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Pre Jym by JYM Supplement Science Review – Is This a Good Product for Your Pre-Workout Routine?

What Is Pre Jym?

Pre Jym is a pre-workout supplement that is designed differently from most. It’s created by Jim Stoppani, a Ph.D. holder who uses science to develop revolutionary workout products. Essentially, this is a product that works because it eliminates the shortcuts taken by many cheaper supplements. For instance, this product does not contain “proprietary blends,” as these blends disguise how much of each ingredient is really in a product. This product uses effective doses of ingredients that work.

The manufacturer notes that many companies will include vital ingredients, but that they will keep the doses so low that they end up being ineffective. For instance, the research behind this product shows that an ideal dose of citrulline is six grams. Stoppani notes that few other, if any, companies include the requisite six grams, if they include citrulline at all.

Lastly, this pre-workout supplement is uniquely complete. Stoppani writes about what he calls “abbreviated” formulas, or those that include useful ingredients at the right dosage, but don’t include sufficient ingredients. While many pre-workouts include just a few high-quality ingredients, Pre Jym includes 13 top-notch products in the right dosages.



This product is manufactured by JYM Supplement Science. This company was founded by Jim Stoppani, who has used his fitness expertise and scientific knowledge to develop high-quality workout products. he is known in many circles as the world’s #1 fitness professional, and it’s for good reason – though he is a research fellow at the Yale University School of Medicine, he also has found time to continue researching ingredients for new products for JYM Supplement Science.

This manufacturer works to cultivate relationships with clients, and it’s invested in more than a sale. On the company website, you’ll find not only information about products, but also customizable exercise and meal plans for fitness enthusiasts of every age and experience level. It also includes step-by-step videos of exercises, so even the newest lifters can make sure they start out right. This website includes an online community, JYM Army, which is an online forum where members can go to get advice, give advice, discuss Pre Jym and other supplements, and talk fitness.

JYM products have received multiple awards for efficacy and transparency of ingredients. Stoppani himself has said he can (and does) answer questions from customers and potential customers about ingredients and the research that has gone into finding them.


How Pre Jym Works?

This is a supplement that works on many of the levels that a traditional pre-workout works. Namely, it boosts focus and energy, increases muscle oxygenation and nourishment, clears muscle waste, and boosts power and strength.

Unlike your regular cheap pre-workout, though, caffeine is not the only focus booster in this formulation. Taurine, which is an amino acid, is one of this supplements major focus boosters. And it has a synergistic effect with caffeine, meaning that together, they can boost your focus and drive even more.

Increasing muscle oxygenation and nourishment is a major function of virtually and pre-workout supplement. Nitric oxide is largely responsible for these functions, and the main booster of nitric oxide included here is beet extract. Eating beets can help with nitric oxide donation too, but the concentrate here packs more of an NO-boosting punch. Nitric oxide is of course useful for strength training, but it’s useful for cardio as well – more oxygen means you can run, bike, or swim longer.

Several ingredients of this supplement are designed to boost power and strength, even mid-lift. Sometimes, this extra boost is all you need to boost confidence and take your workout to the next level. And additionally, that strength and power is boosted by citrulline, which helps to clear out muscle waste as it accumulates. This delays lactic acid buildup and lets you exercise harder for longer periods of time. Additionally, several ingredients also help to boost protein synthesis, een after you’re done lifting.

Essentially, Pre Jym is a supplement that prepares you mentally and physically for challenging workouts. After all, you can’t progress if you don’t run faster, lift harder, or otherwise up the intensity of your workouts. This supplement helps you do just that.


Ingredients of Pre Jym

This is a product with effective doses of meticulously-researched ingredients. The active ingredients are as follows:

Citrulline malate

Citrulline, though it’s long been known as a great way to enhance workouts, is mysteriously absent from many pre-workout supplements. Citrulline helps to improve muscle pumps by improving circulation through the muscle. However, it also has the important function of clearing out muscle waste. This helps to delay the buildup of lactic acid, which lets you lift harder for longer periods of time.


Nearly every pre-workout supplement contains BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), but few have them in the ideal ratio of 21:1. This ratio is ideal for supporting muscle growth while also reducing fatigue and boosting performance – both things you want when you’re heading into a heavy lifting session.


This amino acid is known for increasing focus and drive – a must when you’re up against a particularly challenging workout. It tends to work best when paired with caffeine.


This is an amino acid that is known for increasing the production of nitric oxide, which leads to better muscle pumps, better oxygenation, and better muscle nourishment during and after exercise.

Creatine HCl

Creatine is one of the best-known pre-workout supplements, largely because it facilitates ATP activity. ATP (or adenosine triphosphate) is what energizes the body on the cellular level. More ATP means more explosive lifts and better energy overall. Creatibe also can help to lubricate muscles, reducing risk of injury and making it easier to lift harder.

CarnoSyn beta-alanine

This patented form of beta-alanine is especially effective at boosting muscle power while also supporting strength, growth, and endurance. This ingredient is useful in the recovery phase, too – not just your workout.


This ingredient is a strength booster that can increase your power in workouts. We’ve all been there – you just want to get in one more rep, but you fall short. This ingredient helps you to really get the most out of each workout.

N-acetyl L-cysteine

L-cysteine helps to eliminate, or at least delay, muscular fatigue, which is a must for heavy cardiovascular exercise and heavy lifting alike.

Beet extract

This may seem like an unusual ingredient for a pre-workout supplement, but it acts as a nitric oxide donor (delivering actual nitric oxide to your muscles). This helps to increase circulation to muscles, keeping them nourished and oxygenated through even the most challenging of workouts.


Caffeine has been shown to sharpen focus and drive at the gym, and it also can decrease your perception of fatigue as well. This can lead to more intense training than ever before.


This is a lipid that is proven to enhance many functions related to exercise. Namely, it is known for boosting mood and brain function (which is vital in a challenging workout), and it also supports muscle strength, endurance, and power.

Huperzine A

This is an extract from moss, and it has been proven to promote mental focus and enhance mood. In addition, it has been shown to boost acetylcholine levels, which in turn supports brain and muscle function.


This is a black pepper extract that has been proven to increase supplement absorption. When this is added to a pre-workout supplement, it gives you more bang for your buck in terms of supplement use.



There are many advantages to taking this supplement. The first and most obvious advantage to taking Pre Jym is the fact that all ingredients have been meticulously researched. Since Jim Stoppani is a PhD and also a research fellow at a prestigious medical school, potential supplement users can rest assured that the science behind this supplement is sound.

Another advantage is the fact that all of these ingredients are included in the correct dosages. As mentioned earlier, many cheaper pre-workouts will include trace amounts of good ingredients in “proprietary blends” just to say they have included these ingredients. Upon closer examination, though, it is often found that there is not nearly enough of any one of these ingredients to be actually effective as a performance enhancer.

Yet another advantage to this supplement is the fact that its efficacy has been verified – this is a product that, along with others in its product family, has won many awards for being effective and ethically labeled. And lastly, though flavor may not be the very first thing you look for in a potential supplement, Pre Jym comes in a few delicious flavors. They include Cherry Limeade, Orange Mango, and Raspberry Lemonade.



This is a supplement that has been backed by many certificates, even if they are indirect. For instance, company founder and researcher Jim Stoppani holds a PhD, and he is also a research fellow at Yale University School of Medicine. His degrees, experience, and qualifications all back this product’s credibility and efficacy.

In addition, while it may not count as a certificate, Pre Jym and the entire JYM supplement line are made more credible by the fact that all ingredients are listed along with the dosage amounts. By including transparent labeling, Stoppani creates a culture of trust between manufacturers and supplement users alike. Also, as discussed below, this product has been the recipient of a prestigious award.



Sometimes, especially if you are comparing two different supplements or are otherwise uncertain about which one you want to purchase, it can be helpful to hear from someone who has used a given supplement. Here are some words from those who have tried and loved Pre Jym:

Steph, 30, Martha’s Vineyard, MA:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I need way more of a boost when headed to the gym. Especially when I go right after work, I’m just reluctant, and I know my lifts suffer. I had a drugstore pre-workout that wasn’t cutting it anymore. So I read about JYM and wanted to give this a shot. I’m so thankful I did! I can get energized fast, and I know I’m giving my workouts my all.

John, 20, Charlottesville, VA:

I’m a college student, and up until now I actually hadn’t used any pre-workout. But I started getting competitive and wanted to out-lift my bros. I found this online and tried it. Also, I’ve started picking up some new lifts from the website, and they’ve helped take me to the next level. Good stuff.

Charlie, 45, Kansas City, MO:

Once I hit 40, I really needed some help in the gym. I’ve been trying different pre-workouts for what feels like centuries. Some were better than others, but I never found one I really anted to stick with. Enter Pre Jym. This is a godsend. I can lift heavier than before, and I now have the energy to do my cardio immediately before I lift. I don’t even need a break anymore.

Quin, 34, Raleigh, NC:


Awards & Media Coverage

Pre Jym, unlike many of the pre-workout supplements out there, has won one of the most prestigious awards available to supplements. At the 2015 Supplement Awards sponsored by (arguably the world’s leading fitness website), this product took home the “pre-workout supplement of the year” award. This is a fairly new supplement, and this award – as well as the media coverage that came with it – illustrates how excellent this product is.

This is a fairly new product, and this award is a promising start. It’s likely that, as new innovations emerge and as the product gains more coverage, it’ll be the recipient of many more supplement awards from and other fitness organizations.


Money-back Guarantee

JYM is a brand that stands behind its products. However, whether or not there is a money-back guarantee will depend on the vendor from which you make your purchase. If you are concerned about whether or not this is a product you’ll want to stick with, you may want to ask about free samples or ask your chosen vendor about money-back guarantees before you make your purchase.



Just as the money-back guarantee (or lack thereof) will vary depending on the vendor you choose, shipping also will vary. If you’re concerned about Pre Jym’s shipping costs, you should know that many vendors offer promotional free or reduced shipping periodically. Because JYM only sells through reputable vendors, most vendors will ship fast so you get your supplements on time.


Customer Support

JYM has one of the most comprehensive customer support networks of any supplement manufacturer. To start, if you visit the JYM website, you’ll find that Jim Stoppani has developed personalized workout and diet plans for clients of every fitness level. This can help anyone, whether they’re experienced or not, to get in the best shape of their life.

But these programs aren’t all – JYM offers step-by-step videos so you can learn new exercises designed to target specific muscle groups. This is beneficial for new exercisers and seasoned ones alike. If you’ve been working out for awhile, you probably have, at some point, been stuck doing the same exercises for a given muscle group out of sheer routine. This feature can help you incorporate new exercises and keep your muscles challenged.

Lastly, in addition to Stoppani’s personally answering many client questions, JYM offers “JYM Army,” a forum for supplement users to give and receive advice, as well as network. If you prefer traditional lines of customer-support communications, you can contact the company by e-mail, phone, or web form.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Because JYM, as mentioned previously, only sells through very reputable vendors, you can be assured that each vendor exercises the utmost care with your information. When you purchase this supplement online, you can be assured that your information is protected using state-of-the-art encryption. Additionally, vendors of Pre Jym products will not sell, lease, trade, or otherwise give away your information. It’s safe with them.


Pre Jym Pricing

When you compare this product to many other pre workout supplements, you’ll see that it runs on the slightly expensive side. However, given the research, transparent labeling, and correct dosages of ingredients that go into it, it’s no wonder that this supplement has a larger serving size and a slightly higher cost per serving.

If you aren’t sure about keeping Pre Jym as your sole pre-workout, you can purchase a smaller size. This product comes in a 20-serving tub for $35.57, or a 30-serving tub for $47.97. For many, though, the slight extra cost has been worth it when they see a marked positive change in performance.






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