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NO2 Black by MRI Performance Review – Something More Than a Typical NO2 Booster?

What Is NO2 Black?

NO2 Black is a nitric oxide booster for the serious athlete. Unlike traditional arginine-based nitric oxide supplements, this product combines multiple cutting-edge technologies to help you build muscle, have better endurance, and increase nutrient uptake.

This product combines Nobel-Prize-winning research with all-new improvements to give you the pre-workout boost of a lifetime. It does have an especially important advantage over your standard NO2 boosters, though – time release technology. This helps stop that mid-workout (or end-of-workout) crash. Additionally, it supports faster recovery, making it an excellent all-purpose supplement. It comes in easy-to-take caplet form, too.



NO2 Black is manufactured by MRI Performance, short for Medical Research Institute. This company, as the name suggests, manufactures high-quality strength training products whose efficacy is based in medical research. MRI is endorsed by many high-profile strength athletes and professional bodybuilders. This company keeps up with research trends and works to better even the most time-honored athletic traditions. In the case of this product, MRI took a successful formula and made it even more powerful. This company and its laboratories create individual products and product stacks for those who constantly seek to better themselves and their performance.


How NO2 Black Works?

NO2 Black works on four different levels: (1) It is based in Nobel Prize winning research that discovered the benefits of NO2, (2) it has unique time-release technology, (3) it includes a peptide fraction that promotes nitric oxide synthase, thus supporting nitric oxide levels in the body, and (4) it includes alpha-lipoic acid to boost insulin sensitivity, thereby improving your ability to use nutrients.

First, many people were thrilled to learn that, in the late 90s, scientific research confirmed what fitness enthusiasts have known for years: that nitric oxide is a powerful way to boost athletic performance. The research that won the Nobel Prize found that supplementing with L-arginine can help to boost levels of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide (or NO2) increases blood flow to muscles. This has a number of health benefits. Because the increased blood flow makes your muscles fuller, it increases your ability to lift heavier. Say hello to bigger, better muscle pumps! But its benefits are not limited to strength training. As we all know, blood delivers oxygen to tissues, so improved circulation means better oxygen delivery. This is very helpful for both cardio and strength training. Plus, blood carries nutrients, so you can benefit more fully from nutrition. This ensures that muscles are well-nourished, thus promoting faster recovery and less soreness.

Second, this new incarnation of a fitness favorite includes pHylex9, a new time-release technology. This technology was created by MRI Performance, and it prevents the supplement from hitting you all at once. If you typically log long hours at the gym, you’ll likely appreciate the time-release element of this supplement – you can enjoy sustained energy and muscle pumps.

Third, NO2 Black supports the production of nitric oxide synthase, which is a peptide in the body that catalyzes the production of nitric oxide. This way, your body is primed to synthesize even more nitric oxide, thus giving you the maximum benefits of blood flow, tissue oxygenation, and nourishment.

Fourth, the inclusion of alpha-lipoic acid is one way that MRI has found to make this supplement even more useful as both a pre-workout and a recovery supplement. This ingredient increases insulin sensitivity, making it so you can more efficiently use your nutrients. This means you get better energy from the foods you eat, as well as maximum recovery benefit from post-workout protein supplements. Alpha-lipoic acid is sometimes used to treat metabolic disorders, which gives you a sense of how it can be helpful when it comes to getting maximum mileage out of your nutrition.

Essentially, this product is a classic with a few important new twists. These upgrades bring you the maximum benefit possible from your NO2, your workout, and your nutrition. In order for it to work best, the manufacturer advises you to take it with at least 64 ounces of water a day. You also are advised to take two servings per day – one 30 minutes before breakfast, and another 30 minutes before lunch. For women up to 125 pounds, each serving is two caplets. For women over 125 pounds, a serving is three caplets. For men up to 200 pounds, a serving is four caplets, and for men over 200 pounds, each serving is five caplets. You may need to adjust your serving size depending on your needs and tolerance. For best results, and to keep muscles nourished at all times, it is important to take this supplement very day, even on rest days.


Ingredients of NO2 Black

For a supplement this powerful, NO2 Black has relatively few ingredients. Below is a listing of each one and what it contributes to this supplement:

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, A-AKG – This ingredient has a host of benefits for the active person. First, it is a precursor to the synthesis of nitric oxide. Without it, your body will have trouble creating enough nitric oxide. After all, you need the building blocks for any given compound you expect your body to make.

A-AKG is also extremely valuable because it works to burn off waste products from exercise, like ammonia. When waste products are quickly cleared, it delays fatigue, making it easier to exercise harder for longer periods of time.

This supplement also can boost levels of insulin by about 20 to 30 percent. This is because L-arginine, when used to produce nitric oxide, will dilate blood vessels, thus allowing for increased nutrient delivery. It is important to note that, since the vessels dilate, blood flow is increased without increasing blood pressure, as heightened blood pressure can make strength training risky.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid – This amino acid is synthesized by animals and plants alike. It helps to destroy free radicals, and it also increases sensitivity to insulin. This amino acid is useful for helping extract maximum energy from foods, and it works alongside B vitamins to do so. Because of its ability to destroy free radicals and thus minimize cell damage, it is believed to protect brain and nervous tissue. It is sometimes used to treat diabetic neuropathy and related conditions. This supplement is available separately, but by combining it with the rest of the ingredients in NO2 Black, you are able to save yourself time and money.

Actinos CFM Nitro P, Whey Peptide Fraction – This peptide fraction, which was created by MRI Performance, is designed to help promote the body’s creation of nitric oxide synthase, or NOS. The NOS peptide is responsible for directing the body to create nitric oxide, and it is thus a crucial factor in keeping nitric oxide levels up.



This is a supplement that has a number of advantages for strength exercise, cardio, general nutrition, and more. One major benefit is its ability to oxygenate tissues. We all use oxygen during exercise and throughout our daily lives. When oxygen is readily available in larger quantities to your muscles, it logically follows that your capacity to perform aerobic exercise is greatly increased. This can increase your endurance in both cardio and strength training.

NO2 Black is useful for creating better muscle pumps at the gym and for helping users to feel pumped up through the day. Muscles with better blood flow are better nourished, and this nourishment supports gains and the ability to lift harder. Just as creatine (which supports water retention in the muscles) causes them to swell, becoming better lubricated and capable of lifting more, this supplement reduces risk of injury and makes it easier to lift bigger weights. We all know that lifting harder leads to more gains, so this is just one of the myriad ways this supplement supports increased strength and mass. It also leads to firmer, fuller muscles, which can boost anyone’s sense of confidence and well-being – not to mention motivation for getting even stronger.

The time-release technology in this supplement is a major advantage that it has over simpler NO2 boosters. The time release technology helps to support you throughout your workout and throughout the day. Because the vessel-dilating effect will last longer, it also will help your muscles to be nourished throughout the day. This supports recovery.

This supplement, unlike basic arginine-only supplements, supports NO2 levels in multiple ways. You get precursor compounds that the body can convert to NO2, but you also get the synthase that pushes the body to create more NO2 and keep levels up throughout the day.

This supplement’s ability to increase insulin sensitivity is a great benefit, as we all want to extract maximum benefit from nutrition. Even if you are operating at a calorie deficit as part of a cutting cycle or to try and drop fat, this supplement can help you operate with better energy and to efficiently use your nutrients. Plus, because of this supplement’s ability to nourish muscles effectively, more nutrients will be delivered to muscle tissue and fewer will be stored as fat.

Plus, because this supplement can block free radicals, it has the benefit of an anti-aging supplement, too. Protection against cell damage is always a good thing, and you get it as an added benefit of this supplement.



While this fairly new supplement has not won any particular certificates, it is worth noting that it is based on sound medical research dating back to the Nobel Prize winning research that confirmed the exercise benefits of L-arginine supplementation. NO2 Black adds more new research to that initial discovery.



Before you purchase a supplement, especially if no free trials are available, it can be useful to hear from those who have used it successfully in the past. Here are the words of some fitness enthusiasts who use and love NO2 Black as their main source of nitric oxide:

Jake, 23, Greensboro, NC:

When I first graduated from college, I realized i wasn’t too satisfied with how I looked. I wasn’t really fat, but I wanted to drop fat and build muscle. As I’d been getting older, though, I realized that I was getting more fatigued and having trouble holding my own at the gym. So I tried some drugstore pre-workouts. They were ok, but then I read about NO2 Black on a fitness forum. Based on the word of the people on there, I decided to give it a shot. And boy, as I thankful! I instantly felt better. I could lift more and lift harder. But the best thing was that I wasn’t just energized at the gym – I had awesome energy all day. I would recommend taking a picture of yourself each week when you take this so you can see how you change. It’s a great motivator and lets you see how far you’ve come.

Robbie, 31, New York NY:

I guess 30 isn’t old, but once I hit that mark I knew it was time for a change. I sort of aimlessly researched supplements for awhile before settling on this one. As someone who cares about pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, I saw that this had some really solid science behind it. And now I have some solid gains behind me. I want to go into bodybuilding, and this is helping me start that journey off on the right foot. 10/10 would recommend.

Donovan, 43, Fargo, ND:

I sort of set myself up for disappointment by expecting change right off. I got frustrated in the first few weeks and wanted to give up, but then it was like a breakthrough. So much energy! I feel like I must’ve been deficient in some of the ingredients in here, just based on how great I felt after taking it for awhile. I can bench a new PR almost every few weeks, which for an old guy like me is rally incredible! I’ve recommended it to all my gym buddies and hope it helps them out too.

Bob, 21, Kansas City, MO:

Regular nitric oxide boosters used to cut it, but in the last couple of years I’ve upped my weights on just about everything, and I’ve stepped up my cardio warmups to burn more fat. I started getting more tired in the middle of my workouts, and that’s bad news bears. So I decided to find a stronger nitric oxide booster. And boy, did I find it in this one! No more mid-workout sleepies. Glad this is now in my supplement arsenal. I stack it with creatine and that seems to work well.


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has not received much media coverage, though it has been discussed and analyzed, as well as reviewed favorably, in many bodybuilding and fitness forums.


Money-back Guarantee

Because MRI Performance stands behind its products, it offers a 100 percent money back guarantee. It is important to note that this guarantee may vary depending on where you make your purchase – be sure to inquire before making a purchase if you are uncertain as to whether you will be satisfied with your product.



Depending on where you make your purchase, shipping may vary. MRI Performance will ship your order free when you order direct. If you are ordering from outside of the United States, there may be additional shipping fees.


Customer Support

MRI Performance stands behind the supplements it manufactures, and this company is committed to helping you get the most out of its products. If you have questions or concerns, you may contact MRI by live chat, phone, e-mail, or mail. Fitness experts are on hand to answer your questions, and these experts are knowledgeable about all of MRI’s products. Whether you have already purchased NO2 Black or want to ask whether it is a good choice for you, MRI’s agents are here to help you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you make a purchase from MRI, you can be assured that checkout is 100 percent safe and secure. Plus, this is a company that values its customers, so your information will not be sold, leased, given away, or used to send spam to your inbox.


NO2 Black Pricing

This supplement is a bit more expensive than your average NO2 boost, but you can save more when you buy in larger quantities. Typically, a bottle of 180 caplets will retail for $44.65, while a larger bottle of 300 caplets will retail for just under $69.98. The price per serving will vary, as depending on your size and gender, you may need between four and 10 caplets per day. One retailer estimates cost per serving to be about 70 cents, though this will of course vary based on your individual needs.






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