Nitro Boost Max

Nitro Boost Max Review – Could We Trust It?

What Is Nitro Boost Max?

Nitro Boost Max is an all-natural daily nutritional supplement formulated to increase strength, energy and workout performance for accelerated thermogenesis and lean muscle-building. It is manufactured by a health and fitness supplier based in the U.S. All of the ingredients in the formula blend are derived from herbs, flowers, plants, seeds, roots, vitamins and minerals. The capsules utilize amino acid technology to improve vasodilation for improved nutrient delivery to muscle tissue. The amino acids included in the formula blend are L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate-21, L-Arginine and L-Arginine Monohydrochloride, while other key ingredients include L-Citrulline and Dipotassium Phosphate.

Its primary aim is to increase the production of nitric oxide for increased strength and stamina, elevated energy levels, maximized endurance and decreased muscle cramping and post-workout soreness. This supplement is also marketed as a performance booster for athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders and other fitness competitors. Since all of its ingredients are organic, it contains no illegal synthetic additives and may offer a cost-effective solution to performance-enhancing shots and other alternatives. It was designed to be taken by mouth on a daily basis for a period of at least several months. It must be used on a daily basis alongside a healthy fitness routine and diet for maximum results.



This pre-workout supplement is manufactured by a company by the same name. Nitro Boost Max’s company headquarters are located in Santa Ana, California in the United States. As with many nutritional supplement suppliers, its returns department is located at the same address. It is thought to have been in business for several years developing, distributing and marketing other natural nutritional aides. It does not specify in which country its products are researched and developed. At present, this manufacturer does not maintain an official company website.

There appears to be little additional information about this company online. Without information and accessibility via at least some form of social media, interested consumers may find it difficult to learn more about its history and company objective. Though its fitness supplements appear to be especially popular in the United States, it is not known whether it sells and ships its product lines to other regions of the world. Anyone interested in encouraged to contact Nitro Boost Max’s customer service department for more details about its policies and other such information.


How Nitro Boost Max Works?

This performance enhancer is formulated to significantly improve vasodilation, thereby helping to dilate blood vessel walls for allow greater blood volume supply to muscle cells. When taken by mouth, the capsules dissolve in the bloodstream to permeate the body, potentially stimulating blood vessels to widen for more powerful pumps, less muscle cramping and soreness as well as elevated energy levels with which to fuel workouts. By increasing the volume of nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood delivery to working muscle tissue, these capsules may work to make workouts less painful, thereby requiring less recovery time between workouts. Usage instructions emphasize that this product must be taken as directed and is not intended to treat any medical issues. When considering whether this product may be right for them, users are cautioned to read the ingredients list to make sure none of the plant extracts will interact negatively with medications or cause allergic reactions.

The organic compounds in this muscle growth complex may also improve the process of protein synthesis, which fitness buffs likely recognize as the biological process wherein new protein cells are generated and existing protein cells repaired. Improvements in protein synthesis may contribute to facilitating more adaptive responses to exercise, thus helping users pack on lean muscle at an accelerated rate. Protein synthesis – along with testosterone and insulin – plays an important role in building and maintaining muscle fibers. In combination with the vitamins and amino acid compounds in the formula blend, users may experience increased strength, stamina and endurance, which may in turn help to shed weight faster. The plant extracts may also promote more efficient metabolic functioning for improved fitness performance overall.


Ingredients of Nitro Boost Max

The all-natural extracts in Nitro Boost Max’s proprietary formula blend are engineered to work synergistically to help improve key biological processes for greater strength and energy. Crucial to this blend are a trio of amino acids called L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate-21, L-Arginine and L-Arginine Monohydrochloride. Each is a precursor to nitric oxide, which essentially means the Arginines are converted to nitric oxide via a biochemical processes to then potentially facilitate greater blood flow. This may allow increased workout intensity for accelerated thermogenesis and more lean muscle mass.

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate-21, L-Arginine and L-Arginine Monohydrochloride are also crucial to the protein synthesis process. In addition to their popularity as fitness supplements, these amino acids function as precursors to nitric oxide, which has made them popular among competitive fitness professionals for their vasodilation-stimulating properties. L-Arginine may help to enlarge blood vessels for more pump-enhancing blood delivery to muscle tissue as well as for less cramping, muscle pain and soreness. It may also stimulate the release of HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, as well as insulin and other endogenous hormones. Considering the fact that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, some users may find significant energy-heightening and muscle strength-enhancing effects with regular use.

Another key ingredient to Nitro Boost Max’s formula blend is a botanical called L-Citrulline, which was originally extracted from watermelons and also functions as a precursor to L-Arginine. This means that L-Citrulline is converted by the kidneys into L-Arginine for potentially maximum nitric oxide production and vasodilation. L-Citrulline may promote optimal blood flow to tissues as well as decreased bloating and soreness. Another key ingredient is Dipotassium Phosphate, a popular sports and fitness supplement ingredient that may increase the production of energy-producing chemicals essential to muscle building and recovery. The other ingredients listed on the product label are Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate and Microcrystalline Cellulose.



According to users in the fitness community as well as the manufacturer, potential advantages to regular use of Nitro Boost Max may include enhanced muscle definition as well as more strength and energy with which to fuel workouts. It may improve the process of thermogenesis for both more active and passive calories burned, possibly leading to faster weight loss. Another potential advantage to consistent use may be greater metabolic efficiency. This growth complex may also provide a safer, more cost-effective and legal supplement solution for athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters with which to improve muscle performance. It may speed up post-workout muscle cell repair by delivering more blood to stressed muscle fibers, allowing less time, pain, cramping and soreness between workouts.

This pre-workout supplement may increase nitric oxide production by widening blood vessel walls, relaxing them to allow maximum oxygen-rich blood to muscle cells. This means that, during workouts, greater blood supply may translate to stronger muscle pumps and increased vascularity. The herbs, plants and amino acids in its formula blend may help to lengthen stamina and endurance to further contribute to the process of myogenesis. An additional benefit includes the manufacturer’s offer for a 14-day risk-free trial period to offer customers the chance to try before buying. Benefits to using this supplement regularly may include elevated energy levels, sharper cognitive focus and increased self-confidence.



Aside from the Secure Socket Layer safety certificates near the checkout section, the manufacturer does not display any specific certificates on the official product website. As such, potential customers may want to determine whether this product was created in a GMP-certified lab. GMP certification – or Good Manufacturing Practices certification – ensures that the product is safe for general use and has been manufactured in accordance with best manufacturing practices. Most modern supplements are GMP-certified to ensure federal standards of baseline efficacy and regulation compliance. Consumers may want to check into this aspect of manufacturing.

The parent company of Nitro Boost Max states that the product is not intended as a meal replacer nor is it intended to treat any medical conditions. In favor of this supplement’s general safety is the fact that many of its ingredients have a long historical use of being used all over the world for various health and wellness purposes. Additionally, there are clinical studies pointing to the effectiveness of some of its formula compounds for exercise-enhancing purposes. Research is always encouraged in this domain.



I started supplementing with Nitro Boost Max not knowing what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to feel an energy boost kick in almost right away. I had our city’s annual powerlifting competition coming up, and I needed a little extra help to bulk up before the big day. I trained with this for two months; I noticed that I was able to do a lot more squats, deadlifts and bench presses than I had before. I not only met but exceeded last year’s lifting record. I plan to keep this a part of my routine to see how far it might take me. — Jesse F., powerlifter in Bismarck, ND, USA

I had been sagging quite a bit in the fitness department and wanted to see if I could get in shape fast. I heard about this stuff from a buddy at work, so I thought I would give it a try. My energy levels went up, and my endurance went practically through the roof. I lost ten pounds in less than two months. I plan to continue maintaining an active lifestyle to keep up my results and general fitness level. — Pablo D., project manager in Seattle, WA, USA

I felt like I just wasn’t seeing any results from my workouts anymore, so I decided to try this for a few months to see if it could help. I really hit my stride with it a few weeks in, when I noticed I was blazing through cardio without getting nearly as fatigued as quickly. I increased my HIIT sessions from 15 to 20 minutes and added heavier weights to my lifting sessions. My muscles are looking and feeling more ripped than ever. I don’t think I would’ve been able to get in shape this quick if it wasn’t for Nitro Boost Max. — Tim O., Zumba instructor in Flint, MI, USA

I was twenty pounds overweight and finding myself out of breath just climbing a flight of stairs. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, not to mention the fact that I felt tired all the time and just didn’t have the overall vitality I used to. I signed up for the trial offer, hired a personal trainer a couple of times a week and started a healthy new lifestyle. Not only am I now at my ideal weight, I’m more in shape than I have been in years, and my energy is through the roof. I’m glad I made the decision to try this out. — Bob G., audio engineer in Minneapolis, MN


Awards & Media Coverage

As of this review, this nitric oxide booster has not won any awards in the fitness supplement industry. Its website doesn’t state whether or not is has been nominated, either. Although industry awards are certainly not the definitive answer to a supplement’s quality, some consumers look for these awards as a general quality guide.
Nitro Boost Max seems to have experienced a wave of popularity among online bodybuilders.

Although there has been some disagreement among these communities as to the official ingredients, overall reviews from fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike have been positive. Many have reported seeing more muscle tone since beginning use. This product does not appear to have received any major media coverage. It may have been advertised by such publications as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Maxim. It has not appeared on any radio or television outlets as of yet.


Money-back Guarantee

Customers may request a refund for any straight sale purchase within 30 days of the original order date. The company asserts that it wants all buyers to be satisfied with their purchases and thus offers a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction, even if the product does not work out. Refunds typically take up to ten days to post on the customer’s account, though this time frame varies according to the credit card institution involved. No partial or pro-rated credits are allowed for membership cancellations that are made before the conclusion of the current billing period.

In addition, all return packages must be accompanied by a valid Return Authorization Number, which can be obtained by calling customer service. The company also offers reimbursement for fraudulent purchases and/or unauthorized transactions in general (which includes reimbursement for shipping and handling charges). Per company policy, additional refunds may be issued on a discretionary, case-by-case basis. With the exception of parcels that arrive damaged, repeated refunds are not allowed. Return parcels must be received by the shipping department within 30 days of the original date of purchase in order to qualify for a full refund.



The cost of shipping and handling is presently $5.95, while buyers can also purchase the InsureShip option for a minimal $0.99 charge. When InsureShip is chosen, parcels are insured for full reimbursement in the event it is lost or damaged in transit. Buyers must contact a support team member to file a claim. The company’s shipping policy states that orders are shipped within 2-3 business days Monday through Friday. All orders are shipping using the United States Postal Service’s First Class shipping method, while parcels are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or on any holidays.

Buyers are responsible for all shipping fees associated with return deliveries. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded for either straight sale or for trial program customers. The only exception to this policy is fraudulent purchases, the details of which are provided in the terms and conditions on the official product website. Actual delivery times vary by region; any delivery times provided at the initial order are estimates only. It does not appear the manufacturer delivers outside of the United States at this time.


Customer Support

The manufacturer’s customer service department provides exceptional value for its customers by way of its extensive availability. According to the official product website, it is open for inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The site does not specify whether there are exceptions for various holidays. Product support is also accessible via an email address provided on the ‘contact’ section of the website. The company’s support team members are trained to thoroughly answer questions regarding most aspects of product use and instructions (though a medical professional should always be consulted to approve use initially).

Customer service team members are available at any time to cancel or otherwise modify membership accounts. Per company policy, all cancellations – which must be requested by telephone – are effective upon receipt. Return packages and general correspondence can be sent to the manufacturer’s headquarters and return facilities at the provided address in Santa Ana, California (in the United States). For cautious consumers, the service department might be a good route through which to learn more about the manufacturer, as so little company information is available online. Team members can also answer questions regarding billing, shipping and handling, company policies and more.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As detailed in the company’s privacy policy, all credit card and/or banking information collected on the website is stored on a secure server accessible only by select employees as well as any third-party contractors necessary to process the requested transaction. Sensitive information is further safeguarded by McAfee Secure. This technology scans the website daily for viruses, malware and potential vulnerabilities. It also helps to keep the site secure against phishing and other potential cyber attacks. McAfee Secure is industry standard software currently in use by millions of online retailers.

The site is also protected by transaction trustguard standard Hacker Safe, which offers ACV-certified PCI scanning as well as a security-scanned seal with customization options. Hacker Safe also works as a website shield to provide a range of security assessments to make the website maximally secure from outside attacks. It also scans for web application flaws that may make the website less secure. Other security functions offered by Hacker Safe include anti-hacking, anti-credit card theft and anti-identity theft features. Although – as the product website states – perfect security online is not possible, this security software makes the risk of data hacking as minimal as technologically possible.

Also displayed is a safety seal from Verisign Secured. Verisign Secured works to display to customers that certified websites have been verified by Symantec as authentic. It, like Hacker Safe and McAfee Secure, functions as antivirus software and is utilized to safeguard customers’ personal and financial information. It also scans security holes and other vulnerabilities. The official product website does not specify whether it is additionally secured by encryption technology, which is commonly used by online merchants to make secure data unreadable to cyber hackers.


Pricing & Free Trial

For the cost of shipping and handling, anyone interested to try Nitro Boost Max may do so via a trial program for fourteen days. To avoid incurring subsequent costs after the trial’s conclusion, the customer must contact the customer service department by telephone to cancel membership. This trial period – which includes four days for shipping and handling – rolls over into an auto-delivery program post-evaluation. According to terms and conditions, the customer’s credit card on file will be billed on a monthly basis to receive a fresh 30-day supply at the full retail price plus shipping and handling, for each month thereafter for up to 12 months. Customers may also opt to renew monthly memberships for, as the terms describe, “Successive periods of one month.”

Customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Nitro Boost Max’s parent company states via its terms and conditions that it reserves the right lower or otherwise modify product prices at any time. Presently, the retail price for a single bottle containing 60 pills for a full 30-day supply is $79.95. Buyers are responsible for any overdraft fees or other charges associated with any purchases from the website, and all fees must be paid in US currency. At this time, the manufacturer is not offering any pricing packages, promotions or discounts, though customers are encouraged to check back for such.






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