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Muscle Pro Xtreme Review – A New Nitric Oxide Booster on the Horizon

What Is Muscle Pro Xtreme?

Muscle Pro Xtreme is a capsule form nitric oxide booster intended to increase sports performance, amplify bodybuilding results and improve fitness. It impacts muscles and helps the body maintain important levels of glutamine. By taking this supplement, the product claims that men and women see an increase in muscle mass and enjoy an increase in stamina. Muscle Pro Xtreme also purports to help consumers achieve a lean muscular body while elevating their aerobic endurance and performance. These results translate into higher self-esteem, as men and women are able to feel more confident and powerful from a toned, fit body.

Using a scientifically proven formula, Muscle Pro Xtreme asserts that it aids purchasers in maximizing their body’s performance. Results include both physical and mental benefits. Within two weeks, customers are said to notice greater exercise performance, as muscle fatigue occurs much later into an exercise. The supplement encourages fat cells to convert into lean muscle with 15% faster muscle tissue recovery. Through it all, the manufacturer claims that the product’s natural ingredients hydrate the body’s blood cells to maintain an enhanced body chemistry.



Labgenix is listed as the manufacturer of the Muscle Pro Xtreme brand. Labgenix offers customer contact information within the brand’s terms and conditions. By purchasing any products from Labgenix, consumers agree to the company’s policies, including verification that the customer is age 18 or older. The manufacturer is registered as a home-based business operating out of San Diego. Quite likely, this means that it is a white label product that offers products under other different brand names with varying labels affixed to the products.

Customer care and billing inquiries for this manufacturer are directed to 7770 Regents Rd., Suites 113-178 San Diego, CA 92122. Numerous other brands operate from this address, namely skin care products.


How Muscle Pro Xtreme Works?

According to brand instructions, consumers take two capsules each day 30 minutes prior to a workout or right after waking in the morning to acquire noticeable results. Muscle Pro Xtreme activates human growth hormone-producing parts of the body. The increase in human growth hormones directly impacts muscle growth. With age, the body slows down production of the human growth hormone, eventually ceasing to exist altogether. When this happens, the body’s naturally occurring building and rest cycles transfer into defense mode, leading to a loss of new muscle development in exchange of maintaining one’s current status. Muscle Pro Xtreme seeks to reverse the aging process by upping the amount of HGH.

To improve body mass and bodybuilding performance, as well as boost fat-reducing enzymes, the product relies on three primary ingredients. Although the product’s claims to create “instantly visible muscle definition improvements” are a bit exaggerated and oversimplified, other assertions from the nitric oxide booster are supported by its ingredient list. The presence of L-Arginine is the primary way that the manufacturer can make many of its claims.

Naturally, results depend on proper use of the product and an individual’s body composition. Consumers are advised to balance use of the supplement with other healthy habits, such as eating a diet full of proteins, fruits and vegetables, and maintaining an exercise routine. Other benefits said to exist due to the supplement include:

  • Improved endurance and performance;
  • Conversion of fat cells to cut muscle;
  • Delayed muscle fatigue;
  • Enhanced workout performance;
  • Improved mental focus and physical coordination;
  • Greater stamina, strength and energy;
  • Improved deep sleep cycles;
  • Better regulated immune functioning.


Ingredients of Muscle Pro Xtreme

Dietary, food and sports nutrition supplements containing natural ingredients are legal by default. Since they are not drugs or medications, they do not require any approval from the Federal Drug Administration.

As stated previously, there are three active ingredients in this nitric oxide booster: L-Arginine, Creatine Ethyl Ester and Beta-Alanine. L-Arginine is said to be responsible for androgenic fusion and offers other health benefits. It can be found naturally in red meat, fish and dairy products. L-arginine causes blood vessels to enlarge for better blood flow. L-arginine also encourages insulin to circulate throughout the body as growth hormone and other substances are released.

Beta-Alanine is said to increase the synthesis of carnosine, thereby accelerating muscle strength and endurance during great physical exertion. It is noteworthy that the brand’s own link to scientific data supporting this claim continually misspells the ingredient, which gives pause to the credibility of the company’s claims.

Creatine Ethyl Ester is described as the neuromuscular accelerator of the supplement. The manufacturers state that this ingredient amplifies the body’s ability to recreate Adenosine triphosphate, which produces and stores energy. They assert that it improves overall body composition.

There is credible scientific evidence supporting some of the claims regarding Creatine Ethyl Ester. Specifically, it is shown to improve athletic performance in young, fit bodybuilders. In athletes age 60 and older, however, there is no discernible advantage.



With only two pills to swallow each day, Muscle Pro Xtreme is easy to take. It does not require any alterations to diet or exercise routine. Beta Alanine, Creatine and L-Arginine are all suitable ingredients for a muscle building formula. The supplement supplies the body with additional amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscles. Through the increased blood flow that this product encourages, muscles receive more energy. The company’s billing practices seem legitimate and honorable. Customer service is responsive and friendly.

So far there are not any definitive negative side effects of using Muscle Pro Xtreme. However, L-Arginine, one of its primary ingredients, is under scrutiny. On the plus side, the natural ingredient supports the supply of Nitric Oxide to different parts of the body and fosters vascular relaxation so that blood can flow much easier. The concern stems from people with heart problems who may face unwanted low blood pressure upon taking this supplement.



Certificates and promotional offers for Muscle Pro Xtreme are not readily available on the Internet. There is a free trial period and built-in discount for bulk purchases. That said, there are countless offers of reduced pricing for this product by numerous individuals and subsidiary groups.

Some bidding sites and online markets offer a 30-day supply of the bodybuilding supplement for only 1/6 of the advertised price on the brand’s website. It is noteworthy that Muscle Pro Xtreme’s website features conflicting information about pricing. The landing page for the free trial lists a substantially higher price for the monthly supply than the list price on the Terms and Conditions landing page.



No celebrities or professional athletes have endorsed Muscle Pro Xtreme. However, many testimonials are available online. Some critiques have been created by paid actors, while others seem legitimate. They can be viewed at various shopping portals and on the brand’s website.

Muscle Pro Xtreme claims that 98% of its customers are satisfied with the results. Users are expected to see results within two weeks, which many of the online reviews support.

Muscle Pro Xtreme gave me a big bump in energy, especially when lifting. Remember, this product is meant to enhance your pump, not replace it. I recommend using this supplement to supplement your regular healthy diet and exercise regime. – Alex Garvan, Sydney, Australia

I have used this product before and it works really good, no side effects. You will see more definition in your body after you work out. – Joshua Rahl, Melbourne, Australia

I think I am showing good benefit from Muscle Pro Xtreme. I am kind of new to using it, but my energy has definitely increased. I feel more energized and confident at the gym, more in tune with both mind and body. So far so good and I haven’t cancelled yet. I think I may have found my product of choice. I’ve been looking awhile, so that is a good thing. – Scott Mead, Canberra, Australia

Muscle Pro Xtreme is not a scam. Read all the fine print and you will see that you can simply call and ask for a trial offer and get a huge discount. If you get off your a** and use it properly, it actually does work. I have been using it for two months now and I am really impressed. If it would work any faster, it wouldn’t be safe. – Caleb Tavers, Brisbane, Australia

I was amazed at how quickly I saw results after taking Muscle Pro Xtreme. Almost immediately, I could tell that my stamina had improved and I wasn’t nearly as tired even after a strenuous exercise routine. The first couple pills seemed to cause a little nervousness or jitters, like I’ve experienced when I’ve pulled an all-nighter with caffeine, but nothing remarkable. – Carlos Santiago, Adelaide, Australia


Awards & Media Coverage

According to the brand’s website, Muscle Pro Xtreme appears to have won an Award of Excellence in 2012 from However, the list of winners on the bodybuilding website does not identify Muscle Pro Xtreme as a winner.

Nominees are chosen based on the number of sales made on the website. Every time a purchase is made, a vote for a specific product is inadvertently cast. Visitors to the bodybuilding website then choose from the nominees.


Money-back Guarantee

The company’s Terms and Conditions page outlines refund information. The extensive information available suggests that it is reliable so that consumers can make a purchase with confidence.

A customer service telephone number is provided for buyers who wish to seek a refund. That number is 866.883.4981. Customer service representatives respond to inquiries according to Pacific Standard Time, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, except holidays. Customers can mail partially unused products for a refund at 7770 Regents Road #113-178, San Diego, CA 92122. Labgenix does specify that empty bottles do not qualify for a money back guarantee.

Consumers may return up to one unopened bottle for credit. To do so, the package must have a postmark date no later than 30 days after product purchase. As described on the brand’s website, all returns are granted within one or two days of approval.

Packaging for a return must have a customer service-provided return merchandise authorization number (RMA) clearly evident. Customers are responsible for paying for shipping on any returned products. There is no refund for the cost of shipping the original order or the return. It is of utmost importance that customers obtain an RMA number prior to returning the merchandise, as the package will not be accepted without this customer service number.

No refund is given to customers who cancel after the free trial period. Customers are still responsible for the payment of all shipping fees. If cancellation is requested within the allotted time and according to the company’s cancellation policies, there is no charge on the buyer’s credit card for the product cost. If a person does not follow the program’s guidelines for a return after calling customer service, he is charged for the original 30-day supply of pills, charged a cancellation fee and must pay for any product received beyond the initial trial period.

If a customer does not receive the merchandise following placement of an order, they can call customer service five days after ordering the product. If they call customer service and notify the company of non-receipt, the free trial period will be extended and the supplement will be reshipped. Orders are checked against the delivery confirmation tracking, so the tracking record of customers seeking a replacement bottle must show that no product was delivered.



The supplement is not available at any box stores, and therefore must be ordered online. A monthly shipping cost is incurred by the customer upon ordering, and all return fees are charged to the customer as well. Shipping for the bodybuilding supplements ranges from $2.95 per shipment to $5 per shipment as of 2016. Shipping is provided through the United States Postal Service. Delivery tracking is available to protect the consumer and the company.


Customer Support

Customer service support is clearly outlined in the brand’s Terms and Conditions. To reach customer service, consumers can call 866.883.4981. The customer service address for Muscle Pro Xtreme is 7770 Regents Road #113-178, San Diego, CA 92122.

For customers who want to use electronic mail, an email address is listed on the business’s website. Labgenix has customer support open for business on Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Just as with other online shopping avenues, checkout is safe and secure. Using PayPal standards payment account for all of its transactions, the brand ensures confidentiality and safety for its customers. PayPal is completely secure and uses Secure Socket Layers of encryption to protect customers. The service has earned its reputation as one of the leading trusted payment processors online today. After product purchases are completed by the customer, that customer’s purchasing data is removed from Internet servers and stored only on non-Internet accessible computer servers with additional physical and electronic security.


Muscle Pro Xtreme Pricing & Free Trial

The most common way to purchase Muscle Pro Xtreme is through the manufacturer’s trial offer. Keep in mind that the brand does not use the word ‘free’ because it is not completely void of cost. Initially, you are only charged a minimal shipping fee. This is how your credit card number becomes known. Upon entry into the trial program, customers receive access to the program portal website.

Consumers who wish to cancel the trial must do so within 14 days of ordering the product. If they miss that window, they are charged for the trial bottle of capsules at a rate of $89.95 per 30-day supply. Moreover, they are automatically registered to receive another bottle every 30 days for the identical price. Until cancellation, a person’s credit card will be charged for the first month’s supplies and all following month’s supplies. This policy is outlined in the brand’s Terms and Conditions.

Customers are also given an option at checkout to purchase the testosterone releaser outright at full price. If they elect for this option, they are redirected to another site where they are asked to create an account with Google Wallet.

Different prices are advertised on various shopping portals. Some sites indicate a sale price as low as $29.95 per month, whereas the product’s own webpage lists the sale price as $89.95 per 30-day supply bottle of 60 capsules. On the company website, there are two conflicting price points listed, but when going through the transaction, it appears that $89.95 is the final option.






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