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Power Pro Review – Is This How the Big Guys Gained Their Lean Pounds of Muscle?

What Is Power Pro?

Power Pro is a pre-workout supplement, made with a number of ingredients that work together to improve athletic performance, stamina, and recovery time. Some of its ingredients are herbal testosterone boosters, such as Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Orchic Substance, and Saw Palmetto Root. Other ingredients provide necessary minerals and amino acids to speed recovery, which allows for more serious and frequent workouts. These, along with other ingredients that increase energy and mental focus, give athletes the ability to exercise harder and get better results. Users report that they can feel a difference in their strength and performance after just one serving of this supplement.

Currently, this supplement in not available in stores or through other online supplement distributors. Instead, customers can only purchase it directly from the manufacturer’s website. There, they are instructed to fill out an order form and receive a free 30-day trial of this supplement, for only the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance. If customers choose to continue using the supplement, and do not call the customer service department within 14 days of placing their initial offer, they will enrolled in an automatic subscription. Then, every 30 days they will receive and be billed $89.95 for another month’s supply of the supplement, which conveniently does not need to be reordered.



The manufacturer of Power Pro is a company that is also named Max Gain, which seems to exclusively sell pre-workout nutritional supplements under the MaxGain line. According to the website, these supplements are manufactured in the United States of America, so it is presumed that this company has manufacturing facilities in the US. There is little information available about them online, except for the information that is provided on the company’s own website.

On the website, customers can find the address for Max Gain and its policies, all spelled out on their Terms and Conditions Page. The company’s mailing address is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and customers can use the provided mailing address for all returns or written communications. There is also a toll-free number for the company that is provided, which customers are encouraged to use for all official communications about this supplement.

There is no evidence that Max Gains has any social media presence, and no professional accounts can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, although there are many users who may be on these platforms. There are only a few negative statements about Max Gains that can be found online, and no evidence of complaints by customers. Customers should read the Terms and Conditions page on the website for more information, including the contact information, so customers can talk to an employee or representative of the company.


How Power Pro Works?

This supplement is meant to be taken every day, shortly before working out, allowing some time for it to be digested and fully absorbed to get the full effects. Users are instructed to take two capsules, and they should not exceed one serving a day. This supplement provides all of the necessary energy and support to sustain a vigorous exercise regimen, including weightlifting and strength training. Users report feeling the results immediately, with the full effects coming after about one week of use.

There are numerous ingredients in this supplement, which all work together to improve athletic performance, increase stamina, provide short term energy, and speed recovery. Many of the ingredients, including Tongkat Ali and Saw Palmetto Root, are reported to increase natural free testosterone levels. Others, such as Boron and Calcium, help speed recovery, so users can heal quickly and work out more frequently. Sarsaparilla Root is included to increase mental focus and concentration, to help athletes work harder and more effectively. All of these ingredients work to improve overall performance and to encourage and enhance exercise that is done after taking them.


Ingredients of Power Pro

The label for Power Pro states that it contains 44.28 milligrams of Calcium, in the form of Calcium Carbonate, which provides 5% of the recommended daily value of this essential mineral. Studies have shown that athletes lose calcium when they exercise, as reported in the Journal of Medical Science in Sports and Exercise in 2007. By providing athletes with this crucial nutrient, this pre-workout supplement allows them to work out harder and recover more quickly.

This is complemented with 1484 milligrams of FlowViv MAXTEST-Blend, which is a proprietary blend that contains 8 herbal ingredients to provide energy and strength, although the quantity of each of these ingredients is unclear. Tongkat Ali Extract and Horny Goat Weed, also known as Longjack and Epimedium respectively, are known for their effects on hormonal balance. Saw Palmetto Root is also promoted for its ability to improve strength and increase natural testosterone levels.

The other ingredients in the blend include Orchic Substance, Wild Yam Extract, and Nettle Root Extract, which also promote healthy testosterone levels and vigor. Boron, in the form of Boron Amino Acid Chelate, helps cells recover and increases muscle growth. Finally Sarsaparilla Root Extract is included to improve focus and mental strength, allowing athletes to work out harder and concentrate better.



One of the greatest advantages of this supplement is that it is easy to use. There are no powders to mix, no foods to eat, and the supplements only need to be taken once a day. Users simply take two capsules a short time before working out, giving them an opportunity to be digested and absorbed.

Another advantage of this supplement is that all of its ingredients are both natural and effective. These herbal ingredients have all been studied extensively, and the results have been published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals. Since they are all-natural, Power Pro can be taken by any healthy adults without the risks of chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Finally, the best advantage of this supplement may be the Free Trial option that is provided. Customers are charged a small fee for shipping and handling, as well as insurance, and they may be charged a restocking fee after cancelling. But, as long as they call the customer service phone number and cancel the automatic subscription within 14 days of ordering, customers have an opportunity to try this product and judge its quality for themselves for a rather low price.



The website for Power Pro states that this product is made in the United States of America. This means that it is manufactured under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which guarantees the safety of all of the ingredients for consumption by healthy adults. All of the supplements that are made in America are also manufactured in facilities that comply with workplace safety and health regulations.

The website for this pre-workout supplement is also certified and verified for safety and online security by a number of different companies. It is protected by McAfee Security and Scan Alert, which protects customer’s information. It also is certified VeriSign Secured, by Verify, which provides encryption for all communications.

The best confirmation of this product is the Free Trial that is offered, which allows customers to try it for a minimal risk. Although there are also many online reviews for Power Pro, there is no substitute for personally experiencing it. As long as customers call the customer service representatives within 14 days of the original order and cancel the automatic subscription, they can receive a full month’s supply for a very low cost and judge the efficacy for themselves.



I really love Power Pro because it’s easy to take and I think it works. I take two before I work out and I can always lifter heavier than I did before. Every time I work out I can tell I’m getting stronger. It makes me feel great and I love the results.

– Jim S., Dallas, TX, US

Just got me free trial of this stuff and it looks great. Super easy to use so I’m gonna try it every day. I’m looking forward to getting ripped just doing my usual routine plus taking this stuff. Hopefully this is the secret I’ve been looking for.

– Eric T., Chicago, IL, US

I’ve been using this product for almost two weeks now and I’m fairly satisfied with its quality. It does seem to make a difference in my energy and stamina. I am able to work out more frequently and heal faster after lifting. I am considering continuing to receive these supplements in hopes of continuing my results.

– Pete D., Atlanta, GA, US

Love it! I’ve tried a lot of pre-workout supplements and this is one of the best. There’s no caffeine so there’s no crash or jitters. Just more stamina and strength so I can work out to the best of my abilities.

– Dale R., Washington, DC, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Power Pro is a very new addition to the pre-workout supplement market, so there has been very little media attention so far. However, there are a number of reviews of this product on bodybuilding websites and blogs that cover the world of supplements. These reviews have been mixed, with some praise for the ingredients used in this supplement, and some criticism for its effectiveness. Although the website for Power Pro has images from Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy, and Men’s Journal, there is no evidence that this supplement has been covered in any of those publications.

The ingredients of this supplement, on the other hand, have all received a great deal of coverage in many reputable publications. For example, Tongkat Ali Extract has been recently written about it by ABC News, The Online Citizen, and Nutritional Outlook. Saw Palmetto has recently been covered by the New York Daily News, Harvard Health, and AlterNate. The value of Horny Goat Weed has been reported by CBS, Slate Magazine, and Forbes. And Wild Yam Extract has been covered by ABC News Online, The Huffington Post, and Medical Daily.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no explicit money-back guarantee for Power Pro, but the Free Trial that is advertised on the website serves to act as a guarantee. This trial allows customers to sample a 30-day supply of the supplement for only the cost of shipping and handling. THe shipping cost is $4.95, and the shipping insurance costs $1.99, but this $6.94 total is not refundable. Customers who do not wish to continue receiving a bottle of this supplement each month mst call the customer service department, using the provided toll-free number, and cancel the subscription within 14 days of placing the trial order. At this point, they may be charged an additional $5.95 restocking fee, which brings the total for their free trial to $12.89.

Customers who received damaged or unauthorized bottles of the supplement can get a full refund, including the cost of shipping and handling. They are instructed to call the customers service department and get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number,which they should include with their return. They can then get a refund of the charges or a new bottle of the supplement, depending on the decision of the customer service agent who handles their claim. If customers are due a refund, it will be credited back to the original method of payment within one to two billing cycles.



When customers request their free trial bottle of Power Pro, they are charged only for the price of shipping and handling. Shipping costs $4.95 and is sent by standard shipping methods from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Added to this shipping fee is a $1.99 charge for shipping insurance, provided by a third-party insurance company, which protects your shipment in case of lost or damaged packages, bringing the total to $6.94 . Shipments are sent out within one business day of a customer’s placing their order, and standard shipping takes approximately 3-5 days. There are no refunds on shipping and handling charges, even if a customer cancels his automatic subscription or returns a bottle for a refund.

Currently, international shipping is not available, although the manufacturer of this supplement may have plans to expand their shipping area in the future. Customers who do not cancel the automatic subscription within 14 days of placing the original author will also be charged for shipping and handling for each bottle.There is currently no express shipping option available, and the distributor takes no responsibility for delays in shipping due to circumstances beyond their control. All shipments are sent by the United States Postal Service (USPS), and questions about shipping are directed to the customer service department of this company.


Customer Support

Customers who wish to speak to a representative at Max Gains have limited options, but fortunately they are all easy to find on the website. The suggested method of communication is the toll-free number that is provided. This can be found on the Contact page, and it should be used for all communication with the company, including questions about orders, returns, or shipping. Customers who wish to cancel their automatic subscription within the 14 day grace period are instructed that they must use this toll-free number to accomplish this. This customer service number is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exclusion of Christmas, Easter, NEw Years Day, and THanksgiving.

There is also an email address that is available for customers to contact Max Gains, the manufacture of Power Pro, but it is unclear how frequently it is checked. Attempts to cancel the subscription through this email address will be rejected. There is also a mailing address for Max Gains, located in Florida, which is where returns should be sent, but it is unclear if any customer service agent checks this mail. There are currently no social media accounts for Max Gains either, so customers should use the toll-free number as directed.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers who place their order for a Free Trial bottle of Power Pro through the Max Gain company are promised a safe and secure checkout. According to the website, their checkout is protected by a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the industry standard for secure online commerce. It also boasts of being Hacker Safe, according to Scan Alert, which looks for malicious third-party interference. The website also claims to have McAfee Security protection, which guards against computer viruses and malware. It is also VeriSign Secured, by Verify, which helps protect the security of all financial information, as does the credit card company’s own protestations.

The website also outlines a very clear Privacy Policy, which details the amount of information that is gathered by the website, how it is protected, and how it may be shared. This website does use cookies and does collect some non-personal identifying information, but does not collect personal information for corporate use. Customers’ information will not be shared with any third-party organization, and customers can opt out of receiving any future communication with the manufacturer, Max Gains. Customers are encouraged to read the Privacy Policy itself, which is is located prominently on the website, and is in compliance with the California Online Privacy and Protection Act.


Pricing & Free Trial

Customers visiting the Power Pro website will be offered a Free Trial bottle, simply by filling out a form and providing their credit card number. Customers are asked to pay a small shipping fee of $4.95, plus another $1.99 for shipping insurance, which adds up to a total of $6.94. This supplies a full 30-Day preview of the supplement, which works out to less than 25 cents a day, a very low price for a pre-workout supplement. Users who call the customer service phone number and opt out of the automatic payment subscription will be able to keep the whole bottle, but will be charged an additional restocking fee of $5.95, making the total cost $12.89.

Customers who do not call to opt out of the subscription will be automatically charged $89.95 for the next bottle, and this charge will recur monthly in perpetuity. This works out to less than three dollars per serving, or less than $1.50 per capsule of this supplement. It is unclear whether or not subscription customers are continuously charged an additional $6.94 for shipping and handling each month, but it is safer to assume that this is the policy. Customers who have any questions or concerns about the price of this supplement are encouraged to contact the customer service department through the toll free number that is provided on the website.






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