Muscle Extreme XXL

Muscle Extreme XXL Review – Lean Muscle Enhancement or Not?

What Is Muscle Extreme XXL?

Created for men, Muscle Extreme XXL is a muscle enhancing formula that promotes growth and definition while increasing strength. This pre-workout supplement functions in a dual manner by drastically increasing muscle mass and burning fat at the same time. Additionally, it has the effect of augmenting energy levels in a way that is comparable to the best energy drinks. As if that was not enough, this natural and healthy product is able to positively affect the physical form and overall stamina of customers.

Thanks to its vasodilation properties, this advanced pre-workout supplement is able to increase and improve blood circulation, resulting in a myriad of physical benefits. Amazingly, it is able to provoke this effect without using sugar. Unlike many other pre-workout supplements, this innovative product does not contain dangerous substances or chemicals. Its all-natural formula guarantees that customers will not suffer side-effects or health detriments of any sort.

Muscle Extreme XXL promotes a better functioning of the muscles by improving their nutrition, oxygenation and mineral absorption. As a result, users will experience an elevated stamina that will help them get through any workout, no matter how demanding. At the same time, they will benefit from a far greater muscle growth during downtime. In short, this product is perfect for those who want a radical improvement in their performance at the gym in order to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently.



This supplementary product is owned and manufactured by Hercules Capital Inc. Based in California, this venture investment company applies itself to technology, life sciences and sustainable technology companies. It is characterized by providing thoughtfully structured venture debt to some of the most innovative companies that specialize in technology and health.

Founded in the year 2003, Hercules Capital Inc. has a rich portfolio of investments. The company’s team is comprised of experienced professionals that are distributed along seven offices across the United States. With such a brilliant team, it’s not too surprising that most Hercules Capital’s investments and business enterprises have been highly successful. Some of the most notable of these ventures are:

  • A cloud-based platform for data availability and information management (September of 2016).
  • A nano-laminated alloy that is used for military armor and vehicles (August of 2015).
  • A provider of cloud applications for enterprises (April of 2016).
  • A company that provides billing and other computerization services (February of 2016).
  • A medical device company that develops solutions for patients with chronic diseases (November of 2014).


How Muscle Extreme XXL Works?

Every ingredient that is in this pre-workout supplement’s formula has been carefully chosen in order to achieve the desired effect. Without flooding the system with synthetic hormones, dangerous chemicals or any other harmful compounds, it is able to increase muscle gain at the same time as it shapes the body by burning fat. The product has been designed specifically for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that would like to gain muscle mass rapidly and effectively. This is a process that works in a few different steps:

  1. As a vasodilator, this health product increases blood flow by dilating the veins and blood vessels. The result is an improved cell growth capacity that adds greatly to the body’s ability to generate muscle. Additionally, it promotes a healthier functioning of various organs that are important for muscle growth.
  2. By naturally increasing the Creatine creation levels in the body, this supplement increases energy, performance and overall physical power. This enables customers to undergo more intense workouts, reaping bigger benefits as a result.
  3. Muscle Extreme XXL makes it possible for muscles to absorb a higher concentration of nutrients from the blood torrent. Of course, obtaining more nutrients translates to bigger and stronger muscles.
  4. In addition to increasing muscle mass, this supplement helps the body naturally burn fat. This process has the effect of shaping and modeling the body.
  5. Due to the increased nitric oxide production, the required recovery time after a workout session is greatly diminished. This allows customers to squeeze in more workouts during the week, leading to faster muscle growth.


Ingredients of Muscle Extreme XXL

Often, pre-workout supplements feature dangerous artificial ingredients, some of which haven’t been correctly tested. Sometimes they even use dangerous chemicals that can seriously damage human health in the long run. In order to be a healthy and wholesome product, this pre-workout supplement only features the following natural ingredients:


Quite understandably, this is one of the most popular ingredients for muscle builder, fitness fans and athletes in general. By becoming energy in the cells, Creatine Monohydrate improves performance and reduces tiredness, allowing people to push through highly demanding workouts.


This fantastic amino acid is converted into nitric oxide once it enters the body. This Nitric Acid, in turn, increases blood flow through the entire body, dilating the veins and blood vessels.


Another important amino acid, L-Glutamine is used by the body to create new muscle. In fact, over 61% of skeletal muscles consist of Glutamine. In addition to this benefit, Glutamine is the major carrier of nitrogen in the body. This nitrogen is fed directly to muscle cells, promoting growth.

HMB – Hydroxymethyl Butyrate

On one hand, it helps the body increase muscle mass. On the other, it reduces muscle degradation, helping the body better conserve its muscle mass.


This substance helps the delivery process of L-Arginine. At the same time, it helps various metabolic functions.



Both the response of the public and expert reviews have been generally favorable for this product. Most users have reported noticeable and long-standing benefits. When compared to other products that offer similar results, this pre-workout supplement has been reported to have certain specific advantages:

Important Muscle Growth: Without a doubt, the main advantage of using this pre-workout supplement is that it promotes muscle growth. This is particularly true when the pre-workout supplement is used in combination with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. In general, users have experienced noticeable muscle mass growth after less than a month or regular doses of the product.

Higher Energy Levels: People who use this pre-workout supplement continuously report a surge in energy levels during the entire day. This helps users power through incredibly strenuous routines, promoting a much faster muscle growth. Some customers even reported improved health a general feeling of wellness that accompanied the energy surge. Unlike other energy-increasing products, this supplement does not produce an inconvenient crash after a few hours of being taken.

Body Strength and Performance: Thanks to its high concentration of Creatine, this product increases strength and improves physical performance. At the same time, the nitric oxide that it contains leads to better oxygenation and mineral absorption, also boosting the user’s stamina and bettering their overall physical performance. This allows those who take it to push themselves further during workouts, leading to quicker and better results.

Shorter Recovery Time: As any serious athlete knows, recovery time after a workout is incredibly important. It’s not advisable to subject oneself to a new workout before the body has had time to recover from the last one. Luckily, Muscle Extreme XXL reduces the time that it takes the body to fully repair itself and build new muscle tissue. This allows customers to work out more often, greatly accelerating muscle growth. At the same time, it reduces tiredness, pain and discomfort between workout sessions.

All-Natural And User-Friendly: Because it concentrates a variety of all-natural and healthy ingredients into a single easy-to-consume product, Muscle Extreme XXL is highly convenient and user-friendly. The product comes in the form of easy-to-swallow pills that can be taken at any moment during the day without gastric or digestive problems. In order to reap the benefits of this product, customers simply need to take a single dose before each workout.



Muscle Extreme XXL is certified to be 100% natural and free of hormones, chemicals or any other artificial ingredients. Seeing as it is completely natural and safe for consumers, there is no need for an FDA certification for this product. As of today, this pre-workout supplement has not yet received a certification by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) or any other similar agency. Sadly, the application process for certification of pre-workout supplements tends to be lengthy. However, any developments in this area will be promptly announced to all current and future customers.



Reading other people experiences with a product may be very useful when it’s time for someone to determine whether it’s right for them. Often, people feel identified with the situations and experiences that are described in these testimonials. Up next are the testimonials of bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other athletes regarding this pre-workout supplement:

When I began using Muscle Extreme XXL, I couldn’t see a great difference in muscle growth. Admittedly, I felt a huge rush of energy throughout the day. However, my main motivation for using it was getting more muscle mass. Luckily, a friendly doctor recommended that I stick with the treatment. After prolonged usage, the results became very much apparent. Today, I am much bigger and stronger. At the same time, my muscles are visually much more defined. – Johnathan H., 40, Leeds, UK

For me, gaining muscle mass has always been a problem. Unfortunately, my metabolism was slow and my blood circulation was not optimal for muscle building. This revolutionary supplement helped me with that, and it also helped me burn and reduce fat, especially in the stomach area. Now that the results are so evident, I love working out even more than I used to. Thanks to Muscle Extreme XXL, I’m ripped. – Thomas T., 36, Little Rock, ER, USA

A trainer at the gym recommended me to get a bottle of these new pills and changed my workouts forever. Not only do I feel stronger and more energized, but I get to see the impressive results almost immediately after each workout. As if that was not enough, taking this great supplement has made my body recover much faster after each workout. – Danny M., 47, Sydney, Australia

Some guys at the gym and I began taking Muscle Extreme XXL before each of our workouts. To say the least, the results have been impressive. Before the first session, we took pictures in order to see our progress. We are definitely looking much bigger after three months. The level of energy during our workouts has increased as well. We feel much more motivated because the results are clearly there for us to see. – Marco R.,33, Birmingham, UK

Having had health complications due to involuntary consumption of harmful chemicals, I have been looking for an all-natural product that will enhance my muscle tone. After just a few weeks of usage, I can see the difference in the tightness of my muscles, especially in my chest area. What really surprised me, however, was the incredible boost of energy taking a single pill before each workout gave me. – Donovan K., 41, Honolulu, HI, USA

To me, the best part about using Muscle Extreme XXL is the incredible energy and stamina boost it provides. After taking it, you are able to work out harder and for longer periods of time. At the same time, it shortens recovery time, allowing me to work out more often. I used to exercise intensely a couple of times a week. Now, I can exercise even more intensely three or four times a week without any problems. – Marco X., 48, Kyoto, Japan


Awards & Media Coverage

Being such a recently developed product, Muscle Extreme XXL is yet to be recognized with any awards. However, even though it hasn’t yet won any awards, this pre-workout supplement has been very well received by the public and the specialized press. As a matter of fact, various important and reputable publications have reviewed it very favorably. So far, it has become very clear that this young product will be turning many heads in the near future. This fact opens up the possibility of it winning awards and other accolades very soon.


Money-back Guarantee

Conveniently, this product offers a 100% money-back guarantee if there is not complete satisfaction with the purchase. Customers who experience problems of any kind with the product can simply contact the company’s customer support division in order to get instructions on how to get a quick and full refund, no questions asked. At the same time, people who experienced negative effects after taking the first dosages of this safe pre-workout supplement may contact customer support in order to get the problem promptly solved by one of the company’s collaborative and helpful employees.



To the delight of many, this guaranteed product is delivered via courier within 24 hours. Only the best shipping and delivery services are used in order to guarantee speed, care and general customer satisfaction. Customers are sure to receive an intact sealed package containing an unadulterated product that contains the exact number of pills that were advertised. However, in the unlikely case of problems with the packaging or the product itself, people may contact customer support in order to obtain an agreeable solution whatever problem they have. To the surprise of many, delivery of this product is completely free of charge.


Customer Support

This product’s manufacturer has a customer support team that makes it its mission to provide answers to all questions and solutions to all problems. The inquiries may refer to the product itself, its effects on the human body or any kind of delivery issues. The manufacturer takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Customers should not hesitate to contact customer support if there the product arrives late or has any kind of damage. At the same time, employees working at customer support have been trained to answer any questions customers may have regarding this excellent product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In order to guarantee the protection of personal identity and other private data of its customers, the company offers a safe and secure checkout process. In order to do so, it uses an advanced encryption technology to ensure that each purchase is kept completely private and no data of any kind will be available to third parties. This includes data input such as names, shipping addresses, emails, phone numbers and credit card numbers. In order to further protect customers, the delivery process will also use this type of encrypted data. These cautionary steps will protect customers from hackers, identity thieves and other kinds of malicious data thieves.


Pricing & Free Trial

With the goal of benefiting as many men as possible, the manufacturer has set a very reasonable price for Muscle Extreme XXL. This good supplement has a retail price of 155.68 US dollars for 60 pills (one bottle), 196.00 US dollars for 180 pills (three bottles) and 274.40 US dollars for 360 pills (six bottles). The company is also giving new customers an extra incentive by charging only half the price for the first bottle. As if that was not enough, it’s also offering to send three bottles for the price of two. It’s worth mentioning that this offer will only be available for a limited amount of time.

Muscle Extreme XXL’s manufacturing company is also offering a free trial of the product. Anyone can order a free trial bottle of the supplement by simply accessing the product’s website or reaching the company’s customer support. However, it is worth noting that, even though this is a valid offer at the time of writing this article, its terms may change in the future.






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