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Muscle X Pump 2400 Review – How Good Is This All-In-One Pre-Workout Supplement?

What Is Muscle X Pump 2400?

This supplement is designed to be an all-in-one pre-workout supplement that helps support muscular gains and allows you to lift heavier and for longer periods of time. Unlike many supplements on the market, this one has main ingredients that have been supported by science for decades. With active ingredients L-Arginine, L-citrulline, and L-norvaline, this supplement stacks three powerful nitric-oxide boosting compounds. These three amino acids come together to make a pre-workout that does much more than just deliver a stimulant dosage. Nitric oxide is a molecule in the blood that that encourages blood flow to working muscles, and this blood flow increases without simultaneously increasing blood pressure. This is important, as strength training causes temporary spikes in blood pressure, and any additional rise in blood pressure can be dangerous.

But this increase in blood flow can help enhance your performance in the gym as well as your recovery. It does so by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to muscle tissue. If you’ve ever been close to muscle failure and felt the burn, you know what it feels like to run out of oxygen while lifting. Nobody can hold off muscle failure forever, but this supplement can help delay it enough that you can get a few more reps in, or run a little farther. Over time, this means that you can likely reach your goals faster. The increased blood flow also increases nutrient delivery, which helps to nourish muscles and deliver valuable supplements like BCAAs, creatine, and more, leading to a more successful training session.

The increase in blood flow has benefits for recovery, too. If you’re like many who strength train, you take protein right after the gym. When the blood flow to muscles is stimulated, the protein will be more quickly delivered to hem, thus maximizing the benefits of your post-workout shake. In short, nitric oxide is important if you want to take your workout to the next level, and having three active ingredients that support it means your supplement is working its hardest.

The ingredients of Muscle X Pump 2400 have been thoroughly researched, starting with L-arginine in 1998. For years, many in the fitness community would swear by L-arginine, though no real evidence existed to support it. Then, a group of researchers conducted a study and found that this supplement enhanced blood delivery to muscles and was, in fact, a way to enhance training. The study won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Since then, it’s been found that L-citrulline and L-norvaline work similarly, and that L-citrulline may even be more effective than L-arginine as a nitric oxide booster.



This supplement is made by Fit Crew USA, a company dedicated to making high-quality supplements for those who want to better themselves. The company makes a variety of pre-workout supplements and other workout enhancers, and they are stationed in Burbank, CA. Because they are dedicated to your fitness goals, you can reach this company by phone, e-mail, regular mail, ot by stopping by their headquarters. This company is also up front about its ingredients, and when you visit the product page for any of its products, you will see not only an ingredients list but also an infographic on how each ingredient improves your workout experience and helps you gain muscle, burn fat, or both. In an age where many companies won’t tell you what’s in their supplements, this is something to be valued.


How Muscle X Pump 2400 Works?

As the name suggests, Muscle X Pump 2400 gives you a great muscle pump. It does this by including not just one, but three ingredients that support nitric oxide in the body. L-arginine, L-citrulline, and L-norvaline are all amino acids that can support muscle growth, and all help the body to produce nitric oxide. As mentioned above, nitric oxide has serious benefits for training, recovery, and muscle pump. As far as training goes, we all know that active muscles can improve in performance when given more oxygen and more nutrients, as well as more key molecules. Oxygen is of paramount importance in general and in physical activity. We’ve all felt the burn of lactic acid in cardio and strength endeavors, and lactic acid builds up when the muscle is becoming low on oxygen. The increased oxygen delivery due to nitric oxide can allow you to exercise longer with less fatigue.

Of course, oxygen isn’t the only thing that powers a key lifting session. Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is produced in the mitochondria of cells and is responsible for cellular energy. More ATP gives you more explosive lifts, and every time ATP is used, a phosphate molecule is taken away, turning it to adenosine diphosphate, or ADP. In order to replenish the energy stores of your cells, ADP must be phosphorylated (gain another phosphate). The increased delivery of blood to working muscles helps this happen as well. Other molecules, like those from your pre-workout stimulant, BCAAs, etc., are also more efficiently delivered.

The great benefit of nitric oxide support is that it benefits you all day long. It is a major help with recovery. When your muscles are recovering, they will achieve maximal growth potential if they receive protein as soon as possible. While timing your post-workout shake will help with this, something that will also help is nitric oxide. By expediting the delivery of protein to your muscles, Muscle X Pump 2400 helps you get the muscle growth you want. Lastly, this supplement can help give you a great muscle pump. This can increase confidence and keep you on track. It may also cause a greater muscle pump than most supplements, and this is due to the inclusion of L-norvaline. This amino acid helps you bypass the body’s shutdown system for nitric oxide levels.

Once your body determines it has had enough nitric oxide, it activates a molecule called arginase, which destroys L-arginine. However, L-norvaline will continue to cause more nitric oxide production even when L-arginine is degraded, and some studies suggest it may actually give you a 60 percent better muscle pump than L-arginine alone. Muscle X Pump 2400 will therefore give you unprecedented muscle pump while you work hard to achieve your goals.


Ingredients of Muscle X Pump 2400

Unlike some pre-workouts whose ingredient lists are cluttered with obscure ingredients sourced from pseudoscience, Muscle X Pump 2400’s simple ingredient list has three ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. Below is a listing of the ingredients, as well as a bit about each one:

L-Arginine – This amino acid is the original nitric oxide booster. It was used for years in the fitness community by those who swore by its efficacy. As is the case with many supplements, the scientific community saw the popularity of this supplement and decided to see if there was any truth to the claims of the supplements fans. There was: a 1998 study evaluating L-arginine found that it increased blood flow to muscles by vasodilation, or a relaxation of the blood vessels. This caused an increase in blood flow, but not an increase in blood pressure, which delivered more oxygen and nutrients to muscles while they worked. The study was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in medicine, and it validated what the fitness community had known all along: this was a supplement that was worth something.

L-Citrulline – More recent studies have found that another amino acid, L-citrulline, may actually be more effective as a nitric oxide booster. Some studies have shown that this supplement degrades in the body less quickly than L-arginine, which suggests it may be active over a longer period of time. This would mean a more sustained elevation of nitric oxide, as well as more consistent delivery of oxygen and nutrients during and after your workout. Newer supplements are starting to incorporate L-citrulline more often, either alongside L-arginine or by itself. Though more research is needed to see if it is definitively better than L-arginine, the fact remains that this is an excellent supplement to have as an ingredient in your pre-workout. It’s been picked up by elite supplement manufacturers, too, and having it alongside two other compounds that support nitric oxide production can only increase your muscle pump.

L-Norvaline – This supplement, a form of the BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) valine, is not used as often as L-Arginine or L-citrulline, but it works in much the same way. However, it has an added benefit: it turns off arginase, part of the body’s feedback loop to shut down nitric oxide production. This can allow for increased vasodilation and thus a better muscle pump. In fact, some studies suggest that supplementing with L-norvaline can give you a muscle pump that’s up to 60 percent more than the one you get with only L-arginine. However, because this feedback loop is in place to prevent excessive vasodilation and potential side effects, you should be very careful to not exceed the recommended dosage of Muscle X Pump 2400. Because this is a form of a BCAA, it also can support you in muscle growth and recovery during and after your time at the gym.



There are a host of advantages to taking Muscle X Pump 2400. These advantages include the fact that its ingredient list contains only proven compounds. All ingredients are supported by research, and one is even supported by a Nobel Prize winning study. Another advantage is the fact that there is a free trial option if you’re undecided. Many customers are stuck paying full price for a product they aren’t sure they’ll like. With Muscle X Pump 2400, you get to try before you commit. Yet another advantage is the fact that the supplement comes in capsule form, making it easier to take. Some may prefer mixable pre-workouts, but with this one, there is no bottle to clean and no powder to mix. Lastly, because of the uncommon but effective ingredient L-norvaline, this supplement may have a leg up on the competition when it comes to creating a killer pump and the results you want.



This supplement has not yet been awarded any certificates. However, it may well receive one soon. This is because, in addition to the more common L-arginine and L-citrulline, it includes L-norvaline in its ingredient lineup. This unique amino acid may well cause Muscle X Pump 2400 to give you a better muscle pump than most supplements. Additionally, the supplement market is perpetually saturated with supplements with varying degrees of efficacy, so it takes longer for supplements to be noticed. With time and exposure, this supplement likely will be.



Because there are many supplements to choose from and selecting just one is difficult, it’s often wise to hear from those who have tried a given supplement. Here are some words from those who have used Muscle X Pump 2400 as part of their exercise program:

– Jeff, 23, Athens, GA:

I used to use an L-arginine supplement I got from a drugstore, and I liked it alright, but I wanted something with some more power. So off I went supplement shopping. And lo and behold, I found this stuff. Truly incredible. My muscle pump has gotten so good I feel it for hours post workout! I’m motivated to get to the gym based on that alone, most of the time. My gains are super improving, and my mental clarity has never been better.

– Stephan, 41, Las Vegas, NV:

Everyone knows that getting old makes it harder to lift heavier, so I decided to get ahead of that and find something that worked for me. It took a few years of trying different supplements, since I wanted something that worked and needed to give everything a fair shot. And this was the supplement that ended up sticking. Great energy, great pump, and I recently got a PR on my deadlift. Going to keep using this!

– Jackson, 29, Tallahassee, FL:

I’m almost to that magical age of 30 when guys start losing testosterone, so I realized I might as well start looking for a supplement that could give me a little boost in the gym. My favorite thing about this supplement is the fact that it really does extend the amount of time I can spend in the gym without getting worn out. Whether it’s a long run or a heavy lift session, I feel like I get the most out of whatever I do. It’s a really great feeling. I hope that this will help me keep performing at a high enough level, even as I start to get older.


Awards & Media Coverage

Though the product website does not list any places where Muscle X Pump 2400 has received coverage, the site notes that recent media coverage has resulted in the product being in high demand, and as such, trials may run out. The company only offers 250 free trial bottles per day. This supplement doesn’t appear to be written up in major journals, but a quick internet search reveals several reviews done by supplement websites. As it gains more exposure, though, it may well receive more mainstream media coverage.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers of Muscle X Pump 2400 stand behind their product. As such, they offer a refund option if you go through with the free trial, become a member, and then realize this product is not for you. If this happens, you can contact the company for a return merchant authorization, or RMA. Then, you will be given a specific number to use when sending your product back. It may take a few days for the refund to be credited to your account. Please not that, without an RMA, the company cannot process your return.



All orders are shipped within one day of your order. However, depending on destination, your bottle will arrive within two to five business days. In general, tracking is not available. This company works to get your products to you quickly, since it understands and values your commitment to fitness. If you have not received your product after five days, it may be wise to contact the company to ensure it has not been lost or sent to the wrong address.


Customer Support

Fit Crew USA, the manufacturer of Muscle X Pump 2400, is dedicated to helping its customers attain their fitness goals. They work to make themselves available to you, whether you are a customer or just considering becoming one. When you want to reach them, you can do so by phone, by e-mail, by regular mail, or by stopping in at their California headquarters. If you call or e-mail when they are out of the office, they will get back to you promptly. Because those on staff are very knowledgeable about the product and about fitness in general, they can answer questions specifically about Muscle X Pump 2400 as well as questions regarding whether or not this product is a smart choice for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying online makes many wary, and buying from a company that uses an autoship service may make some even more concerned. However, you can be assured that Fit Crew USA using the best encryption techniques to ensure the safety of your information. In fact, the security of the manufacturer’s checkout process is independently verified by McAfee, Truste, and Norton, so you can be sure your financial and address information is protected from those who may want to use it for nefarious purposes. Additionally, the company will not sell, share, or otherwise use your information, so you can rest assured it’s safe with them.


Pricing & Free Trial

The pricing of Muscle X Pump 2400 is on par with most of the pre-workout supplements available online and elsewhere. Its manufacturer offers a free trial option where you pay $2.95 for shipping and receive a 30-day supply. You then have 14 days from the order date to decide if you want to remain a customer. If you want to remain a customer, do nothing, and you will be billed the full price of $79.98 after the 14 days are over. You’ll then be enrolled in the auto-ship program, where you’ll be billed each month and sent a new bottle. If you want to cancel, you must contact the company at least seven days prior to the end date of your membership term. If you cancel the free trial at least a day before the end of the 14-day window, you will not be billed further and you get to keep the bottle.






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      I don’t think any kind of bodybuilding supplements are safe for people with high blood pressure. What you should do before you take any supplement is to talk to your doctor and ask him for permission after you gave him the ingredient list and the list of all current medications which you are taking, along with information about your health conditions. Never ask merchants, shops or people online regarding medical questions, always trust your doctor. If you don’t do that, you could be in huge risk, including the worst possible thing which can happen to you, if you don’t listen to that advice.

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