Muscle Force Max Ultra

Muscle Force Max Ultra Review – Is This a Good Choice for a Serious Athlete?

What Is Muscle Force Max Ultra?

Muscle Force Max Ultra is a pre-workout supplement that combines several powerful ingredients in one to make a formula that will help improve your lifts, general energy and performance, and more. Unlike so many supplements, especially those sold online, this one has multiple ingredients that have been supported by scientific studies and shown to enhance performance. Moreover, unlike some single-ingredient supplements, which only tackle one angle when improving performance, the multiple ingredients of this supplement work together to influence performance on a number of levels.

As the name suggests, much of the power of Muscle Force Max Ultra comes from its inclusion of nitric oxide boosters L-arginine and L-citrulline. These compounds work to increase blood flow to working muscles, which in turn delivers more oxygen and nutrients to those muscles. This has a twofold benefit: it enhances endurance and increases the quality of your lifts, and it also gives you a more powerful recovery, since enhanced nutrient delivery often correlates to improved absorption. But this is not only a nitric oxide booster. It also includes the compound alpha ketoglutarate, which some studies have shown actually enhances peak performance. If you’re the kind of athlete who pushes past your own limits, this is an important feature.

Another key ingredient is dipotassium phosphate. Potassium is an important electrolyte that is harder to get from diet than sodium, but phosphate is the most important molecule is this particular compound. The body is powered on a cellular level by adenosine triphosphate , or ATP. As the name suggests, this molecule has three phosphate ions attached. In the course of energy expenditure, ATP becomes adenosine diphosphate, or ADP, meaning it loses a phosphate ion. In order to continue expending energy, the body much replenish its stores of ATP, and to do that, it needs more phosphate ions. Dipotassium phosphate provides the body with the raw materials it needs to replenish its supply. This is also important for the maintenance of creatine phosphate in the muscles. Creatine can help maintain your nitrogen balance, which makes it easier to maintain muscle even when cutting. It also causes some water retention in muscle tissue, making muscles appear larger and decreasing injury risk.

Essentially, Muscle Force Max Ultra is a pre-workout supplement that makes it easier to lift heavy, work out hard, and recover quickly. It combines the benefits of many supplements in one, effectively saving you time and money as you work to curate your ideal supplement to help you achieve your fitness and physique goals.



This supplement is made by a manufacturer that only produces Muscle Force Max Ultra. To many, this might initially seem like a red flag. However, there are some surprising advantages to choosing this kind of company. For one, when you buy from a major manufacturer, you likely are buying from a company whose attention, staff, and resources have to dedicate themselves to tens, and maybe hundreds, of products. This often shows if you call to ask about a given product. When you make a call and ask about something specific, your customer service representative may actually have to look up info to answer your question, since no human can remember every detail about that many products. And since the company makes just this product, you know their resources are confined to just Muscle Force Max Ultra, meaning they are dedicated to making the best product they can.


How Muscle Force Max Ultra Works?

This is a supplement that works in a few different ways. Namely, it enhances the performance of your working muscles, it improves and speeds up recovery, it enhances peak performance, and it replenishes energy while helping you hold onto your gains. Increasing muscle performance is a big part of why this is sold as a pre-workout supplement. Plenty of supplements claim to “enhance performance,” but this one does so using proven ingredients that boost nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, which is formed in the body (and is also formed from ingredients L-arginine and L-citrulline), is responsible for increasing vascularity and blood flow to the muscles. It does so via vasodilation, or a widening of the blood vessels, which means that your blood pressure will not be increased in the process. Increasing blood flow also means that muscles, when working, will get more oxygen. This can help you work out longer, whether you’re doing cardio or strength training (or both). When you feel the burn that means you’re reaching muscle failure, your muscles are running out of oxygen, and lactic acid is accumulating. Having more oxygen delivered slows fatigue and failure, which can allow you to achieve your goals faster.

Oxygen isn’t the only thing being delivered quickly, though. Increasing muscular blood flow also means that supplements and other nutrients are delivered expediently. If you’re like many people who train hard, you use a pre-workout and/or intra-workout, like BCAAs. Taking Muscle Force Max Ultra would mean those supplements are hitting your muscles throughout the workout and keeping them continually nourished. This can lead to better gains and improved recovery, because the benefits of delivering supplements extend to your post-workout protein, too. When your protein hits muscles fast, it’s delivered right when they’re primed for growth. This results in faster muscle growth, reduced soreness, and an ability to get back out and work harder than before.

This supplement does have benefits beyond your typical nitric oxide boosters. Namely, it includes alpha-ketoglutarate, a compound that has been shown in some studies to help athletes achieve peak performance, and to perform longer at that level. This is useful if you want to be able to lift heavier and work out longer, since being able to do so will improve your physique, strength, and general fitness levels. Muscle Force Max Ultra also is very beneficial in the sense that it can increase energy at the cellular level. It includes dipotassium phosphate, which donates much-needed phosphate to the ATP cycle. This cycle involves adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is made in the mitochondria of cells. As ATP is used to power cells, it loses a phosphate and becomes adenosine diphosphate, or ADP. ADP can be regenerated to ATP and used again, but this requires an abundance of phosphate, which ADP provides. The phosphate ions support levels of creatine phosphate, which is stored in the muscles and promotes a healthy nitrogen balance, among other benefits. The potassium in dipotassium phosphate has the added benefit of being a useful electrolyte. It is also harder to get from your diet than sodium.

Essentially, Muscle Force Max Ultra is a supplement that combines the benefits of many supplements into one. This makes it ideal for those who want to save time and money, and also those who prefer a simplified supplement routine that can be delivered to them each month.


Ingredients of Muscle Force Max Ultra

This supplement, as mentioned above, combines the benefits of several common supplements, making it ideal for a simplified supplementation regimen. Its ingredients are listed below, along with a bit about each:

L-arginine – This is the original nitric oxide booster. For years before it was formally discovered by science, L-arginine was used in the fitness community. Though nobody knew the exact mechanism that made it work, legions of fans swore by its results. Then, in 1998, a group of researchers found that it works by delivering more blood to the muscles while they’re at work. This research won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, thus proving that the fitness community had been on to something all along. Since then, L-arginine has become even more widely used in pre-workout and other supplements.

L-citrulline – Though L-arginine was the first nitric oxide booster, more recent research suggests that L-citrulline may be the better one. It seems to degrade less quickly, thus working for longer periods of time in the blood. However, having both ingredients may effectively make Muscle Force Max Ultra work as a time-release supplement.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate – This supplement works as L-arginine, but the inclusion of alpha-ketoglutarate has other beneficial effects, too. In some studies, this compound has been shown to elevate peak performance in athletes. Its inclusion here may help you to better your peak performance over time. Again, this alternate form of L-arginine may effectively make this work as a time release supplement.

Dipotassium phosphate – This ingredient supplies phosphate ions, which are necessary to perpetuate the ATP cycle, which provides cellular energy. Having enough phosphate will give you explosive lifts and better energy overall. Additionally, as part of creatine phosphate, phosphate can help preserve nitrogen balance, which in turn preserves muscle mass. Creatine also helps increase energy and reduce risk of injury by effectively lubricating muscle tissue. It also can make muscles appear bigger.



There are many advantages to choosing Muscle Force Max Ultra as your pre-workout supplement. One major advantage is ingredient diversity. In many cases, pre-workout supplements only have one ingredient, or they are made with low quality ingredients. Both of these factors can adversely affect your workout. When you only have one ingredient, your body likely won’t be able to perform as well as it can with many. This is because many ingredients target the body in different ways, and having a supplement come at you from several angles will almost always give you a better result. Another advantage is the fact that all ingredients here have been proven.

While many supplements, and especially those sold online, rely on false hype and junk science, Muscle Force Max Ultra contains ingredients that have been proven in multiple peer-reviewed studies. Yet another advantage is convenience. This supplement comes in capsule form. While some may prefer a mixable pre-workout that they can carry with them, the capsule form makes it easy to take your supplement and then be done with it before you get to the gym. It’s all a matter of preference, of course, but another convenient feature here is the autoship program. Once you try a free trial and decide to enroll, you’ll be billed and have a bottle of this supplement sent to your door on a monthly basis. This helps you to save time and your hard-earned money as you strive to achieve your goals.



Muscle Force Max Ultra has yet to earn any certificates. This is likely due, at least in part, to the significant backlog of the supplements in the market. Although the market has blown up in recent years, the number of new supplements created each year is extremely high. With such a large market, there’s no way each supplement can get the attention it deserves, even if that attention is warranted. As a result, this supplement has not yet gotten attention from the ones who actually give out certificates. In time, though, it is likely that it will earn a certificate or two.



If you’re buying a supplement online, it is often useful to hear from those who have used it before. Below are some words from those who have used Muscle Force Max Ultra as a pre-workout:

Josh, 20, Miami, FL:

I’m always sort of slow when my workout starts, and I wanted to do something to make sure I’m dialed in from the beginning. I started taking a pre-workout I got locally, but I felt sick after using it and it wasn’t really working anyway. So i found this stuff. Within a week, I swear I looked more ripped. I’m able to lift heavier, even after doing a lot of cardio at warmup. A great decision for sure.

Steve, 33, Nashville, TN:

As I’ve gotten older, my gym performance has slowed, and I found myself using pre-workout for the first time at age 30. But since then, I’ve shopped around and found this supplement, which works so well for me. I’m absolutely happier and have more energy whether I’m in the gym or not! My results seem to come easier, which is probably because recovery has really improved, and I have the energy to go hard in the gym. Will keep buying as long as I’m lifting.

Ryan, 55, Austin, TX:

As an older guy, I often get asked how often I lift. I like to think I look good for my age, and I’ve only been able to lift heavily for so long thanks to some great supplements. This one especially has really given me an edge, and mostly in my drop sets. Drop sets have helped me really carve my physique, but if I’m tired or depleted while doing them, it obviously gets a lot harder. I’ve added some quality muscle since taking this, mostly because I can lift heavier and longer now. Great stuff.


Awards & Media Coverage

As noted above, the supplement market has become huge in recent years, and even though there are many media outlets that can cover them, it’s impossible for the media to get to every supplement. It is possible that at some point, a media outlet will cover Muscle Force Max Ultra and its benefits. Currently, though, this supplement does not have any awards, and it has no media coverage. One could say, though, that the significant media coverage surrounding L-arginine and L-citrulline makes a case for this supplement’s efficacy. Media coverage was especially heavy when L-arginine was studied in 1998, but new research continues to illustrate its benefits and those of L-citrulline.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Muscle Force Max Ultra stand by their product, and they do offer a free trial program, which is discussed in more detail below, especially for anyone who is not quite sure about the supplement but wants to give it a shot. If you have purchased the product and want to return it, you may do so after obtaining an authorization from the manufacturer. You may only return unopened and unused bottles for a full refund. If your product is accepted, you’ll receive a full refund for the purchase price, but shipping and handling charges will not be refunded. If you’re concerned about refunds, it may be wise to contact the company or familiarize yourself with the policies before making a purchase.



Shipping is expedient, as this company understands the importance of achieving your fitness goals quickly. When you order, you will likely receive your product in two to five business days, depending on location. Tracking is generally not available, but if it’s been a week and you have yet to receive a product, it may be wise to contact the company and ask about it to ensure it hasn’t been lost. You only need to pay for shipping when ordering a free trial bottle, and after that, shipping is rolled into the general price of the bottle for your convenience.


Customer Support

The customer support staff with Muscle Force Max Ultra is made up of dedicated fitness professionals who want to help you achieve your fitness goals. They work to make themselves available via phone, regular mail, or e-mail. You’re welcome to ask questions of them if you’re already a customer and want to make this supplement work for you, but you also can call them if you’re only considering using this as your pre-workout supplement. In short, the support team is here for you and ready to help you adopt this supplement as a part of your supplementation routine.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In the past, when buy-in online was less secure, it was common for people to be worried about making an online purchase. However, Muscle Force Max Ultra and its manufacturers use the best encryption available to ensure that you and your information are kept safe from those who might wish to steal it. There are some buyers, though, who also worry about the company’s commitment to security. When you buy from this company, though, you can be assured that your information is safe. The company will not sell, share, or otherwise distribute your information to anyone, and it will only be used to fill your orders.


Pricing & Free Trial

Pricing for this product is roughly on par with other pre-workout supplements sold online. However, a free trial is offered so you can evaluate whether it’s right for you. When you start the free trial, you’ll be billed $4.96 shipping and handling and sent a new bottle that will last 30 days. You have 14 days from the purchase date to evaluate whether this is something you want. After the 14 days, unless you cancel, you will be billed the full price of the bottle, which is $98.49. From then on, you will be billed $98.49 each month and sent a new bottle. This will continue until you cancel.






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