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Pro Muscle Complex Review – Product for Experienced Weight Lifters & Athletes?

What Is Pro Muscle Complex?

Pro Muscle Complex is a bodybuilding supplement that uses a testosterone boosting substance known as Tribulus Terrestris to increase blood flow, heighten energy, and increase metabolism during a bodybuilding workout. It is manufactured in the United States and often sold in tandem with other performance enhancing products and supplements to increase a bodybuilder’s performance during strengthening exercises. If used regularly, Pro Muscle Complex is designed to minimize the time it takes a bodybuilder to achieve their desired physique. Instead of working out for months before seeing any results, a dedicated Pro Muscle Complex user will begin to notice improvements in muscle strength and tone in only a few weeks.

While each user’s experience will vary depending on their specific body type and reaction to the supplement, Pro Muscle Complex is designed to speed up and enhance the bodybuilding process, creating a ripped and strong physique. The supplement is primarily designed and calibrated for a male audience who has had significant experience with lifting weights and other fitness training. The use of the testosterone boosting agent may not be suitable for the physiology of some bodybuilders on other medications, as it can complicate or interact with other supplements or hormone therapies already in progress. Pro Muscle Complex is sold in capsule form and is designed to be orally ingested.



Pro Muscle Complex shares its brand name with its manufacturer, which makes all of its products in the U.S.A. While the manufacturer may have different names for other unrelated products it manufactures, Pro Muscle Complex is sold and manufactured under this name primarily through secure online sales portals. While the manufacturer is careful to note that the Food and Drug Administration has not scientifically substantiated or evaluated the efficacy and safety of the supplement, the product is completely legal and safe to use within the United States.

However, Pro Muscle Complex’s production is based off studies conducted on tribulus terrestris, the primary ingredient and acting agent within the supplement. As with any medicine or supplement, the manufacturer encourages users of the product to consult with their physician before introducing the item into their exercise regimen, although as a dietary supplement this is not strictly necessary. The manufacturer is also responsible for most sales of the product. The manufacturer upholds the quality of the product over a lifetime of use, and stands behind this promise with a money-back guarantee. By basing all of its processing and shipping warehouses in the United States, the manufacturer also is careful to vet the quality of the ingredients used in the product as well as the processes behind the creation of each shipment of Pro Muscle Complex.


How Pro Muscle Complex Works?

Pro Muscle Complex lays the groundwork for an incredibly efficient, powerful, and effective workout by boosting testosterone, which correspondingly provides more energy and drive. This additional energy helps motivate a bodybuilder to push past previous limits and reach new bodybuilding goals, primarily by naturally increasing one’s overall metabolism. This ability to burn more calories while also feeling greater energy and enthusiasm works in tandem to increase the vigor of the workout. However, a truly effective workout requires that the bodybuilder increase blood flow to the muscles in order to build more muscle.

In order to achieve this effect, Pro Muscle Complex increases nitric oxide production within the body, which correspondingly allows the blood vessels to dilate. The greater the blood flow to developing muscle groups during a workout, it’s likely that a higher percentage of muscle can be built. Along with the fat burning properties of increased metabolism, Pro Muscle Complex enables bodybuilders to trim and expand their bodies in a relatively compressed timeframe; instead of waiting for months to see results, noticeable changes can occur in as little as a few weeks. It’s important to note that Pro Muscle Complex works in conjunction with an established and effective workout routine.


Ingredients of Pro Muscle Complex

The product is made from a mixture of several natural ingredients including Tribulus Terrestris, which is an organic testosterone booster. Organic in this context refers to the abundance of tribulus terrestris found throughout North American soil in especially dry climates, where it is often classified as an unwanted growth in its unprocessed form. The supplement derives from the Caltrop family of plants, and is known by various vernacular names including puncture vine, cat’s head, and devil’s weed. Studies conducted during the 1970s claimed that tribulus has anabolic effects on the body, which correspondingly has led to its use in bodybuilding enhancement products such as Pro Muscle Complex.

Several decades of use among bodybuilders have shown that tribulus terrestris does not have any significant side effects in humans, although animal studies have shown that creatures who ingest high amounts of the supplement may experience muscle coordination issues. Other active ingredients include L-Arginine, Creatine, and L-Citrulline, which are amino acids that aid in fostering an increased metabolism in high performance athletes and bodybuilders. This blend of ingredients has been calibrated to best suit the needs of male bodybuilders. Bodybuilders using other medication should be wary about the effects of introducing testosterone boosters into their exercise regimen.



In addition to being manufactured in the United States, Pro Muscle Complex is also sold in pill form, which makes it easy to take for both veteran customers and new bodybuilders alike. The pill form allows a new user to carefully calibrate their reaction to the supplement. The organic nature of the ingredients in the supplement also makes its use safe. There are no complex agents or unusual compounds that would cause an allergic reaction or otherwise imperil a healthy bodybuilder. Also, the manufacturer states clearly that the product should not be confused with an item designed to cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease or ailment. By gradually adding the product into a pre-established exercise regimen, a bodybuilder can experience the benefits of increased testosterone, greater energy, and an increased metabolism.

After a few workouts, the additional blood flow will manifest into stronger, larger, and more toned muscles. This is partially due to the fat-burning properties of Pro Muscle Complex, which makes it much easier for those introducing it into their exercise regimens to shed unwanted weight and tone areas of their body. The calibration of the product for male bodybuilders allows them to hone their chest, legs, back and arms to create a solid, muscular profile. Most importantly, unlike other performance enhancing supplements, Pro Muscle Complex does not have any significant side effects.



Although Pro Muscle Complex is not certified by the Food and Drug Administration, it does include the primary ingredient of Tribulus Terrestris, which has been known for centuries to be a testosterone boosting agent. Its natural formulation process, in combination with its medically sound capsule delivery method, makes it a safe and practical choice for bodybuilders who need to increase muscle strength and tone without introducing harmful agents into their body. The widespread use of Pro Muscle Complex for nearly five decades has created a substantial amount of anecdotal accounts about its effectiveness and safety. Both the media and individual bodybuilders have publicly attested to its strengths.

Numerous media outlets have publicly praised the supplement, noting its strengths while simultaneously profiling the real experiences of professional bodybuilders who benefitted from ingesting Pro Muscle Complex. While these media accounts do not qualify as official certificates, the constant stream of good press has bolstered the supplement’s acceptance among many professionals. Physicians, weight training specialists and fitness instructors are often familiar with Pro Muscle Complex. The data available to these professionals is based both on studies conducted on Tribulus Terrestris and the accounts of their patients, clients, and colleagues.



James Lee of Los Angeles, California had been working for years on getting the perfect body, but he had reached a point where he wanted to drastically improve his body without changing his workout. A busy professional, James did not want to add more hours at the gym without seeing a substantial change in the mirror. By taking Pro Muscle Complex, James was able to dramatically increase the strength and size of his muscles in only five weeks without spending any more time in the gym. As he said, “I could save myself more time being stuck in traffic while simultaneously getting the equivalent of two or three extra workouts a week, just by taking Pro Muscle Complex. It really amped up my regimen.” His experience was similar to that of Ted Franklin of Atlanta, Georgia, who wanted to take his biceps to the next level. Ted knew his workout routine was good, but he was unsure of how to boost his results and increase his muscle mass to a professional bodybuilding level. He wanted a supplement that was not only effective, but safe to use. Pro Muscle Complex gave him the extra energy he needed to push through his own limits and get the results he needed. “I felt even more motivated while I was taking Pro Muscle Complex to get the body I wanted,” he said. “Now that I’m ripped and toned, I can compete in tournaments. It feels great!”


Awards & Media Coverage

Pro Muscle Complex has been positively profiled in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and GQ. The media has focused on the potential of Pro Muscle Complex to increase the production of lean, strong muscle without having to substantially expand or change a previously formulated workout routine. The supplement’s easy integration into a workout without any noticeable side effects or complications has made it a favorite among magazine writers and fitness journals. Most of the coverage centers on the dual effects of the energy enhancement and the increased blood flow to the muscles. Journals are careful to note that this twin effect promotes rapid muscle growth without harmful effects, a significant advantage over many other performance enhancing agents.

Pro Muscle Complex’s adoption by major fitness retailers has increased its visibility and exposure among major health-oriented media outlets, leading to a steady stream of profiles, mentions, and round-ups of its efficacy in “best of the year” lists. Many journalists have interviewed bodybuilders who have substantially benefitted from Pro Muscle Complex, creating a long list of customers who highly rate the product. News articles and in-depth pieces about Pro Muscle Complex can be easily accessed via a search engine on an Internet browser.


Money-back Guarantee

Pro Muscle Complex is fully backed by its manufacturer. Those who purchase the supplement may return it for a full refund if they do not experience an improvement in their physique and overall health, or simply find their personal fitness goals are not being met. The manufacturer asks those who buy the product to use it for a few weeks before deciding whether or not it is working for them; however, the terms of the money-back guarantee state that any individual who feels that that the supplement is not working may return it at any time. The manufacturer asks that those who do return the supplement provide a receipt of purchase, either from an online distributor or brick and mortar retailer.

While all sales of Pro Muscle Complex qualify for the money-back guarantee, customers are asked to return the bottle and unused capsules in a sealed package to the manufacturer to receive their refund. Boxes should be packaged professionally, without any abrasions, tears, or loose adhesives. The refund will be processed as soon as possible after receipt. Depending on when and with what particular offer the customer purchased the Pro Muscle Complex, the total amount of the refund will be processed accordingly. Most credit and debit card refunds can be transacted within a few business days, and will appear on the customer’s monthly statement.



Depending on where a bodybuilder lives, they can usually expect their shipment of Pro Muscle Complex to arrive within three to five business days. Customers who live in Hawaii or Alaska may experience a longer delivery time, as well as any customers living outside of the continental United States. Shipping costs are based both on the zip code of the customer and the total number of bottles of Pro Muscle Complex ordered, along with any additional enhancements or accessories. In some cases, special sales or package deals may be offered for limited times, enabling customers to either receive their package more quickly, or with more accessories and/or gift items.

Depending on when the order is placed, customers can often track the status of their package through independent delivery services. During especially busy periods such as national holidays, customers may want to place their order a few days earlier to ensure prompt delivery. Customers who order exceptionally large quantities of Pro Muscle Complex may qualify for special shipping discounts. All packages of Pro Muscle Complex and any associated accessories are professionally packed and sealed to ensure the safe arrival of the product. If a package arrives damaged, a customer should report the type of damage to a company representative immediately.


Customer Support

For anyone who has a question or concern about Pro Muscle Complex, there are a few ways to get in touch with a customer representative. Many representatives can be reached immediately via email or online message, and will provide detailed information about the recommended use, typical effects, and long term strategies associated with Pro Muscle Complex. Customers may also write to or call the manufacturer with specific questions. Customers that are seeking information about an expected delivery or availability of the product have a few options. They may either contact the shipping company tasked with delivering the product or get in touch with company representatives online.

In either case, customers are encouraged to have as much information about their purchase as possible, including the date the order was placed, any receipts associated with the order, and the quantity of Pro Muscle Complex they ordered and/or used. Pro Muscle Complex has a good track record of responding to informed customer requests. In general, the more information a customer has about their purchase, the faster questions can be answered and solutions reached. Customer representatives are available during normal business hours.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers can order Pro Muscle Complex through secure websites that use a 128 bit SSL connection and encryption to ensure that there are no data breaches. The quantity of Pro Muscle Complex can be selected through a drop-down menu. All major forms of payment are accepted, including credit and debit cards. Each customer will be asked to provide their shipping address and the mailing address associated with their method of payment in order to securely authorize their transaction. After each transaction has been processed, the system will not retain any sensitive financial information. The credit or debit card number associated with the order will be processed and then erased from the system, thereby maintaining the security of each customer. Customers who wish to place additional orders may do so by logging in and re-entering their information on the secure website portal. As with any online transaction, customers may verify the security of the website by checking for the lock symbol, which is usually displayed at the top of the page. If a customer has questions, they are welcome to contact the manufacturer directly.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pro Muscle Complex is currently available for new customers as a free trial. Each new customer will receive one full bottle of Pro Muscle Complex as a part of their free trial. If they are happy with the product, they may elect to continue receiving additional bottles and, in some cases, bonus accessories and enhancement products. The regular pricing of Pro Muscle Complex is based on its availability. In some cases, the popularity of Pro Muscle Complex may increase its market price. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of special offers when they can find them, as the market demand can’t be completely predicted. However, those customers who do sign up for a free trial are in a much better position to receive additional bottles of Pro Muscle Complex in the future. The manufacturer is responsible for providing a consistent, quality product, but can’t control surges in demand or unusual shipping costs. Customers who order a free trial of Pro Muscle Complex will be notified when their order has shipped. Every customer will be provided with a full receipt of their purchase.






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