Platinum XT-1000 NO2

Platinum XT-1000 NO2 Review – Organic Pre-Workout Solution

What Is Platinum XT-1000 NO2?

Platinum XT-1000 NO2 is an organic pre-workout supplement formulated to increase workout performance in order to accelerate lean muscle gains and fat loss. Its ingredients are derived entirely from natural sources such as plants, flowers, roots, herbs and vitamins. Its active ingredient is a semi-essential amino acid called L-Arginine, a compound which purportedly works synergistically with the body to elevate energy levels, extend endurance, maximize strength gains and fuel workouts for optimal muscle-building capability. It is described as using nitric oxide technology to accomplish these performance and muscle gains. It was researched and developed in two separate facilities, one in the United States and one in the United Kingdom.

This dietary supplement is targeted toward fitness enthusiasts who want to lose weight and get into great shape quickly as well as fitness professionals like athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters. It is intended as a dietary supplement only and must purportedly be taken consistently – alongside a balanced diet and an excellent exercise regimen – to see maximum results. This product is sold not only in the United States but all over the globe. It is also marketed as a safer, legal and similarly effective alternative to anabolic steroids.



This pre-workout supplement was manufactured in two separate facilities. The official product website states that one of these facilities is located in the United States while the other is located in the United Kingdom. The manufacturer simply identifies itself as sharing the same name as its star product, Platinum XT-1000 NO2. It does not have an official company website at this time. It also does not offer any company philosophy-focused information on the product website except for its commitment to excellent customer service.

Other than these scant bits of information, there is very little info available about this manufacturer online. What is known is that this is a very established company in the health and fitness supplement industry. It is also believed to supply a range of other supplements and health/beauty products, which is markets globally. It does not appear to distribute its merchandise in retail locations.


How Platinum XT-1000 NO2 Works?

The official product website gives a brief overview of the science behind Platinum XT-1000 NO2. When users take the recommended daily tablet, it permeates the bloodstream and dissolves the natural extracts throughout the body. Its active ingredient, L-Arginine, is a precursor for a natural molecule called nitric oxide. This essentially means L-Arginine is converted to nitric oxide via a chemical process, which may then result in the relaxation of blood vessel walls. This process is called ‘vasodilation’ and is key in helping nutrient-rich blood and proteins reach working muscle tissue more quickly and efficiently.

The fundamental function of Platinum XT-1000 NO2 is to increase athletic and workout performance in users quickly, safely and naturally so that users can pack on lean muscle mass and burn more calories. One way it may achieve this via protein synthesis, which is an important biological process whereby individual cells – including muscle cells – build, repair and generate proteins. Increased amino acid availability via the extracts in the product formula, a healthy diet and exercise all work synergistically to stimulate and support this process, possibly leading to faster and more dramatic muscle gains. As amino acids are thought to be the building blocks of muscle tissue (as well as the entire body), this is a key process in maximum myogenesis.

This pre-workout supplement comes in easy-to-swallow tablet form. Users are instructed to store the bottles in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat in order to preserve maximum efficacy. It must be used on a consistent basis for a minimum of three months in order to achieve optimal muscle-building results. Users must be aware that supplementing with this product alone will not achieve drastic results; it must be used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy, protein-rich diet. The capsules can be taken alone or stacked with other premium supplements.


Ingredients of Platinum XT-1000 NO2

This formula blend’s active ingredient is L-Arginine, an amino acid that is believed by many bodybuilders to significantly increase blood flow and vascularity. It may help to promote greater endurance as well as to expand blood vessel walls to allow for improved blood flow. This formula also utilizes Fenugreek Extract, which is derived from an annual plant harvested in certain parts of the world and is thought to improve strength output and myogenesis. It may also help to raise free testosterone in the body, leading to optimized workout performance. Another key ingredient is Horny Goat Weed, a flowering plant also known as Barrenwort and Epimedium; it may be effective for a variety of purposes, including improved blood flow for more powerful muscle pumps and a quicker post-workout recovery.

Boron Citrate is another ingredient reportedly included in Platinum XT-1000 NO2’s formula. This trace mineral is a popular ingredient in many bodybuilding supplements due to its reputation for reportedly raising testosterone levels and improving cardiovascular fitness. Another formula additive, L-Citrulline, is a non-essential amino acid that is also converted to nitric oxide via a natural chemical process. It is thought to be another important contributor to increased vascularity as well as to combat muscle fatigue. It may also lessen muscle cramping, which helps users get back in the gym more quickly after intense workouts.

The formula also includes Tribulus Terrestris, another popular anabolic supplement ingredient and annual plant that may stimulate testosterone production. Also called Puncturevine and Devil’s Weed, Tribulus Terrestris may increase luteinizing hormone and thereby support the increase of free testosterone levels. It is popular among weightlifting communities, who believe it is effective in increasing lean muscle mass and strength. Other ingredients rounding out the product formula include vitamins, minerals, Gelatin, antioxidants and Magnesium Stearate.



Platinum XT-1000 NO2 promises users the enhanced ability to reinvent their bodies in a safer and all-natural way. This may be particularly advantageous to professional sports performers as well as competition-oriented bodybuilders who want to get shredded without the use of illicit anabolic steroids. In fact, this product promises to provide the tools for a total-body reinvention within 30 days; users must, of course, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to achieve these results. It also states that it may help to reduce body fat and increase thermogenesis by elevating energy levels and ramping up stamina. In addition, it may improve vascularity by maximizing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscle tissue.

Another purported advantage to the consistent use of Platinum XT-1000 NO2 is its promise to accelerate muscle growth and increase muscle pumps. It states that it may also improve circulation. By increasing the body’s production of nitric oxide, it may also reduce recovery time between training sessions via lessening muscle cramping and soreness. This product promises not only a fast energy boost but sustained energy throughout the day, leading to more energy not only in the gym but in daily life as well. Heightened confidence may be another byproduct of the touted advantage of looking and feeling one’s best.



The Platinum XT-1000 NO2 website also provides links to several intriguing studies regarding two of its ingredients. One such study conducted by researchers for the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that L-Citrulline – one of the key ingredients in this proprietary formula blend – may enhance athletic anaerobic performance as well as relieve muscle soreness. The double-blind, randomized study involved 41 men and determined that L-Citrulline may be effective in increasing sports performance in high-intensity anaerobic exercises with short rest times. The study also showed a significant decrease in muscle soreness. Each benefit was positively correlated with the improvement of both factors.

Another study linked on the product website found that L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate may significantly improve bench press ability as well as the ability to execute other intensive exercise. The study – which was published by the same institute as the above-mentioned – also found that this amino acid appeared to be relatively safe and well-tolerated. In addition, Platinum XT-1000 NO2 is manufactured in the United States in accordance with federal GMP regulations. It was produced in sterile laboratories in accordance with federal regulations mandating a strict standard of safety in formula ingredients as well as in manufacturing practices. This is an important certification fitness customers should always seek in any health product they are considering.



My workout buddy recommended this to me a few months ago and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve noticed quite a bit of an improvement in my stamina and endurance during my weightlifting sessions. Not only that, my muscles aren’t howling in agony after I leave the gym! This alone has helped me add an extra session to my strength-training routine. – Alan B., forklift operator in Manhattan, NY, USA

When I started to notice love handles popping up around my waistline, I knew it was time to take action. I have a good career as a fitness model, which means I need to be in top shape at all times. I saw that Platinum XT-1000 NO2 had a free trial program, so I figured, “Why not?” Since I started using it, I have a lot more energy, and that alone has helped me lean out and get rid of the muffin top. I’ve been booked for more sessions than I have in years. – Juan Y., fitness model in Manchester, England

This has been a great strength booster for me. I take a tablet with a glass of water and a protein shake before I work out, and it has given me the energy to do almost twice as many deadlifts as I could do before. I’ve also gained a lot more confidence from my new body, and that has helped me land some amazing dates. This has worked very well for me. – Danny G., martial artist in Green Bay, WI, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Platinum XT-1000 NO2 has been advertised on a wide range of media outlets. These outlets include Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy and Men’s Journal. This supplement’s popularity on the fitness market is likely due (at least in part) to this high-profile national exposure, which has provided exposure to many muscle-building enthusiasts who want to get fit in a safer, more natural way. It is not known whether it has made any television or radio appearances or whether it has been featured in any other illustrious publications.

There is a bestseller certificate displayed on the product website, but the manufacturer does not provide any details. The site also displays another logo certifying its #1 bestseller status but, again, there are no further details provided. There is also a ‘Best Choice’ medal displayed, which the manufacturer may want to elaborate on if this indicates a particular award in the fitness supplement industry.


Money-back Guarantee

Platinum XT-1000 NO2 guarantees 100% customer satisfaction by way of a 30-day risk-free refund policy. To obtain a refund, buyers must send the bottle back to the company’s fulfillment facilities complete with a valid Return Authorization Number. No refunds are issued for packages without this number, which is given through customer service. According to the return policy, refunds generally take about 30 days to fully process; credits typically take about 7-10 business days to appear on a customer’s billing statement although this time frame may vary according to each individual’s bank. Refunds are only credited for unused, unopened bottles.

The manufacturer also offers a 14-day trial program to enable customers to determine whether it may be right for them. Unfortunately, the 14 days allotted also includes shipping and handling time, which may significantly lessen the evaluation period. If customers are pleased with their results, they must do nothing in order to maintain automatic enrollment in an auto-delivery program that debits their credit card each month for the product’s full retail price (following the trial) and ships out a fresh bottle approximately every 30 days. Customers can also opt out of the program by contacting a member of the customer service team. If they do wish to maintain enrollment in the auto-ship program, their method of payment on file will be charged the full price for the trial bottle.



The Platinum XT-1000 NO2 website certifies that this product is presently stocked in full and ready for immediate shipping. Packages are shipped using both the United States Postal Service and UPS. The shipping and handling rate is well under the industry average at $3.95, a deal fitness customers will likely appreciate. Packages are shipped anywhere in the United States as well as to Puerto Rico. The company’s shipping policy states that packages typically arrive within 4-6 days.

All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, and customers are responsible for all return shipping costs. Additionally, buyers may also opt for the company’s Protect Package shipping insurance for an additional $2.95. This service ensures guaranteed and expedited shipping for customers who select this option. It also guarantees that any packages that are lost or stolen will be immediately sent free of charge. This is an excellent shipping security option that few supplement suppliers offer, which customers will likely appreciate.


Customer Support

This manufacturer emphasizes its customer service-oriented philosophy on the product website, stating its commitment to providing excellent customer service to each client. It encourages customers to call with questions – which may include questions about the product itself, company policies, shipping questions or questions about customer accounts – via a toll-free 1-866 telephone number. It also provides an email address as an additional avenue of customer support. The support department is open for inquiries Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST. It is also open on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

The customer service center politely requests that customers allow 24 hours for a reply. It further assures that all emails will receive a response within that time frame. The product website does not specify whether the customer support department is open on certain holidays. A customer support member may also be contacted for all questions related to billing and customer accounts (such as inquiries regarding the modification or cancellation of member accounts). Customer support representatives are also available to provide Return Authorization Numbers to any customer requesting a return.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The manufacturer of Platinum XT-1000 NO2 has invested in an impressive security software suite to protect customers’ personal and financial information. Displayed on the order form section of the website are the industry-standard trust marks Verisign Secured, ScanAlert Hacker Safe and McAfee Secure. Verisign Secured is a trust seal provided to websites that have met Verisign’s security standards and facilitates encrypted communication between the company’s server and the customer’s web browser. ScanAlert Hacker Safe performs daily vulnerability assessments on the product website to make sure it is free of worms, viruses and security issues. McAfee Secure is a safety seal that scans certified websites for malware, viruses and other suspicious activities and provides certification for sites that have met its security standards.

Also displayed on the product website is a logo certifying that the site is protected by 128-Bit SSL encryption software. This trust seal certifies that the company server encrypts all data communicated between its home site and visitors’ servers so that potential hackers cannot access sensitive information. The site’s privacy policy also provides detailed information on how the manufacturer collects, stores, protects and utilizes customer information. All of this information is, however, unformatted and resultingly difficult to read. It does state that it may use customer information for marketing purposes but that customers may opt out of company communications of any form at any time.


Pricing & Free Trial

The cost of membership for the company’s monthly auto-renewal program is $89.41 plus shipping and handling. This is also the retail cost of a single bottle of a one-month supply of Platinum XT-1000 NO2. Payment options are limited with only Visa and MasterCard accepted as forms of payment. This is likely due to the fact that the company requires credit cards to remain on file in order to be accessible for the auto-debit shipping program. Still, it would likely gain many customers – as well as offer many customers payment security and convenience – by offering straight-sale customers the option to pay with PayPal.

The privacy policy on the product website states that it sometimes offers promotions and gifts as value incentives for purchases. Although there are no such incentives currently active for Platinum XT-1000 NO2 purchases, these deals are something to be aware of for future buyers. The company may also charge sales tax as pertinent to each customer’s individual region of order. In addition, there are no multi-bottle pricing package tiers for this product at this time.






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