Nitric Power

Nitric Power Review – Should Trust This Supplement or It Should Be Avoided?

What Is Nitric Power?

Nitric Power is a pre-workout supplement that is taken to help build bigger and stronger muscles. It is taken by bodybuilders and athletes who want to make the most of their bodybuilding workout. It does not work alone, but rather it works in conjunction with a strenuous exercise program. It helps the body to produce a substance called nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is naturally present in the body, but when more is produced, you can have a stronger, longer workout every time. The more you workout, the bigger your muscles will become.

Nitric Power is specially formulated as a nitric oxide booster with an advanced delivery system. This advanced delivery system means that the product works quickly after taking it to relax the smooth muscles of the blood vessels so that the blood can flow quicker. This quick blood flow brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skeletal muscles for the best results in strength and power. It allows for optimal muscle pumps every time you workout.

The results are that the muscles have great muscle pump. This is due to the extra blood that flows into the muscles as you are working out, filling them with oxygen so they have the ideal workout. With this Nitric Power, the muscle pump will be more evident than with any other pre-workout supplement. You will also find that the pump lasts longer than with any other pre-workout supplement. This makes for the best workouts.



The Nitric Power Company follows strict manufacturing and safety guidelines to bring you the highest quality product on the market. In fact, they are a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified manufacturer, assuring that every ingredient in every product meets quality guidelines. All ingredients go through evaluations for quality, purity, and safety. In addition, the ingredients the company uses are natural, used in optimal quantities, and tested for contamination. But, just as important as the testing of ingredients is the assurance that the product works. Nitro Power’s quality assurance program tests the supplement to be certain that it will work. They have a goal of helping all people to become healthy, and their supplements are one way to achieve this goal. Finally, they are committed to safe technology as demonstrated by their secure website an checkout process. They want everything from purchasing to usage to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.


How Nitric Power Works?

Nitric Power’s ingredients work together to allow for the most growth and strengthening of muscles. They do this in a combination of ways. First, a combination of amino acids and enzymes work to promote an increase in nitric oxide. Additionally, the timed release delivery system of this nitric oxide supplement allows these agents to produce extra nitrous oxide in the body all day long. While your body naturally produces some nitrous oxide, this supplement will help it produce much more.

The extra nitrous oxide, in turn, increases the size of the vessels that the blood flows through, so the blood can flow faster. This fast moving blood gets more nutrients to the muscles in a much quicker manner, allowing the muscles to grow and strengthen more quickly than other supplements in this class. In addition, the nutrients and oxygen that are carried to the muscles makes them healthier, and it allows for longer workout sessions. Obviously, the more you workout, the bigger your muscles will become. The nitrous oxide helps bodybuilders to be able to workout longer and harder at every time. The cycle continues because of the nitrous oxide that is working in the body throughout the day.

Nitric Power works best when taken before a workout. The serving size of this pre-workout supplement is two capsules, and this can be taken daily. This nitric oxide booster also works best when a healthy diet is followed along with strenuous exercise routines. To build muscles, one must be sure to eat a diet rich in lean proteins, including fish, chicken, turkey, beans, and lean meats. Drinking a sufficient amount of water daily is also a key to making sure to building more muscles, and with all of the vasodilation this supplement produces, this is even more critical.


Ingredients of Nitric Power

This nitric oxide booster has several active ingredients as well as a few inactive ingredients. All ingredients that are put into Nitric Power are tested for safety and purity before being used. The first active ingredient in this supplement is A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate). A-AKG helps the body to make the nitrous oxide that is used by all cells in the body. This nitrous oxide then helps to dilate blood vessels which increase blood flow to muscles. The extra blood flow to the muscles is one key to this supplement’s success. It works for 24 hours.

The next active ingredient is A-KIC (arginine ketoisocaproate), which has several additional functions. First, it promotes extended muscle pump. It also promotes muscle growth and speeds muscle recovery, thus increasing strength and stamina. It allows a bodybuilder to workout for longer periods of time. It also prevents muscle breakdown during strenuous workouts, and it helps with the removal of damaging ammonia from the cells.

The third active ingredient is OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate), and it is an anabolic and anti-catabolic agent. It helps to speed muscle recovery and aids in the synthesis of protein. The increased proteins help aid in muscle growth and strength. Muscles need the proteins to grow.

The final active ingredient, GKG (glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate), works on a cellular level. It essentially helps to make every workout more effective. It allows the user to workout harder and longer with quicker muscle recovery.

The Nitric Power Company wants the user to know everything that is in the supplements they are taking. They list inactive ingredients as well as those that are doing the important work in this supplement. Other ingredients in this product include: Calcium Carbonate, Microcrystaline Cellulose, Sodium Croscarmellose, Steatric Acid and Magnesium Stearate.



This product has many advantages over other pre-workout supplements that a bodybuilder will appreciate. The first advantage is that Nitric Power contains natural ingredients that are safe for customers to use. Additionally, the quality control process of this company assures that you will get what is listed on the bottle and that these ingredients are pure and effective. The company works hard to assure tht only safe, natural, effective ingredients are used in their supplement.

The next big advantage of this nitrous oxide booster is the fact that it works to produce stronger, bigger muscles than similar products. Through the processes of vasodilation, this pre-workout supplement can really help bodybuilders to gain bigger and stronger muscles. Muscle pump is also significantly increased during workouts when using Nitric Power daily.

The next advantage is that you only have to take two capsules daily. This is easier than mixing powders that some supplements require. It also is quicker and less messy. Swallowing two capsules per day is not only tasteless, but it is a very effective method of boosting nitrous oxide and thus muscle gain.



The website for Nitric Power has certificates to assure that it is a safe, secure site. These certificates are from Verisign Secure, Verified by Visa, Macafee Secure, and Truste Certified Privacy. Each of these companies helps to assure customers that the checkout process on the website will allow for the security you need.

This product also has a seal that shows the product was made in the USA. In addition, there is one that shows that there is a 100 percent money back guarantee if one is not completely satisfied with the product.

This nitric acid booster may obtain more certificates as it becomes better known. At this time, these certificates do show that it is a pre-workout supplement that one can trust because if you are unhappy with it, you can return it for a full refund. Companies usually will not offer than kind of guarantee if they are not confident about their product.



I noticed the effects of this great product after only one week of using it. I was able to do more curls than ever before. I felt like I could almost see my muscles getting bigger every time I finished my workout. I workout a lot and this supplement really helped me achieve the bigger muscles I was looking for. – Ted C., New York, USA

I workout almost daily at the gym. I was frustrated because I was not seeing any more muscle growth. I had hit a wall in that area. Then I started taking Nitric Power. I did not notice any difference the first week and almost gave up. But I stuck with it and after about two weeks, I really could see the difference. My pumps were fuller and I was able to do way more. I lasted longer too. Definitely recommend this product. – Sean L., Boston, USA

Friends at the gym were taking Nitric Power. I heard nothing about it so I didn’t try. Then, I saw them getting bigger and me staying the same. I immediately ordered and now I’m seeing the great results too. It’s amazing. – Jon G., Washington DC, USA

Only need two capsules a day. I thought it was crazy. But, the pictures speak for themselves. Muscle growth is amazing. I’m so much stronger now than I was before. – Darius Q., Toronto, Canada

I purchased 3 bottles so I could get the freebies. With 5 months worth of product I set up a new bodybuilding goal. Blew it away in only two months. Will totally get more when I run out. – Hassan W., Ottawa, Canada

My chest and biceps have seen the biggest growth since starting this product. The muscle pumps are phenomenal. Love it and have told all of my gym friends. They love it too. – Chris S., Nottingham, UK


Awards & Media Coverage

At this time, Nitric Power has not won any awards or had any media coverage. It is such a great pre-workout supplement that it will surely win some awards as more people discover how well it works. The company is promoting the product on their website, and it will surely gain more attention as it becomes more well known among bodybuilders.

In addition, this pre-workout supplement does have a few videos on YouTube. These videos are promoting the nitric oxide supplement and giving testimonials about how well it works. One can find these videos with a search of YouTube. Since many people watch these types of videos, the word about this supplement is certain to spread.


Money-back Guarantee

The Nitric Power Company is certain that you will find their muscle building supplement to be beneficial. They are sure that you will see the results that they boast of on their website. They use the highest quality ingredients in all of their products to help assure the best results. In fact, they are so sure that their products are great that they offer a hassle-free money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, you simply need to contact the company within 60 days of purchasing it. Once you contact them, they will give you a shipping number, and you will ship the unused portion of the product back to them. They will then happily refund the money you spent, minus the shipping charges. This company works hard to ensure the best supplements because your health is important to them. They do not want to have any unhappy customers. They are pretty certain that you will be very happy that you purchased this nitric oxide booster.



Once you place your order, it is received and processed within one to three days. The package is then sent out, and you will receive it within four to eight days after making your purchase. Every package is sent in plain brown wrapping to ascertain your privacy. The company offers quick shipping because they know how excited customers are to get started with their product.

The shipping charges are a nominal fee. They vary depending on where the product is being sent to. Overseas orders will have a higher shipping cost than those sent within the United States since the company is located in the U.S. Additionally, packages shipped overseas are subject to taxes and customs fees of their country, and the customer is responsible for these charges.


Customer Support

You can contact customer support via email or telephone. When emailing, you should expect to wait 24 hours for the Customer Service Department to get back to you with a response. Sometimes you will hear sooner, but give them the courtesy of waiting because sending excessive emails will just cause them to get overloaded.

If you have return or exchanges to make, be sure to state your query clearly. In addition, if you have questions about the supplement, you can often find the answers on the website. If not, you are welcome to ask the customer service department for clarification. All customer service agents are well trained to answer your questions.

Telephone calls are taken during regular business hours and will get you in touch with a Customer Service Representative immediately. Be prepared with product name and label information when you make the phone call. The email address and phone number can be found in the Terms of Service portion of the official website for this supplement.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing this pre-workout supplement can be done through a secure website, and checkout is a very safe process at all times. Any information you enter will be treated as private, and the website is guaranteed safe from hacking. The checkout site is a 256 bit SSL connection. It is a 100 percent safe and secure website, and it is backed by several security companies. You should always look for the seals of the security companies. You will find that this one has the emblems of the Verisign Secure, Verified by Visa, Macafee Secure, and Truste Certified Privacy. These seals show you how much the company values your business. In addition, the site is verified to be safe and secure by the webhost, You can feel good in knowing that your credit card information is guarded against theft by this site.


Nitric Power Pricing

Nitric Power is priced competitively with other nitric oxide boosters. You can purchase one bottle for $44.95, which is a savings of $35 on the list price. However, if you purchase two bottles for $94.95, you will get one free bottle. Thus, you will actually receive three bottles of the product for only $94.95, saving $144.90 of the regular list price. Better still, would be to purchase three bottles of the product. It will cost you only $126.95, plus you will get two free bottles. This five month supply is the best deal because, in total, you will save $272.80 over the regular list price for these five bottles. The free bottles are offered as a bonus only when you purchase two or three bottles on your own. The company knows how well their product works and is confident that you will want to purchase several bottles to get the free offer.






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