Power Muscle Blast

Power Muscle Blast Review – How You Can Elevate Your Fitness Results?

What Is Power Muscle Blast?

Power Muscle Blast is a pre-workout supplement formulated to boost workout endurance, maximize performance, enhance lean muscle mass, boost energy levels and help men become stronger and mit ore ripped. Its ingredients are composed entirely of plants, herbs, roots and botanical extracts. As an herbal supplement, is considered by many in the fitness community to be a safe, legal way to build lean muscle and burn fat. It is marketed globally and is designed to increase Nitric Oxide levels in order to more efficiently pump blood and nutrients to the muscles, thereby enabling men to train longer and harder. This particular supplement comes in pill form.

Power Muscle Blast is designed for, and marketed to, men from a wide demographic variety. First and foremost, it is aimed at any adult male who wishes to gain an edge in their diet/workout regimen to build bigger muscles faster and to up their fitness capabilities in general. It is also designed for professional bodybuilders and weightlifters who are looking to increase their strength and workout capability. Athletes who are looking to up their performance in the game are another prime target of this product. Lastly, this supplement is directed toward older men who may have suffered naturally decreasing testosterone levels and need a physically enhancing boost.


Power Muscle Blast is manufactured, marketed and sold by a company by the name of Phenom Health. Phenom Health offers a variety of health and fitness products specializing in workout supplements, weight loss, brain function and muscle development. This company is exceptional due to its deep emphasis on safe, natural ingredients and customer service, as espoused on the ‘philosophy’ section of their official website. They offer extra insight on their philosophies on health and fitness via their blog, which can be accessed on their website. Unfortunately, there is no publicly available company history online.

Company headquarters appear to be located in Aurora, CO. Their website is well-organized, clean-looking and professional. Many customers will likely find Phenom Health’s extensive product range to be a reassuring source of credibility, as this company is clearly experienced in many different areas of health and fitness products. This range of knowledge will likely serve a large number of consumers over a large number of fitness interests. Due to this range of experience and product knowledge, as well as an expressed regard for excellent customer service, Phenom Health is most likely able to offer customers an excellent support experience.

How Power Muscle Blast Works?

This pre-workout product is specifically designed to increase Nitric Oxide levels in the body. For those new to the world of bodybuilding supplements, Nitric Oxide is an amino acid essential to the development of lean muscle mass. It helps to improve blood flow causing blood vessels to dilate and to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, which is essential during vigorous exercise. Lack of efficient blood flow is largely responsible for muscle fatigue and soreness. By increasing Nitric Oxide levels, Power Muscle Blast also helps to increase testosterone production, which is also key in muscle development.

In addition to increasing Nitric Oxide levels, the product also claims to stimulate the release of growth hormones, insulin and other natural substances essential to peak physical performance. It is intended for use only as directed; for maximum results, the directions state to take one to two capsules daily with a glass of water before workouts. The manufacturer is clear about the fact that this is a dietary/workout supplement rather than a magic bullet; therefore, it is essential to use this product in conjunction with a healthy diet and workout routine.

Ingredients of Power Muscle Blast

The all-natural formula consists of a proprietary blend of roots, plants and herbs. The key ingredient is L-Citrulline, an organic compound known in the weightlifting world for its ability to stimulate muscle-building, to increase strength and to support long-lasting stamina. This non-essential protein is reported to be effective in promoting efficient blood flow, which means longer, more intense workouts. It achieves this, in part, by reducing the lactic acid buildup that commonly occurs during exercise. It is converted into Nitric Oxide, which then improves vasodilation.

Another key ingredient is L-Arginine, a semi-essential amino acid crucial to building proteins in the body. L-Arginine is a chemical building block that is primarily useful for improving blood flow and increasing muscular endurance. Like L-Citrulline, it is also a precursor to Nitric Oxide. It also reduces fat stores beneath the skin, which results in a leaner, more toned physique. Although this amino acid is naturally produced by the body, extra doses are thought to have significant anabolic effectiveness in weightlifting and bodybuilding.

The third key ingredient in this product’s formula blend is Creatine, another wildly popular additive in bodybuilding supplements. Creatine is widely thought to be effective in upping workout intensity, allowing users to pump harder and get shredded faster. It is also commonly utilized as a sports enhancer, as many athletes believe it is not only beneficial in muscle-building but also muscle recovery, allowing competitors to cut back on downtime between training sessions. According to Phenom Health, Power Muscle Blast’s formula contains zero filler. Other ingredients include Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Magnesium Stearate.


The first and most obvious advantage is bigger, harder muscles faster. The manufacturer promises ramped-up endurance and stamina levels, which translate into longer workouts, more sets and more reps. Better workouts of course mean more fat torched and harder, more defined muscles sculpted. Also, increased Nitric Oxide levels and improved blood flow to muscle tissue means faster recovery time, less soreness and less time between workouts. The promised advantages of this particular supplement are essentially bigger, harder muscles, maximized workout capacity, more fat burned and ramped up strength levels.

Another byproduct advantage to a better body is of course greater confidence. When one looks better, one tends to feel better as well. Another key advantage to consistent Power Muscle Blast use is reportedly sharper concentration and mental focus. These effects are likely due to elevated energy levels and increased blood flow to the brain, which in turn promotes more efficient functioning. Phenom Health has undoubtedly created a compelling draw with the proffered list of physical and mental benefits consistent with regular supplemental use.


This product comes with the added security of having been manufactured in a Food and Drug Administration-approved lab. As stated on their official website, Phenom Health has made safe, non-toxic and natural ingredients a top priority. They proudly state that all of their products are made in the United States of America, which gives many users the satisfaction of knowing that a standard of quality is being well-maintained. Buying nationally-produced products also benefits users who prefer to shop “locally,” secure in the knowledge that their purchase benefits their home economy.

Many of Phenom Health’s products are also GMP certified. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and is basically a system put in place to make sure products are well-produced and meet a standard quality level. This is a regulatory safeguard that lets consumers know a product has reached or exceeded a minimum level of manufacturing and quality standard. Hence, when buyers purchase a GMP-certified product, they have the peace of mnind of knowing that they are not buying into a scam or wasting their money on a product of sub-par quality.


When I take Power Muscle Blast right before a workout, I can feel it kick in right away. It helps me get pumped up and ready to get shredded. I won my first state bodybuilding competition a few weeks after incorporating this into my workout routine, and I don’t believe I would have had the energy to see it through otherwise. There’s no question in my mind that this stuff has been a major force in taking me to the next level. – Donnie, bodybuilder in Arlington, VA

The biggest difference I’ve noticed since I started taking these pills is that the crashes I used to get after workouts have completely gone away. I’m amazed by how much (comparatively) less aching I get after workouts. Because of this, I’ve been able to lift heavier weights than I ever have, for longer. This is been a big breakthrough in terms of workout recovery and strength training. Now that I’ve added this to my daily routine, I will not be going back. – Joe, journeyman in Boston, MA

I started using Power Muscle Blast a month ago, and my wife is an even bigger fan of the results than I am! It has definitely given me the energy to put in longer hours at the gym. It tastes good, it mixes well and it gives me more powerful pumps than I was getting before. I’m in my early forties, and I feel like I have a better body now than I did when I was in my thirties. There is no question that my wife and I both appreciate this addition to my workout routine! – Rich, artist in Atlanta, GA

This is the best pre-workout product I’ve tried yet. I work out five or six times a week, and I have noticed a major difference in my energy levels. It gives me that extra bit of pep I need to continually increase my strength training reps. Better yet, I haven’t noticed any negative side effects whatsoever. This will continue to be an important part of my training regimen! – Ian, graphic designer in Madison, WI

Awards & Media Coverage

Considering the 2016 copyright date on the official Power Muscle Blast website, this pre-workout supplement is too new to the market to have been eligible for any awards. The same can be said about its media presence. Although it may be too new to have made a major splash on popular media outlets such as television, magazines, radio and other outlets, time will tell as to what awards it may reap.

Although it may not have garnered extensive media coverage as of yet, the marketing efforts of Phenom Health have been very effective in making the Power Muscle Blast name known across the fitness industry online. Not only is the product well-known in the United States, it is also known in countries across the world. It is sold on major online channels all over the web. Anyone who takes the time to search can easily see that it has gathered thousands of reviews from these sites, most of them positive. It has also been widely discussed on bodybuilding forums, websites, blogs and a multitude of online fitness avenues.

Money-back Guarantee

Cautious consumers are in luck, considering the fact that the manufacturer offers a 16-day money-back free trial. The only cost required for the evaluation period is a minimal shipping and handling fee. If a user is less than thrilled with the results of their product, they can request a full refund by calling the customer service number listed on the website and following the return instructions from there. Return shipping, of course, must be paid by the customer. An added bonus to the money-back guarantee is that the customer is allowed an extra two days to try Power Muscle Blast out, stretching the trial period to eighteen days.

After the 18-day trial period, the customer will be automatically enrolled in Phenom Health’s refill membership program. This means that, once the trial has ended, the customer will be auto-shipped a fresh thirty-day supply of capsules for the regular, non-trial price. This will continue on a monthly basis indefinitely unless the customer chooses to cancel via calling the customer service number provided. It is also important to note that products are not eligible for a return after thirty days from the date of purchased, even if they are unopened. Customers who choose to make the supplement part of their permanent workout routine will likely appreciate the convenience of the auto-refill program, while customers who are not satisfied — or who would rather purchase the product on their own time frame — will find the program to be an inconvenience.


The manufacturer of Power Muscle Blast offers some of the most extensive shipping options out of any supplement supplier currently on the market. Buyers are allowed their choice of FedEx Express, UPS or the United States Postal Service. The shipping and handling fee for the trial bottle is a reasonable $5.95. Customers are also offered the option of choosing the ProtectPackage plan for an additional $2.95. This is a method of guaranteed and expedited shipping where, if a package is lost or stolen, a new order will be resent free of charge.

On the order form section of the website, an estimated time of arrival is given based on the date and location of the order. Aside from this, shipping policies are not clearly outlined on the official website. This will likely be a major inconvenience to customers who have questions regarding shipping times, whether the company ships on Saturdays and/or holidays and how many days the order is expected to ship. The merchant would be very wise to outline these policies on their website as well,

Customer Support

Phenom Health, Power Muscle Blast’s manufacturer, offers the basic channels when it comes to customer support. The official product website lists a toll-free 1-855 number as well as a support email for customers who prefer the convenience of online communication. Also listed on the ‘contact’ section of the merchant website is a physical Aurora, CO address for product returns. Customer service hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST. Current and potential buyers may contact a customer service representative at any time before, during or after a purchase regarding any questions they may have.

According to the manufacturer’s philosophy, they are extremely customer service oriented and are eager to answer any questions a customer may have. Buyers who have been enrolled in the auto-refill program can also cancel or modify their order at any time by calling customer service at the number provided. Full policies are further outlined on the company’s official website as well as an automatic customer service dialogue box (on the Phenom Health website) for further convenience. From all appearances, it seems that this is as company who has all the necessary customer service bases covered.

Safe & Secure Checkout

The Power Muscle Blast checkout system offers a range of SSL and security logos for guaranteed buyer security. Checkout comes complete with a ‘Secure 256 Bit Encrypted Connection’ logo to assure customers that their bank account information will be fully encrypted for added security against cyber attacks. Also visible is a MasterCard Secure Code logo, which offers the important benefit of providing a secure code for each individual purchase that is visible only to the customer and their financial institution. Third, the checkout system displays a Verified By Visa logo, which ensures further credit card data security and fraud protection. From all appearances, this merchant has taken all necessary steps to ensure personal and financial data privacy for their customers.

According to the official product privacy policy, all information submitted to the merchant website by the user is fully protected with SSL encryption software. The policy states that all information disclosed to the company will be used only for purposes necessary to the transaction. The merchant also states that all collected customer information will be used solely for legally permissible purposes. Also according to the privacy policy, company policies are subject to change at will and with no advance notice to the customer, However, Phenom Health does make its protocol transparent to customers so there are, hopefully, no negative surprises.

Pricing & Free Trial

After the 14-day trial period has ended, the customer will be automatically enrolled in the auto-refill program (as described). They will then be charged the regular Power Muscle Blast price of $86.51 for a fresh one-month supply of capsules. This fee and product shipment will continue monthly until and unless the customer decides to cancel membership. All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. This applies regarding both trial and non-trial bottles.

Unfortunately, this particular merchant does not offer a choice of product packages like some workout supplement manufacturers do. Although the customer can of course order multiple bottles, there are no savings involved for doing so. Phenom Health may want to consider offering such a value package for added customer value. For further value, and to compete with fitness supplement companies who are offering similar programs, the manufacturer may also want to create purchase incentives like free one-month magazine subscriptions or one-month workout video subscriptions.






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