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Power Growth Review – A New Auto-Shipping Product Which Must Be Used Before Workouts

What Is Power Growth?

Power Growth is a powerful nitric oxide booster that is designed to give you maximum power in the gym. While you might see muscle growth without taking a pre-workout supplement, taking a quality pre-workout will stimulate energy and focus, as well as enable your muscles to receive more oxygen and nutrients. Not all pre-workout supplements, though, are created equal. Your standard drigstore pre-workout probably has only one ingredient.

Power Growth, on the other hand, has two powerful ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a molecule that increases blood flow to muscles. With increased blood flow comes increased delivery of both oxygen and nutrition. This lets you exercise harder and longer, and it also supports a healthy recovery. This supplement also contains a powerful essential amino acid that helps to build and maintain lean mass by both building muscle and losing fat.

This supplement may be short in the ingredients department, but each ingredient is carefully chosen to support maximum growth and energy. Unlike some pre-workout supplements, this one doesn’t just hype you up for a workout; it energizes you and then supplies you with a constant stream of nutrient-and-oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. It even lasts through your recovery, thus ensuring you get the most out of your workout.



This supplement is made by a manufacturer that only makes this particular supplement. If you have a preferred supplement manufacturer or supplement store, it may seem strange that this company only makes the one supplement. However, patronizing a one-supplement manufacturer does have its benefits. For instance, many people selecting a pre-workout supplement will have a lot of questions. if you call a major manufacturer and ask those questions, chances are the representative you speak with won’t know off the top of his or her head, seeing as all representatives need to know extensive information about many products.

With this company, though, all representatives just need to know information on only one product – Power Growth. If you call with questions, they will be able to answer nearly any question you have surrounding this product. Thus, the single-product manufacturer becomes a luxury and not just an anomaly in a world of massive supplement manufacturers.


How Power Growth Works?

This pre-workout supplement is designed to help you power through the most grueling of workouts while preserving lean mass and adding on more muscle. One of its main ingredients is the well-known nitric oxide booster L-arginine. This amino acid was the subject of research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. L-arginine and L-citrulline both work in similar ways to boost the production of nitric oxide in the body. This molecule increases blood flow to muscles, but it does so without increasing blood pressure. This is important – strength training temporarily raises blood pressure, and any subsequent rise in pressure increases your risk of vessel rupture.

The increased blood flow help to delay fatigue. If you’ve felt the burn that comes as you tire of a long cardio session or as you approach muscle failure, then you know what it’s like to feel a buildup of lactic acid. When muscles benefit from the increased amounts of oxygen delivered this way, you get more time before the lactic acid burn sets in. No supplement can ward off fatigue and burning entirely, but the delay allows you to get more reps and/or more workout time in.

However, the fact that both of these ingredients deliver more nutrients is also important to your workout, and especially to your recovery. When your muscle tissue has more nutrients available to it, your muscles can endure more rigorous training. Having adequate nutrition available means these muscles can take advantage of ATP synthesis in the mitochondria and use this energy to power through one more set. If you’ve ever worked out hard after not fueling properly, you know the struggle of inadequate nutrition on working muscles, and it’s not a pretty one. A supplement like this ensures that all that nutrition is put to work right when you need it.

While nitric oxide support is one of this supplement’s main attributes, it also can help support lean mass gains and fat loss. This supplement works similarly to L-arginine and L-citrulline, but it is especially important in aiding in post-workout absorption of nutrition, especially proteins and carbohydrates. This benefit ensures that your body gets the most out of your workout and out of your nutrition. For many strength athletes, fueling properly can be exhausting, and the last thing you want is to have those precious macros go to waste. Lastly, this supplement supports a great muscle pump. this is the feeling and appearance of fullness your muscles get after a long workout. A good muscle pump can boost confidence and help you stay motivated to keep coming back for more.


Ingredients of Power Growth

This pre-workout supplement has three main ingredients. Two are known boosters of nitric oxide in the body, and one is an essential amino acid that is particularly good for losing fat and gaining/maintaining lean mass. Below is a listing of ingredients and a bit about each:

L-arginine: This is the original nitric oxide booster. As mentioned above, it was the subject of Nobel Prize winning research. However, in the fitness community, it was known even before that as something that boosted performance. The award winning study, which was conducted in 1998, found out exactly how L-arginine worked: it is a metabolic precursor to nitric oxide, which helps to dilate blood vessels. This increases blood flow without increasing blood pressure. The increased blood flow increases delivery of nutrients and oxygen, which delays fatigue and lets you see results faster. It also gives a great muscle pump!

L-citrulline: Though L-arginine is still found in more nitric oxide boosters than L-citrulline, more recent research suggests that L-citrulline lasts longer in the body and may therefore be a more effective booster of nitric oxide. At any rate, because L-arginine and L-citrulline are metabolized at different rates, you essentially get an extended-release nitric oxide booster. This is perfect for long, grueling workouts – Power Growth won’t leave you stranded. The extended release also has great implications for your recovery process – it means that your muscles will be nourished even as you sleep.

L-norvaline: This is a less common ingredient, but it’s an excellent one. This is a branched-chain variant of L-valine, an amino acid. Because this is an essential amino acid, you must get it from diet. And making sure you take it in is very important- this specialized amino acid is known for its ability to help you preserve lean muscle while dropping fat. Most of us want to bulk up while also losing extra fat mass, so this action is ideal for almost anyone (unless you really don’t want to lose any body fat).



There are several advantages to taking Power Growth. One, as mentioned above, is the fact that this supplement is the only one made by its company. This fact can make it easier to get thorough and prompt answers to your questions about this product and its ingredients. Another great advantage is the fact that this supplement does not solely rely on L-arginine as an ingredient. Its multiple ingredients allow users to experience a timed-release effect, so this supplement benefits them throughout the day and night.

Many pre-workouts just have L-arginine as an active ingredient, but with recent research suggesting that L-citrulline is perhaps a more effective booster of nitric oxide, it makes logical sense to have more active ingredients. In addition, this product comes as part of an auto-ship program, so you don’t have to worry about making sure you buy each bottle on time. Your bottle will arrive each month on time, and you don’t even need to leave your house.



This supplement has yet to win any certificates on its own. However, as mentioned above, one of the active ingredients in Power Growth, L-arginine, was the subject of medical research that won the Nobel prize in Medicine. While this is obviously not an award given to the supplement itself, the research helps to validate the efficacy of this pre-workout supplement. Because L-norvaline in particular is a relatively new addition to the canon of pre-workout ingredients, it is entirely possible that, in time, this supplement will earn its own certificates in the future.



For many, hearing a little bit about a supplement before actually buying it can be very important. below are some words from those who have used this supplement:

Josh, 32, Salem, WV:

I’ve had such bad luck with pre-workout supplements! I decided to find one for real last year. And it took forever for me to find Power Growth, but i knew in the first week that this was my pre-workout. I usually have no issues getting through a workout energy-wise, but recovery is so hard on me, so I realized i needed something new. But with this supplement, I can really recover fast and get back out in the gym. i’m so much less sore, too.

Ronald, 45, Greensboro, NC:

As a sort of older guy, I’ve gotten a little bit slow in the gym. A gym buddy told me about nitric oxide and why it mattered, so I resolved to find a great supplement to help me regain my former glory. And I sure did! I’m actually hitting PRs now and then, which is great for a guy my age! I’m so, so relieved I found this and I will be a customer for life for sure.

Seth, 33, Palms, CA:

I’ve actually never really been too much about pre-workouts. But one of my friends has used Power Growth for awhile, and I’ve seen him hit new PRs and make pretty insane gains. So I tried some of his, and I saw why it was so great. I’ve become a customer a few months later, and it has really accelerated my progress! i’ve always been skeptical of pills one can buy on the internet, but I can personally vouch for the efficacy of this stuff.

Jackson, 51, Harpers Ferry, WV:

My gym is small and i’m pretty much the resident geezer there. I want to set an example for old guys who join – something like “you too can be fit!” I take it as a personal responsibility. So last year, when my energy started fading, I knew I needed to do something. Enter this awesome supplement! I’ve gained back the mass I lost and then some, and I’ve even told some of the gym’s newest guys about it too.


Awards & Media Coverage

This unique extended-release nitric oxide booster has not yet received much media coverage. As noted above, though, its unique formula is likely to earn it some coverage and possible awards in the near future. Additionally, one of its three central ingredients, L-arginine, was studied in a research study that ultimately won the Nobel prize. These results mean that Power Growth is connected to one of the most prestigious awards given in medical research. The ingredient blend of this supplement is a non-traditional one, and it’s therefore likely that this supplement will win some awards of its own sometime soon.


Money-back Guarantee

Because the manufacturers of this product stand behind it fully, there is a money-back guarantee offered. (However, if you want to evaluate the product before committing, there is a free trial program discussed in more detail below). If you have continued to use the product after the trial, you can still obtain a refund. If you want to return a bottle of product, the bottle must be unopened, and you must make the return within 30 days of purchase.

Additionally, when you make the return for a full refund, you must first receive a return authorization from the merchant. you would then include this number with the returned bottle. The company will not accept any returns whatsoever on bottles that have been opened or that have been partially used. The company notes that recurrent requests for returns may be denied, as once you are part of the auto-ship program, you may cancel anytime.



Shipping of this product is for a low flat rate. When you order a trial bottle, you are charged shipping of $4.95. If you enroll in the auto-ship program, your shipping fees will be added into the final cost. This shipping is standard, and it may be available with tracking information upon request. if you are outside of the continental United States, shipping may cost extra. Be sure to contact the company for clarification before you order.


Customer Support

This is a company that is staffed by fitness enthusiasts. They are ready and able to help you with questions whether or not you have already purchased the product. moreover, they make themselves available by both phone and e-mail, so you can be assured that they will get back to you in a timely manner. Plus, the company these service representatives work with only produces one product, so each representative likely has a depth of knowledge unparalleled by employees of multiple-product companies. They are here for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering online can be a hassle for many people, regardless of what their experience in the past has been. that said, when ordering online first became mainstream, people had a true reason to be skeptical. Security measures were limited or virtually nonexistent, and this left a good deal of information open to hackers. Now, though, times have changed, and Power Growth and other reputable companies ensure that checkout is fully safe and secure. This company’s online checkout is fully safe, and it is independently verified by multiple agencies. This means that your information is safe from hackers. Additionally, this company will not share your information with anyone – it’s fully safe and secure.


Power Growth Pricing & Free Trial

A great pre-workout is also an investment, so it’s a good idea to be able to try out a product before you actually commit. thankfully, this company offers a generous trial program. To sign up, you just need to pay shipping, and you will soon receive a free trial bottle. You have 18 days to decide whether you want to keep buying the product. You may cancel your Power Growth subscription by contacting the manufacturer by phone before the trial expires. if you don’t cancel, you will be billed $99.97 per month until you cancel. You also will be billed $99.97 for the trial bottle.






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