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NO2 Core Review – Are You Looking for a Product That Will Take Your Workouts to the Next Level?

What Is NO2 Core?

This supplement is designed to enhance athletic performance by improving endurance and reducing the recovery time. These benefits ultimately help to increase the bodybuilder’s or athlete’s muscle mass over a shorter time period than would be possible if he were working out without taking supplements. This supplement also has a great benefit for those who are older and are looking to get in shape.

This supplement acts primarily as a testosterone booster. This is the primary male hormone that affects muscle growth. An increase in testosterone means that the athlete will feel an increase in energy and workout time. Testosterone also takes mart is spurring muscle recovery and increasing the man’s need to work out.

The ingredients in NO2 Core are all-natural. They are mostly made up of branched chain amino acids. The specific amino acids used in this supplement are detailed below, but their function is essentially the same. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of DNA and are key to all major bodily functions, including muscle growth and maintenance.

The supplement itself comes in bottles of 60 pills. These pills are meant to be taken twice daily before a workout or meals. When taken before workouts, they should be taken two hours before starting in order to feel the full effects during the workouts. When taken with meals, the supplement’s ingredients help to increase absorption of the nutrients of those meals. The pills are not taken orally; rather they are dissolved in water before ingestion.



This product is produced by the company Sobe Nutrition, which is based out of Boca Raton Florida. This company both manufactures and distributes NO2 Core, and serves as the main worldwide hub of the supplement. The company has an extensive policy for customer care and always tries to ensure the best experience for its customers.

Sobe Nutrition’s distribution center operates out of Miami, Florida and delivers nationwide. It takes all measures to guarantee a secure transaction in order to maintain an upstanding reputation. The company sells itself on being an expert in food supplements, and NO2 Core would be its crowning achievement.

The manufacturer is a relatively small company; however, meaning it has not received much media recognition in the past. Despite this, its supplements are clinically tested and manufactured in the same place as the company. All customer service inquiries are also directly answered by the company itself.


How NO2 Core Works?

This supplement takes advantage of the functions of amino acids and other natural ingredients and their interactions with muscle tissue. NO2 Core is taken before the workout for maximum impact. The body uses its ingredients to boost testosterone levels, which ultimately increases performance by giving the user more energy.

The increase in testosterone also helps to increase overall blood flow and push blood to the muscle fibers so they can get more nutrients faster. This means the athlete will be getting more out of his workouts, and the improvement curve is sharply cut so gains are made faster. The increase in blood flow also improves overall muscle definition.

The testosterone boost also helps burn body fat due to the increased energy. The body stores fat for energy; this means that a hardworking bodybuilder who is using this supplement will burn fat faster. Over time, the fat loss will be more noticeable as the bodybuilder appears more toned and muscular overall.

Finally, this product helps to boost libido as well. The increase in testosterone works as a natural aphrodisiac which positively affects the user. The increase in blood flow also affects performance in bed and helps boost stamina.


Ingredients of NO2 Core

NO2 Core contains all-natural ingredients, many of which already naturally occur in the body as well. These ingredients are specially formulated for a pre-workout supplement to help increase performance during the workout as well as recovery following the workout. The ingredients are as follows:

Tongkat Ali

This is a plant whose root has been used for centuries in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In those countries, it has a wide variety of uses for an endless list of ailments, mostly digestive. However, as part of a supplement, this root is used as a testosterone booster. Given this, it is the primary actor in NO2 Core. The root works by increasing blood circulation along with stamina and energy. Following its introduction to the bloodstream, it causes the veins to dilate and allow more blood to pump through.


This is naturally occurring amino acid that is produced by the body. The body uses it to process the protein Creatine and other proteins. Because of this, L-Arginine is great for helping muscles grow as a higher dose will make the body process proteins faster and turn them into muscle mass. This amino acid is essential, meaning the body needs it to function normally.


Citrulline is usually produced by the body in a process that is started by L-Arginine. In this process, Citrulline synthesizes with Arginine to produce Nitric Oxide. This compound is then used by the body to increase blood flow. Because of this, in addition to Arginine earlier use, Citrulline works with Arginine to help improve the transportation of nutrients to the muscles.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This extract is another centuries-old medicine that has been used by various Native American tribes, including the Mayans. The extract has been historically used to treat various stomach conditions, but recently research has placed importance on its effects in recovery from illnesses. This is important to bodybuilding, as the saw palmetto helps improve muscle recovery as well as fatigue that affect the bodybuilder as he is working out.


Magnesium is a mineral that occurs naturally in the body. Its primary benefits are the effects it has on aging and stress. Like Saw Palmetto Extract, it works to combat fatigue and improve recovery. It is an essential mineral that a normal American rarely ingests, as such, taking it as a supplement can create a vital source of this nutrient.


Like Magnesium, Zinc is a mineral that is used by the body for a variety of functions. Also like the other mineral, Zinc is not usually consumed at the required amounts. Zinc has a vital role in helping in muscle repair and maintenance. This means that Zinc is helpful for post-workout when taken before the workout has started. It maintains the muscle before the workout, and then helps to grow the muscle afterwards.

Vitamin B6

The final important ingredient is the well-known Vitamin B6. This vitamin is included in many supplements due to its proven benefits in improving energy and wakefulness. The vitamin is also rarely consumed outside of supplementation, meaning taking NO2 Core will have the added benefit of increasing B6 intake. The inclusion of this vitamin means the bodybuilder can work out longer and will have the energy to do so.



The main advantages of taking this supplement comes from its supreme formula that helps increase blood flow, energy, and testosterone. This group of benefits is the perfect combination to a more fulfilling workout. This is especially true for bodybuilders.

Many bodybuilders are familiar with the dreaded plateau, which is that moment when workouts no longer seem beneficial. During this time, the bodybuilder reports no real gains despite the fact that he is improving reps and weight as well as going to the gym regularly. As soon as the plateau comes along, it seems like all hope is lost.

NO2 Core helps to charge past the plateau. The energy boost means that the bodybuilder or athlete will be working out longer. The testosterone boost gives the bodybuilder the needed confidence and helps to grow muscles to become stronger faster. Finally, the increases in blood flow increases metabolism, burning off fat faster and helping grow muscles quicker.

This product has ingredients for all steps of the workout process. That means it should be taken before, when energy and motivation are most needed to get into the workout. During the workout it helps repair muscles and reduces muscle fatigue. Finally, after the workout, it continues muscle repair while reducing stress, improving resting levels to get ready for tomorrow’s workout.



The supplement has a few certificates that particularly stand out. First off, it is made of all-natural ingredients, which means it is relatively free of allergens and the contents already occur naturally in the body, albeit at much lower levels. The supplement increases those nutrients that normally are not efficient in the body, especially for a bodybuilder whose body is always growing.

Second, the product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This shows the company’s commitment to their product and the improvement of this product. This is the dedication of Sobe Nutrition to help their customers leave happy and continue to work out with the benefits they have specially formulated.

Finally, this supplement is made completely in the United States. This means there are no ingredients that are left unchecked or production methods that go uninspected. The United States guarantee means this company and its product are used to support the country in every step of its manufacturing.



For months I was dealing with a sudden fall in my workout performance. Whenever I went to the gym, I was too tired to finish my full routine and sometimes even left early. That’s when I started looking online for something to pick me up and help me work out. That’s when I found NO2 Core. This amazing supplement helped me get my workouts in order again. I found myself full of energy in and out of the gym. The testosterone boost had me making progress that I’d never experienced before. I even sometimes found myself staying late at the gym without meaning to!

– Alex, 36, Dallas, Texas, United States

I knew I was getting older and that meant I would really have to start working on my body. In order to help myself, I started heading to the gym. Getting started at the gym was really tough, I didn’t realize my body was a lot weaker than it was when I was younger. I got to reading online and found out that as men age, testosterone starts to fall. I decided to try and reverse that process by taking supplements. NO2 Core was my answer. With this supplement, I started getting to the gym and feeling like I was 22 again, it was really great.

– Paul, 45, St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

After leaving college I found myself with a lot more time on my hands, given that my job is mostly me on the computer at home. Knowing the risks of an unhealthy lifestyle that can be linked to doing home office, I decided to get active. That’s when I got into bodybuilding. It was honestly embarrassing to start because all the other guys at the gym were so much bigger than me. I was scrawny. I needed a way to make gains fast and make up the gap between my gym buddies. Taking NO2 Core, I started getting past my bigger buddies at the gym, it was awesome! Eventually, I started getting big and had to buy all new clothes. This supplement really helped me push myself to get active!

– Stuart, 23, Norman, Oklahoma, United States

My coach wanted me to get bigger for football, and I wasn’t sure how. I had been doing everything from hardcore workout sessions to a specially chosen diet meant for muscle growth. Nothing was working. I didn’t want to get kicked out of the team, so I decided to try out a supplement I saw online. NO2 Core delivered immediate results and helped me push past my normal limits. These little pills not only affected my gym workout, but also my game. I could move faster and make quicker decisions out on the field. They were perfect and my coach is happy with the results.

– Lance, 21, San Diego, California, United States


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has not gained any awards or recognition as of yet, although this is not necessarily a bad thing. Most supplements that have won awards are usually fads that come and go. Sobe Nutrition is a small and independent country. This company has no need to push itself into the spotlight because it has a loyal consumer base that is happy with its product and excellent customer service.

The manufacturer also works hard to make NO2 Core a specially formulated product that delivers results. This means the all-natural ingredients are guaranteed by Sobe Nutrition. Bodybuilders will take this product happy with the results they achieve and the boost in testosterone they need to work hard.


Money-back Guarantee

Sobe Nutrition primarily issues refunds to customers who have been victims of fraud and unauthorized transactions. These refunds include all shipping and handling charges related to the product. However, if a customer is unsatisfied with the product, they may issue a refund request by mail or telephone. The telephone line is available 9 AM to 9PM eastern time, 7 days a week. Shipping and handling is not refundable, however.

Refunds are made by way of a form that is sent to the customer via e-mail. This refund form will be filled out and sent back to the manufacturer with the product itself. As soon as the product arrives to the manufacturer, the refund will be processed. The customer can contact the telephone line for refund inquiries; however, he should allow time for the product to reach its destination.

Once confirmed by the customer service agent, the refund will be processed. The time it takes for the refund to be reflected on the client’s account depends on the credit card company itself. This can take anywhere from a few days to a full month. If there is a problem with the refund, the customer should first call their card provider before calling customer service.



Depending on where the customer lives, shipping can cost anywhere from $0.95 to $8.95. Orders are shipped within two business days, from Monday to Friday. All shipments are made using the United States Postal Service First Class shipping. Shipments are not sent on weekends or holidays and it should be noted that Sobe Nutrition does not guarantee a specific time or date that the package will arrive. If a free trial has been ordered, the delivery time is subtracted from the total trial period.

Despite the 2 to 3 day shipping time, customers should allow between 2 and 3 weeks for delivery. This is due to two factors. The first factor is the relative distance from the shipping location, which is located in Miami, Florida. It also accounts for any delays on the part of the shipper, especially due to bad weather or other problems. If the customer has not received their product after 3 weeks, he should contact the manufacturer to have it resent.


Customer Support

Sobe Nutrition Inc. maintains two methods of communication for customer support. The first is by their toll free customer care line at 1-800-954-1229, available from 9 AM to 9 PM EST every day of the week. Customer care representatives are well-educated on the supplement and can answer any questions that the customer may have about the product. This line is also used for any inquiries regarding billing.

The second method of contacting the company is through regular mail. This communication is specifically for returns and not any lines of inquiry, which is reserved for the telephone line. All returns must be made with the required return form. There are usually no replies that are made by mail after a return and the customer should call the customer service line directly. This call should be made after a period that has allowed the returned product to make it to their destination.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All checkouts are put under various security methods to ensure a secure and verified transaction. These security methods use three separate layers software. The first is McAfee Secure, which helps to scan for any viruses or malware that might be getting into the transaction to steal credit card information. ScanAlert Hacker Safe is a guarantee that Sobe Nutrition’s servers are secured from hackers that might want to get into the company’s private information. Finally, VeriSign Trust Network is used to verify the customer’s identity in order to prevent any cases of fraud.

With all this security, the occurrence of fraud or theft is rare. Given this rarity, Sobe Nutrition guarantees a full refund to anyone has been the victim of fraudulent activity as a result of a transaction made on their website. This refund includes the shipping and handling costs. There is also a $1.00 authentication charge to prevent fraud, which is immediately voided after the transaction has been completed.


Pricing & Free Trial

All transactions are made in United States dollars and the customer should account for any exchange rates regarding international transactions, including shipping and handling. Without shipping costs, the monthly supply of NO2 Core is costs $89.95. This includes a monthly subscription that is part of a membership program, as one bottle of this supplement lasts the user one month if taken properly.

Signing up for the subscription comes with a 14 day trial period that includes 10 supplement pills. The free trial does not include shipping and handling costs. The subscription can be canceled if the customer is not satisfied with the effects of the supplement, although Sobe Nutrition is very confident in the performance of its product.

Comparatively, this 14 day trial period is short. However, the pills usually take effect within a few hours of taking the first dose. The customer should note that the time it takes for the free trial pills to make it to their destination is part of the trial period itself. This means that if it takes 2 days for the pills to arrive, there are 12 days left in the trial period.






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