Nitric Rush

Nitric Rush Review – A Nice N.O. Booster or Not?

What Is Nitric Rush?

Nitric Rush is a dietary supplement featuring vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts, and more, that work together to increase strength, energy, stamina, muscle definition, and alertness. This supplement is formulated with a sustained release formula that ensures maximum absorption of the supplement’s active ingredients by your digestive system. In addition to the fitness benefits, this supplement is carb-free and calorie-free, making it perfect for those trying to lose fat and improve muscle definition.

This supplement is manufactured and sold by a small company based in Los Angeles, CA. A free trial costs only $4.95 for shipping. This supplement could be a great choice for those who live in the U.S., especially near Los Angeles, since shipping will be much quicker than if shipped from overseas. If you like the supplement, it’s available by monthly subscription.



Nitric Rush is owned and distributed by JPINA Enterprises Inc. Other products sold by this company include E-natural Solution and Ultra Health, which are both eye cream skin care products. JPINA Enterprises Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA, but no other information is publicly available about this company.

Because JPINA Enterprises Inc. has very limited online presence and very limited public information, you may want to use caution doing business with them if you’re concerned about their lack of transparency. However, there is no obvious risk in buying from them, since they use secure checkout and seem to be professional and legitimate.


How Nitric Rush Works?

This supplement uses a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and natural plant extracts that work together to improve blood supply, metabolism, energy levels, endurance, heart health, muscle strength, and more. The claims made by the manufacturer do not appear to be pseudoscientific or a rip-off, as all of the active ingredients are either known to be beneficial, or have some amount of scientific evidence to suggest that they may be beneficial. Within 15 minutes of taking a dose of this supplement, you’ll feel a burst of energy, and within 2 weeks you should see a notable difference in your fitness. Those who want to improve their athletic performance, break personal records, lose fat, and generally be more healthy will probably benefit from taking this supplement.

The name comes from the fact that the ingredient Arginine Alpha Ketogulutrate, when released into the bloodstream, increases the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator that will increase blood flow throughout your body, meaning that nutrients get delivered to your muscles faster, making for a quicker recovery and heightened exercise benefits.


Ingredients of Nitric Rush

Nitric Rush uses several different ingredients that work together to produce the desired results. These ingredients include Arginina Alpha Ketogulutrate, Glutamine, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, L Carnitine, Chromium, Green Tea Extract, and Yohimibine Bark Extract. All of the ingredients in this supplement are thoroughly screened to ensure purity and safety.

Arginine Alpha Ketogulutrate is an amino acid compound that helps the metabolism of nitric oxides. It also helps to build muscle, heal wounds, and maintain a healthy blood supply. It’s used by doctors to improve healing and recovery from surgery, but only anecdotal evidence supports the use of Arginine Alpha Ketogulutrate as a dietary supplement.

Glutamine is a pure amino acid, and the most abundant free amino acid found in human blood. Glutamine serves various roles in the body, including protein synthesis, prevention of loss of muscle mass, cellular energy, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining several chemical balances within the body. Glutamine interacts with several medications, and worsens several medical conditions. Therefore, do your research before using Glutamine, and ask your doctor if you can take Glutamine if you use any medications or have any medical conditions.

Vitamin B-3, also known as Niacin, is a necessary vitamin. This vitamin helps cholesterol levels, heart health, and many other health issues. However, Vitamin B-3 carries with it side effects, medication interactions, and dosing risks. You should talk to your doctor before using Vitamin B-3 if you take any medications or have any medical issues.

Vitamin B-6 is another B-vitamin that benefits heart health and regulates cholesterol. It also regulates fat metabolism and blood iron levels. Like many other common dietary vitamins, Vitamin B-6 has risks associated with inappropriate dosing, side effects, and medication interactions. Do your research and talk to your doctor before using Vitamin B-6.

Vitamin B-12 is the last B-vitamin that’s found in this supplement, and itbenefits blood iron levels, energy, and concentration. Vitamin B-12 is also recommended for those with mood issues, such as depression or anhedonia, as it is an important building block for the neurotransmitter serotonin. Taking Vitamin B-12, especially in conjunction with other B vitamins, may help to improve your mood on a daily basis. Again, do research and talk to your doctor before taking this vitamin as a dietary supplement, as it can interact with other drugs, and too large of a dose can be dangerous.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body, and helps the body produce energy, and also improves heart health, brain function, and cholesterol levels. Some studies suggest that taking an L-carnitine supplement may improve overall athletic performance. Some people who take L-carnitine experience side effects such as nausea, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures. L-carnitine supplements may interact with some medications, so talk to your doctor before using it.

Chromium is a metal that is found in trace amounts in the human body, helping to regulate blood sugar. It also improves mood and encourages healthy cholesterol levels. Some evidence suggests that chromium supplementation leads to increased fat loss and increased muscle growth. Chromium interacts with some medications, so be cautious when using this supplement, and be careful about the dosage you take.

Green Tea Extract contains helpful compounds including antioxidants, anticarcinogens, anti-inflammatory chemicals, and anti-radiation chemicals. Supplementing with Green Tea Extract can improve mental performance, boost energy, increase fat loss, balance cholesterol, and encourage healthy joints. Green Tea Extract can interact with some medications, especially stimulants. The caffeine content of Green Tea Extract can cause side effects if over-used, including increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, sweating, jitteriness, and insomnia.

Green Tea Extract has anticarcinogen properties. A carcinogen is a substance that is known to cause diseases to humans. This means that using Green Tea Extract as a supplement could possibly reduce your risk of such diseases, and there is some scientific evidence that suggests this. Although some of these diseases should not be treated using Green Tea Extract only, it may be useful as a preventative measure.

Green Tea Extract is a great addition to this supplement, because not only will it benefit your body, but also your mind. Concentration, mental clarity, and mood can all by improved through the use of Green Tea Extract. Polyphenols, which are found in the tea plant, have been shown to increase the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain. This effect helps with cognition, mental clarity, and mood.

Catechins are another great compound found in Green Tea Extract. Catechins may help increase metabolism and add to your longevity. Asian populations are famous for having higher longevity than other cultures, and some believe it may be to the large amount of green tea that Asian populations tend to drink. Green tea is overall an amazing, very beneficial plant that serves an important purpose in the formulation of this supplement.

The yohimbe tree is a tree native to Central and West Africa. The extract from the bark of this tree is a traditional treatment in African folk medicine. Yohimbe Bark Extract improves athletic performance, blood flow throughout the body, and general health. Yohimbe Bark Extract users occasionally may experience side effects including higher blood pressure, irregular or fast heartbeat, chest pain, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, and many others.

All of the ingredients in this supplement are proven, or at the very least suggested, to provide benefits for your fitness and overall health. This is a trustworthy supplement. If you already take a few of the ingredients described above as individual supplements (for example, if you take Vitamin B-12 pills, Green Tea Extract, Glutamine, and L-carnitine), taking this combination supplement instead could save you money, since with this supplement, it’s all in one pill.



Nitric Rush features many advantages over other fitness supplements. For one, this supplement features a unique, wide array of effective ingredients that will work together to help you achieve the results you want. None of the ingredients’ claims are based on pseudoscience or anecdotal evidence, so you can be sure of the efficacy. Possibly the best advantage of all is that you can try it for free, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it out.

The ingredient combination found in this supplement is very effective and synergistic. Amino acids including Glutamine, L-Carnitine, and Arginine Alpha Ketogulutrate help your blood flow, muscle strength, immune system, and metabolism. Vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, and Chromium will help with your heart health, cholesterol, blood iron levels, and energy. Green Tea Extract helps with fat loss and energy, and Yohimbe Bark Extract helps your endurance and general health.

All of these ingredients are scientifically proven, or at least have some evidence, to provide the benefits listed. None of the ingredients are unbacked by scientific data. This product is not a scam, rip-off, or “new-age woo”, like many other supplements available online. Even non-athletes would benefit from taking this supplement.

Trying the pills is virtually free. All you have to pay is $4.95 for shipping and handling. Given the wide range of benefits that this supplement offers, trying this supplement will be worth it, even if you end up not liking it. But, if you do like it, you can get it every month with free shipping, so it’s a win-win situation.



There are no certificates, awards, or endorsements associated with this supplement. The supplement’s claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The supplement is not approved or endorsed by any medical or scientific agency, and no scientific research has been done specifically about the health effects of this supplement.

As with any supplement, it’s important to understand the limits of what this supplement can do for you. It won’t reverse any condition you already have, and should not be relied on to prevent any disease. In addition, this supplement will not help you to lose fat and gain muscle if you don’t use it in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. This supplement is intended to be used to amplify the benefits of exercise, not replace it entirely.



This dietary supplement seems to be fairly well-known within the online bodybuilding and fitness communities. Various reviews have been posted on the Internet about this supplement. Here are a couple to help you make an informed decision.

Posted by user “getripped34” on an online bodybuilding forum:

This is actually a really great supplement, and I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. It makes a huge difference in my performance and I think you should all give it a try. After starting to take the supplement, I find that I can lift heavier, lift longer, and do more cardio and it’s all easier and more pleasant. Building muscle is much easier now. I also just feel better in general, since this supplement is just great for you overall health. Green tea extract, L-carnitine, and B-vitamins are some supplements that I used to take individually. This pill has all those ingredients plus many more. $90 a month may seem really pricey, but it’s worth it if you take a lot of supplements. Personally, it saves me money. Try it and see if it doesn’t make a difference to your lifting. It only costs about $5 shipping to try it for free.

Posted by Anna, age 19, on her personal blog:

I’ve been an avid runner for the past 3 years. I’ve tried a lot of supplements that are supposed to improve fitness, and most of them don’t seem to work. However, I’ve started taking one called Nitric Rush and it seems to help a fair bit. I was hesitant because it’s kind of expensive. But since you can try it for free, I decided to go for it. I was attracted by the advanced combination of ingredients, especially the green tea extract since I love green tea. I started taking it every morning, starting about two months ago. Since then, I seem to have an easier time on those really long runs. I’m also less fatigued afterward, and less sore the next day. If you’re a fellow runner like me, or if you’re into any other method of fitness, or if you just want to experience the health benefits, I highly recommend it. It gives me the strength and energy I need. I’ve been beating personal records left and right ever since I started taking it.

Posted by Tom H., age 34, on the comment section of an article about supplements:

Nitric Rush really helps me. I’m an avid cyclist and these pills have improved my endurance and recovery time. It has so many amazing ingredients, I think you should all give it a try.


Awards & Media Coverage

Nitric Rush has been featured by Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle Fitness. It does not seem to have any awards given to it, neither by medical or scientific institutions or by publications such as magazines or websites.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee offered by the makers of this supplement However, your first bottle is free, you only have to pay shipping costs.



Your first, free bottle requires a payment of $4.95 to cover shipping and handling. For subscribed members of the product, shipping is free. However, it can only be shipped to the United States, territories of the United States, and United States military bases. It may take up to 4 days to receive your parcel.

Your package ships from Los Angeles, CA. This makes it a good choice for United States residents, as it will ship to you much more quickly than a supplement from overseas would. Domestic shipping is also much cheaper than international shipping.


Customer Support

The manufacturer offers customer support that can be reached in multiple ways. You can send an email, or call them toll-free during normal business hours PST.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website uses a secure connection. Any information entered is encrypted. This means that any personal information you enter during the checkout process is safe and secure.


Nitric Rush Pricing & Free Trial

There is a free 14-day trial available for this supplement. All you have to pay is $4.95 for shipping and handling. If you like the supplement, you can subscribe to the monthly shipments. With the subscription service, each bottle is $89.99 with free shipping.






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