Muscle Boost XT

Muscle Boost XT Review – What to Expect?

What Is Muscle Boost XT?

Muscle Boost XT is the latest in a long line of pre-workout supplements to hit the market in recent years. These products are mainly marketed towards bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Anybody who goes through a regular exercise regimen, with the aim of building muscle and fitness usually buy pre-workout supplements.

There are many different kinds of pre-workout supplements out there, each geared towards a particular niche of consumers. Based on its ingredients and marketing slogans, Muscle Boost XT is aimed at those who struggle with gaining muscle mass and bulk. It is also designed to decrease fatigue levels and help bodybuilders get the maximum pump from workouts.

People who struggle with muscle gain can benefit a lot from supplements that boost the uptake of amino acids and nutrients in the body. While some popular supplements also use energizing components like caffeine in their formulas to increase energy levels and alertness during workouts, Muscle Boost XT doesn’t seem to belong to that category.

This supplement depends on a combination of vital amino acids and minerals to get the job done. Amino acids are essential for muscle growth, and most pre-workout supplements contain these nutrients to boost bulking up. Minerals like phosphorus and potassium are also essential for proper electrolyte balance, mental alertness, and other vital body functions.

While many other pre-workout supplements arrive in the form of powder, this one has chosen the path of capsules. Each packaged jar contains 60 capsules, which will last for one month at the recommended dose of two capsules per day. The supplement also bucks the common trend found in the supplement market in several other ways.

To begin with, their sales strategy is rather unusual. Unlike most other fitness supplements, you will not find Muscle Boost XT on the shelves of your local supplements store or pharmacist. Nor will you find it available in popular online shopping portals. It can only be bought directly from the manufacturer, from their online website.



So who are these geniuses and experts behind this super formula? We can tell you one thing for sure: they don’t have famous brand or company name to quote. The product is at the front and center for this manufacturer. According to the legal information provided on the site, they even share the name of the product. So the company which sells this supplement is also called Muscle Boost XT.

We could not find many details about the company or the team of researchers behind the supplement. In the industry, most supplements are crafted by an expert team of sports scientists, nutritionists, and fitness pros. We could find no information regarding the laboratory, the personnel, or virtually anything else regarding the manufacturer.

As far as contact details are concerned, information is again, quite sparse on their official site. All you get is a PO Box address based in St. Petersburg, Florida. To be completely honest, all this lack of information is rather unfortunate, as it doesn’t do anything to build up trust in this product. The lack of proper company information was avoidable. We hope the company tries to improve on it if they want to convince consumers to buy their product.

Without any background information, we really cannot comment on the reputation or trustworthiness of this brand, or the product under review. This whole aspect is pretty much a blank space: we cannot say whether they are the real deal, or if they are into scamming people.


How Muscle Boost XT Works?

As a pre-workout supplement, it focuses on the following tasks:

  • Boosting the growth of muscles in your body by providing focused nutrition
  • Fighting fatigue and lethargy by giving a much-needed energy boost
  • Helping your muscles heal faster after exercise, thereby decreasing downtime

The primary function of this supplement is to increase your muscle mass. In the world of fitness and sports nutrition, different ingredients are used to promote bigger muscles. They may work in various ways, but ingredients like Creatine and Arginine ultimately help bring more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles when they need it the most, during your intense workout sessions.

The makers of Muscle Boost XT have opted for L-Arginine instead of Creatine for the purpose of increasing muscle growth. Amino acids like Arginine help increase the amount of nitric oxide (NO) in your bloodstream. This nitric oxide is a gas that is naturally created in the human body, from amino acids. Its primary function is a vasodilator, something that relaxes the blood vessels.

Vasodilators like NO help increase the amount of blood pumped through the blood vessels in the body. When more NO is produced, it can result in more oxygen and nutrient rich blood being pumped into the muscles. This results in a much longer pump, which is precisely what you need as a bodybuilder to create a better physique and bigger, stronger muscles.

Improved blood circulation also directly results in improved energy levels, as nutrients are efficiently transported to the muscles and tissues. This reduces the chance of fatigue and lethargy, giving you that much-needed boost to get in that extra bit of exercise. The supplement tries to ensure that enough Arginine and Nitric Oxide is available to your body throughout the day, by balancing the intake of Arginine.

It achieves this aim by adding three different sources of Arginine in the supplement. One is regular l-Arginine as we already mentioned above. But this Arginine takes some time to get absorbed, digested and broken down within the body. So a faster source of the amino acid has also been provided, in the form of l-Arginine Monohydrochloride.

The monohydrochloride of l-Arginine is an easily digestible salt. The l-Arginine absorbed into the body is eventually broken down into this salt. By adding it as a primary ingredient, Muscle Boost XT ensures a quick source of readily absorbed Arginine, which can work its magic faster. So you don’t have to wait for hours before the impact of the supplement manifests itself.

Beyond the regular and quick acting sources, a well-balanced supplement also has to provide an extended source of Arginine, which can help the body after the workout as well. In the post-workout session, your muscles are tired and have many micro-tears that need to heal quickly. Arginine is again an essential nutrient for this purpose.

This supplement provides for this situation by adding a complex amino acid to its ingredient profile. L-Citrulline is this amino acid, which is usually broken down by the body into Arginine and Nitric Oxide. This breakdown of Citrulline provides an extra surge of Arginine and Nitric, which will assist in the healing and recovery process by ensuring that the muscles and tissues get extra nutrition.

It provides a consistent and sustainable source of Arginine and Nitric Acid to your body throughout the day and even into the night. For this to work, it is recommended that you take two capsules daily. The first pill should be taken in the morning, at least half an hour before the first workout session. This dose will supply enough Arginine to last for the entire day.

But since a lot of the recovery and healing takes place at night, while your body is asleep, another capsule in the evening will provide that valuable Nitric boost. It is best to take this dose at least a couple of hours before sleep, as Arginine can make you feel alerted and energetic immediately after consumption. This dose will provide the necessary stimulation to your circulation to ensure that the muscles are well healed by the next morning.

Since Arginine can hurt the potassium levels in the body, this supplement also contains Potassium salts to ensure a healthy balance. These salts and minerals are also necessary for the vital functions of the body.


Ingredients of Muscle Boost XT

We have some serious issues with the way the company divulges information regarding ingredients. The website does a poor job of adequately explaining the contents of the supplement. And though all the major elements find a mention, there is no detailed breakdown of their dosage within the supplement. So we have no way of knowing how effective this supplement will be.

And as a responsible reviewer, we just cannot endorse buying a supplement without knowing its complete ingredient profile, down to the exact percentage of active components in each dose of the supplement. And in this regard, Muscle Boost XT need a lot of improvement. That being said, here is an in-depth look at the ingredient profile of the Muscle Boost XT, as per the claims of the company:

L-Arginine: this is an amino acid, a building block of healthy muscle and tissue in the body. After water, these amino acids form the main constituents of the body. Arginine is essential for bodybuilders and athletes since it has performance enhancing properties that help build muscle, improve stamina, and increase pump duration during workouts. While ordinary folks can get their arginine from diets rich in meat, fish, beans, and nuts, for fitness enthusiasts, supplements are often essential.

L-Arginine Monohydrochloride: This is a broken down or digested version of the amino acid Arginine. It is in the form of a salt, which makes it easier for the body to absorb it. The salt can be quickly broken down further into Nitrous Oxide and Citrulline.

L-Citrulline: This is another amino acid, more complex than L-arginine. In fact, Citrulline gets broken down in the kidneys into Arginine and Nitric Oxide. It helps boost circulation, as well as the body’s healing processes.

Dipotassium Phosphate: this is a water-soluble salt of the elements Potassium and Phosphorus, which are extremely important for the electrolyte balance of the body, as well as other primary functions. It is an entirely safe product, commonly used in processed foods. In bodybuilding,

The overall ingredient profile on the Muscle Boost XT seems quite safe on the whole. It doesn’t appear to contain any harmful chemicals or addictive steroids. But the biggest problem is that we will have to take the company’s assertion at face value. And since they provide scant information about themselves, we do not know how trustworthy they are either.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro athlete or an amateur bodybuilder. Your body is not something you should be playing Russian Roulette with. And by that, we mean taking supplements without checking their exact ingredient profile and percentages. For bodybuilder’s, their bodies are sacred. A company should be taking more care in providing full information about the stuff they put on these supplements.



On the plus side, all the stated ingredients look incredibly safe. They are just a mix of strong natural amino-acids and minerals. There should be no fear regarding dangerous side effects or addiction, provided the company has provided accurate information regarding the components.

And the mix of chosen components also points towards a very focused path of action. All the main elements provide a source of Nitrous Oxide in one way or other. This helps provide a steady supply of this wonder chemical to the body throughout the day and night. NO has a massive impact on blood circulation, muscle building, and muscle recovery.

Since the supplement is available in a capsule form, consumption is also very easy. All that is required is a glass of water or juice. You don’t have to worry about the taste or mixability of the supplement, which is a major concern when it comes to supplementing powders.

And unlike powders, capsule form reduces the need for chemicals, binders, dyes, fillers and flavoring agents. All these things are unnecessary and tend to have adverse effects on the body. There is no fear of that happening when dealing with capsules.



Muscle Boost XT may have an impressive looking mix of ingredients, but sadly, it lacks anything by way of certification. Since it is a supplement, it doesn’t require FDA approval. Some big brand supplements do provide voluntary certification by independent or linked laboratories and associations. But there is nothing of that sort visible either on the website or packaging of the product.

Though certification would have been a nice bonus, they are not essential when it comes to these supplements. That being said, they do help inspire trust and confidence in the product. And that is something this pill needs the most since it is coming from an unknown company.



I tried the trial version of Muscle Boost XT for free. The spike in my pumps was nothing short of extraordinary. It has helped me train harder, and increase my bulk more than ever. I feel so much more confident these days. — Nathan J., Nottingham, England

This stuff is legit. And buying more of it makes sense, as it can help save a ton of cash. I have recommended Muscle Boost XT to all my friends. — Marcus W., Edmonton, Canada

Zero harmful chemicals, zero additives, and the biggest dose of Arginine your body will ever need. What is not to like about it? Other than the slightly inconvenient buying process and shipping times, I can’t think of anything. Take my word for it: this thing works. — Hideyuki Z., Hiroshima, Japan


Awards & Media Coverage

To the best of our knowledge, Muscle Boost XT has not won any awards of any sort within the industry. But we do not see that as a big deal, especially since this is a product that is still in its early days in the market. Award-winning supplements are not usually given away for free by their manufacturers, even for a trial! If it truly lives up to the promises and hype generated by the producers, it might win some awards in the future.

Another feature that this brand lacks is any coverage on mainstream fitness and bodybuilding sites. But customary Google search does reveal a lot of exposure on product review sites, many of them with questionable quality. Genuine and unbiased reviews are hard to come by, which is why we are here, of course!


Money-back Guarantee

This product does come with a money-back guarantee. But since it also has a free-trial program, the money back guarantee may not be applicable in all situations. If you buy the product outright, paying the full cost upfront, that total cost is refundable subject to certain conditions:

  • The product must be unopened, and fit for reselling. If you have opened the packaging, you will not get a refund.
  • You must apply for a refund within 30 days of having placed the order. Otherwise, any delays will result in ineligibility for a refund.
  • You also have to send the manufacturer the unopened product, complete with a Return Merchandise Authorization to become eligible for a full refund.

For the free trial option, the refund is not applicable, since you are only paying a few dollars for shipping and handling charges. These costs are not refundable, in case you wish to cancel the trial.



The supplement is shipped using regular USPS service. Shipping for this supplement is available to consumers in the US only. Other North American, or International customers cannot purchase this supplement at the moment. This situation may change in the future if the demand and popularity of the supplement keep climbing.

Within the US, the company serves all states and territories. This includes anywhere within the contiguous US, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Even the customers in the US overseas territories can order the Muscle Boost XT. Since USPS is a highly reliable shipping partner, prompt deliveries can be realistically expected. Unfortunately, the delivery period is rather long, at more than 4-6 days.

And on top of it all, there is no option for free shipping. Shipping charges are incorporated into the final cost of the product. Disappointingly, even the free trial option is not entirely free, as the company charges $4.95 for shipping and handling there as well. For outright purchase, this cost is not explicitly mentioned, but it is still part of the final cost.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the auto-ship system. According to this rule, any new customer who orders a free trial of the supplement is automatically added to the company’s auto-ship program. We must say that this system feels quite like a scam. If you do not cancel the free-trial within 14 days of ordering, the company will continue to send you the product, while charging your credit card the full cost of the supplement every month.

And we will explain why this feels a bit fishy, if not outright like a scam. There are only 14 days of trial period, of which 4-6 days are lost in shipping. You cannot make a proper assessment of a supplement in under ten days. So you may not have made up your mind about Muscle Boost XT by the time the trial period comes to an end. So you might easily end up paying full price for what they call a “free-trial.”


Customer Support

When we saw the lack of much background information about the company, we feared the worst regarding customer support. To our pleasant surprise, we found the customer service to be functional and completely operational. They have both email address as well as a toll-free number for customers and new buyers. You can lodge complaints, seek refunds, and ask any queries you may have. On the whole, we found the customer care to be quite friendly and professional.

The toll-free number is open on weekdays, during normal business hours, between 9 AM and 6 PM GMT. Replies to query by email can be expected after 24 hours, on weekdays. The customer care executives can be reached in the US at:


Safe & Secure Checkout

Online security is of paramount importance when financial transactions are involved. And since this supplement is sold directly by the brand through their website, we decided to be extra cautious on this aspect. And they seem to tick all the right boxes, as far as safety and security are concerned. The site uses 256-Bit security, which is par for the course and used by banks. All information is secured with SSL protocol, which ensures adequate safety during checkout.


Pricing & Free Trial

This capsule is available in several attractive pricing options. The most basic option is a sample package plan, which involves buying just one jar of the supplement, which is enough supply for one month. There are also other more expensive plans, a comprehensive breakdown of which is provided below:

  • Sampler Package: buy one bottle, for a total cost of $87.98
  • Moderate Plan: buy two bottles, for a cost of $115.96, with a savings of $60.00
  • Monster Plan: buy three bottles, for just $173.94, with savings more than $90.00

As it is quite readily evident, the purchase options by Monster Boost XT incentivizes buying in bulk. The more you buy, the more money you can end up saving. But if you are unsure about the quality of the product, they also have a free trial option, as we have already noted in the previous sections. The conditions and stipulations of the trial plan are rather suspect, and we feel that the company can do a lot better here.






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