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What Is Nitric Storm?

Nitric Storm is a unique, calorie-free pre-workout supplement that can help you achieve your full potential as an athlete. Unlike many pre-workout nitric oxide boosters, this supplement contains a complete ingredient profile designed to boost your strength and energy, increase your muscle pump, and speed along your recovery. It’s ideal if you want to improve your strength and endurance during even the most grueling of workout sessions.

For many athletes, getting into the workout itself is not the issue at all – it’s sustaining the strength, energy, and drive to get (or stay) shredded. Many nitric oxide boosters only have one ingredient – L-arginine. This ingredient is the best-known of the nitric oxide boosters, and it’s also the one backed by the most research. However, this amino acid alone will not make the best nitric oxide booster. Most of the more successful pre-workouts/NO boosters contain a collection of ingredients that work well together.

More recent research has suggested that, while L-arginine is successful in boosting the body’s production of nitric oxide, the amino acid L-citrulline may actually be more effective as a nitric oxide booster. This formulation includes both of them, as well as L-norvaline, a derivative of the amino acid valine. This amino acid derivative, like L-arginine and L-citrulline, is supposed to help support you through workouts.

All of these amino acids help to increase blood flow to your muscles. This increases delivery of both oxygen and nutrients. Having a greater delivery of both means your muscles are properly nourished, and that you likely will be able to run a little farther or lift a little longer. When you feel the burn of fatigue in muscles, this is due to
the depletion of oxygen and the buildup of lactic acid. Increased oxygenation can help delay fatigue, thus allowing you a better lift or cardio workout. Nitric Storm also includes caffeine as a stimulant to help energize you. Caffeine, unlike other, stronger stimulants, is less likely to cause jitters and anxiety.



This supplement is manufactured by the company Nitric Storm Nutra. This company only makes the product Nitric Storm. You may be wary of single-product companies, as they are often not the ones you see on shelves at supplement shops or hear about from major fitness websites. However, there are several advantages to a single product company. One of the more obvious advantages is that those who work for a single-product company will almost always have a greater depth of knowledge about their product.

The logic behind this is simple. If you had to memorize information about one supplement versus information on 50, you’d probably be more knowledgeable about the single product. Representatives of this company can answer almost any question you have about this product, and all are dedicated fitness professionals. Their depth of knowledge means they can give you more informed answers without having to take time to read about the product while on the phone with you.


How Nitric Storm Works?

This supplement is billed as a nitric oxide booster and as a pre-workout supplement, and it accomplishes both objectives. Nitric Storm helps to boost energy and stimulate fat burning and lean mass, and it also helps to improve muscle pump and enhance workouts.

As far as energy boosting goes, this supplement does contain caffeine. This is a commonplace stimulant and not at all unique to workout supplements. However, this supplement also contains modified amino acid L-norvaline, which has been shown to actually support fat loss and lean gains. These two ingredients together can help energize you and help you to drop fat while preserving hard-earned muscle.

The other two ingredients, L-arginine and L-citrulline, are useful in enhancing your workout. These ingredients increase blood flow to muscles by way of vasodilation. This ensures that blood pressure is not also increased. Keeping blood pressure low is important, because weight training temporarily raises blood pressure as well, and any additional raise can cause problems like vessel rupture.

Because blood flow to the muscle tissue is increased, your muscles will more rapidly be able to receive (and use) your nutrition. This applies in training, but it also applies to your post-workout recovery. When you drink a recovery shake, you want those macros to go right to muscle tissue, and the ingredients in Nitric Storm ensure that they do just that. These ingredients also support better oxygenation of your muscles. This lets the muscles work longer and harder, whether you’re doing cardio, strength training, or both. The feeling of a burn you get when you approach muscle failure is due to buildup of lactic acid, and increased oxygenation can delay that buildup. While you can’t hold off fatigue forever, that extra window afforded to you lets you crank out another rep or another lap, as well as get that much closer to your goals.

Lastly, this supplement helps give you a great muscle pump. This is when, post-workout, your muscles fill with blood and look and feel bigger and stronger. It’s somewhat of a subjective experience, but it can help you feel excited and ready for your next workout (as well as boosting your self-confidence in a major way). It’s a major plus of lifting for many, and it also can be a motivator to keep coming back to the gym. This supplement just helps to amplify that effect.


Ingredients of Nitric Storm

Though the ingredient list for this supplement may seem short, it is relatively complete for a nitric oxide booster. Below is a list of the ingredients and what each does to make this an effective pre-workout supplement:

L-arginine: This is the original nitric oxide booster. For years, the fitness community swore by L-arginine, but there was little to no scientific research to help clarify whether this was actually an effective supplement or just an elaborate placebo effect. However, in 1998, a research study won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This study essentially validated the claims of the fitness industry that L-arginine was, in fact, improving workouts. The study found that L-arginine increased blood flow to muscles without increasing blood pressure. This increased flow led to better oxygenation and nutrient delivery, so muscles were supported before, during, and after workouts.

L-norvaline: This modified amino acids has, in some studies, been shown to support gains of lean mass and loss of fat. It is not a common ingredient in nitric oxide boosters, but its inclusion here is valuable, especially if you want to drop fat while still supporting your lean mass (and hopefully increasing it as well). As a general rule, amino acids are a great addition to the diet of anyone who strength trains, but this uniquely modified one can give you an edge.

L-citrulline: More resent studies have shown that L-citrulline degrades more slowly in the body, and that it may, in fact, be a better nitric oxide booster than L-arginine. Having both in this formulation, however, helps to ensure that multiple mechanisms are stimulating your body’s production of nitric oxide. Both of these amino acids are metabolic precursors to nitric oxide, which helps deliver both oxygen and nutrients to muscles that are both at work and at rest.

Caffeine: Not all pre-workout supplements contain stimulants, but the caffeine included here is a logical step. Some athletes suffer adverse effects when they take a pre-workout supplement that contains a stimulant. However, caffeine is a milder stimulant than yohimbine and some other stimulant fat burners. many studies have also shown that caffeine dulls the perception of pain, and this is valuable if you want to push through fatigue (though it’s never a good idea to push through an injury).



There are many advantages to taking this supplement as your nitric oxide booster of choice. As mentioned earlier, it is manufactured by a company that only makes one product, and this limited production generally means employees have a greater familiarity with this product. Another advantage is the unique ingredient profile. You’re getting a lot more than the standard, bare-bones nitric oxide booster when you take this supplement, as most NO boosters have arginine as the only active ingredient. With this supplement, you’re getting two high-quality nitric oxide boosters, and you’re also getting a unique amino acid that can support lean gains and fat loss. It’s an uncommon formulation that has been developed by fitness enthusiasts for fitness enthusiasts.



This supplement by itself has not been awarded any specific certificates. However, it is worth nothing that the 1998 medical study that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine was dedicated to proving the benefits of L-arginine, which is a major ingredient of this formulation. Thus, while Nitric Storm may not have won any certificates of its own, its efficacy is supported by major award-winning research. It is likely, given the unique and effective formula of this supplement, that it will earn some certificates of its own in the near future.



Sometimes, it helps to talk to a few people who have used a product you’re considering before you buy it. below are some testimonials from those who have used Nitric Storm:

Robbie, 31, Winston-Salem, NC:

I’ve tried more nitric oxide boosters than i can count on both hands, but it wasn’t until this one that I thought I actually had something I can work with. I’ve tried everything from drugstore stuff to big-box manufacturers, and each time, I was underwhelmed. i did finally hear about this through the grapevine, and I decided to give it a shot. I’m so thankful I did! I think the L-norvaline may be one of the main reasons this works so well – it’s an ingredient I’ve never seen elsewhere, but it seems to have helped me get and stay lean. I know it’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it – I’m a customer for life!

James, 45, Stoneville, MI:

The older I got, the more I realized that i need some serious pre-workout. I used to just take a tab of yohimbine, but that stuff gives me shakiness sometimes, and it’s too unpredictable. Then I just started taking energy drinks, but I seemed to crash too fast from them. Finally, I found this supplement and immediately loved it. The ingredient profile is unusual, but I recently realized that I needed something with L-citrulline. Having that as an extra ingredient really seemed to help. Now I’m hitting PRs faster than ever, and my muscle recovery is so much better than it was before!

Stan, 23, Greenville, SC:

Not all of my friends use pre-workout, but i’m the one who always has. I used to just get what was on sale at CVS, and it worked well enough. But about a year or two into lifting seriously, I started hitting some plateaus. I tried so hard to overcome them, but it got to be a vicious cycle where I would get discouraged and then try less hard. Then i had the bright idea to switch pre-workouts. And thankfully I followed through, because this stuff has worked wonders. I look better and am back to continuously being able to lift heavier!


Awards & Media Coverage

Nitric Storm has not won any awards or received any significant media coverage as of yet. But as noted above, L-arginine, one of its main ingredients, was the subject of Nobel-Prize-winning research. This research, while it does not count as an award given to this supplement, validates the efficacy of this pre-workout supplement and suggests that this supplement too may one day win its own award. This supplement has capitalized on the older research with L-arginine, but it has taken into account newer research by adding L-citrulline and L-norvaline to improve the formula.


Money-back Guarantee

This company does not offer a money-back guarantee on its products. However, it does have a fairly generous free trial program 9see below for details). And even though it is an auto-refill program, you are under no obligation to continue the auto-refill process, and you may cancel anytime. While some companies operating similarly to Nitric Storm do offer a money-back guarantee, for many people, the free trial program offers them enough time to evaluate the product. It also saves you the hassle of mailing back bottles of product.



Shipping is reasonable and comes at a flat rate, and it also comes with shipping insurance. When you participate in the free trial program, you only have to pay shipping, which is just under five dollars, as well as insurance, which is 99 cents. However, after that, your shipping fee is bundled in with the price of the bottle, so you won’t have to worry about separate bills. Shipping is fast, and you’ll usually get your bottle in three to five business days.


Customer Support

This company’s customer support team is ready to talk to you! Everyone who works with Nitric Storm is a fitness enthusiast, and each one can help you with questions related to this product, its ingredients, or fitness in general. You may talk to a customer care representative via e-mail or by phone, and they can help you whether or not you have already purchased a product. The world of supplement purchasing can be a challenging one, and those who work with this company aim to make it a little easier to navigate.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you purchase Nitric Storm online, you can rest assured that your information is safe from both hackers and the general public. In the past, most people were worried about making internet purchases, and for good reason – there were few, if any, security protocols in place to help. Now, though, responsible companies like this one ensure that the checkout process is independently verified by several organizations. Hackers won’t be able to reach it, and the company itself will not sell, lease, or otherwise share your information.


Pricing & Free Trial

This company has a generous free trial program for you to see if you want to use its product on a regular basis. When you order a trial bottle, you only pay $4.95 shipping, plus 99 cents for shipping insurance. You have 14 days from when you placed your order to decide if you want to keep buying this product. If you do not cancel, you will be billed for the trial bottle’s full price of $94.67 and also enrolled in the EZ Refill program, which automatically bills you for and ships a new bottle every 30 days. You can cancel anytime, as long as you do so at least three days before your next refill date.


There are many benefits to using Nitric Storm. These include the following:

  • It includes both L-citrulline and L-arginine, making it uniquely complete.
  • The inclusion of L-norvaline sets it apart from other NO boosters.
  • It also contains no calories, making it safe for those watching their intake.


Any supplement will have cons for certain users. Here are a few of the cons for this supplement:

  • The auto-ship program, while convenient for some, may be less convenient for others.
  • Some users may prefer to not have stimulants in their NO supplements, and this one has caffeine.

Nitric Storm

Summary: Nitric Storm is a nitric oxide booster with a more unique formulation. While many NO boosters just have arginine as an active ingredient, this supplement includes both L-arginine and L-citrulline, which are known as two of the best nitric oxide boosters around. These ingredients rush nutrients and oxygen to your muscle tissue, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to exercise harder and longer. It also includes a rarer ingredient, L-norvaline, which is a modified form of the amino acid valine. This ingredient supports fat loss and preservation of lean gains. Also included is caffeine, a stimulant that can jump-start your workout without causing unnecessary jitters or anxiety.On the whole, if you’re looking for a way to support your lean gains before, during, and after your workout, this is a great way to go.

FREE TRIAL to $94.67
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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