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Power NO2 Max Review – Is It Actually Working?

What Is Power NO2 Max?

Power NO2 Max has joined the ranks of the plethora of nitric oxide boosters available for sale. And unlike some of the snake oil formulations you can buy online and in stores, NO boosters are the real deal, Power NO2 Max is no exception. When you use this NO booster, you are benefiting from years of research, much of which is peer-reviewed and published in respected journals of nutrition and exercise science.

Most notably, research into nitric oxide – or, more specifically, research into its precursor in the human body, the essential amino acid L-arginine, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in the late 1990s. This research confirmed what users of nitric oxide boosters have known for years – that supplementing with L-arginine as a nitric oxide booster can actually lead to increased muscle mass, fat loss, and improved workouts, as well as reduced recovery time.

This supplement has L-arginine as its main ingredient, but it also includes a variety of other all-natural ingredients that work to ensure optimal health and energy. When your body has enough of the right nutrients, chances are that it will be easier for you to lose fat and gain muscle because you have the energy to work out enough and to do what it takes.

In short, Power NO2 Max is a nitric oxide booster with a little extra kick. It can help support you through cardio work, strength training, general energy, or all three.

Use Power NO2 Max to Build Muscles



Power NO2 Max is made by a company that only manufactures this particular supplement. This can be useful for the consumer with questions. In larger companies that make many supplements, it can be difficult for representatives to be sufficiently knowledgeable about all products. When there is only on product, it makes it that much easier for the representatives on duty to understand an be conversant about the product you want to buy.

On the Power NO2 Max website, it is unclear if the company has a physical address. However, it does have a phone number that serves as a customer service hotline for those who want to ask questions before buying or even after.


How Power NO2 Max Works?

Power NO2 Max is a nitric oxide booster, meaning that its main ingredient, L-arginine, is converted to nitric oxide in the body. As mentioned earlier, nitric oxide is a research-verified molecule that stimulates blood flow to skeletal muscle, thus enhancing performance in virtually any kind of exercise, as well as boosting your general energy. It also can reduce recovery times and soreness between workouts.

The Science Behind Power NO2 Max


Ingredients of Power NO2 Max

The makers of Power NO2 Max do not list all ingredients of this supplement, but the main ingredient – L-arginine – is listed. This is an essential amino acid that, when taken in sufficient quantities, can have drastically positive results for your fitness routine. This is because L-arginine promotes blood flow to the muscles, offers a stimulant effect, and can increase your performance in cardio and strength training.

This may make the ingredient sound too good to be true if you are unfamiliar with the world of NO supplements. However, long-time users are familiar with the host of benefits that come with this sort of supplement. Perhaps most importantly, Power NO2 Max helps divert blood flow to working muscles, making it possible for them to receive more oxygen and more nutrients than before. It does this because it is a vasodilator. Since vasodilation is accomplished by relaxing smooth muscles like the ones of blood vessel walls, taking L-arginine actually sends even more blood to working muscles because the smooth muscle tissue in organs is also relaxed. When blood flow is diverted from organs and directed to muscle tissue, it becomes much easier for you to give it your all at the gym.

Because blood contains oxygen and nutrients, the increased blood flow afforded by Power NO2 Max is also helpful when it comes to endurance training. This is because it can help muscles work longer and harder. If you’ve ever experienced asthma or any type of respiratory inflammation, you know how much harder exercise becomes when tissues are not adequately oxygenated. Taking Power NO2 Max can help your muscles be as maximally fueled as possible, thus leading to enhanced endurance performance. If one of your goals is to drop fat, this is especially helpful. Cardio is the best form of exercise to torch body fat, and when you have enough energy to do vigorous cardio, you’ll be on your way to a healthier physique.

The Secret Behind Power NO2 Max

Lastly, L-arginine, when converted to nitric oxide in the body, can signal muscle growth. This supports adequate muscle recovery, which is absolutely essential when it comes to building new muscle tissue. Because of its role in healing after a workout, Power NO2 Max is able to help you reduce the time off between workouts. It can get you back where you need to be, and get you there faster than ever.

Other ingredients of this supplement are not listed, although it is noted that they are all natural and that some of them are vitamins. Generally speaking, many NO boosters contain several B vitamins to help with supporting energy levels and overall health. Many contain several other vitamins to help ensure micronutrition needs are met before you go about building muscle and dropping fat. Proper nutrition goes a long way for serious and recreational bodybuilders alike.

The lack of listing of all ingredients may be a cause for concern for some customers, especially those with food allergies or other sensitivities. For these customers, talking to service representatives prior to purchase is advised. Even for those without known sensitivities, not knowing what is in a given supplement might be concerning.

Although some testosterone boosters work as NO boosters as well, it’s important to note that Power NO2 Max is not in itself a testosterone booster. The manufacturer recommends pairing it with a testosterone booster to achieve full muscle potential.

Achieve Better Results with Power NO2 Max



This is a supplement with several advantages. One of these is that its main ingredient is much more extensively researched than the main ingredients in corresponding muscle-building supplements from other manufacturers. Another advantage is the fact that you can get a free trial bottle before making up your mind. This is especially useful when it comes to buying supplements online. Because scams are plentiful, lots of people want to try before they buy, and the trial program makes that possible.

In addition, this supplement is available in an auto-ship plan. Having a new bottle shipped right to your door every 30 days has its advantages. Many people become busy with everyday things and forget about buying supplements on time. This can lead to missed doses and decreased efficacy. When it arrives at your door right when you need it, you never need to fret about missing a dose.

The Benefits of Power NO2 Max



Power NO2 Max does not have any awards or certificates. However, potential buyers may want to keep in mind the fact that the central ingredient, L-arginine, has been proven as a performance enhancer by multiple peer-reviewed studies, including a research project that ultimately won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in the late 1990s.



It can be hard buying a product online when you don’t personally know anyone who has used it and loved it. Here are some testimonials from customers who bought Power NO2 Max and are glad that they did.

Heath, 25, Jacksonville, FL:

I have wanted to try a nitric oxide booster for a long time now. However, I took my time researching. My friends made fun of me, too. I came across Power NO2 Max during an internet search and realized that this may well be the supplement I wanted. I got the free trial and was feeling noticeably more energetic almost immediately. I could lift harder in the gym just because I felt like I had more energy. It was great.

I didn’t cancel the trial, and I’m thankful I didn’t. Now i’ve been on it for a year and look so much better than I used to. I’m happy and relaxed and I have more energy than I ever did before this. I recommend it to anyone looking to lean out and bulk up while still feeling great.

Roberto, 31, La Jolla, CA:

I got this stuff by accident. Well, not technically by accident. Technically I got the free trial, got busy, and forgot to cancel. Which was a bummer for sure. But that was before I kept taking it. In a few months, I was looking leaner and lifting more. I’m also a runner, and I noticed an impressive difference in my times and in my general endurance. I had been putting off trying a supplement like this for awhile, and forgetting to cancel the free trial ended up really getting me ahead. I’m staying a customer for life – Power NO2 Max has been revolutionary. And also, I’m starting to look so cut that I’m considering doing a figure competition in a year. Looking forward to it!

John, 35, Staunton, VA:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten noticeably more tired, and that worries me. I’m not super old, but i really felt like it. I was tired and bloated and had a beer gut. So I wanted to do something about it. My coworker was talking one day about Power NO2 Max. It hadn’t worked for him, and he was giving away the bottle he had (it was open, so he couldn’t return it). I got the bottle, and a week after I’d begun taking Power NO2 Max, I was already feeling so, so much better. I was confident, I had energy, and I could tell the weight was coming off.

Now, I think my weight is stabilizing some, but that’s fine with me. I’m pretty comfortable with how I look. The beer gut is gone, I can see my abs, and I actually feel proud when I look in the mirror. I’m not embarrassed at the beach. It’s a good feeling, and I’m so thankful that I just found Power NO2 Max by chance.

Man wearing nice army shots showing his body after bulking period

Shane, 22, Temple, PA:

Once I graduated from college I wasn’t going to the gym as much. I realized I was just really tired. That sounds like a dumb thing for a 22 year old to say, but it’s true. I was just tired. And I felt really old, too. It was depressing.

When I found Power NO2 Max I was still really skeptical. After all, most of these internet things are crap. But who knows, because I got this as a free trial and my energy levels were way boosted. For once I had the energy to play racquetball with my little brother. I do more cardio and more strength just because I can, and the results are amazing. So, so thankful I stumbled across this on a discouraged online search five months ago. It’s a lifesaver for sure.

Ronald, 40, Tappahannock, VA:

Let me start by staying I am the world’s biggest skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. I’ve been around too long to be fooled by unsubstantiated claims. I decided to try this just because of the free trial. I can see why that gimmick works. I got hooked. I started feeling like I had so much energy. I outlifted all my gym buddies my first time out after taking it, and I haven’t looked back since. It’s the best thing I’ve had in terms of supplements, and I’ve tried plenty of supplements over the years.

Some Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Power NO2 Max


Money-back Guarantee

Power NO2 Max and its manufacturers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This basically means that you can get all your money back if you send back unopened bottles. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a customer – as long as bottles are unopened, you can return them. In most cases, though, you will need to pay for shipping in both directions. Still, though, this is a better deal than being stuck with bottles you won’t use.



Shipping is for a low flat rate, although expedited shipping and international shipping may cost extra. For your first free trial shipment, you’ll need to pay for shipping, which usually is about five dollars. If you choose to enroll in the autoship program, you will receive a bottle shipped to your door every 30 days, eliminating the need for you to re-order or drive somewhere to make your supplement purchases. It adds an element of convenience that most other supplements can’t, which adds to its appeal to the busy fitness enthusiast.


Customer Support

The customer service representatives for Power NO2 Max are trained in the benefits of this supplement, and since the manufacturing company only makes Power NO2 Max, you can be assured that they are especially knowledgeable. If you have the autoship program, you can call a customer service representative to cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you can call to ask about effectiveness, dosages, and more.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Sure, buying online can be a little worrisome for many, and that’s for good reason. But when you buy Power NO2 Max, you’ll know that checkout is guaranteed 100% safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your information being stolen, sold, or given to outside entities. It’s only used so the company can communicate with you and ship your Power NO2 Max.

The Checkout of Power NO2 Max


Power NO2 Max Pricing & Free Trial

Like many similar products on the market today, Power NO2 Max has a free trial program. This is so potential buyers can try the supplement and see how well it works before committing to it.

However, because it is also an autoship programs, customers who do not cancel before the specified time period (it is usually 14 days) will be billed for both the free trial bottle and a new 30-day supply. Because the company has your credit card information from the free trial order – you must enter in your information to pay for shipping – you will be automatically billed each month until you call and cancel. While the free trial is a good idea, it makes it difficult to truly evaluate the product, as you need to decide whether or not to cancel before the too-short trial period is complete.

If you are truly unsure about the product, you may want to cancel within the allotted period and continue taking the rest of the trial bottle. If you begin to see and feel results, then you’ll know that the supplement is working, and you can re-order a new trial bottle, this time without cancelling the free trial.

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    Ordered a bottle should b here Thursday. Does this stuff really work? I’m just trying to get ripped. I workout 4 times a week faithfully someone let me know.

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      Allen Hicks

      Hi, let me first tell you that we do not sell this product and we don’t encourage anyone to take auto-ship products which will charge you each month. However the effects from the product and details about it are published in the review. You can spend some time and read it as the answer is far more complicated and can’t be made in few sentences. Again, we don’t have any association with this product. Please spend some time and read the review first before asking any questions. Thank you!

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