Power Boost XI

Power Boost XI Review – Increase Your Stamina & Recovery Times

What Is Power Boost XI?

Power Boost XI is a pre-workout supplement that is starting to get quite a bit of attention online. The product is exclusively for use by adult men and primarily for those who are bodybuilders, weightlifters or very athletic. After some research, it seems there are still a few unanswered questions about this product. After a careful review of the current information available regarding this supplement, these are the results.

This product is is advertised as an all natural blend of ingredients specifically designed to boost workout endurance and maximize performance for male athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters. It is not for the occasional sportsman with no diligent exercise routine or regular workout schedule. The pre-workout supplement was developed for the male user who wants to improve stamina, increase energy and enhance strength. It is formulated to help men who already have a tough workout regimen and want to get serious about seeing better results faster, from their regular workout. The exercise supplement is formulated to build lean muscle and increase the capacity to pump longer, with more intensity, to maximize the effects of the intense workout.



It is believed that Power Boost XI is manufactured in the United States, but the exact location where the supplement is produced is uncertain. It is a self-branded product whose main offices are headquartered in Westport, Connecticut. The manufacturer reports on their website that their product is certified and the production is carefully executed in facilities rated as Good Manufacturing Practice Certified Facilities (MPCF) to assure the safe and reliable formulation of the Power Boost XI supplement. Again, the specific MPCF locations where the product is produced remain uncertain. Under the MPCF guidelines, a facility awarded with that designation must comply with reasonably high standards of excellence for consistent quality in production and manufacturing.


How Power Boost XI Works?

The all natural exercise supplement is a muscle building compound that is intended to promote a loss of excess body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass. The product claims to increase energy, boost testosterone and provide a natural way for regular users to develop strength and stamina. The product works best for athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters, who consistently engage in intense workouts. According to data, it is supposed to maximize the effects of a regular workout with an all natural formula, no additives or fillers. It is designed to increase strength and endurance and produce a lean muscular body. Generally, as a result of looking better, men feel better

For best results, this supplement should be taken on a consistent basis. Prior to starting the workout, the bodybuilders are advised to take two capsules per day, one in the morning and one in the evening, with a full glass of water; on the day of and the day before their regular workout schedule. The all natural compounds in the supplement are designed to steadily flow into the system to increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. The supplement is said to enable the user to build better muscle mass and accelerate muscle growth in a shorter amount of time. Because the components in the product are reported to naturally balance male hormone production, an increase in testosterone occurs, which promotes heart health and better blood circulation. With a higher level of energy and endurance, the product is advertised to safely dispel fat cells, promote an increase in recovery time and allow the user to have more stamina and more energy for a prolonged and more effective workout.

One of the natural components in the formula, is reported to transform itself within the body to create a chemical called Nitric Oxide. The increased production of Nitric Oxide is supposed to enhance the body’s stamina and also helps the user to build lean muscle.

Another plant based ingredient in the supplement’s compound is said to be used to aid the heart and circulatory system, thereby enhancing bodybuilding and weightlifting capabilities. The formula is prepared with an advanced nutrient delivery system which should lead to diminished fat, increased energy levels, faster recovery time and enhanced strength.

This supplement is not designed for the occasional athlete, but intended for use by only serious male bodybuilders who maintain healthy habits, avoid drug use and regularly engage in rigorous workouts.

Although the website boasts no side effects from their all natural formula, according to some independent research, certain components in the formula may lead to sleep disorders in some people. The manufacturer has not offered a full disclosure of all compounds in the supplement on the label and there is no exact formulation provided for the consumer to determine the ratio of each ingredient. Even with the manufacturer’s assurance that the product is safe and effective, without a more detailed account of the ingredients, consumers have cause to be wary. The satisfaction guarantee does alleviate some concerns. Yet, “buyer beware” is a fair reminder.

Be advised that although the formula is created from all natural ingredients, the main component in the product may produce an adverse interaction for some users who take beta-blockers, diuretics or Digoxin. Consult with your healthcare professional if you are taking any of these medications to be assured that this supplement will work for you and not create unpleasant health reactions.


Ingredients of Power Boost XI

The active ingredients of this exercise supplement are reported by the company to be healthy and all natural. The manufacturers do not provide a full list of all ingredients online or on the product label, but advertisers claim there are no fillers, no chemicals and no artificial ingredients in the formula. It contains no caffeine and no artificial stimulants. The website says that Power Boost XI is “an all natural supplement with clinically tested ingredients” but does not elaborate on those specific ingredients.

In fact, on the label they only list three ingredients, L-Arginine hydrochloride, L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and L-Citrulline as the basic components. Although not included in their disclosure, the root, fruit and leaves of the Tribulus Terrestris, a plant from the regions of Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, is another primary ingredient included in the exercise supplement’s formula. Again, the manufacturers report the product is completely safe and there are no known side effects reported for bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes from the regular use of this all natural supplement. When taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle as a pre-workout supplement; in a consistent, rigorous exercise program, it is safe. Independent studies show that Tribulus Tribulus, sometimes called the “Devil’s Weed,” if not properly ingested in the right formulation, can be poisonous to humans.

The manufactures report that L-Arginine is converted in the system to create a chemical called Nitric Oxide. The production of Nitric Oxide is beneficial for the production of lean muscle, helping to pump longer and harder and maximize the desired effects of a strenuous workout.

L-Citrulline is essential for the body to produce protein. The ingredients work together to maximize the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, creating a formula that may help the athletic user who consistently uses the product to build better muscle mass more quickly.

This exercise product is a clinically tested and proven supplement with research studies to verify the effectiveness and safety claims of the product. Users should be aware that the steroid saponin protodioscin was found to be one of the active ingredients, although not listed by the manufacturer. Overall, the product has received primarily favorable reviews thus far from those who have tried it. To its benefit, the product contains no caffeine, no sodium and no artificial stimulants.



When taken as directed, Power Boost XI is reported to provide distinct advantages for athletes over competitors who do not use the supplement. The benefits noted for bodybuilders, serious athletes and weightlifters is contingent upon the consistent daily use of the supplement. Taken as a pre-workout supplement, it is designed to more quickly improve overall performance and noticeably invigorate the training session for serious athletes. By increasing their stamina and energy levels, athletes who consistently use the supplement and maintain a regular workout schedule, reportedly will see the advantage in surpassing the achievements of their competitors in a shorter amount of time.

The safe and natural formula is said to generate more endurance for increased performance, helping to speed up recovery times and produce noticeable strength and strong,lean muscles more quickly. More pronounced results, in a shorter period of time equals increased motivation and builds self confidence.

The supplement is also supposed to cut back on the inflammation and muscle soreness that other bodybuilders experience without the supplement. Intense exercise can be a strain, draining the athlete’s energy.This product is reported to boost energy, dissolve fat, build strength and increase lean muscle more quickly, while it balances the growth of natural hormones, and naturally promotes emotional stability.



According to the manufacturer, the Power Boost XI pre-workout supplement is certified to meet certain specified standards. It is certified to comply with NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards, complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) registration policies and meets ANSI (American National Standards) requirements, being compliant to the highest levels prescribed by each entity.

Because Power Boost XI is relatively new to the supplement industry, there is a limited amount of information on all the certifications for which it currently qualifies. It is confirmed to be compliant to the highest levels of industry standards of supplements for human consumption.



I ordered this supplement online after noticing how a friend of mine got ripped. We started working out together at the gym at the beginning of the year, but after awhile, he was getting much better results than me, doing the same workouts. He seemed to have more energy and better muscle tone, too. So, I asked him what was his secret. He told me to try Power Boost, but I couldn’t find it in any of the stores. When I asked him again, he said he got it online and he showed me the website, so I ordered it right there from my phone. Quick and easy and fast delivery. It’s only been a few months, but I already see a difference. My stamina is up and I am at the gym three times a week now, with energy to spare. I’m writing because yesterday, my older brother who lives out of state came home with his new girlfriend. When he saw how she looked at me, he asked ME how I got so ripped. — Jason D., Denver, CO

I have been working on improving my body for the last five years, but I was embarrassed to go to the gym. I was overweight and flabby and I thought people were staring at me. This is not the first supplement I have tried, but by far, it is the best! No jitters or stomach cramps after I take it and I feel more energy and more focused since using Power Boost XI regularly over the last 90 days. I pump longer and workout harder than ever before without feeling beat afterward and the results are awesome. I finally see more of the chiseled body and toned muscles that I have been working toward for so long. Now, I don’t mind going to the gym. I still think people are staring me but it’s because I am looking good. — Raymond S., Vallejo, CA

I have to tell you guys that this stuff is amazing. I am no couch potato. I go to the gym a couple of times a week and I’m into swimming, hiking and biking and I am healthy and fit. But, I never had that strong look or hard body of a real athlete that I wanted. I do now! After six months of using it, this Power Boost XI has taken my body to the next level. I feel good. I look good and I have never had so many compliments on my physique. Man, I really do have a boost in power and energy and better results from my workouts after using this. I am kind of a health nut so I’m into taking vitamins and healthy supplements and stuff. When I saw your ad on the internet, I liked the all natural ingredients and your product was just what I was looking for, a way to get more results from my workouts, so, I ordered it. With the money back guarantee, I figured I couldn’t lose. Power Boost was a good bet and I won big. — Kyle F., Austin, TX


Awards & Media Coverage

Power Boost XI is getting the most acclaim in the bodybuilding and weightlifting communities But, again the product is relatively new and has not received any industry awards as yet, although their manufactures have won awards for some of their other products, in the past. This product is receiving an increasing amount of media coverage on the internet. The product is creating a buzz among athletes and bodybuilders. With just a few clicks on your keyboard, you can learn quite a bit more about this fascinating supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

If a customer is not satisfied with their results, after purchasing and using Power Boost XI, within ninety days of the original purchase date, the manufacturer provides a 100% Money-back Guarantee. Return the unused portion of the pre-workout supplement with the receipt showing the original purchase date and it is stated, that the consumer will receive a complete refund of the product purchase price with no hassle.

The return policy does require the consumer to follow some specific steps. First, make a call to the customer service department, using the telephone number provided on the receipt to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Note the RMA on the outside of the package that is returned to the fulfillment center.

If the customer has been billed for the product on the fourteen day free trial offer, the guarantee changes.. Usually, if the item is returned during the first thirty days of the trial period offer, receiving the refund is not a problem. Keep in mind, there is a $9.95 “restocking fee” which will apply for each unit that is returned. Consumers should be certain to read and understand the refund policy completely before making your purchase.



The consumer is responsible for the cost of shipping the supplement to them. The consumer is also responsible for the cost of returning the supplement to the manufacturer, should that become necessary. There are options available for regular flat rate shipping within the United States. For international orders, different rates will apply. The customer can choose between FedEx, UPS or USPS for their preferred shipping method.


Customer Support

There is a toll free telephone number on your receipt and information online to contact Customer Service. The company also provides email access through a contact link on their website. Just fill out your information and submit the form. The manufacturer can also be reached through a USPS link. There is also access to Customer Service from the website with any comments or concerns. As with most customer service departments, patience is the key to get a resolution to your issues.


Safe & Secure Checkout

With all of today’s concerns for internet security, be sure to check each website for their safety certificates. A secure 256 Bit encryption connection and safety logos at the bottom of the page will assure the consumer that their personal information is protected. For a safe and secure checkout, always check for the security statement procedures before purchase. Going direct to the manufacturer’s website can increase your confidence that your transaction is safe and secure.


Pricing & Free Trial

Usually the best pricing and promotional offers come direct from the manufacturer’s website.The customer is able to pay only the shipping fee of $4.95 to obtain a bottle of the product on a fourteen day free trial offer from the manufacturer.. The customer is required to input their credit card data to qualify. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to cancel the free trial within a specific time frame, or the full cost of the product will be automatically charged to their credit card.

The total cost of the product itself comes to around $75.00, including sales tax, shipping and handling. The secure encrypted connection on the manufacturer’s website will take your credit card information and store the data. If the customer does not cancel the the supplement order, the full price of the supplement will be charged to the credit card on a regular replenishment plan.






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