preventing muscle degeneration;
  2. Sustains polyribosome count, even in the absence of outside nutritional sources;
  3. Improves endurance for longer exercise performance.

The L-Arginine blend does facilitate the growth of muscles, but not conclusively due to the amino acid intake. Rather, as you exercise and workout, potential muscle degeneration that would occur from cardio or nutrition would be mitigated. Because of this muscle preservation, it’s scientifically conclusive that Pro Muscle Fit does actually provide a unique benefit for building muscle. This is, that the structure of the muscle is maintained and no progress is lost due to potential oversights.

Because of it’s applications in medicine that have already been used for research, it might be possible to ask your doctor to try Pro Muscle Fit to help with rehabilitation. If muscle degeneration is a significant cause of immobility or pain in your life, look into the specific ingredients as well with your doctor to see if they can accommodate you. Medical applications are not well researched, however, so staying within the boundaries of fitness is more recommendable.


Pro Muscle Fit Side Effects

Alpha-ketoglutarate in general (the primary amino acid in the blend), along with any ionic compound formations associated with it, has no sustainable links to side effects. Any issues that people consider were caused by Pro Muscle Fit (or any of the specific ingredients) are simply inconclusive, without proper monitoring of their intake or prior health conditions. Certain individuals claimed that specific ingredients taken within Pro Muscle Fit individually caused dizziness and a feeling of weakness. Though, as mentioned prior, these complaints are not sustainable due to their subjective nature.

It should be noted, illegal anabolic steroids tend to have significant side effects that are monitored and conclusive. Prescription steroids have medical purposes for the relief of pain and the return of physical function for the physically impaired either through injury, post-operation, age, or to ease inflammation. Using them outside of a medical context is a reckless and impractical endeavor. Educate yourself on the use of safe muscle building supplements such as Pro Muscle Fit, and do not expose yourself to the unnecessary health complications illegal steroids can cause.


How to Use It?

Pro Muscle Fit is incredibly simple in its application. The capsule already has the blended ingredients provided. It merely needs to be taken orally. It’s up to the user to decide whether or not the capsule should be taken with food, water, or by itself. It should be re-stated that the only direction from the providers is that optimal use is post-workout, so any techniques you have to adopt Pro Muscle Fit into your diet routinely can likely be used. If you want to use Pro Muscle Fit inside of certain mixtures, there are unlikely to be complications, but contacting your doctor or the Pro Muscle Fit support line may be pertinent to avoid mistakes from occurring.


Why Choose Pro Muscle Fit?

Pro Muscle Fit actually has legitimate scientific research backing up the efficacy of some of its applications. It’s definitely not a scam, and has practical use to facilitate muscle recovery and prevent degeneration of the muscles. It even has medical applications, if perhaps certain developments occur that require the preservation of muscle after an injury or in the case of a required surgery. No outside nutrition is required to see the benefit of muscle preservation.

The capsule is very convenient, easy to take, and easy to acquire in the scope of muscle enhancers. No drink mixing, no shot, no weird diet, just 3 times a day and post-workout. The Nitrous Oxide and ionic compounds will remain in your bloodstream for as long as you take the supplement, allowing you to reap the benefits all day long while you’re taking it consistently.

If potentially you have individual ingredients of Pro Muscle Fit and have been using them to improve your muscle building exercises and results, you can consider using Pro Muscle Fit as a means of making supplement intake a little easier and somewhat portioned as the L-Arginine blend accommodates for 2400 mg of ingredients. The specific ingredients in their particular portions may also see additional benefits previously unfelt when applied in the blend, but that is subjective.



The Pro Muscle Fit providers actually have their own recommendations for complementary supplements to take with their capsule. One of the supplements, Forskolin Fit Pro, is a formula with ingredients that make promises to burn fat, improve metabolism, and help build leaner muscles (likely by reducing body fat percent, rather than building any muscle). The other supplement they recommend is the Alpha Man Pro, for even better performance enhancement. It should be noted that these recommendations are likely biased, though, as the same provider sells these two supplements as well.

In practice, any supplements that fill the niche Pro Muscle Fit doesn’t can definitely accommodate someone’s stack. Any applications for burning fat, improving cardiovascular health, and covering nutritional needs that are not facilitated by Pro Muscle Fit seem like the most ideal combinations. Cardiovascular health in particular seems important, considering the emphasis on blood flow and providing amino acids to different muscle groups through the bloodstream. This includes fiber, garlic, or heart health blends and supplements that are provided online and in retail locations.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pro Muscle Fit providers offer a free trial bottle of 90 capsules with the only cost applying to shipping and handling. This is a one month supply of the supplement, but the trial offer automatically puts you into the Pro Muscle Fit Subscription Program. You can cancel in 15 days from the order date, and the product must be returned within the 15 days to be able cancel it successfully.

No other details from the provider mention an alternative method of purchase other than the subscription program, which is $79.00 a month for a new bottle/monthly supply of Pro Muscle Fit. Pricing doesn’t seem flexible, with no higher or lower quantities available for a capsule amount that accommodates for supplies lasting less than a month or more than a month.






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