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Muscle HD Review – Does This Supplement Work?

What Is Muscle HD?

Muscle HD is a pre-workout supplement designed to maximize the scientifically proven benefits of certain ingredients on the human body, particularly in relation to building and maintaining muscle mass. Using the findings of Nobel prize winning chemist, Otto Meyerhoff in his studies on the human body and muscles, this supplement was formulated to elevate a workout to its most productive level.

Meyerhoff studied not just how muscles contracted, but also why muscles contracted. He learned what compounds were involved in this as he studied the metabolic reactions in the body. Building on his research, this product was designed to allow lifting to be more productive and to increase the endurance of the consumer. This leads to accelerated muscle growth when used in combination with workouts.

The supplement is designed with performance in mind, with a key factor being the use of carefully selected, science-based secondary ingredients that work compatibly with the creatine based formula. It is delivered in a convenient capsule form for ease of use.



Redstorm Labs made a big splash in the bodybuilding world in 2015 with the introduction of their pre-workout and recovery supplements. They are viewed as a ‘company to watch’ in the bodybuilding industry.

Grabbing additional attention for the manufacturer is the fact that they landed some impressive talent to endorse their products. The Northern Classic natural bodybuilding first place winner, Denon Makimchuk has signed with Redstorm Labs. Brandon Tovey has also joined their team. Brandon is an 8 time World-Record holder in both Powerlifting and Bench Press. He is also a 2 time Powerlifting World Champion.


How Muscle HD Works?

The ingredients in Muscle HD are combined in such a way that the human body can break them down efficiently and deliver them to the blood stream. This allows the body’s existing efficient systems to do their work. Via the blood stream, the compounds (vitamins, amino acids and minerals) are distributed to each of the muscle groups. The supplement produces increased strength and growth, while also offering some beneficial assistance in recovery post workout.

Because of the ingredient mixture, the body is better able to perform at a high intensity. This is especially important for bodybuilders as the increased intensity leads to more muscle mass and higher performance results. In addition, the creatine in the supplement helps in the recovery period and works to reduce muscle damage and reduce inflammation following an intense workout period.


Ingredients of Muscle HD


Acts as the energy supply for muscles during the workout. This is one of the primary ingredients found in this supplement. It provides the greatest benefit during high intensity workouts / explosive activities. It boosts the user’s energy and strength, resulting in the ability to lift heavier weights and complete more repetitions. Creatine also assists in muscle recovery.

Creatine is found naturally in the human body with the largest percentage being found in muscles. This is a substance that has been studied for more than 80 years to evaluate its affect on the body. It is thought to increase the consumer’s high power and high speed performance skills.

Amino Acids

L-arginine is a source of amino acids, which are necessary to build muscle. The body converts L-arginine to Nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels for improved circulation. Improved circulation translates to a more effective and efficient workout. Because the human body does not create Arginine naturally, it is important to consume via foods or supplements. It helps to combat the water retention or bloating that is often associated with Creatine based supplements.

It is also thought that Arginine helps boost the immune system, allowing the elite athlete to train at a higher level without falling victim to the typical minor illnesses one might experience at such a high level of training.


There are a number of vitamins included in Muscle HD. Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are crucial in their ability to help the consumer metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. B6 is an important aid in muscle recovery, while B12 helps increase oxygen flow throughout the body.

Vitamin C is also included as an important component. It works best in conjunction with the B vitamins also present, highlighting how the science of combining ingredients is necessary for achieving the best effect. Vitamin C has the ability to suppress the body’s release of cortisone and since cortisone can cause the human body to use muscle as a fuel, the inclusion of Vitamin C in Muscle HD may block that effect, thereby helping bodybuilders to maintain more of their muscle mass.


Important for muscle contraction and growth, minerals are a crucial component in the supplement. Calcium, for example, is important for overall bone health as well as the development and maintenance of strong bones. The minerals included in the product work together to drive anabolic reactions within the muscles, which basically means that the minerals help build and increase muscle tissue.

Cayenne Pepper

This ingredient is widely used outside of the supplement market as a digestive aid. Even more importantly for its role in a bodybuilding supplement, Cayenne Pepper provides an incredible boost to circulation throughout the body, including extremities. As an additional bonus, Cayenne Pepper has proven antioxidant benefits. Hard training can increase free radicals in the body, so it is beneficial to have an ingredient like Cayenne Pepper to help combat that affect.


A natural energy booster, Ginseng also boosts immune and nervous systems. It also aids in building strength and endurance. The energy boost provided by Ginseng comes without the jitters associated with other energy boosting ingredients like caffeine. In addition, Ginseng aids in the absorption of nutrients into the body.

There are other non-bodybuilding benefits provided by ginseng which may include the reduction of cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of blood clots and it acts as an antioxidant.



Muscle HD is based on scientific research. It makes workouts more efficient thereby increasing muscle growth while working to provide a more sculpted physique. The blend of ingredients helps the consumer to workout with increased power and strength. In addition, the blend of the ingredients is designed specifically to combat some of the issues found in other exercise supplements. This product combats water retention / bloating, boosts the amount of muscle mass and helps the consumer avoid caffeine induced symptoms like jitters.

This supplement is made in the USA. It comes in an easy to use capsule form, so no need for messy measuring and mixing. It offers a continuous 30-day satisfaction guarantee. There are no banned products included in this supplement, making it an attractive product for athletes of all levels and all sports. There are no ingredients included as fillers. There are no artificial colors, sweeteners or dyes. Every ingredient included in the supplement works towards the end goal of the product, to provide consumers with a high quality pre-workout supplement that increases muscle building, power and strength.



Muscle HD has received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for consistent quality. This means that the manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled with high attention to quality control. In addition, the manufacturing facilities must maintain a clean, hygienic area for the manufacturing of the product and must also have trained operators following documented procedures during the manufacturing process.

In addition, this product is certified / guaranteed to include NO banned products. Products that carry this guarantee are generally seen as being regularly tested for any substance that is considered prohibited by any sport.



Although I’m no longer a young man, I wanted to be able to regain some of the strength of my youth. I’m not saying that I’ve found the ‘fountain of youth’, but I am able to put in a respectable number of reps, lifting a respectable amount of weight, leading to a body that’s more than I expected at my age. Muscle HD allows me to make progress that is suitable for my body type and age. I don’t have to feel like I am chasing an impossible dream, because I’m seeing actual physical results. It is wonderful to see actual progress. – Max D. from NY

As a competitive bodybuilder, I am required to pay attention to detail to make sure that I am at my top form. It seems that Muscle HD has taken the time to be as attentive to details as I am. Thanks to their thorough research, I am able to workout at my most efficient, knowing that each day puts me closer to my goals. There isn’t a wasted ingredient in this supplement. I know that everything in there is there for a purpose and that purpose is to help people like me achieve and maintain a high level of success. Thanks! – Sara H. from Vienna

I am not the type that thought I would ever take a workout supplement. I am not a bodybuilder and I am not a gym rat, but I wanted to get the best results for my time, since I consider my time to be valuable. It seemed reasonable to try a supplement and see if there was any truth to the raves I’d been hearing. I’m happy to report that Muscle HD fits right in with my routine and is truly showing me what I’ve been missing. I’ve never looked more ripped or felt more confident in my body – and I’m generally a pretty confident person. Wish I would have found this supplement sooner, but glad to be using it now. – Chris P. from LA

I tried Muscle HD after a long and thorough search process. Being an engineer, I’m the type that likes my research. I found so many different choices that it was hard to narrow them down, but eventually I settled on this one. I liked the fact that this supplement uses a scientific blend of ingredients and I liked their guarantee. It made me feel safe to give it a try. Plus I liked the fact that it is made in the USA. The results are amazing and it is so cool that I don’t have to use a measuring spoon and a mixing ball or drink any nasty tasting stuff. What a great idea to make this product in capsule form! Overall, I am a completely satisfied customer. – Patrick K. from Boston


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle HD has been featured in Inside Fitness, Canada’s number one fitness magazine. Though based in Canada, the magazine reaches readers from all over the globe. It covers trends in health, sports, strength, conditioning and more.

Muscle HD has also been featured in Muscle Insider, Canada’s number one muscle building magazine. This publication also has a broad audience. It is written from the industry insider’s perspective with a focus on the science of building muscles. The magazine includes coverage of nutrition, supplements and drug research.

A number of publications have featured detailed information about this product’s main ingredient: Creatine. These include The New York Times, Time Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Performance and Fox News.


Money-back Guarantee

Via a simple ordering format, a trial shipment is sent with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. The consumer pays only shipping and handling for the initial shipment. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you may call and receive return instructions. This guarantee applies, even if you have completely used all of the product received.

The consumer only incurs a charge for the next 30 day shipment, if they decide to keep what they have and continue with the subscription service. After the trial, it is important to note that that the customer does have to go through the process of cancelling the subscription if they do not want to continue receiving a shipment every 30 days. The trial is actually the start of the subscription. Once the subscription is underway, it can always be cancelled at any time. If it is cancelled mid-month, the remaining product can be returned for a refund. This is what the company means by their ‘continuous’ 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.



A nominal shipping and handling charge is included with each order. Generally this is $6.95, but may vary depending on your location. Occasionally there are discounts offered on the initial shipping fee.

Subsequent shipping fees, after the initial month should remain at or around the $6.95, subject to change based on normal cost increases established by the shipping company.


Customer Support

Muscle HD has a toll free customer support line. Their customer support personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via their toll free number. It is important that consumers be able to reach customer support, particularly in reference to a product that is ingested.

With the customer support coverage provided round the clock, this allows consumers to check on a shipment or ask questions at a time that is most convenient for the consumer.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Online checkout for Muscle HD follows the industry standard. The process is secure, using 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This means the transaction is encrypted between the website and your browser, allowing customers to shop with confidence, knowing that their billing information is secure and protected.

After the initial purchase, the customer’s billing information is stored for future shipments. This is stored in an encrypted fashion to guard against any loss of privacy.


Muscle HD Pricing & Free Trial

The initial trial period of 30 days includes enough product to last for the full 30 days. For the trial, the customer pays only shipping and handling. Once the trial period is over, if no return or cancellation has occurred, the customer is automatically enrolled in a membership subscription with a new shipment of product sent every 30 days. A charge of $78.67 is incurred each month until cancellation.

Customers are under no obligation to continue their subscription and can cancel at any time. In addition to the free trial period, customers are currently entitled to two free gifts with their initial purchase. The first gift is The Nutrition Guide for Extreme Muscle Building. It was written by a nutritionist and offers advice on nutrition choices for the person who is looking to sculpt the perfect body while eating food they enjoy. The second give is a 60-day Workout Log. This chart allows you to track your progress while using the product. It is a printable chart that can help pinpoint your areas of strength and size gains. Both gifts are available immediately upon the purchase of the initial trial.

It is important to note that every 30 day shipment of this product is covered by the original 30-day satisfaction guarantee, throughout the life of the customer’s subscription. This is a rather unique offer.






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