Nitrix 2.0

Nitrix 2.0 by BSN Review – Should You Trust This Popular Nitrix Oxide Booster?

What Is Nitrix 2.0?

This supplement is a nitric oxide booster and pre-workout supplement. It is designed with both the serious athlete and the novice in mind, and though its ingredient list is simple, it is packed with well-researched ingredients that are proven to enhance muscle pumps, improve endurance, improve tissue oxygenation, and help clear muscle waste as it accumulates.

It includes active ingredient L-citrulline, which is a precursor to nitric oxide in the body and also helps to clear out muscle waste, letting you lift harder and longer. Many pre-workout products include L-arginine, another precursor to nitric oxide. Though L-citrulline may be less hyped in the media, it is nonetheless and equally viable option.

The inclusion of creatine makes this a uniquely complete pre-workout supplement, however. Creatine is known for its ability to facilitate transport of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, to muscle cells. This is important because ATP is what allows cells to function, and more ATP means explosive lifts and improved energy – something we all need when we’re faced with a challenging workout. Creatine can cause some water retention, which lubricates muscles, allowing for stronger lifts and a reduced risk of injury.

Nitrix 2.0 includes some thermogenic and fat-burning ingredients as well, making it a good choice for those who want an energy boost. While caffeine is absent, this product does include several capsaicinoids, which are naturally found in peppers and can support healthy metabolism and fat burning. In addition, BioPerine supports absorption of supplements, so its inclusion means that you likely will get more benefits than you thought possible from this supplement.

Essentially, Nitrix 2.0 is designed to be a nitric oxide booster with a little extra. It can boost nitric oxide production while simultaneously boosting energy, thus preparing you physically and mentally to crush challenging workouts as they come.



This product is manufactured by Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, or BSN for short. Although this company is fairly new (it started in 2001), it has quickly made a name for itself in the supplement industry. And the results speak for themselves: the BSN brand name, as well as its individual products, have won more than 35 awards since the company began.

When you’re searching for a great workout supplement, it’s important to start with a great company. When you choose BSN, you’re getting a supplement company that puts significant research into all its products. You’re also getting a product or products from the most decorated company in the business – BSN has won more accolades than any other supplement company out there.


How Nitrix 2.0 Works?

This pre-workout supplement, like many others, relies primarily on its ability to boost circulation to muscles. Because it contains many nitric oxide precursors, Nitrix 2.0 is uniquely poised to work well with a number of different metabolic types when it comes to boosting circulation.

Nitric oxide boosts circulation, in part, by acting as a vasodilator, or an agent that widens the diameters of blood vessels. This is important because it enables circulation to increase without increasing blood pressure. Since lifting weights already temporarily increases blood pressure, it can be downright dangerous for a supplement to do the same.

The circulation boost increases delivery of both oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles, making it a great choice of a supplement to take before both strength and cardio workouts. However, the benefits of Nitrix 2.0 don’t stop there. It also helps to clear out muscle waste as it accumulates, letting you exercise for longer periods than before.

Though the name of this supplement suggests it is only a nitric oxide booster, Nitrix 2.0 has other benefits to jumpstart your workout. Some ingredients have been proven to help the body turn ingested macronutrients and stored fats alike into energy, and one ingredient has been shown to increase the absorption rates of supplements by the body. The inclusion of a diverse palette of ingredients makes this a uniquely comprehensive nitric oxide booster.

Ingredients of Nitrix 2.0 is a product that has several active ingredients. Below is a listing of all ingredients and a little bit about what each one does to help create the product you may well come to love:

L-citrulline malate: This is one of the most important ingredients included here. Nitrix 2.0 includes a full three grams of citrulline per serving, which is more than many of the pre-workout supplements out there. L-citrulline is a vital part of any pre-workout. Despite the fact that L-arginine has gotten most of the hype (due in part to the fact that it was the subject of research done that proved its efficacy as a pre-workout supplement, and the fact that that research won a Nobel Prize), L-citrulline works in much the same way.

L-citrulline works in the body as a precursor to the formation of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide works in the body to support oxygenation and nourishment of muscles. It acts as a vasodilator too, so increasing blood flow to muscles will not also increase blood pressure. The increase in blood flow is important for a number of reasons. We all know that oxygen transports oxygen to muscles, and that more oxygen generally means improved performance.

This improvement applies to cardio and strength training alike. Think about the last time you went for a long run, bike ride, or otherwise did strenuous cardio. When your muscles get sore and tired, this effect is caused in part by a depletion of oxygen. (If you’ve ever tried to exercise while you had an upper respiratory infection, you likely know firsthand what oxygen depletion can do to a workout.) More oxygen generally leads to improved strength and endurance.

In addition, though, blood carries nutrients to working muscles. Nutrient delivery is important always, but it has special implications when you’re exercising. Well-nourished muscles will perform better and longer, and they need nourishment mid-lift as much as (if not more than) they need it while you’re at rest.

Nitric oxide has been said to increase “muscle pumps.” This refers to the swollen feeling you get post-lift. Sure, better pumps boost confidence, but they actually can aid in better lifts. When muscles swell, the increased size allows you to lift heavier. It also, especially when taken in conjunction with creatine, can help to prevent injuries due to lifting.

Citrulline also is known for its ability to clear muscle waste. If you’ve felt a “burn” in your muscles during a workout, this is due to accumulation of lactic acid and other muscle wastes. While no supplement can permanently prevent this buildup, supplements like citrulline, which delay buildup, prolong your time lifting. This can lead to an increase in your endurance, thus leading to better and faster muscle gains.

Creatine HCl, Creatine monohydrate: Like citrulline, creatine is one of the major pre-workout supplements. Creatine helps to boost synthesis of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, in the muscles. ATP, which is synthesized in the mitochondria of cells, is what energizes you on a cellular level.

Niacin: This is a form of B3 that is found naturally in a host of different healthy foods. But when you need a major boost of fuel and energy, packing it into your nitric oxide booster/pre-workout supplement makes a lot of sense. Niacin in particular is very good at helping your body efficiently break down and use nutrients, particularly carbs and protein. And while this makes it sound like a good general-health booster, it also illustrates how important niacin is as a pre-workout supplement. After all, you want your pre-workout meal to be put to good use – not stored as fat.

As an added bonus, niacin does have some general health benefits that make it great for you, even on non-workout days. It is known for its ability to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, as well as to protect against cardiovascular diseases. Niacin also can boost levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. This ital nutrient supports healthy liver function and healthy skin, and it also supports nervous system function, so including it is an all-around good choice.

Hawthorn extract: This plant extract is used for a host of health benefits, and like niacin, it is used to support cardiovascular health. Perhaps most relevant to your pre-workout supplement, hawthorn is used to improve the volume of blood pumped with each cardiac contraction. This can help ensure that your heart is working efficiently, and that your muscles are well-nourished and oxygenated through even the most grueling of workouts. There is less research behind hawthorn than there is behind niacin, however.

Pomegranate: The inclusion of fruits like pomegranate in pre-workout supplements is a relatively new trend, but it’s not without scientific backing. Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, but it also has workout-specific benefits. Namely, though, it includes nitrates and nitrites. These molecules contribute to a healthy nitric oxide balance in tissues, and they especially support this balance within muscles. Again, although there is less research behind pomegranate than there is behind other ingredients included, this is still a valuable extract to have in any pre- or post-workout supplement.

Grape seed extract: As with many of the plant extracts included here, grape seed extract has been used for a long time to aid in poor circulation and cardiac issues. Because it’s known for helping circulation, this plant extract can help to support oxygenation and nourishment of muscles during strenuous exercise. Especially when used in conjunction with similar plant extracts, this extract can be very effective at upping your workout game.

Red pepper extract: All peppers contain capsaicinoids, which have been shown in many studies to be helpful when it comes to burning fat (and more specifically, converting fat to energy). While one can obtain capsaicinoids through diet, it can be challenging to consume enough peppers to make an impact. Particularly for those who suffer from acid reflux disorders, this can also lead to dietary disturbances. The extract included here offers the benefits of dietary capsaicinoids without the potential dietary disturbances.

Trans-resveratrol: This is a plant extract that is obtained from Japanese knotweed. Like many of the plant-based ingredients listed here, it is a powerful antioxidant. It also is marketed as a compound that helps speed weight loss. When it’s taken in conjunction with the other ingredients here, it assists with converting stored fat to energy – always a good thing when you’re going into a strenuous workout.

Pterostilbene: This is a derivative of the above ingredient, trans-resveratrol. However, pterostilbene is much more concentrated, and it tends to be absorbed more easily, making it a more potent and likely more effective ingredient for this pre-workout formulation.

Black pepper extract (BioPerine): Black pepper is a capsaicinoid, but this particular patented extract has the added benefit of supporting supplement absorption. Taking BioPerine has been shown to drastically improve the rate at which many supplements are absorbed. Its inclusion here helps you get more out of Nitrix 2.0 without having to take additional powder.



There are a host of benefits to taking Nitrix 2.0 as opposed to some other nitric oxide boosters. One obvious difference is the ingredient list: many drugstore nitric oxide boosters only have one or maybe two active ingredients. Sometimes these are backed by research and are legitimate, but would you rather take a booster with one good ingredient, or one with several?

One other benefit here is the inclusion of the ingredient BioPerine, which is a pepper extract that has been shown to boost absorption of supplements. This helps to ensure that your body will actually use the valuable ingredients included here. Additionally, this supplement also includes creatine (which is frewuently marketed as a separate supplement), thus saving you the time, money, and effort of needing to find a separate creatine supplement.



This product, while it is uniquely complete, has not earned any certificates on its own. However, it should be noted that its ingredients, like those of all BSN products, have been researched meticulously. In addition, BSN is the most decorated supplement company in the industry – the company and its products have won over 35 prestigious awards.



Sometimes, it helps to hear from users of a product before you buy. Here are some words from users of Nitrix 2.0:

Bob, 31, Memphis, TN:

I’d been using CVS nitric oxide boosters for years, but as you get old, you need something more. Taking my usual with a coffee wasn’t cutting it. Now, I have more energy before, during, and even after my workouts!

Jennifer, 21, Greensboro, NC:

I do triathlons and also lift, and this works really well for both! I was skeptical, but a friend recommended Nitrix 2.0, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Matthew, 50, Palms, CA:

I found this after extensive research. I was actually disappointed at first. But there must’ve been a short adjustment period, because now I lift harder than ever. I’m much, much less tired than I have been in years. So thankful that I stuck with it!


Awards & Media Coverage

While the BSN website does not break don the specific awards by product, the company and products have won more awards than any other supplement company. Among these awards are the particularly prestigious Supplement Awards, hosted by is known as the world’s premier fitness website, and it only gives supplement awards to top-notch products.

If you do a little digging, though, you can discover that BSN has won – and has been nominated for – awards across the globe. In 2011, the company’s products were nominated for nine different Canadian Supplement Awards. It was nominated for Best Creatine Supplement, Best-Tasting Bar, Best Nitric Oxide Supplement, and others. The company consistently does well at the Supplement Awards, which are based in the United States.

When you’re looking for a product that will really get you results, it helps to choose an award-winning company. Considering the fact that BSN has won more awards than any supplement company, it’s a great choice. And since it keeps current on research and regularly develops new products, you know you’re getting a state-of-the-art supplement.


Money-back Guarantee

Because BSN markets through various retailers, it’s impossible to find a blanket money-back guarantee on their products. If you are concerned, make sure you ask your retailer of choice about return policies and money-back guarantees before you buy. If all else fails and you end up with a product you are dissatisfied with, contact BSN customer service. This company stands by its products and will work with you if you are unhappy.

It’s worth noting, however, that many retailers do have a money-back guarantee on all or most products. These guarantees generally come with an expiration date, so be sure to check with the retailer before purchase. Some of these guarantees require the product to be unopened, and some don’t. Still others allow exchange for store credit, but will not issue a refund. If you are concerned, you may be able to obtain a free sample and find out how you like Nitrix 2.0 before committing to a purchase.



Again, because BSN sells its products through a variety of retailers, it is impossible to determine a uniform shipping policy for Nitrix 2.0. However, since this company carefully selects its vendors, it only sells through responsible companies, and you will get your supplement soon after you order. Be on the lookout for coupons and promo codes, which can save you money (and maybe shipping time).

Most reputable retailers also will offer you an expedited shipping time if you need it. Still others may allow you to sign up for a recurring order. This ensures that you get a new bottle of Nitrix 2.0 right when you need it. It may seem like a hassle to order online or to pay shipping, but you’ll save time and energy when you order from home. As a general rule, most retailers ensure your supplement reaches you in three to five days.


Customer Support

As a premier supplement company, BSN is staffed by people who know and love fitness. The customer service team is here to talk to you, whether you have a question relevant to Nitrix 2.0, another supplement, or if you want to talk fitness. Additionally, if you need help selecting a product that’s right for you and your goals, they can help. You can contact the customer service team by web form, e-mail, phone, or regular mail.

As a major supplement company that bases its products in research, BSN believes in transparency. If you have a question about an ingredient or about how Nitrix 2.0 or another product works, they welcome conversation. The customer service team also will help if you’re dissatisfied with a product. Because BSN is committed to helping you achieve fitness goals, the company representatives will happily help you to find a product that better suits your needs. BSN has a large support center, and they’re ready to help.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Because this company sells only through reputable vendors, you can be assured that your information is kept safe and secure. No vendor of this product will lease, sell, or otherwise share your information. It is also protected by cutting-edge encryption technology, meaning your information is safe from hackers as well.

Many people have reservations about buying online. They have reason to be wary – many unprofessional websites are not encrypted and leave customers vulnerable to cyber attacks. This was once an issue with nearly all websites, but trustworthy vendors have made efforts to protect customer information. But BSN vendors go above and beyond what is needed to protect your information and identity. When you make a purchase with a BSN vendor, your information is protected.


Nitrix 2.0 Pricing

Pricing for this product may vary slightly by vendor, but in general, a bottle of 90 tablets (or 30 servings) will cost $31.68, and a bottle of 180 tablets (60 servings) will cost $46.70. For the research that has gone into the ingredients, this is a product that, when compared to other nitric oxide boosters, is remarkably reasonably priced.

This pricing may save you more over time, too. Many pre-workouts come in powder form. While some people prefer this, powder can easily become contaminated by moisture. It also can spill and cause you to lose valuable servings. The caplet form may ultimately save you money, as each serving lasts longer in storage. This is especially true if you live in a damp climate.






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