Nitric Muscle Assault

Nitric Muscle Assault Review – If Your Nitric Oxide Levels Are Low Then Perhaps You Need This?

What Is Nitric Muscle Assault?

Nitric Muscle Assault is a muscle building supplement based around the idea of increasing the levels of nitric oxide produced in the body. The components in the supplement that encourage the body’s production of the natural compound nitric oxide have a series of resulting benefits for people who want to get satisfactory results out of their trips to hit the gym. Producing this compound in greater amounts is a boon to any workout routine. It makes it easier to build up muscles and maintain them, encourages fat burn, revs the body’s natural production of energy, and improves rate of muscle recovery after exercise and hard work. This means that it has a broad spectrum of benefit for practically all of the activities in an active person’s demanding gym regimen, both in the doing and in necessary recovery and downtime.

The supplement comes in capsule form, and is intended to be taken once per day. It’s of the pre-workout class of health supplements, meant to be incorporated into a specific time in a daily routine. This way, it has the most noticeable effect on performance and long term results.

Nitric Muscle Assault is a promotional product that gets out to its users when they request it. It is not available in brick and mortar stores. Instead, it can be acquired via a subscription secured by someone interested in incorporating the supplement into their routine on one of many online portals.



The company that produces this supplement goes by the same name as its product. As the manufacturer and distributor of this brand of supplements, they specialize in this one product. As such the manufacturer, like the product, is a new entity. The actual formula is developed and produced by GMP Labs.

GMP Laboratories operates out of Anaheim Center for Advanced Technology in California. They are a self-proclaimed “custom manufacturer of quality dietary supplements and homeopathic drug products”. GMP often works in synchronicity with a company that will distribute a drug, supplement, or homeopathic additive while they handle the manufacturing. “We help bring your concepts to reality” is the lab’s watchword, and they do so by handling safe product production for other entities to handle getting to their target customer base. The Nitric Muscle assault website claims that the pre-workout supplement will “help you build the strongest muscles ever”, and these are the groups backing up that claim.


How Nitric Muscle Assault Works?

Nitric oxide is synthesized from the amino acid L-arginine. A highly absorbable form of this amino acid is contained in Nitric Muscle Assault’s ingredients. When nitric oxide levels increase, this has several effects on the body that are boons for bodybuilders.

Nitric oxide opens up the blood vessels. This process is referred to as vasodilation. This allows more blood to flow, and more easily, and thus to reach muscles and organs. Improved bloodflow means those muscles and organs get a bigger and more steady supply of nutrients, for long-term health, and oxygen, for immediate performance.

The net result allows the body’s muscles to show improved performance, faster recovery, and easier results and maintenance. The increased access to oxygen caused by nitric oxide means it also has a mild stimulating effect on the metabolism. This can encourage the body to transfer stored fat into energy and to create energy instead of storing new fat and maintaining the body’s current levels. Ideally, this results in a better look and increased energy levels.

A cool side effect of taking a supplement that increases your levels of nitric oxide and thus makes exercise easier and greater in its rewards is that activity itself revs the body’s natural production of nitric oxide. Rather than having to worry about becoming dependent on a supplement for something your body should produce naturally, the increased and more productive exercise routine that is made possible with a nitric oxide-boosting supplement turns around and makes a person less likely to suffer from nitric oxide deficiency, which often results due to poor health or just as a side-effect of aging. Being healthy is really its own reward, and this kind of health effect is a direct example of why.


Ingredients of Nitric Muscle Assault

Nitric Muscle Assault contains:

  • AAKG (Arginine Alpha KetoGlutarate)
  • A-KIC (Arginine Ketoisocaproate)
  • GKG (Glutamine Alpha-KetoGlutarate)
  • OKG (Ornithine Alpha-KetoGlutarate)

Each of these active ingredients has a different function in relation to muscle performance, recovery, etc. The active ingredients in general are compiled with an aim to promoting the user’s body to produce nitric oxide. The Nitric Muscle Assault main website claims that nitric oxide is an ingredient in the mixture, but this is not actually possible. It is, however, composed with ingredients to raise a person’s levels of present nitric oxide. They provide necessary components for its production that people normally encounter in their diets in lower levels.

AAKG is a form of L-Arginine. L-Arginine is the main precursor to the formation of nitric oxide by the body. AAKG is highly absorbable, which makes it an effective choice for supplements. Absorbability is critical for making a nutrient supplement efficient and fast-acting.

A-KIG improves muscle recovery. Working out builds and strengthens muscles in the long term at the expense of depleting the body’s reserves in the short term. To build muscle, existing muscle must be riddled with microtears and flooded with lactic acid, which is what causes muscles to burn. A-KIG speeds up the time someone trying to work on their muscles needs to let them rest, and makes the period in between workouts less grueling.

GKG raises energy in the cells. One of two ketone derivatives of glutaric acid, GKG is a precursor to glutamate, which is an amino acid used by the body to construct proteins. Unlike nitric oxide, glutamate is a neurotransmitter, and is not just commonly mistaken for one by casual health nuts like the chemical compound Nitric Muscle Assault is based around. Glutamate plays a role in every part of the body, and is found in a high concentration throughout anatomy. Its scientific boons extend beyond workout routines. For example, it also aids in learning and memory.

OKG is a salt. (Don’t let its scientific classification fool you by sounding like junk food; salts are critical to several process in the body.) OKG is formed through a combination of two molecules of ornithine, which is another amino acid, and one molecule of alpha-ketoglutarate. OKG has been conclusively demonstrated to be involved in the synthesis of amino acids and the availability of protein, although science is still unclear on the exact mechanisms of how.

This isn’t all that rare, actually: Until very recent history, understanding why different compounds had the effects that they did was a lot more unusual that just knowing that they worked and the practical effects involved. As a species that’s always working to compile a body of common knowledge, we’re still catching up about why some things work the way they do. Not knowing the exact science yet doesn’t stop us from using what works, however, so OKG is a common supplement among athletes who want to increase muscle mass, balance certain hormone levels, or increase strength.

The amounts of each active ingredient contained in this supplement are not easy to determine. The proportions are not listed on the bottle of capsules or on any of the product’s official websites. Presuming that the above ingredients are all present in adequate amounts, the exact balance doesn’t matter too much, but it makes it harder to have a total understanding of the supplement’s actual strength, mechanism of function, and effectiveness.



Nitric Muscle Assault contains reputable ingredients. Its active ingredients provably and reliably aid in the art of bodybuilding. It contains a reasonable sampling of essentials for promoting muscle recovery and providing fuel for building up muscles.

Other ingredients are correct in their claims that they boost the activity of the metabolism. This has the double-pronged result of increasing energy reserves and discouraging storage of excess fat, and possibly burning existing fat when combined with sufficient complementarily metabolism-revving activity. The capsules possess a perfectly workable combination of active ingredients to act as a basic bodybuilding supplement.

Not only does Nitric Muscle Assault contain ingredients that are provable and reliable in their effects on exercise and long term health, it’s also lacking in any experimental extras. This may not sound like a plus at first, but the benefits of being able to take a supplement that is not augmented by something that’s meant to help or add pizzazz to a product’s ad campaign but is actually just garbage is not to be underrated. This is a basic supplement, and that means that users of the supplement can introduce it to their lifestyle to augment their routine or mix and match it with other products without having to worry about being blindsided by anything that won’t help their health in the long run.



Nitric Muscle Assault does not have any certificates so far. The individual active ingredients, however, are strongly supported in the world of bodybuilding and health supplements by science. Studies have repeatedly and consistently been able to demonstrate the benefits of the chemical compounds and neurotransmitters that the ingredients of this product are precursors to the formation of by the systems of the body.

This specific supplement for its part is a regular feature on supplement review websites. It’s a well-trafficked name, certainly. It bears a loose association with other tested products. Its distributing company, for example, works in tandem with that of Testo Black X, which it recommends as a complement. Certificates for Nitric Muscle Assault might be on the way. In the meantime, it’s not hard to assess.



These are range of benefits we’ve come to expect from bodybuilding supplements, and in that way, Nitric Muscle Assault doesn’t disappoint.

I’d hit a plateau a few months after taking up serious bodybuilding, and this nitric supplement made me start seeing changes in my results again. I was trying to do things the traditional way, but now I’m wondering why I wasn’t maximizing my results using every resource I could the whole time!

– Kevin J., 26, Miami, FL, US

There has never been a more powerful supplement. We’ll admit, we’ve recommended a few other bodybuilding supplements by now, but we’re truly convinced that Nitric Muscle Assault is a product you should consider buying. We’ve found literally hundreds of testimonials that suggest Nitric Muscle Assault is more than legitimate. The bottom line is this – If you want the body you DESERVE, then you NEED to buy Nitric Muscle Assault.

– Matt P.,  San Diego, CA, US

I started taking it because the first bottle was free, but I wound up pretty pleased with the results.

– Ryan D., 37, Seattle, WA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

This product appears to have been covered by a healthy slew of review websites. From this, one would think, it would be easy to form an informed and comprehensive idea of how well the supplement performs and to read about people’s experiences with it. Upon closer inspection, however, almost all of the so-called review websites are actually portals to buy Nitric Muscle Assault.

The “reviews” in question are written with the uniform tone of call-to-action advertisements. The hawking of this product disguised as attention from outside parties is boisterous, but lacking in large amounts of concrete information. They allude to “thousands of users”, but the attention of actual people who have tried the supplement is very difficult to track down.

Nitric Muscle Assault has been reviewed on a handful of real, credible supplement-reviewing blogs. Their consensus in general is that it doesn’t claim to be anything that it isn’t, but the supplement is overpriced upon examination of the means through which it’s sold. Compare-and-contrasts with other products aimed at the same audience show that this one doesn’t have anything extra going for it to draw bodybuilders to it. And for a relatively basic product, there’s nothing especially reliable or beneficial about the supplements’ manufacturer or distributors that would cause people to fall back on it in spite of this when they want a basic supplement to kickstart their bodybuilding.


Money-back Guarantee

You may be dissatisfied with the performance of the supplement. If so, you have fourteen days after placing an order for this product on its website to opt not to establish a subscription for it. If you do this, you get away with a full bottle containing a month’s supply, assuming for daily use, for the price of shipping. Whether to do this is completely up to the user. There are no arbitrary conditions applied to your right to cancel a payment.

People who try a free trial sampling of Nitric Muscle Assault and decide it isn’t right for them can manage their subscription on one of the product’s official websites. Choosing to do this does not require any fuss with returning the bottle or providing the company with a reason you didn’t find their product satisfactory or taking photographic evidence and turning it in. The process does, however, take a bit of clicking around. The route to locate the right web pages you need to be able to access to cancel your sign-up for a continuing resupply isn’t intuitive.



A bottle ships for four dollars and ninety-five cents to people who live within the United States. How long it takes to arrive varies moderately depending on geographic location. The average, however, is about five business days. A wait of a week after ordering can be expected. The shipping cost is a flat rate for a bottle.

The time an order of capsules takes to arrive means there is a window of about one week to test how this product effects a person’s strength, muscle gain and maintenance, and performance. That is, if the user wants to do so before having to decide whether to continue ordering it. This is arguably not enough time to get a serious feel for how the nitric oxide-promoting supplement impacts a bodybuilding/fitness routine. Whether the opportunity to receive it for free balances this out is a matter of opinion.


Customer Support

Customer Support for this product is nonexistent. When shopping for products, few consider this a draw. It’s shipped around through an impersonal, automatic process. Cancelling a subscription is responsive enough, but similar. Acquiring it only involves parting with your address and credit card information.

The involvement of the suppliers of the supplement capsules and their buyers basically ends there. Their websites don’t have any contact buttons or impart any contact information. The bottles themselves also don’t come with much information to speak of. For all the answer you can get from them, the distributing company might as well not exist.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The company that produces and sells the capsules operates from a clean website. All of their websites confirm to standards. They require you to enter your credit card details and address to order. When you do, that information is only used to send you the bodybuilding supplement capsules.

The consumer’s information is not sold to any third party or kept in reserve. The manufacturers guarantee they will only use it for one purpose. The transferring process is encrypted. This means that skimmers and hackers can’t get to a buyer’s information on either end of the transfer. Access to all monetary accounts is kept under lock.


Pricing & Free Trial

Nitric Muscle Assault is offered through a free trial with a $4.95 charge for shipping. The trial supplies one bottle containing a thirty day supply. To receive a free bottle, the purchaser gives the company their charge information, and has fourteen days from the day their order is placed to decide whether to stay subscribed to a supply of the supplement or not. If the purchaser does nothing, they are automatically charged for the full price of the first bottle and signed on to receive a continuing resupply at full price. There is no other way to acquire it.

If you stay signed up to receive monthly bottles, the price varies depending on the time when you ordered it. Testimonials show, however, that it’s reliably within a five dollar range of $85 per bottle of a month’s supply of capsules. The price your bottles go for will not change after you start your subscription.

The means through which this workout supplement is ordered is basically getting signed up for a subscription, with a chance to back out but keep a sample if you change your mind. The promise of a free bottle is enticing, but the price isn’t exactly competitive compared to other supplements on the market with similar ingredients and roles in a daily routine. The 80 to 90 dollar price range puts this one on the pricier end of most samplings of similar supplements by a lot.






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