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Nitro X Pro Review – Is This Supplement Designed for Long Workouts?

What Is Nitro X Pro?

Nitro X Pro Xtreme Nitric Oxide Formula is an advanced pre-workout supplement designed to enhance energy, strength, and endurance during workouts. The unique formula combines world-class ingredients to promote the development of lean muscle, helping bodybuilders work harder, longer, and more effectively to get the pumped-up muscle look they are working for, faster than ever. Formulated in Germany, this product spread quickly to the United States and has become increasingly well-recognized among bodybuilding professionals and enthusiasts alike. Used as a complement to a regulated diet and gym routine, the formula has helped many to achieve tangible results in a short amount of time.

The product comes packaged in the form of dietary capsules. Fast and easy to swallow, these pills support the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles by providing a key nutrient to enhance the exercise process: nitric oxide. Unlike other pre-workout supplements, the unique combination of several laboratory-tested ingredients allows for not only increased energy and stamina but also promotes increased mental alertness on the gym floor and faster muscle recovery times. Created from all-natural ingredients without synthetic fillers, the formula is also safe to use and has no negative side effects. Promoted in Men’s Health, BBC, GQ, Maxim, and Men’s Fitness and used by some of the world’s best athletes, the uniquely effective formula has quickly become in high demand.



Nitro-X ProSeries is manufactured by Nitro X Pro of Germany. This manufacturer also manufactures the well-known T-Force testosterone booster. The company has become well-respected among professional athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts for providing quality products and using safe, natural ingredients. Providing 30-day money-back guarantees, the manufacturer ensures product satisfaction and expedient shipping to all of their customers. Customer service representatives are available online and over the phone most days of the week to assist customers, despite the recent influx of orders.

While the manufacturer is based in Germany, the product itself usually ships from the UK. Nonetheless, the manufacturer promises shipment within 48 hours of receiving the order and delivery within 10 business days. Customers reviewing the product online generally report a positive experience working with the manufacturer, both in terms of shipping times and the customer service. Friendly customer support and flexible representatives ensure a positive customer experience.


How Nitro X Pro Works?

Nitro X Pro promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles by increasing blood flow. This is accomplished when amino acids A-AKG and A-KIC stimulate nitrogen production and catalyze the release of nitrogen throughout the body. This reaction relaxes the smooth muscle around blood vessels and allows for the expansion of the inner arterial walls, permitting greater blood flow. As more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flows to the muscles, strength and endurance are improved while fatigue is reduced. This allows for longer and more efficient workout sessions with a higher energy threshold.

But the unique formula doesn’t stop with increased blood flow. The formula increases its effectiveness through its three ingredient trifecta of amino acids, L-Arginine, and L-citrulline. While the amino acids promote the metabolism of nitrogen and promote strength and energy, L-Arginine increases the body’s natural concentration of Human Growth Hormone, enabling larger muscle growth. Finally, L-citrulline boosts energy and mental focus, allowing you to stay motivated and alert. The unique combination of ingredients ensures maximum performance in the gym and provides an edge over other pre-workout formulas.


Ingredients of Nitro X Pro

Nitro X Pro uses entirely safe, high-quality, natural ingredients, without any synthetic additives. All ingredients are laboratory tested for effectiveness and safety, and the final product is formulated under the supervision of experts to ensure 100% safety. Powerful nutrients and antioxidants are extracted from natural sources like the noni fruit and brought to the user in a convenient capsule form. The main active ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-citrulline
  • Amino acids

Arginine is found naturally in fruits, nuts, meat, and dairy, but in this product is collected in a more concentrated form without the extra calories. Likewise, L-citrulline is found in very small amounts in dairy, poultry, and seafood, but in this product the natural ingredient is plentiful. It is the combination of these ingredients which creates a powerful nitrogen-producing reaction in the body. Enzymes in the cells of the body convert L-Arginine to nitric acid and citrulline. Citrulline is then recycled back into arginine, creating nitric oxide in a powerful loop and enabling maximum production. The entire reaction is safe and occurs naturally in the body, but this unique formula simply ensures the body’s natural processes receive the proper fuels they need to perform optimally.



The results of the lab studies show substantial benefits for groups using Nitro X Pro pre-workout supplement over the placebo groups performing the same exercises. Benefits included:

  • 52% increase in muscle definition
  • 35% increase in muscle performance
  • 42% better muscle pumps

Aside from the impressive performance metrics, there are other benefits which this unique formula holds over other nitric oxide (N.O.) supplements, including:

  • All-natural ingredients with no side-effects
  • Doctor-approved formula
  • Improved mental focus and energy
  • Faster recovery times due to proper nutrient delivery
  • Improved long-term cardiovascular health
  • Superior, longer-lasting muscle pumps
  • Longer sustained results—no “noob gains” or petering off
  • Improved confidence and self-image
  • A strong reputation among bodybuilders



Nitro X Pro is a Certified Product of Germany, a certification which requires that the manufacturer’s product meet all applicable safety requirements and quality standards. This is in accordance with the quality assurance criteria specified by that country’s contracts, regulations, and specifications. Customers can be assured that these safety requirements have been tested by an accredited third party and are subject to regular audits. This formula and other nutrition supplements do not require approval from the FDA, as they are not drugs or medicines intended for the cure of any disease.

The brand has been frequently recommended by doctors and health professionals for its safe, natural ingredients and health benefits. Ever since nitroglycerin was first prescribed for heart conditions, physicians have known of the benefits of nitric oxide to the arteries and heart. Nitric oxide prevents the buildup of clots and platelets on artery walls by dilating the arteries and improves blood circulation and promotes cardiovascular health in general. Comprised of only safe ingredients, this natural formula is recommended by health professionals more than any other pre-workout supplement. Finally, the product has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, accepting returns on and providing money back for any product with which the customer is not pleased within a 30 day period.



I am tired of inefficient workouts and seeing my friends have good results while my muscles stay the same. I heard about Nitro X Pro and T-Force from my fitness teacher several months ago, and since I began to use this supplement, everything changed. When I use Nitro X Pro before my workout, I have energy throughout the workout and recover exceptionally fast after exercise. My muscles have continuously been growing for the past four months I have been taking the pills, and I feel great. Aside from the benefits in the gym, I would say that my overall well-being has improved.

– Anton, 30 years old, using product for four months.

I have never gained muscle very quickly, despite working as hard as anybody in the gym. I would put in long hours with minimal gains. I had resigned myself to a weak frame until I read about Nitro X Pro on the internet. I decided to try it, and I could not be more satisfied with my results. I am finally seeing gains proportionate to the work I invest in the gym, and the girls have noticed too.

– Jason, 24 years old, using product for five months.

Sometime in my mid-thirties, I noticed I was starting to pack on some extra weight in my midsection. Not content to let my body and health slip, I started hitting the gym again, but soon realized I just didn’t have the energy and explosive force that I did in college. Nitro X Pro has helped me get my edge back, and today I can say I have not only lost belly fat but put on more muscle mass than I had even in college! My wife loves the changes she has seen, and so do I.

– Jerry, 45 years old, using product for seven months.

I started working out because I had always been known as the ‘fat kid’ in my friends group. When I first hit the gym, I saw great gains! But after the first two months, the gains decreased more and more and I still had quite a bit of flab on my stomach. Nitro X Pro helped me break through my plateau! After four months of using it, I am still noticing major results.

– Ben, age 25, using product for four months.


Awards & Media Coverage

Nitro X Pro has been featured in various magazines and television networks, including such high-profile sources as Men’s Health, BBC, GQ, Maxim, and Men’s Fitness. Furthermore, the product has been promoted by numerous professional athletes and bodybuilders. Diverse users have tested their experiences using the product and have documented their results online in blogs and websites, with overwhelmingly positive recommendations. Some may be justified in thinking that the results described online and by the media are too good to be true. However, the sheer number of different testimonies arising from satisfied users online continues to support the manufacturer’s claims and laboratory test results.

The recent buzz about the product and its availability outside of Germany has caused demand to skyrocket beyond current supply. However, the manufacturer is working hard to get more product on the shelves soon. Various third party sites have promoted the product and sold it at a much higher cost than it is available from the official product website. However, the official product website remains the best source for purchasing the product, providing occasional deals and discounts when the product is back in their inventories.


Money-back Guarantee

The product manufacturer provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, accepting returns and refunds in the event that a customer is dissatisfied with the product. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the product, simply return the unused portion, along with any unopened bottles, in the original packaging within 37 days of receipt. The company allows time for shipping. Customers will be refunded 100% of the purchase price, excluding shipping costs. Even special offers securing multiple doses of the product are subject to the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so long as the unused portion is returned.

Customer service operatives are waiting online and over the phone Monday through Friday to receive questions about the product, shipment, and returns. The company promises expedient shipping to the US and elsewhere. The money-back guarantee has allowed many people the comfort to experiment with how this product works for them. While 90% of users report being satisfied with their results, it is obviously not possible to satisfy 100% of users, and results will vary based on body type and workout routine. The 10% who have been dissatisfied with the product have reported a seamless return process, however, with friendly customer service.



All products ship from Viamedia One LTD, 1 & 2 Heritage Park, Hayes Way, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7LT, United Kingdom. Orders are shipped within 48 working hours, and most orders arrive within 3-4 business days. However, arrival times may vary based on shipment destination, and some orders may take up to 10 business days. In accordance with the EU Distance Selling Act, you have the right to cancel your order free of charge within 7 days of receipt of goods. If you have opened your goods but are dissatisfied, you can still return them for a full refund within 37 days of receipt.

Orders are shipped in a plain package, and the packaging does not contain any identification of the contents of the package. This product can only be purchased online, but the official product website has an entirely secure encrypted checkout process. Customers online have reported timely deliveries and good packaging, with undamaged products. Very few customers have reported waiting longer than ten business days for their product, including customers in the US.


Customer Support

Customer service representatives are available online and over the free Germany-based telephone hotline at 0800 723 6806 Monday—Friday from 9:00—17:00. Customer representatives can also be contacted by email in German or English. The customer service email is available on the official product website. Questions can also be “snail-mailed” to Viamedia One LTD, 1 & 2 Heritage Park, Hayes Way, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7LT, United Kingdom. Returns are processed at Newstel House, 10 Payne Street, Glasgow G4 0LF, United Kingdom.

Customers online have reported very positive experiences working with the manufacturer and the friendly customer support. Those few reviewers who were not satisfied with the product reported that they did receive their money back in a timely fashion without delay or bargaining. Even orders for multiple installments of the product and orders shipped to foreign countries have been returned without hassle. Inquiries sent to the company email are dealt with and responded to in a timely fashion. Overall, customer service ratings for the company are quite high, and the company has a good reputation among reviewers.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Some customers have concerns with online money transactions on the product website. However, the manufacturer promises an entirely secure online checkout, with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is currently the safest and most common data transmission method on the internet. This ensures that all personal information such as name, address, and credit card number are securely encrypted.

Furthermore, the manufacturer promises that no personal information is stored beyond the transaction unless the customer specifies. No personal information is ever shared with or sold to third parties, including name, email, or other personal information. Various forms of electronic payment are accepted, including MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, PayPal, and GiroPay. The online store is easy to manage, the HTTPS sign is clearly visible, and secure checkout is guaranteed by trusted companies VeriSign, GeoTrust, and TRUSTe. Customers have also reported a smooth checkout process with no difficulties.



A single 60-capsule bottle of is currently going for around 49.99€ on the official website, but users report that regular coupons can be found. One user reports buying his products for as low as 19.99€ per bottle using coupons from the official website and other providers. The real savings come with bulk buying options, however. The site regularly offers a Coupon for 50% off three bottles with the third bottle free. Also regularly available is the 67% off six bottles with three bottles free option. Buying in bulk assures zero interruption of dosing even if the stocks in the warehouses drop due to popular demand again.

Users shopping for this product keep an eye out for regular deals and coupons from the official website and elsewhere. However, users should make sure that all coupons are redeemed at the official website as third party vendors tend to drastically increase the price. Buying in bulk is a good option to prevent shortages and ensure a constant supply. A 30-day money back guarantee ensures that users are satisfied with their investment.






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