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NO2 X 720 Review – Can You Make Bigger Muscles with It?

What Is NO2 X 720?

NO2 X 720 is a pre-workout supplement specially formulated to optimize workout performance. It utilizes amino acids and other natural extracts to help drive up strength, to increase stamina, to raise energy levels and to help users build and sculpt lean muscle mass. Its key ingredients are L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Norvaline. Its corporate headquarters are based in the United States though it markets and sells its products worldwide. It claims to offer a legal, safe and effective alternative to anabolic steroids.

This product is also marketed to athletes due to its safer and fully legal performance-boosting effects, which reportedly enhance both workouts and sports performance. It is also designed for bodybuilders, weightlifters and other fitness professionals who want to further increase their power and muscle mass. Overall, it is geared toward anyone who wants to optimize their fitness and sculpt more lean muscle in a shorter period of time.



Although there is very little information about NO2 X 720’s company of manufacture, it appears to be manufactured by a company named Alphadrox. Alphadrox’s headquarters are based in Phoenix, AZ. This is the corporate address listed on the official product website for which customers may send questions, comments or inquiries. What is also known is the fact that Alphadrox has researched, developed and marketed a wide range of other successful fitness products. This includes not only workout aides but health products as well. Clearly, this seller is very experienced in the industry in which it operates.

Aside from its marketing success, it does not provide any in-depth company history information on the official product website. It does not host a website of its own nor does it provide information regarding company history, philosophy or mission. Some consumers who prefer to buy from more established companies may infer that, since so little info is provided on the company itself, it may not be as established as they might normally prefer. Thus, Alphadrox would likely be wise to at least include a brief company history and mission statement on each of their product websites.


How NO2 X 720 Works?

This dietary supplement’s natural amino acid nutrient complex claims to alter body chemistry safely and naturally to support muscle growth and facilitate greater workout potential, allowing users to work out harder for longer. In fact, NO2 X 720 promises to help users build 35% more muscle mass in less than 30 days. It does not specify how it arrived at this statistic nor does it state how this increase in muscle mass is measured. What it does state is that users should continue using it as part of their fitness routine on a consistent, ongoing basis in order to attain the most drastic results. The manufacturer is clear about the fact that this is not intended as a meal replacer and should be used in conjunction with an excellent strength-training program and a balanced diet.

Once the tablets dissolve in the bloodstream, a chemical reaction is set in effect. The amino acids and other natural compounds work with the body’s processes to amplify energy levels, endurance and strength. One of this product’s primary functions is to support the increase of vasodilation, which is the expansion of blood vessel walls to allow improved blood and nutrient delivery to working muscle tissue. Not only does this reportedly increase the intensity of strength-training abilities and the user’s tolerance for working out longer, it helps stressed muscle tissue to rebuild and repair itself faster, cutting recovery time. This translates to less pain and more muscle gain.

In NO2 X 720, this manufacturer has created a user-friendly supplement in tablet form. Users are instructed to take two tablets before workouts with a glass of water or a protein shake. It can be stacked with other high-quality supplements or used alone as a performance-booster. Although all of the ingredients are natural, there is a small possibility that a small segment of users may experience an allergic reaction to the plant extracts involved. There is also a small possibility that this product may interact with certain medications, so research and/or a consultation with one’s physician is always recommended before use.


Ingredients of NO2 X 720

This pre-workout supplement’s all-natural proprietary formula incorporates a blend of organic extracts to help optimize workout performance. The three active ingredients in NO2 X 720’s natural blend are L-Citrulline, L-Norvaline and L-Arginine. L-Arginine is an amino acid that purportedly helps to increase the body’s production of the natural gas nitric oxide. It is a key player in the metabolic process and helps to drive up thermogenesis, assisting in torching fat faster. As a precursor for nitric oxide, L-Arginine is reportedly effective in promoting endurance and conditioning as well as ramping up vascularity.

L-Citrulline is a natural extract originally derived from watermelons that helps to relax arteries and improve blood flow. It reputedly supports the muscle-building process via protein synthesis, the process whereby the body’s cells generate new proteins. This essentially means that, after workouts, the body is better able to repair and replace stressed muscle fibers and then fuse them together to form stronger new muscle fiber strands. In addition, by supporting vascular dilation, L-Citrulline is believed by many fitness enthusiasts to be effective in increasing oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body. This translates to more muscle and less recovery time between training sessions.

L-Norvaline also purportedly helps in the muscle-building process, contributing to the rebuilding and regeneration of tissue. Many also believe it supports the increase of circulation and nitric oxide production. Many bodybuilders believe this amino acid-rich compound helps to flood working muscle tissue with oxygen-rich blood and nutrients, facilitating a stronger and more powerful pump. It also reportedly works by inhibiting arginase production, which is an enzyme that would otherwise limit users’ ability to put forth more muscle-building pumps. Other ingredients include Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate and Caffeine Anhydrous.



NO2 X 720 promises a significant increase in muscle mass and metabolic efficiency in 30 days of consistent use. This means bodybuilders, strength trainers or anyone who is looking to get shredded, will purportedly experience the heightened energy and elevated endurance necessary to get the most out of every workout. It also promises to cut recovery time by improving blood flow and nutrients to muscle tissue fibers. With better blood flow also, some users claim, come a sharper mental focus as a result of amped-up vasodilation and blood flow to the brain. These improved functions purportedly lead to stronger, more powerful pumps and more rock-hard lean muscle mass.

Its biggest touted benefit is the ability to provide a significant strength boost to those who are looking to get more ripped, more sculpted and more vascular. Confidence is another reported advantage; naturally, as a person looks and feels their best, they are bound to experience and then project a confident self–image. This supplement is also purportedly effective in helping older people restore and rebuild muscle mass that has softened with age. It also claims to fight fatigue, cramping, soreness and lethargy.



The NO2 X 720 includes a number in statistics to support its effectiveness in maximizing power and workout ability. One cited statistic states that the Department of Medical Physiology and Microcirculation at Texas A&M University has done studies that show one of this product’s key ingredients, L-Norvaline, increases nitric oxide production by up to 55%. The website also provides a number of other statistics, stating that this product helps users increase strength by up to 46% as well as to increase shredding by up to 32%. It does not, however, link to specific research and other supporting evidence as to where these numbers were determined. Links to this evidence would almost certainly boost customer confidence in NO2 X 720’s effectiveness.

This product is also certified as being free of additives and other filler. It is also free of additives and other synthetic filler. However, its website does not specify whether it was manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. For those new to the fitness world, GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. Products that are awarded this certification have met a high standard quality in product efficacy and manufacturing practices. Although it is likely that this supplement is indeed GMP-certified – as it was developed in a sterile lab – it would be wise of the merchant to state as much on the website in order to further assure seasoned fitness enthusiasts of its quality.



NO2 X 720 has turned out to be exactly what I needed to get motivated to train harder. It kicks in fast and gives me a nice energy boost to fuel my workouts. I take it with a protein shake before every workout, it’s super easy to use and the results are worth it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to amp up their usual routine. – Bob M., personal trainer in Boise, ID, USA

The best thing about this stuff is that it absolutely gave me a quick energy rush before sessions and had zero negative side effects. I liked the taste, and it didn’t give me the jitters like other workout supplements I’ve tried. I’ve been trying to lose these last five pounds for what felt like forever, and it only took me a couple of weeks once I added this to my routine. It’s been great not only for helping me lift heavier and longer but also for helping me burn off those last few pounds. Thumbs up to NO2 X 720. – Austin S., account manager in Berlin, Germany

This has done everything it promised to do and more. Because I had more energy when I hit the gym, my sessions were a lot more enjoyable and I was able to work out for longer. For the first time in years, I’m finding myself actually enjoying pumping iron every day. I tried this out when I read about the free trial and figured I had nothing to lose. It has definitely been a win! – Mark T., sales associate in San Francisco, CA, USA

This stuff has a good taste, no negative side effects and it has given me a big energy boost during my workouts. I’ve already recommended it to the guys at the gym. My biceps are much firmer and stronger than before I started taking it, and I can do almost twice as many deadlifts. I plan on making it a part of my daily fitness routine for a long time to come. – Mario N., accountant in Wellington, New Zealand


Awards & Media Coverage

Although the NO2 X 720 website asserts that supplies of the product may be low due to recent media coverage. Indeed, it has been advertised on Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy and Men’s Journal. This media exposure has helped to significantly broaden its audience in the sports and fitness world. As a result, it appears to have gained popularity and momentum among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its presence in muscle-building communities online is also quite extensive.

At this time, it has not received any reviews or accolades in the supplement industry. Regardless, it has been a popular topic of review among many well-known supplement review boards online, often receiving very positive reviews. It has also been widely discussed on popular fitness and bodybuilding forums online. As the website copyright date is 2017, fitness enthusiasts may be interested to stay tuned as to whether it attracts any awards in the near future.


Money-back Guarantee

Those who want to work hard to get shredded may try a 21-day evaluation of NO2 X 720 for only the cost of shipping. At the conclusion of the trial period, customers will be enrolled in a monthly auto-shipping program wherein they will be debited for and will receive a 30-day supply of capsules every month thereafter. Customers must contact customer service within 21 days of signing up for the trial to cancel out of the program and avoid further charges.

Customers who purchase this product on a non-trial basis are also offered a 30-day money-back guarantee. In the event of a return, customers can contact the customer service department for an RMA number. Per company policy, RMA numbers will be issued within two business days; additionally, returns will not be accepted in any circumstances without a valid RMA number. Products must be returned unopened and damage-free within 30 days of shipment in order for the customer to receive a full refund.



The website keeps current on whether product supplies are available as well as informs buyers that merchandise will be delivered 24 hours from the purchase date. This merchant ships to any location in the United States. The cost for shipping and handling is listed as $4.95. According to the company’s terms and conditions, customers will receive their packages in 2-5 business days from the date of each payment. The manufacturer also asks customers to allow for 2-5 business days for the initial delivery.

All shipping and handling fees are non-refundable whether straight sale or return. The company uses the United States Postal Service as their primary shipping carrier. It does not state whether package tracking is offered for either a fee or free of charge. It also does not state whether packages are delivered on Saturdays, though the company presumably does not deliver on nationally recognized holidays. Buyers may also contact customer service with questions about shipping policies and order modification.


Customer Support

NO2 X 720 offers the usual avenues to allow customers to easily and quickly access a customer service representative. The first point of contact listed is a toll-free 1-877 telephone number to chat directly with a support representative. There is also a customer service email address for further convenience. Both the company’s returns and fulfillment facilities as well as its corporate headquarters are listed as a Phoenix, AZ address. Customers can write with product questions as well as general inquiries.

The manufacturer also encourages customers to send postcards to the Phoenix, AZ address. Customer support hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST. The product website does not state whether its customer service department is closed on certain holidays, although anyone may of course contact a company representative for further information. Inquiries are encouraged regarding products, policies, shipping or for any other reason.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Immediately visible near the checkout section of the NO2 X 720 website is a security certificate proclaiming the fact that the site is secured by a 128-bit secure SSL connection. This security technology uses encryption to ‘scramble’ sensitive customer data in the event a hacker attempts to access such information. There is also a VeriSign Secured trust mark put in place to inform customers that both the company and the website have been authenticated. The manufacturer also displays a ScanAlert Hacker Safe seal, which scans certified websites daily for malware or any sort of vulnerability. McAfee Secure is also used to assure customers that the site is safe to use and that it has been tested and certified to be free of viruses, malware, phishing and other threats that may otherwise compromise customer information.

The trust marks utilized on the website make it clear to current and potential customers that the company has prioritized data security for all online purchases. The manufacturer asserts via its privacy policy that they do observe all applicable data protection laws and will use customer information safely, legally and only as necessary for the agreed-upon transaction. It also promises that credit card information will not be shared with third parties with the exception of e-commerce parties contracted to complete the transaction. Furthermore, the company also informs customers that they have the option to remove all personal information from the product website.


Pricing & Free Trial

The official product website advertises an exclusive offer touting over 60% off the regular purchase price. The regular retail price of a bottle of NO2 X 720 is slightly less expensive than the regular market rate of a premium workout product, at $74.45. Returns are subject to a $19.95 restocking fee, which many return-seeking customers may find to be inordinately high. The transaction section of the website informs customers of their one-time processing fee, which is either $4.95 or $2.95 (with discount). The manufacturer does not currently offer any pricing packages for multiple purchases.

On the official product page, the manufacturer gives specific details as to how the transaction will appear on the customer’s credit card as well as other relevant information. It further details that it may keep records of purchases and other communications between the customer and the company, which is not unreasonable. Taxes and fees are always, of course, exclusive and applicable to the region where the product will be delivered.






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