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Muscle Amp X Review – Everything About the Supplement

What Is Muscle Amp X?

Muscle Amp X turns out to be a natural supplement which assists male customers in improving their muscle building regimen to achieve the support they require to build up mega muscles. It starts out as a free trial that turns into a monthly auto shipment subscription program in a hurry.

Many men who care about their physical and muscular appearance will try to develop a diet that is rich in proteins and vegetables in an effort to support their weight lifting and muscle building routines each day. The problem remains that diet and exercise alone, while two key blocks in the muscle building chain, are simply not enough to develop that ripped and chiseled six pack of abs look that most men are seeking. This is where Muscle Amp X comes in to the picture.

This formula proves to be a one of a kind blend of mostly natural ingredients. It stimulates the testes in the male organism to produce greater amounts of testosterone so that a motivated man may successfully increase his muscle mass. The company website claims that men who take this supplement correctly and combine it with an effective diet and exercise regimen will be able to increase their all around endurance, boost the effectiveness of any workout, and build up more lean muscles over time.

The reasons that this works for men is because it has three core active ingredients among its other useful ingredients. These are L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Creatine. Thanks to the L-Arginine, it turns into much needed nitric oxide as the body processes it to increase the size of and wideness of the man’s blood vessels so that they can better disperse nutrients, minerals, and critical oxygen throughout the male body. The L-Citrulline also boosts the male production of nitric oxide. Finally, the Creatine assists a body in building up the required muscle mass.



Muscle Amp X is the self same styled designer, developer, manufacturer, and direct marketer of this pre-workout supplement of the same name. They are based within the United States (though the company website does not reveal any physical addresses so we can not say conclusively in which city and state they make their corporate headquarters) and also only ship their product out to customers who reside in the USA. Clearly, the company expects its primary market of users will be Americans.


How Muscle Amp X Works?

L-Arginine becomes converted into a powerful chemical called Nitric Oxide in the body. This NO forces the blood vessels to open up wider, which inadvertently creates better blood flow to all parts of the body. L-arginine also causes the body to release greater amounts of insulin, growth hormone, and other useful substances into the body.

L-Arginine proves to be an essential amino acid, or chemical building block. It comes from the human diet. This amino acid is critically necessary in order for the body to produce proteins. It may be synthesized within a laboratory. This means that it can be created in the form of a dietary supplement to be utilized and consumed along side a healthy male diet. L-arginine is further employed to help with recurring pain in the person’s legs because of blocked arteries, known as intermittent claudication, for decreased mental capabilities in the aging, and for other particular causes.

Creatine turns out to be among the most trusted and potent products for work out supplements in the world. The product includes powerful amino acids which help to build up more lean muscle mass, to increase endurance, and to boost a man’s natural strength through increasing the synthesis of proteins.

Muscle Amp X works in three simple steps. First the user needs to eat a healthy and well balanced diet rich in proteins and vegetables. Second, he needs to develop the optimal healthy exercise routine geared towards the specific needs of his own body. Finally he should take two capsules of the product thirty minutes immediately before the strenuous work outs.

It only requires the two capsules of the powerful formula each day in order to achieve the desired results over time. It is important for a man to talk with a qualified medical doctor before he begins any exercise regimen, special diet, or takes any supplemental formula products in order to be sure he does not run into any unlikely health issues along the way.


Ingredients of Muscle Amp X

Muscle Amp X is somewhat unique from its main competition in that it actually boasts an extensive ingredient list. The main three ingredients it claims are as follows: L-Citrulline (for increased Nitric Oxide production), L-Arginine (necessary for the body to produce proteins), and Creatine (which helps in essentially building up more lean muscle).

Yet it has a host of other active and inactive ingredients with a variety of functions. The manufacturer calls these 100 percent natural ingredients in their proprietary blend that provide all of the critical essentials a man requires to work out with maximum effect. The specially formulated for men supplement boasts all of these ingredients below.

Ingredients include all of the following:

  • Testofen Fenugreek;
  • Avena Sativa;
  • Green Tea Extract;
  • Horny Goat Weed;
  • Caffeine;
  • Green Coffee Extract;
  • White Tea Extract;

Fenugreek improves a man’s all around masculinity and muscular looking physical appearance. Avena Sativa is useful for combating feelings of tiredness, run down-ness, stress, depression, and general all around fatigue in a man. These naturally occurring problems become more pronounced and noticeable in men as they age without help to address them. Green Tea Extract has been shown to help with mental clarity and sharpness in people.

Horny Goat Weed has gained international attention for its capabilities in helping to boost the endurance levels of a man so that he can realize superior performance in the gym and the other demanding daily activities of his life. Caffeine and Green Coffee extract both boost energy and increase mental clarity and sharpness. They help the man with the focus that he needs both in the gym and on the job.

White Tea extract has been called the elixer of life in recent years by scientists and nutritionists. It is full of antioxidants that safeguard the human body from free radical-caused damage. The antioxidants actually gather them up and effectively neutralize them. White Tea is overflowing with these healthy ingredients.

The many health benefits of White Tea extract simply can not be exaggerated. Where a weight lifting man is concerned, there are a few good ones. White Tea extract has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve the functions of the arteries. It encourages strong and healthier blood vessels, which benefit not only weight lifters but everyone. It also helps to keep arteries from hardening and blood flow from becoming blocked. White Tea extract also thins out the blood and protects both the heart and the entire circulatory system.

Lesser known benefits to White Tea extract are many and varied. It promotes higher bone density and boosts the immune system, both of which help a man to work out harder, stronger, and longer. It also boosts energy and reduces stress naturally, enabling the man to focus and concentrate better on achieving his various weight lifting goals in the gym.



There are a number of useful advantages for any man in taking this product to help him attain the impressive, manly body he has always sought after but still has never quite been able to achieve on his own. These are covered below.

Lean muscle mass means that a man can regain his natural testosterone producing muscles of his youth. The problem is that beginning around aged 30, the male form starts to build up adipose tissue in the abdomen region in particular. Besides how unattractive this looks, the extra fat comes with a number of health negative consequences which go under the name of metabolic syndrome. These deleterious affects are many and varied, particularly for men who want to stay in top physical condition. Muscle Amp X claims that is able to assist in bettering the composition of the male form by stimulating the creation of muscle tissues and decreasing the fat rates in a man.

The formula also aids in protecting a man’s cardiovascular functions and system. A healthy and fully functioning hear and circulatory system are absolutely critical for strenuous and repeated work outs.

The supplement claims that it is able to boost both the duration and quality of sleep. It similarly stimulates the all natural production of testosterone while a man is sleeping. It is while a man is fully resting that the organism creates the majority of the hormones which it requires for internal metabolism so necessary for weight lifting.

Those men who suffer from lower testosterone levels will begin to display frequent changes in mood as well as an increasingly likely depressed mood. The formula manufacturer claims that the continuous use of this product helps to act as an effective balancing mood regulator. This serves to lower the levels of anxiety, sadness, and irritation, none of which are conducive to the single minded focus necessary for continuous repeated heavy work outs for a man.

A severe problem which results from the lessening production of testosterone is that an accompanying drop off in energy results. Without the energy metabolism hormone of testosterone in the man’s body, the body will suffer from fatigue. Reducing this effect means that there will subsequently be more energy for work outs and a better all around quality of life as well. More testosterone will also help a man to concentrate better and excel in focusing on his weight training like he once did so effortlessly when he was younger, stronger, and healthier.

What man who spends his free time in the gym would not enjoy experiencing larger muscle pumps in and out of the gym? This product advertises that it will in fact deliver these bigger, longer lasting, and far more noticeable muscle pumps when properly taken according to the directions consistently over a longer period of time. These bigger and mightier looking muscle pumps increase a man’s self esteem and all around confidence whether they are happening while weight training in the gym or when a man is actually walking around shirtless on the beach in front of the ladies. The extreme levels of vascularity will impress both the guys and girls alike.

This results from the increasing amounts of Nitric Oxide in the man’s blood stream. The muscle pumps simply come from the greater amount of concentrated blood flow to the various muscle tissues. It results in muscle pumps that are longer lasting and more impressively pronounced. The supplemental formula promises that the blend will also deliver higher levels of focus and concentration which is sharper, as well as greater endurance to reach all types of goals both while working out and also afterward. It claims that it will allow for longer and stronger weight training with greater muscle mass gains all the while.



Despite the fact that many sports fitness supplement companies tend to neglect the important category of certificates for their formulas, it is always worthwhile examining whether they have any. Unfortunately, the makers of Muscle Amp X appear to have gone the easier route as with many of their competitors in the space by simply not bothering at all to apply for any of them. Once again, this is not at all unusual for the industry, though it is disappointing for potential users of the product to find out.



I always wanted to get that amazing body like my heroes Arnold, the Rock, and the other celebrity muscle men of the world. I actually did try really hard and used a wide variety of these types of products yet I got burned by each and every one of them over a long period of time with few to no results. Once I had wasted both huge amounts of my money and time, I came to the conclusion that these impressive professional bodybuilders simply must be superior male beings who are blessed naturally with unusual strength and power. — Hidekazu H., Niigata, Japan

Fortunately my mind became changed later when I heard about, read reviews on, and then finally tried out this Muscle Amp X supplement and formula. In only the first week taking it, I saw my energy levels, strength, and all around focus improve. My stamina became greater and my muscles began to be better nourished. Thanks to this supplement I feel proud when I remove my shirt as the ripped and powerful muscles that emerge are there alongside my impressive six pack of abs. This has not escaped the attention of the ladies at the beach and by the pool either. The supplement continues to motivate me to engage in both bigger and more strenuous workouts to see how big I can get with its help. — Connor S., Juneau, AK, USA

My fatigue after work outs is now a thing of the past too, since the product helps to keep my muscles relaxed and then repairs them quickly after the post workout. I have got to say that I am 100 percent convinced of the results from this amazing pre-workout supplement. I happily recommend it to all of you men out there who are tired of feeling inferior at the gym and in your day to day life. — George P., Washington, DC, USA

You can not say enough positive things about this muscle building product. I was already a big believer in the many health benefits to drinking white and green tea, so when I read that the makers of this supplement chose to include the healthiest drinks on planet earth in their supplements, I was intrigued and just had to try it out. I have not been disappointed either. Not only am I fighting fatigue and debilitating muscle weakness by taking this impressive supplement, but I am also building bigger muscles that deliver stronger, longer lasting and more impressive pumps in the gym and afterward. You guys hit it out of the park with this one — keep up the good work. — Frank B., Bristol, England


Awards & Media Coverage

It is again a sad commentary that for a product so packed full of natural goodness in the ingredient list, which promises so many results and improvements to a man’s body whatever his age or condition, that no one in the marketing department at Muscle Amp X thought their product deserved some media coverage or attempts at gaining industry awards. It is hard to understand how this continues to be the case with one sports fitness supplement formula and their manufacturers after another, yet it is generally the rule and not the exception in this business.


Money-back Guarantee

The company promises that it will happily refund any man’s money if he cancels and withdraws from the auto enrollment program before the end of the trial period. This will result in no further charges being made to the credit card, though the initial shipping and handling costs will not be refunded to the user.



The shipping and handling on the free trial supplement is a significant $9.95 for most users. However, for those savvier users who know to act like they are navigating away from or closing the order page, a discounting shipping coupon pops up and offers fully over 65 percent off of this considerable amount. It means that a man can obtain the promised 30 day supply of formula at the shipping and handling cost of only $3.95 after the $6.00 discount coupon is applied. These exclusive Internet only offers are only available to United States’ residents and users.


Customer Support

The company does not appear to be much into customer support, which is a discouraging sign since they will be auto billing and shipping out other products on a monthly basis. This conclusion comes down to two factors. On the one hand, they do not provide an email address for customer service, but only this phone number at 1-800-413-8449. On the other hand, the company is not willing to share its mailing or physical address with its customers, which is a little disconcerting. Presumably the products when they are shipped will include some sort of valid return address for the company in case the man decides to cancel and return the unused portion of the supplemental formula.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The company may not be very big on customer service, but they are serious about a safe and secure customer checkout. Their website order forms all advertise a full 256 bit level of encryption, which is twice the standard for the industry. They also boast the logos of both McAfee security and Norton secured on their checkout pages in order to reassure their prospective customers of the safety in purchasing the product and entrusting them with both confidential financial and sensitive personal information. This at least is one area in which the company Muscle Amp X appears to excel.


Pricing & Free Trial

The good news is that customers of Muscle Amp X are not expected to pay for their first month’s shipment of the formula. This is made available as a free trial for the cost of shipping and handling, amounting to either the $9.95 shipping and handling cost or the alternatively much lower amount of $3.95 for those who wait around on the order page for the $6.00 discount coupon for shipping and handling to magically appear. The bad news is that once the free trial period ends, the customer will be automatically enrolled in their auto shipment program. This will immediately follow the 14 day trial period expiration.

The cost for a month’s supply of Muscle Amp X proves to be $87.63. This is a high cost to pay every 30 days after the start of the free trial period, but it can be canceled at any time by calling customer service. It is important for prospective customers to keep in mind that the maker claims it will require an up to two month on-loading of the supplement in order to achieve the maximum optimal results. This unfortunately means that a two week trial period is woefully inadequate.






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