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What Is Nitro X Boost?

Nitro X Boost is a pre-workout dietary supplement designed to raise nitric oxide levels in men for optimized workout performance. It promises to naturally elevate strength, energy, power and endurance levels to help men get the most out of every training session, helping them to pack on lean muscle mass quickly. This product features an all-natural ingredient list with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline as active ingredients. It is intended as a dietary supplement to be taken daily in combination with an excellent training program and a healthy diet. It is developed and manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility in Santa Ana, CA.

This nitric oxide booster is engineered specifically for healthy adult males. It is geared toward any man who wants to redesign his body to sculpt and define hard, lean muscle mass and definition. It is also popular among professional weightlifters, bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts. It has been equally popular among, and is equally geared toward, athletes who are seeking a safe, herbal performance enhancer to boost their sports capabilities. It is sold and distributed online to men all over the world.



Nitro X Boost is manufactured by a company titled NO Boost. This merchant’s corporate headquarters are located in Santa Ana, CA. NO Boost is an experienced merchant that sells a variety of health and fitness products and services online, and has for years. Unfortunately, there is very little information about the company online. NO Boost does not include any company history on the product website, nor does it offer an official website of its own.

NO Boost may want to give its customer base a better idea of its philosophy and company history in order to help it become more informed. Doing so would likely be a benefit not only to company revenue but to consumers as well. Since consumers are less likely to purchase from a company that appears less established, or of whom little information is available online, it may facilitate greater trust in buyers to be able to know more about the product developer.


How Nitro X Boost Works?

This anabolic supplement works by utilizing an organic formula blend of vitamins and amino acids that stimulates the breakdown of proteins into amino acids and then delivers these nutrients to muscle cells. This process is called myogenesis, and begins when the capsules are taken by mouth and subsequently dissolved in the bloodstream. These amino acids also stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide, which in turn works to optimize protein ingestion for maximum muscle-building ability. Increased nitric oxide production — called vasodilation — dilates blood vessel walls, allowing for more efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue. Greater blood flow translates to more powerful pumps and quicker post-workout recovery.

Nitro X Boost also purportedly works to improve muscular response to exercise to build muscle tissue faster. This function also works to block hormones that prevent testosterone from being produced; the female hormone prolactin in one such t-blocker. By summoning the formula’s natural nitric oxide-enhancing extracts, this supplement claims to combat muscle fatigue and muscle weakness, to fight fatigue in general and to restore youthful vitality in older men who may have experienced muscle atrophy as a natural part of aging.

The manufacturer states that this product is not intended for casual dieting and must be used only as directed. Users are directed to take a tablet or two before meals and/or workouts twice daily. Best results are promised for those who maintain daily use — alongside an intense exercise regimen and a protein-rich diet — for a minimum of three months. As is always the case with any dietary aid, even organic formulas such as these, some men may experience an allergic reaction and/or a negative interaction with certain medications.


Ingredients of Nitro X Boost

This formula in this dietary supplement is comprised entirely of plants, minerals, roots, herbs and other natural extracts with no sodium or Creatine. The active ingredients in Nitro X Boost’s proprietary formula blend are L-Arginine Alphaketoglutarate, L-Arginine, L-Arginine Hydrochloride, L-Citrulline and Dipotassium Phosphate. L-Arginine Alphaketoglutarate, a.k.a. A-AKG, is an amino acid compound many bodybuilders believe helps to facilitate stronger, more effective pumps as well as to vascularity. All forms of the amino acid L-Arginine purportedly improve nutrient delivery to muscle tissue.

Dipotassium Phosphate is a water-soluble salt and popular cardio supplement. Therefore, this additive is believed to help raise energy levels for maximum thermogenic capability. This not only helps users burn more fat while in motion but also helps them burn more calories while at rest. It is also believed to be effective in increasing oxygen absorption in the blood and ramping up stamina and endurance levels. Other ingredients include Magnesium Stearate and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

L-Citrulline is another natural extract key to this product’s nitric oxide-increasing formula. This amino acid was originally extracted from the watermelon, hence the derivation of its name. It is widely believed to support the optimization of blood flow to the muscle tissues. Many bodybuilders incorporate this non-essential protein into their workout supplement regimen to reap the benefits of its anabolic properties. In fact, L-Citrulline is a precursor to the nitric oxide-producing purported powerhouse L-Arginine, meaning L-Citrulline is converted to L-Arginine in a chemical process.



Nitro X Boost promises men energy and stamina enhancement, a significant strength increase, accelerated muscle recovery and optimized muscle growth. It positions itself as a revolutionary pre-workout product with the advantage of helping users gain sculpted muscle mass while torching fat. It promises to provide a sufficient power boost to help men blaze through higher-intensity workouts for better results attained at a rapid rate. It also states its formula will provide a significant energy boost to help men get the most out of every training session. Other stated advantages include minimal muscle cramping and soreness after workouts.

This supplement also promises more sustained energy, improved focus, decreased muscle breakdown and speedier nutrient delivery. By improving blood flow to the brain as well as to the muscles, this product claims to sharpen mental alertness as well as to improve cognitive efficiency. Perhaps most importantly, this product promises a significant confidence boost. Although confidence is not necessarily a measurable trait, it stands to reason that a man who is looking and feeling his best will experience greater confidence levels.



The official Nitro X Boost website displays certificates proclaiming ‘100% satisfaction guaranteed’ and ‘100% money-back guarantee.’ This extends curious fitness buffs the opportunity to try the product out at no risk. Furthermore, it would seem to be a testament to the faith the product developer has in its effectiveness. According to the website, Nitro X Boost is the #1 pre-workout choice of serious bodybuilders and athletes, though it does not provide links or facts to back this statement up. As such, the manufacturer would be wise to provide links for increased credibility.

The product label states that this supplement was manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. This means that the manufacturer has met predetermined standards regarding manufacturing practices. Although this does not ensure full FDA approval of the registered product, it is a positive sign regarding the product developer’s manufacturing policies and procedures. Those who are experienced in choosing a quality workout supplement will likely be on the lookout for these certificates.



Nitro X Boost has worked incredibly well for me. I don’t have to rest between sets for as long as I used to, which means I can pump more iron. It’s apparent just by looking in the mirror that I am getting more stacked by the week. I mix this into my protein shake before workouts, and it works great. I look more vascular, I can do twice as many deadlifts as I could before and I feel like my workouts blaze by. – Joe C., graphic designer in Kent, WA, USA

This supp has become not just a great option but a necessity to my everyday workout routine. I have so far not experienced any negative side effects. Customer service was very knowledgeable when I called to ask a few questions about their shipping policy, and it didn’t take long at all to get to my door. I have a lot more energy now, and I feel like I’ve been getting more out of every pump. I would recommend this to any guy looking to get ripped. – Chris N., sales manager in Las Vegas, NV, USA

I could feel this stuff kick in right away. As an avid skier, I noticed that I’ve been getting tired a lot quicker after hitting the slopes, especially now that I’m in my fifties. After I started mixing Nitro X Boost into my protein shakes every day before workouts, I was able to lift heavier weights and do cross-training sessions for twice as long. Now, I even ave enough energy after I get back to the cabin to grab a cocktail with my wife and enjoy hanging out instead of hitting the hay right away. She and I appreciate not only the energy it gives me, but the muscle boost as well. – James M. S. T., athlete in Berlin, Germany

These tablets help me get through my workouts better than any other supplement I’ve tried. It doesn’t leave me jittery like some nitric oxide boosters, and I can still move my arms without cramping the next day – which is a major improvement by itself. I look the best I have in years. I feel like I’ve entered a new prime as far as physical fitness and endurance go. Without a doubt, I would recommend this to my friends and colleagues. – Stephen N., martial artist in Lincoln, NE, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Nitro X Boost has experienced an impressive wave of popularity among bodybuilding and weightlifting communities online. Although it is not known whether it has experienced any significant media coverage, it has been well-reviewed on bodybuilding forums across the web. Well-established supplement review sites online have given it similar high marks. It has also been reviewed and discussed at length on fitness video sites in many countries. Although it has not appeared on TV, radio or in any mass-media fitness magazines, it seems to be popular among supplement users.

This nitric oxide booster has not currently won any awards in its respective industry. As the website displays a 2016 copyright date, it may be that it hasn’t been on the market long enough to be eligible for such awards. Impressively, however, its manufacturer was awarded an A- by the Better Business Bureau. This means that the Better Business Bureau has indicated that this company honors its commitments and provides reliable service in the industry in which it operates. Muscle-minded consumers will likely perceive this rating to be a major boon, particularly in the field of dietary supplements.


Money-back Guarantee

Curious fitness consumers are encouraged to take advantage of Nitro X Boost’s 14-day risk-free trial. For the cost of shipping and handling only, customers may test out this product to determine whether it delivers on its promises of fast muscle-building and maximum performance. If, after the trial period, the buyer is satisfied, they must do nothing in order to be enrolled in the auto-delivery program to be auto-shipped and debited for a 30-day supply of capsules each month. Customers may cancel this membership subscription before the end of the trial date to avoid incurring any further fees. They may also contact customer service to cancel or modify an order at any time.

The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason a buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, they may contact customer service via phone or email within 30 days of the order date to obtain a Return Authorization Number, which they must then write clearly on the package and ship it back to the company’s Santa Ana, CA fulfillment facilities. Refunds are credited back to the bank account on file, and may take up to 3-5 days to appear on the customer’s statement (depending, of course, on the speed of the banking institution involved). No returns are credited to any package without a valid, clearly legible RMA number,



This manufacturer ships anywhere in the United States as well as the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and numerous Armed Forces bases all over the world. The cost of shipping and handling for a 30-day supply of Nitro X Boost is a standard $4.95. Packages are shipped the day after the order is placed. The exception is orders that are placed Saturday or Sunday, which are then shipped the very next Monday. The estimated shipping and handling period is about 4 days; customers are responsible for all return shipping charges.

All products are shipped from the company’s Santa Ana, CA corporate headquarters. Orders are shipped standard ground mail service via the United States Postal Service First Class Mail. Packages are projected to arrive within 3-5 business days. Per the company shipping policy, shipments are not sent on Saturdays, Sundays or any holidays; all projected shipping arrival dates are guesstimates only, and are not guaranteed. All in all, this merchant offers Nitro X Boost customers fair shipping and handling policies as well as rates.


Customer Support

NO Boost, the manufacturer of Nitro X Boost, provides a basic but effectively comprehensive customer service program. The first point of support contact is a toll-free 1-800 number listed on the website. Also listed is a customer service email address for the added convenience of quick communication. The company lists its corporate headquarters for snail mail correspondence and inquiries as a Santa Ana, CA physical address. Its returns department is also located in Santa Ana, CA.

Customer support hours are listed as Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. The product website customer support section makes special note of the fact that all packages returned to the company’s receiving facilities must include a valid RMA number labeled clearly on the package. For any and all return purposes, customers may contact a service representative either by phone or by email to obtain this number. Similarly, either a live representative or an online customer service member can be contacted for questions about Nitro X Boost itself, about company policies or for any reason whatsoever before committing to buy, or afterward.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The Nitro X Boost website displays several important security certificate logos including Verisign Secured, Scam Alert HackerSafe and McAfee Secure. The checkout section further assures customers of the security of their transaction system by displaying logos from Verified By Visa and Truste. Also displayed is a security certificate reading ‘Secure 128-Bit SSL Connection,’ which is an encryption technology software that is commonly used to safeguard online transactions for fitness supplement websites, and utilizes encryption techniques to encode sensitive customer data. The website is purportedly scanned daily to guard against any potential viruses or malware, keeping transactions safe and secure.

These SSL security certificates are utilized to protect customers’ personal and financial data from phishing attacks, malware, hacker attempts or any such attempted misuse. The company’s privacy policy states that it is committed to using procedural and technical safeguards to protect all personal information against loss or theft as well as unauthorized access. It further states that the site employs many different security techniques to further protect such data from unauthorized access by users both inside and outside of NO Boost. This seller has clearly taken measures to protect customers’ passwords, banking data and all personal information from potential hacking attempts or misuse.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full non-trial price for a 30-day supply of Nitro X Boost is $89.47. After a successful trial, customers who choose to remain in the auto-enrollment program will be charged the full retail price plus an additional $4.95 each month thereafter for a fresh 30-day supply of capsules. These charges will be automatically debited from the customer’s credit card on file each month. Unfortunately, the company does not offer multi-purchase discount packages; only single bottles are offered. The company accepts only Visa and MasterCard as forms of payment.

The company charges a $4.95 restocking fee per unit returned. This charge is subtracted from any returns issued. In addition, customers are responsible for paying any applicable sales tax in accordance with their region of residence. Although the product developer does not offer discounts for purchasing multiple bottles, the price for a single bottle is standard in the fitness supplement industry, and most users will not likely have complaints with the pricing aspect.






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