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Nitro Shred Review – What to Do If You Want to Push Bigger Weight in Your Workouts?

What Is Nitro Shred?

Nitro Shred is designed to increase workout performance by putting a focus on multiple areas of bodybuilding. The pre-workout supplement helps the body make lean muscle, increases energy levels, and decreases recovery time. The product is not designed to cut corners in regards to bodybuilding. Rather, it is intended to give workout enthusiasts the extra nutritional push that may be needed to accomplish fitness goals faster.

It is no secret that some areas of the body are harder to tone than others. While a healthy diet and workouts are a key to success, they are sometimes not enough. Stomach fat, in particular, can be stubborn. Sometimes even the most strenuous workouts can do little to help with those stubborn areas. It is for this reason that many have tried this product. The supplement is weightless friendly and helps to grow lean muscle using nitric oxide as a main ingredient. Most have had positive results and would recommend the product to others.



From all appearances, the makers of Nitro Shred independently manufacture their own product. This is actually very rare for the workout world. The copyright information gives all rights to the company, and there are no indications on their website or on the bottle that it is manufactured by a third party. This is actually kind of neat because it shows that the company had enough faith in the product to put their money into manufacturing. This unique practice is not done much in this type of product, so that is an interesting business move.

The website does mention that the product was made and manufactured entirely in the United States. This is good for anyone with reservations on the ingredients used in foreign products. It is also good to know where things come from. Different countries have different standards on what can be labeled as safe for human consumption. Having the product made in the U.S. indicates that certain health and safety standards have been met.


How Nitro Shred Works?

Nitro Shred works in a couple of key ways. First, the nitric oxide in the supplement acts like a relaxing agent in the circulatory system. It basically tells blood vessels and capillaries to relax. Now this helps with several things. First, the increased blood flow helps more nutrients to travel throughout the body. More nutrients mean an increased ability to synthesize protein into lean muscle. More blood flow to the brain also means increased concentration which can help the consumer push through more difficult workouts.

The amino acids in the product help the body work on a time release formula. This is important because it helps the product to be released throughout the day. This raises endurance levels as well as promotes quicker recovery time for muscles after an intense workout. This also helps to keep energy levels high all day long. Many nitric oxide products offer some benefits, but the amino acid blend within Nitro Shred seem to set this product apart from other similar products.

The process is really simple. Simply take the recommended number of capsules before working out. Drinking water helps to keep the supplement active in the body. It really does not get much more simple than that. Many men seek hormone therapy or expensive protein bars and shakes. These take time ans can have side effects. Protein bars and shakes often add sugar and other unhealthy substances for flavor. Getting all the benefits of muscle growth in a capsule is convenient and easy.


Ingredients of Nitro Shred

The first active ingredient in Nitro Shred is Arganine Alpha-ketoglutarate or A-AKG. This ingredient is basically a building block that is used by the blood to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide generally exists as a gas in its natural state. As such, it would be difficult to get into a capsule. This ingredient allows the body to make nitric oxide from within. The body then uses the nitric oxide to build lean muscle.

Another ingredient in this product is Ornithischians Alpha-ketoglugarate or OKG. This ingredient works to help muscular growth on a cellular level. It also helps with the process of protein synthesis, or the body’s ability to process protein as energy to build muscle. This ingredient along with its cousin, Glutamine Alpha-ketoglutatate, help at the cellular level to produce energy as well. This can result in more endurance to push through harder workouts with ease.

The last active ingredient in the product is Arginine ketoisocaproate. This ingredient is meant to act like a sidekick to the others. It sends out signals to muscle cells in order to let them know that they are supposed to absorb the other ingredients for growth. If it were not for this part of the recipe, the body would process and discard much of the product without the muscles knowing how to absorb ingredients.

In addition to the ingredients above, Nitro Shred also contains some basic vitamins and essential amino acids. These are designed with overall health in mind. They allow the consumer to get the building blocks necessary to grow muscle and be healthy. Since most people do not get enough of these vitamins through diet alone, the added vitamins simply help the consumer to maximize the effects of the product.



The advantages of Nitro Shred seem to be numerous. First, the obvious advantage is that the product assists with the creation of lean muscle. This is the main goal of bodybuilding and can help with overall health. This capsule, combined with a healthy workout routine and moderate diet, can help to achieve a desirably trim figure.

The supplement also helps to increase blood flow within the body. In this way, it helps blood carry oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. These nutrients are vital to overall health and wellness. This can have several benefits including increased energy, alertness, and endurance. These alone can help the consumer to push the duration and difficulty of the workout to a whole new level. And as an added bonus, the product is much more safe than many other alternatives like artificial hormones or sugary protein supplements.

Now, it is important to state again that Nitro Shred is not meant to be a miracle product. The only way to get any sort of benefit out of the supplement is to put in the hard work that goes along with having the bodybuilder lifestyle. If the commitment is there, however, it seems reasonable that this product could assist with that. Also, though the product is marketed mainly at a male audience, there are no indicators that a female could not use the product with equal success since muscle growth is not totally different in men and women.



Nitro Shred has a few certificates of note. These certificates are primarily in the area of security. This is an extremely import part of any organization that hopes to market their product online. First, the product has been certified by the MacAfee company as being a safe and secure website for online ordering and purchase. The website also has a certificate of approval from the Norton Security company. Norton is an extremely well known name in home and digital security. This shows that the website is reliable, and it looks good for the creators and manufacturers.

One certificate that many regularly ask about is FDA approval. While this has become a way to assure many of quality, it is not typically normal for products such as this to seek FDA approval. In fact, vitamins and dietary supplements to not require any certification, and thus they do not normally seek it. It would be extremely rare for any such supplement to have FDA approval, so do not allow the lack of it to cause a scare. While Nitro Shred is not officially approved from the FDA, the substances in it are used in a variety of things including some actual prescriptions. The product is totally safe.



There are a lot of workout supplements on the market. None of them work like this product. I tried everything to gain muscle mass. This is the only product that has given me noticeable change.

– Jake, 33, Washington, DC, US

I like that the supplement was easy to add to my routine. Simply take a capsule before working out to achieve results. It really is that simple.

– Harry, 29, Charlotte, NC, US

The supplement contains no sugar or carbohydrates of any kind. It was important for me to find something diet friendly, so I am happy to have tried this product.

– John, 41, Philadelphia, PA, US

This particular blend of ingredients is something special. I had tried nitric oxide products before, but none of them were as effective as this one. I would highly recommend this product.

– Perry, 28, Detroit, MI, US

I chucked the protein supplements to the curb a long time ago. Since then, I have doubted that I would find anything that could truly help to build the muscle that I desired. Nitro Shred is the first product that actually helped me bulk up. I would not take anything else.

– Sam, 40, St. Louis, MI, US

There is no substitute for hard work. But that work can be helped along by giving your body the necessary ingredients to do the work it needs to do. That is what this supplement does. It simply helps the body do what it is made to do.

– Steve, 45, Salt Lake City, UT, US

I have a lot more energy since trying out this supplement. It has been a positive overall experience.

– Jerome, 25, San Antonio, TX, US

I love the way the product makes me feel. I feel more alert, and I have more energy to go about my day. Additionally, the increased energy has also increased my endurance during workouts! Nitro Shred really works!

– Chris, 26, Nashville, TN, US

I am a professional trainer and fitness coach. As I get older, I have found it to be harder and harder to keep weight off of my stomach, regardless of how strenuous my workouts get. Nobody wants a chunky fitness trainer. This product is the first that really helped me get to where I want to be. I am happy that I finally found a product that helps me accomplish my goals.

– Alex, 38, Jacksonville, FL, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Before looking at any sort of award, it is important to look at the overall online community and their thoughts on a given product. Many times, these reviews are much more authentic and tend to express real concern or accolades for the supplement. In the case of this product, the Internet seems to agree that it is both safe, effective, and has quality performance ratings. Many websites give Nitro Shred a 4 out of 5 stars which is an excellent rating for this sort of product.

This sort of review history says a lot about a product. First, it shows that the product has been tested by a variety of different people who have mostly had positive results. Second, it shows that the company is not afraid to allow negative reviews to surface. Although all companies want to sell their own product, it is ok to say that different people prefer different methods. Lastly, this forum for feedback and accolades is available to a lot more people than a professional or magazine review. This allows mode genuine feedback.


Money-back Guarantee

This company does offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This is an excellent asset to a company such as this. Since there are a variety of other nitric oxide based products available on the Internet, it is important for this company to distinguish itself amount them. The money-back guarantee is one way to accomplish this. It does appear that the manufacturer attempts to make the product as easy as possible to return as well. There is a phone number on the bottle that can be called if any dissatisfaction occurs. The consumer may then send the bottles back and receive a full refund, even for partially used and open bottles.

There may be some questions asked as to the nature of complaints. This is not meant to discourage complaints. It is simply meant to help the company understand how and why they can make improvements to their product. Adding a guarantee to a product is generally one way that the manufacturer can receive feedback from actual people. So while it is somewhat inconvenient to have to call, they are just trying to understand the needs and concerns of consumers.



Shipping for Nitro Shred costs around $5. This is not all that bad in comparison with similar products that are available through the web. Even if there are two shipments per month, the total cost of shipping on the product is not all that high. A similar product can cost as high as $10-$12 per bottle just for shipping if ordered through the manufacturer or through a large supply chain. Shipping for this product is definitely within the realm of reasonable.

In addition to a relatively low shipping cost, the item ships first class. This assures that the product will arrive with the bottle in good condition. The packaging is also well done to assure that the product will come without damage to the bottle or the actual capsules. This is extremely important when ordering supplements online. Extreme temperatures and poor packaging can cause ingredients to change. The low shipping cost simply assures the product arrives in good and safe condition.


Customer Support

Nitro Shred seems to have fairly reliable customer support. There is contact information available on the bottle to accommodate those with complaints or questions about the product. Since the product is guaranteed, calling customer service will also give a return address. The only apparent problem with this is that there seems to be some confusion on what hours there are customer service representatives available. It is not uncommon for customer service lines to have specific hours, but it seems that the hours are not readily available on the product or on the product’s website.

Having a telephone number where consumers can call, however, generally indicates quality customer service. Calls are much more personal than email and allow people to express concerns as well as ask questions. This is something that definitely boosts the appeal of the product in an age when so many similar products do not offer quality customer service.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There is a absolutely no need to worry about security when ordering Nitro Shred. The web designers for the product offer some of the best digital security measures available. First, the website is embedded with a 256 bit secure connection. This is likely more secure than many people’s bill pay websites, etc. This security feature essentially scrambles and encrypts the information as it is traveling through the web. The information can only be unscrambled when it gets to the proper destination.

Another excellent indicator of proper online security is the existence of a variety of security certificates. This website goes above and beyond with two security certificates. First, it is secured through McAfee who bases their certification on the ability for hackers to get into the website. The second certificate is from Norton Secured who base their certification on a variety of factors such as website accountability and consumer rating as well as ability to prevent hacking. In other words, checkout on this site is very reliable in terms of preventing credit card fraud or hacking attempts.


Pricing & Free Trial

The creators of Nitro Shred offer a free trial that allows the consumer 30 days free to try out Nitro Shred. This is an attempt to alleviate the doubts of any skeptics that are not sure about the product. The free trial is well advertised and seems to be well known throughout the web. This is always a good indicator of whether the product is worth the hype or not. However, there does seem to be one downside of this trial.

The trial automatically enrolls the consumer in auto pay shipments within 14 days. These shipments cost between $80-$90 per month. Although the product is guaranteed, 14 days is not long enough to know if the product works before getting hit with the first bill. There is no other way to obtain the product other than this method, so it would be hard to try the product without a big expense. However, if the product works as claimed, the product is not all that expensive. It equals out to little more than a few dollars per day.






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