NO2 Extreme Surge

NO2 Extreme Surge Review – Does It Work?

What Is NO2 Extreme?

This product is a pre-workout supplement that is supposed to help men turn their workouts into lean muscle mass. The product claims to assist consumers who are already intense workout enthusiasts in accomplishing fitness goals. The primary objective of taking this supplement is to achieve the muscle mass and bulk that every bodybuilder wants. Marketed primarily at men, this product is much safer than similar products such as artificial hormone supplements that claim to boost muscle mass.

NO2 Extreme assists with creation of muscle mass by boosting Nitric Oxide within the body. This is a naturally occurring substance that is vital to overall health. Since the product is simply helping the body produce something that is already present, it is considered a natural option for muscle growth. This product is a relatively healthy option for men who have lost muscle mass due to testosterone depletion associated with aging. It is also a great option for any man who simply wants to gain lean muscle mass. These elements all combine to give men a fitness experience that helps them achieve their individual goals.



NO2 Extreme is independently manufactured by its creators. This system has its pros and cons. Products that are manufactured independently can lack the experience in quality control that can be established at facilities that manufacture multiple products. In some cases, independently manufactured products may not be held in facilities that are as nice. In other cases, shipping time may be slower due to the lack of an established shipping and receiving department. Ironically enough, however, this product does not seem to have any of these negative qualities. In fact, this product seems to actually be well rated in the areas of quality control and customer service.

Independent manufacturing has pros as well. The main positive element is that the company is only concerned with manufacturing one product. This means that all of their energy goes into making just NO2 Extreme. This is wonderful because the company actually cares about ways that their product could potentially get better. They care about the customers and the quality of their product in a way that only a small manufacturer can. With a smaller team of specialists working in just one product, it is bound to be a product that the team believe in. They would not waste their time on the product if they did not think it could actually help consumers build muscle mass effectively.
How NO2 Extreme Works?

The primary goal in this product is helping the body produce Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide, or NO, is a naturally occurring compound in the body. This compound aids the body in carrying oxygen to cells. This assists with cardiovascular health as well as total body health. When more oxygen can get to the cells in the body, the physical ability to create lean muscle mass increases. The increased oxygen also provides better mental clarity. This helps the consumer feel more energized to push through difficult workouts. It also helps the body to take those workouts and turn them into lean muscle. It is very simple to take. Four pills about an hour before working out is all it takes. Some people also recommend taking the product with food. That is not necessary but could be helpful to some people.

Nitric Oxide supplements are probably the most common types of mass building supplements. There are hundreds of products on the market which utilize this key ingredient. In a way, that is a good thing. If it were not effective, it would not be so widely used. However, this puts the pressure on this company to prove that their product is better. Workout enthusiasts that wish to take a supplement whose ingredients are tried and true, this would be a solid choice. However, this particular supplement is not super unique in its ingredients or its effectiveness.


Ingredients of NO2 Extreme

There are 4 key ingredients that help to raise the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body. First, the product uses L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate helps the body produce Nitric Oxide while also helping to raise oxygen in the blood. This is vital to the consumer. More oxygen helps people feel stronger. L-ornithine AKG is another ingredient whose goal is to help the body break down carbs. This assists men in losing weight in some of those difficult places. After all, it is impossible to see muscle that is hiding under fat.

The third ingredient in the blend is Arginine Ketoisocaproate. This amino acid assists with recovery time. After those difficult workouts, the body can remain sore for a while. The better the recovery time, the more quickly the consumer can return to their workout routine. The final ingredient also assists with recovery time. L-Glutamine AKG is a known for helping to cut recovery time by as much as half. These ingredients all combine to help the user get the fitness results that they have always wanted.



The first obvious advantage to using this product is the increase in lean muscle mass. This is an important goal for any prospective bodybuilder or workout enthusiast. The product helps to increase lean muscle while also increasing mental clarity, endurance, and overall physical performance. Since NO2 Extreme is considered a dietary supplement, it does not contain any artificial hormones that some mass building products contain. This means that there is little chance of physical side effects. Since the supplement uses commonly used ingredients, it is safe to say that the supplement is effective.

Many men begin to lose muscle mass as early as age 25. This is due, In part, to lowering testosterone levels that naturally come with aging. Some men have found that they can no longer achieve the body they once had, regardless of how strenuously they work out. This supplement helps with that. The product assists men who already work hard in accomplishing the fitness goals they may not have been able to achieve prior to beginning a supplement regimen.



This website is certified through a process known as SafeScan. This is a good system that is used by many independent websites. Basically, for a small fee, the creators of the website can have professional technology experts make sure that the site is secure. They work to constantly find holes in security and fix them before they become a problem. This is a process aimed at preventing any and all cyber security leaks. Since that is so important in this generation, it is good that the website creators are on top of security matters.

NO2 Extreme is considered a dietary supplement. As such, it does not require FDA certification. This is very common for all vitamins and supplements, and it should not worry the consumer. The product does not need this certification because it is not attempting to treat or cure any disease. It is simply helping the body to feel better using natural ingredients. The natural ingredients have no chance of side effects. Additionally, these ingredients are naturally found in nature, and the manufacturing of the product does not hurt the environment in any way.



I am so happy that I began taking NO2 Extreme. I feel like I finally have the body that I have been working so hard to achieve! I never thought I would have that body again. It truly is a dream come true. – John S., 39

This product offers a unique blend of ingredients. When I first started taking the supplement, I did not believe that it was any different than any other product. I cannot describe how wrong I was. It is so much better than any supplement I have ever taken. – Sean M., 27

I really like how easy it is to take NO2 Extreme. I generally shy away from supplements because I do not like things that do not taste good. This product has no unpleasant taste. The capsules are easy to swallow, and there is no need to take the product with any certain food or drink. It just makes things easy. – Mark Q., 29

I was initially shocked that my ability to make muscle began decreasing at age 25. This supplement helped me to power through workouts like I did in high school! It is wonderful that there is help out there for people who have trouble getting the muscle they want. – Perry R., 27

This capsule does not take away any requirement to work hard. It is made for people who already work to achieve their goals. This is why I like it. It is a wonderful option for people who have the necessary work ethic to make the product work for them. – Dan F., 32

This is my favorite supplement in the whole world. There are no risks, and I have the option to quit taking it whenever I want. This is an awesome natural product that has no side effects. I would highly recommend this supplement to anyone who wishes to get an awesome body. – Jerry T., 39

I am bad about taking protein shakes. They just make me feel really full. Nobody wants to feel that full when they are working out. The fact that this supplement is just capsules won me over. Not only is it the most simple thing to take, I can also keep the bottle on me at all times. It is small and convenient to carry. That way, I never forget to take my daily supplement. – Gene G., 41


Awards & Media Coverage

This pre-workout supplement has had reviews featured in Maxim magazine as well as Men’s Health. All were positive reviews that show potential consumers what it is like to begin a NO2 Extreme regimen. As workout supplements go, getting featured in one of these magazines is one of the biggest accomplishments a supplement such as this can receive. These magazines are in stores and print media racks all over the Unites States, Canada, and abroad. This media attention has caused the retail establishments to receive orders from all over the world. This is very positive media attention that shows the consumer that this product does actually work.

Another positive media experience for this product has been social media. The reviews from actual consumers have been overwhelmingly positive. Many men have actually experienced the muscle growth that they had hoped to achieve. Many men have stated on social media that they would use any other product. In the modern age of personal technology, having a positive presence on social media is vital to the future of any product. It is a great sign that this supplement has such positive feedback.


Money-back Guarantee

NO2 Extreme offers an excellent guarantee on their product. If, for any reason, a customer does not like the results of the supplement, the customer may receive a full refund if a return is requested within 14 days of the original order date. Once the return is requested, customer support will assign a return ID number to attach to the order upon return. Any other bottles ordered must also be returned unopened. The first bottle may be opened. This is a very solid guarantee for such a product.

A guarantee is much more than just a promise by a company. A guarantee shows that the company believes in a product enough to put their money where their mouth is. If they did not believe in the business, they would not have guaranteed their product. This is a statement of trust between the consumer and the retail establishment. This is actually impressive for a product like this because the product is so derivative of various other mass building supplements that are currently on the market. It is a good sign that there is such a solid guarantee. This might just be what sets this company ahead of several others that are of similar nature.



NO2 Extreme ships all over the United States and Canada. Additionally, the company also offers international shipping. The cost of the shipping varies. For USPS ground shipping, the cost is $7.95. The product will arrive in 7-10 days. With USPS 3 Day Select shipping, the cost is $9.95. USPS 2nd Day Air shipping costs $12.95, and Next Day shipping costs $22.95. All of these methods are available only in the United States. Shipping to Canada is offered for $14.95 with the product arriving in 5-15 days. Global shipping takes 5-20 days and costs $19.95. It is great that the company offers a variety of shipping options.

This product also ships in a quality control container. This accomplishes several things. First, this makes the product more safe for human consumption. It assures the consumer and the manufacturer that the product arrives as is should without tampering. Severe weather or temperature variation will not effect the product. This is vital to ensuring that this product is 100% safe and of the utmost quality.


Customer Support

This product offers a couple of avenues for contacting customer support. First, email is an encouraged way of contacting the customer support staff. Emails are generally answered within 2-3 business days. This gives the staff more time to research difficult questions. This is probably the best way to contact the customer support staff with general questions about the product. For more personalized questions, this may not be the best option. Email is always a wonderful method of communication for those customers who to not with to speak with a live person.

For consumers who wish to speak with a live person, there is a free telephone number that will be answered any time of the day or night. This is the best method of communication for customers who have questions pertaining to their own individual use of the product. This allows the advisor to ask questions about how the product is currently being used. This helps to resolve issues. It is also the number that can be called to get a return code to return the product if dissatisfaction occurs. This is a quality customer service setup that shows that the makers of NO2 Extreme really care about their product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout system for this product is 100% safe. In addition to being verified through SafeScan as a website with good security, the company also has an encrypted connection. This basically means that any information sent through the payment portal of this website is scrambled until it gets to the destination. In this way, the company assures that any hacking or interception would not be fruitful for the hacker. They would not get any information of any kind. Since cyber security is so important, it is very important that this company maintain a safe website if they hope to actually sell NO2 Extreme.

The website accepts major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. It also accepts debit cards. This gives customers a few payment options. Since the purchase of this product does not require the subscription to any automatic shipments, a customer may also use a prepaid debit or credit card. Be aware, however, that the company may not be able to refund anything to prepaid cards in the event of dissatisfaction. It is wonderful to have options that make consumers feel safe about using their credit or debit cards on this product’s website.


Pricing & Free Trial

A one month supply of NO2 Extreme costs $94.95. This is on the upper end of price ranges for such products. However, it would be worth it is the product is of good quality. A three month supply of the product costs $239.95. This is a better deal since it is about 15% cheaper than purchasing bottles individually. The best deal is the purchase of the 6 month supply for $379.95. That is basically like getting two free bottles. Plus, with the larger supply, the consumer pays less shipping. Since the product is guaranteed, the consumer may send all of the unopened product back for a full refund as long as the refund is requested within 14 days of the initial order date of the product.

Purchasing bottles individually averages to about $3.17 per day. This is a little bit expensive. However, the 3 month supply averages around $2.67 per day. This is a better price range. The 6 month supply is about $2.11 per day. This is actually a very good deal for such products. It would actually be best to order the larger supply since the product is guaranteed. This also saves money on shipping compared to buying individual bottles.






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