NO2 Xtreme Cut

NO2 Xtreme Cut Review – Pre-Workout for Enhanced Energy

What Is NO2 Xtreme Cut?

NO2 Xtreme Cut is a natural dietary pre-workout supplement that’s designed to increase strength and boost endurance during workouts. The supplement has been formulated to improve bodybuilding results and give the required energy and stamina to perform longer and harder workouts without getting fatigued. It helps men to develop a lean and muscular body without suffering any adverse side effects. It promotes the natural growth of muscles and tissues, reduces recovery time after a workout, and accelerates muscle building time to give one a stronger physique and ripped body quickly.

The supplement features several natural ingredients that provided the needed nutrients to sustain workouts and produce hormones which also assist the body to endure workout sessions. The main ingredients are amino acids, which are vital for making proteins. Proteins are beneficial nutrients in gaining muscle mass and boosting energy levels. This product also contains Nitric Oxide which boosts blood circulation and keeps bodybuilders feeling fresh and energetic after a workout.



Little information is available about the producers of the supplement. However, the supplement’s copyright is the name of the product, NO2 Xtreme Cut, and the manufacturers go by this name. They have an official website which displays vital information about the supplement. The site also acts as the online store from where bodybuilders can purchase the product. The customer support page on the official website lists addresses that are located in California, U.S. Besides that, no further information lists the manufacturing or production locations for the product.

According to the producers of this supplement, the product is 100% natural with no chemicals or fillers. The supplement features several ingredients which boost blood flow in the body and provide oxygen to replenish the muscles and increase stamina for explosive workouts and heavy lifts. Users of this product may experience better performance, bigger lifts, and more reps when lifting in the gym.


How NO2 Xtreme Cut Works?

NO2 Xtreme Cut is a pre-workout supplement; therefore, it should be taken before working out for optimal results. This gives the product adequate time to enhance the natural creation of the male hormone known as testosterone which raises endurance levels. It also provides the required strength and energy boost to get through the workout without fatigue. The natural formula works by providing the muscle tissues with essential nutrients that promote healthy bodybuilding.

The product contains nitric oxide which stimulates blood flow. With a better flow of blood, the muscles can absorb essential nutrients and achieve higher oxygen levels. As a result, tiredness and other problems that are associated with working out are resolved naturally, and one gets a sculpted body. The product also contains ingredients which help in nourishing and repairing damaged muscle tissues to stimulate growth and increase vitality.

The manufacturer recommends that users should take two tablets at least 30 minutes before starting a workout session. It should be used regularly to achieve the desired strength and stamina to achieve bodybuilding goals. It is recommended that users should not use this product alongside other forms of medication. Also, care should be taken to avoid overdosing as that can generate adverse side effects. Also, the product is formulated for use by men only; therefore, women are not advised to consume it for their workout requirements.


Ingredients of NO2 Xtreme Cut

NO2 Xtreme Cut has been manufactured with potent and quality ingredients, which efficiently help users to build strong muscles and achieve a lean and muscular body. The product is a 100% natural proprietary blend, making it possible for users to achieve the desired results with no adverse side effects. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients are supported by clinical research to be efficient and safe. They include amino acids which are what makes this product beneficial for bodybuilding. The main ingredients are:

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is one of the main ingredients that make up this supplement. It is a natural and potent ingredient that is known to boost testosterone levels in the body. Increased testosterone in the body enables users to lift heavy weights and get through high-intensity workouts that would normally be exhausting. The ingredient produces Nitric Oxide which improves blood flow to the muscles and other parts of the body. During an exercise, the body needs a lot of oxygen, and the increased blood flow supplies it as required. The result is muscle relaxation which reduces post-workout fatigue.

L Norvaline

L Norvaline is a natural antioxidant, and this makes it the most effective ingredient in the supplement. Its primary function is to improve blood circulation in the body and enhance the whole circulatory system. It helps supply oxygen to the body muscles in the best ways possible. L Norvaline is also known to improve the absorption of other ingredients such as insulin. Better absorption and higher oxygen levels not only boost performance, but they also result in promoting better moods.

L Arginine

The body requires open and relaxed blood vessels to achieve better blood circulation and high levels of oxygen in all the tissues. L Arginine is a natural ingredient that boosts blood circulation by keeping the blood vessels open and relaxed. The component also provides nitric oxide which is essential for the process of muscle development. It stimulates the growth release of growth hormones and other substances which help in building body mass and increasing masculinity.


Extreme XML has numerous benefits. First, it is natural and safe to be consumed by humans. With no chemicals, users can be confident that the results achieved through using this product will not cause other adverse implications in the body. Individuals are likely to enjoy the following benefits as far as their workout and bodybuilding goals are concerned.

Amplifies Efficiency for Workout

The supplement provides the body with the energy and stamina to endure longer and harder workout routines. After consuming the supplement, users can go through their sessions without feeling exhausted even after long hours. This supplement increases efficiency, and the result is better performance in bodybuilding exercises. What’s more, the results are experienced shortly after use, and it is easy for individuals to achieve their workout goals within a short period.

Promotes Stronger and Healthy Muscles

The supplement contains Citrulline Malate which facilitates the development of stronger and healthier muscles. The ingredient also enhances blood circulation and proper supply of oxygen to the body muscles, increasing muscle mass naturally. The antioxidants help in relaxing body muscles during and after a workout, ensuring that one realizes their bodybuilding goals without enduring a lot of pain or physical distress.

Increases Testosterone Levels

The product contains Citrulline Malate which boosts the testosterone levels in the users. Testosterone hormones are essential in the male body in improving overall wellness. They provide the body with more energy and promote endurance to demanding workouts. The increased energy levels allow users to achieve more than they normally would on a typical day at the gym. Higher levels of testosterone are also known to boost confidence, promote better moods, and increase the self-esteem of individuals.

Reduces Body Fat

The supplement is not a weight loss product, but it contains ingredients that aid the body in burning fats. During a workout session, the body uses up a lot of energy to maintain the required strength and stability. For this to happen, it needs adequate oxygen to burn fats which are converted to energy. Extreme XML contain ingredients that provide Nitric Oxide which increases oxygen supply in the body. This facilitates fat burning for a lean and muscular body.

Repairs and Heals Muscles

This supplement accelerates the process of muscle repair and healing after an intensive workout. Injury to muscle tissues can slow down one’s bodybuilding goals and slow down the growth of muscle tissue. However, the ingredients in this product help in relaxing and healing damaged tissues to stimulate their growth and increase vitality. Users can maintain a steady routine and achieve a well-toned and ripped body without slowing down due to muscle injury.

Eliminates Post Workout Crashes

The natural supplement is used before a workout, but it maintains energy levels even post workout to reduce fatigue and crashes after an intensive session. Ingredients such as Nitric Oxide promote muscle relaxation, an essential aspect in eliminating tiredness and lethargy after a workout. NO2 Xtreme Cut also improves blood circulation and increases oxygen levels, allowing the muscle tissues to heal faster. This reduces muscles aches and pain that is common after high-intensity workouts.

Enhances Vitality and Stamina

The key ingredient known as Citrulline Malate provides immense strengths to sustain bodybuilders through weights and other demanding workout routines. The ingredient also supplies enough energy to sustain individuals through hours of exercise with minimal or no fatigue. This supplement allows bodybuilders to build strong, big, and healthy muscles naturally and over a shorter period.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

NO2 Xtreme Cut enhances the production of the male hormone testosterone which not only increases strength and stamina but also boosts overall confidence and self-esteem. An adequate supply of the male hormone is known to improve overall body wellness, and this boosts one’s morale to achieve their bodybuilding goals. Additionally, the ingredients in the product increase blood circulation and oxygen supply, keeping the body energized and healthy. The result is an overall feeling of confidence in one’s physical appearance, and this can significantly improve self-esteem.



This product is a natural supplement that contains no chemicals, and if the available customer reviews are anything to go by, there’s a chance that the product delivers according to the expectations of its users. The ingredients are supported by clinical research, and this means that they are safe and cannot be hazardous to human health. However, it is essential for every user to assess the product’s performance at a personal level to ascertain its reliability. Also, although the ingredients are natural, one should go through the packaging to confirm that there are no additives which can adversely affect them.

NO2 Xtreme Cut should not be taken together with other medication. One may want to consult a doctor to determine whether it’s safe to take the supplement alongside prescription or over-the-counter medication. Additionally, the supplement is not recommended for users below the age of 18 years. The company expressly discourages persons below this age from using their product and will not be liable for any side effects experienced by such individuals after use.



A few users who have tried this product have come out to share their experiences with other bodybuilders. One user says that the supplement helped them get a muscular body and lose body fat within a shorter time as compared to when they were exercising without using the product. They can now spend hours in the gym without feeling exhausted during the session or afterwards. The user states that they had a tummy stomach, but three months into using the supplement, they have achieved a tone and lean body.

Another user praises the product for its affordable price and quality. However, they realized the desired results after three months, which was longer than the projected period. The user states that they expected to achieve a lean body within a few weeks of using the product. However, they commend it for eventually delivering on providing energy and stamina to undertake high-intensity workouts without experiencing fatigue.

One of the downsides of this product, as seen from most reviews, is the amount of time it takes to deliver results. This means that one has to incur the cost of months of product supply before achieving a lean body. Also, while they have been no complaints of side effects or negative implications of the ingredients, this is subjective and will depend on the user’s body. Note that the opinions are based on individual experiences and may differ based on one’s commitment to working out, diet, and other factors. For this reason, one should not solely rely on these testimonials as a basis for forming an opinion.


Awards & Media Coverage

No information is available on NO2 Xtreme Cut’s website or the internet that suggests the company has earned any awards. The company has created an advertising video on YouTube showcasing the product’s performance. At the moment, the company does not have an appearance on any social media pages, and its only presence on the web is its official website. The site acts as the primary source of information and an online store from where customers can access and purchase the product for shipping.

According to the company’s website, there has been a high demand for media coverage, and as a result, NO2 Xtreme Cut says it cannot guarantee a supply of the product. However, there is still not much information available about the product. Also, few reviews do not offer much guarantee to new and potential customers. However, prospective users can purchase, try it out, and provide their unbiased opinions regarding the product. This is the only way to determine whether it delivers the desired bodybuilding results as advertised.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers bodybuilders an opportunity to try out the product before committing and a money-back guarantee if one is not impressed with the supplement. If one contacts support for cancellation within 14 days of making the first purchase, they can avoid incurring $89.82 for the supplement. They can also return the first bottle, but they will incur handling and shipping fee, which almost equals the price of one bottle. However, a 30-day free trial is available where one can keep a full month’s first bottle for $9.95 without paying the full amount.

Those who wish to return their first bottle to the manufacturer should obtain a merchandise authorized number (RMA) from the customer service after calling them. Once the RMA notice is issued, the client will receive an email confirmation and authorization. Note only trial products can be returned after opening and warrant a refund as per the terms and conditions. For non-trial or subsequent purchases, the bottle should have its seal intact for one to qualify for a refund. Additionally, customers should also obtain an RMA number and return the product within 30 days after the purchase. The money refunded will be less restocking fee of $9.95.

NO2 Xtreme Cut reserves the right to deny a refund to customers who repeatedly ask for refunds or do so in bad faith. For trial supplements, the remaining product must be returned in good condition to warrant for a refund. Also, the company does not refund shipping and handling fee, unless if the customer incurred fraud or unauthorized charges.



The company offers fast, secure, and reliable shipping services. Upon confirmation of the order, the product is shipped within 24 hours using the standards USPS First Class shipping method. Delivery can take between two and four days based on one’s geographical location. The company advises customers to contact customer support if shipments are not received within five days after shipping. There is no refund for undelivered products which are not reported within 14 days. If an invalid shipping address is provided and a Safe and Secure Ship is not purchased, the reshipment will be subject to a retail shipping and handling charge of $12.95.

The company advises that shipments are not sent on Sunday or during any USPS holidays. Also, the company does not guarantee specific delivery dates; however, they provide a general period of a maximum of four days after confirmation of the order. Note that the company reserves the right to replace rather than offer a refund for any damaged products at its discretion.


Customer Support

NO2 Xtreme Cut has a customer service department that the clients can contact to make enquiries about the product, request for refunds, and present other related queries. The customer support page on the website provides addresses where one can return the products for a refund. Additionally, enquiries can be made to the customer service through the provided phone number or email address on the contacts page.

On the customer service page, the company states that customer support is available Monday through Sunday from 6 am to 10 pm California time. However, on their terms and conditions page, it claims to provide customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for all the main holidays. One can try contacting them during off hours to confirm their 24-hour availability.

Fast & Secure Checkout

The company offers a quick and safe checkout solution for their customers. During checkout, one will be asked to provide personal details such as their name, address, zip code, phone number, and email address. Billing information and personal identifiers such as one’s username, account number, and password are also required. The checkout transmission system is encrypted by using SSL certificates to guarantee the safety of one’s confidential information.

NO2 Xtreme Cut’s shares customer’s information with authorized persons within the limitations of its privacy policy statement. As such, the company may disclose personal information under the following circumstances:

As required by law to comply with the legal process.
When disclosure is necessary to protect the company’s rights, investigate fraud, or protect the customer.
It may disclose personal information to third parties with the consent of the client.
For this reason, it is essential for customers to familiarize with the terms and ensure that they are comfortable with the outlined information sharing before volunteering confidential data. The company does not offer a guarantee that user information will be 100% safe when transmitted. However, it promises a total refund for any fraudulent use of customers’ credit card information as a result of transacting with the company.


Pricing & Free Trial

NO2 Xtreme Cut offers an affordable price of 89.82 for a one-month supply of supplements. However, there is a free trial program for their products where customers can get one product before committing to a subscription. Only one bottle is available for trial, and the company claims to have given out 250 trial products. Upon signing up for the trial product, one will be charged a shipping and handling fee of $5.89, and they will receive one month’s supply of the supplement. One can terminate the trial within 14 days after purchase.

After the cancellation of the trial offer, one has the option of returning the product at no fee or keeping it and incurring a retention fee of $9.95. Either way, no further shipments will be received. Those who don’t cancel are enrolled in the auto-shipment and auto-billing program where they are charged for one month’s supply of supplements every 30 days at a price of $89.92 per month. In this case, all shipping and handling fees are waived from the product price.






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