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Noxor Platinum Edition Review – Is This a Good Performance Enhancing Pre-Workout Supplement?

What Is Noxor Platinum Edition?

Noxor Platinum Edition is a performance enhancing pre-workout supplement that is intended to help men push their body to the max in order to achieve new levels of physical performance. The product has received recognition as the #1 Best Product in its Category in 2015. As a fairly new product to hit the market, these supplements are making an impact in a number of ways.

The company has employed a brand new formula into the pills this year and it goes by the name Extreme NO3. Reason being is that it contains ingredients intended to act as a Nitric Oxide supplement. Nitric Oxide supplements are popular for improving blood flow throughout the body and, more specifically, to muscles. When there is more blood flowing to ad around the muscle tissue, lean muscle mass is able to form. This particular supplement creates Arginine Nitrate through the fusion of its ingredients L-Arginine and Nitrate.

This supplement is an ideal option for men who have noticed a drop in testosterone levels over time and are also pursuing a weight-training program. This product will give the body a boost of energy just in time for to hit the gym, so that the user is able to maximize their results. Men who are trying to get more out of their work put in at the gym would really benefit from this supplement.

As men reach the age of 30, their hormone levels begin to drop steadily each year. This drop can cause dramatic effects to various aspects of daily life. Testosterone deficiency can lead to a lack of energy, severe mood swings, and an increase in body fat. While sufficiently undesirable on their own, these symptoms can lead to even worse health issues if not taken care of. These supplements provide a fitting course of action against decreasing testosterone it the male body. By providing the body with additional nitric oxide, men are able to push farther in the gym and start to see the results that they are looking for.



The manufacturers of Noxor Platinum Edition go by the name Noxor LTD. and run their company out of London. The company was founded two years ago, however just this year that have introduced their new product with a brand new formula that is different from any of the products that they have sold in the past. This is because the company realizes that quality is important, and they wanted to include their best natural ingredients to get the job done.

Noxor also claims to strive for complete customer satisfaction. It is in their list of priorities, which includes marketing a high quality product, shipping packages to customers quickly, and providing great service to all of their customers. If a question or concern should arise, customers should call the toll free number listed on the contact us page of the product website. The help desk operates Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm. They can also be contacted via email.


How Noxor Platinum Edition Works?

The process by which Noxor Platinum Edition works on the body is really quite simple. After ingestion of the daily supplement, the ingredients get broken down until they ae able to permeate the bloodstream. They then go on to increase energy and oxygen output by the body, leading to an increase in endurance. Finally, this extra energy provides the body with the means to enhance existing muscle mass and build up more. But just how does all of this take place?

There are just a few main ingredients to the new and improved Extreme NO3 formula. The first of these ingredients is L-Citrulline. This is an amino acid that is known to transform while in the human body. It can either convert to form nitric oxide, or it can become L-Arginine, another amino acid that will be discussed in detail a little bit later. Nitric oxide improves the body’s blood flow because it opens up the blood vessels and allows for easier movement throughout the body. Most importantly for a man looking to build a masculine body, the blood is more easily able to travel to the skeletal muscles. More blood in the area of these muscles means that users can continue working hard in the gym while things such as muscle repair and the formation of additional muscle tissue are being take care of. One additional benefit of nitric oxide in the body is that it tends to clear up acidic buildup in the blood vessels that can occur during intense workouts. While the buildup is there, the body tends to feel very fatigued, so by clearing it up, nitric oxide gives the body an extra boost of energy to keep working out for longer.

The Extreme NO3 formula also includes a particular form of nitric oxide by the name of Arginine Nitrate. This is a natural compound made by the fusion of nitric oxide and L-arginine. Although it is not nitric oxide in its true form, this compound has many of the same characteristics mentioned above, as well as additional benefits that come from the amino acid. For example, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, so when needed, Arginine Nitrate can assist in the formation of specific proteins for biological processes throughout the body.

A final component of the all new formula is a compound called Creatine. This compound contains a variety of amino acids that are vital to the formation of new proteins. As a compound, it can also promote reactions of protein synthesis at certain sites within the body. This compound is often found in the muscle tissue, assisting with the formation of proteins that will improve athletic performance. One important thing to note is that there seems to be an optimum level for Creatine in the body. This means that men who have a lower than normal amount may benefit greatly from the initial boost, however as the levels begin to balance there will be less of a result. In any sense, maintaining a balanced level of Creatine is still beneficial for a healthy body.



The main active ingredients within the Extreme NO3 formula for Noxor Platinum Edition have already been mentioned at length, however, below is a list of the components along with a description of where they can be found, what type of medicine they are typically used in, and other health benefits that they may have.

L-Citrulline – As was explained previously, this is an amino acid that is found naturally throughout the body and is essential as it is one of the building blocks for various proteins that the body needs. People can include this amino acid in their daily diet by eating a sufficient amount of fruits such as watermelon. As science is ever improving, it has already been discovered how to synthesize this particular amino acid in a laboratory setting. This is how it has been included in this supplement as well as many other medicines. Since this amino acid sometimes converts into L-Arginine within the body, it can have the same characteristics and properties.

L-Arginine – Another amino acid that was mentioned before. As such, the body produces it naturally, however it can also be found in a healthy diet of red meat, poultry, fish, or dairy products. Just like L-Citrulline, this amino acid is able to be made in a lab by scientists and put into a variety of medicines and supplements such as this one. Additional health benefits of this amino acid include improved heart and kidney health, the formation of additional muscle tissue, and increased brain activity.

Creatine – This is not an amino acid, but rather an organic acid that contains many amino acids within it. The human body creates this acid on its own, but in order to obtain higher levels one can eat red meat and fish.

Noxor will not release the full list of ingredients to their newest formula; however users can call the support line in order to receive additional information before ordering if they choose to.



As a high quality male dietary supplement, Noxor Platinum Edition affects the body in four main positive ways. The ingredients hold a variety of properties that may assist with other health benefits that are not directly related to the end goals of a male looking to boost testosterone and build up a muscular body, however information about these benefits can be found on the web or by contacting the customer support line. Men who fit the description for the ideal clientele of this product should focus on the following four advantages to taking the supplement as suggested.

The initial and most obvious benefit of these pills is the boost in natural production of testosterone. It is important to note that these pills do not introduce large quantities of the hormone into the body, but rather prompt the body to produce greater quantities on its own through natural reactions. When there is a sufficient amount of testosterone circulating the body, the chemical works toward creating a more masculine physical appearance. One of the greatest changes that it makes is that it increases the amount of muscle tissue on the body. The increase in muscle mass is desirable for obvious reasons and leaves room for improvement by continuing with an exercise regimen that fits the individual’s needs.

One of the most common hurdles that bodybuilders, athletes, and all sorts of men seem to have trouble with is overcoming fatigue. When the body is tired, the thought of lifting a single weight becomes unbearable. Active ingredients in Noxor Platinum Edition tackle this hurdle by supplying the body with excess ATP, which transports energy to sites within the body where it is needed. This means that muscles that are being worked will have enough energy to fight fatigue, make repairs as necessary, and build up additional tissue. On a large scale, users will experience a boost in stamina, allowing them to push further in the gym and take shorter breaks, all leading to maximum physical results.

Building up lean muscle is a step in the right direction, but some men start off with existing body fat that they need to get rid of as well. A result of low testosterone levels in some cases can be retained body fat. Fortunately the ingredients found in this product help to eliminate that in conjugation with a well maintained workout routine.

One final helpful result of these testosterone boosters is improved mental focus. This may not seem all that relevant to an amateur bodybuilder’s daily routine, however it certainly is. The increased blood flow benefits the brain and its function as well. Users find that they are able to concentrate better and focus on the task at hand. Directly following these improvements is a boost in coordination and athleticism.



The product Noxor Platinum Edition and any statements made about the product have not been evaluated by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the United Kingdom. This is because the product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or health issues, and as such it is not considered a drug. This is simply a dietary supplement intended to give men a little boost before they head to the gym in order to see maximum results.

The main active ingredients within the formula, however, are all natural and have been approved by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency as safe for human consumption. These ingredients are not new, and there is a lot of scientific information available about each one.

The product is produced from start to finish within the United Kingdom and everything is done in accordance with federal laws and regulations. There are no components to this formula that are illegal by the United Kingdom’s substance regulations. That being said, the product is only available to UK residents at this time.



Noxor is a great company, and so when they came out with this new formula I knew I had to try it out. I take Noxor Platinum Edition every day before I head to the gym and it leaves me feeling good even after an intense workout. I don’t know where I’d be without this company’s great products.

– Brad, 24, Salt Lake City, Utah

I have recently made the decision to get healthy and a big part of that is hitting the gym every day. I looked into supplements, because I figured that I would need an extra boost after being out of the game for a while. I didn’t really want to go with a testosterone booster because sometimes they contain chemicals that I know nothing about. When I looked into this nitric oxide supplement I was very impressed to learn about how they worked. Everything is natural, and that is what I wanted. I have been taking Noxor Platinum Edition for about three months so far and I am actually happy to go to the gym. I don’t have the fatigue feeling that I expected and I’m finally on my way to a healthier life.

– Gary, 39, New York, New York


Awards & Media Coverage

Noxor Ltd. as a manufacturing company has been around for a few years and has been working on advertising their brand. The company has had products make appearances in magazines such as Men’sHealth and Men’sFitness. This particular product has yet to make any appearances, though, since it is so new. This formula will likely make an appearance within the next year.

Noxor Platinum Edition was just released in 2016, however, Noxor’s product from 2015 really made an impact on the market. It was awarded the #1 Rank in its Category for Best Product. The precedent has been set and the company hopes to reach ever higher heights with this new formula.


Money-back Guarantee

Noxor Platinum Edition is not currently offering a money-back guarantee for members to cancel at any time and receive their payment back. Unfortunately, the company has decided that they do not have the financial means to do that. Users can still contact the support team to cancel at any time, of course, and all cancellations are made within 24 hours of contacting them. As long as the subscription is cancelled before the next month’s payment is processed, users are not charged.

There is also currently a free trial offer available through the company’s website. They send out 250 free bottles to new customers who are interested in trying the product. The product is shipped out within 24 hours of claiming a free trial bottle through either DHL express or Royal Mail shipping services. Free trial users just pay shipping and handling for a cost of £4.95.



All orders of Noxor Platinum Edition placed through the company’s website ship out within 24 hours of being placed. The cost for shipping of any package is £4.95. Customers can expect their package to arrive to them in 3 to 5 business days. All orders are shipped out using DHL express or Royal Mail shipping services.


Customer Support

Customer support makes the top three on the list of priorities for Noxor Platinum Edition’s manufacturing team. In order to accommodate for customers’ various needs, there is a list of contact information on the website. The phone number listed can be called toll free during the business hours of 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday. Less urgent concerns may be handled via email. Responses can be expected within 24 hours during the work week. Finally, there is a mailing address in case of any hard copy documents that need to be sent in or return packages of the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Orders of Noxor Platinum Edition should only be made on the company’s website in order to ensure that the transaction is safe. The website uses a secure 256 bit encrypted connection, meaning that personal information is unreadable from the company’s end and no payment information is stored or passed on to third parties. The website has also received MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa badges. Customers can feel free to use their visa or mastercard for payment of all orders.


Pricing & Free Trial

There is currently a free trial offer in place for first time users of Noxor Platinum Edition. By paying only the shipping and handling fee of £4.95, men can try out a month’s supply of the product.

The free trial enrolls all of its members into the refill membership program. This means that after 14 days of the free trial, if the user has no cancelled, they will be charged £99.95 and will continue to be charged every month after. The company will immediately send a new month supply to the user’s doorstep every month to avoid interruption in the program.






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