MegaX Review – Increase Lean Muscle Mass

What Is MegaX?

MegaX is a pre-workout supplement that claims to boost muscle mass in men who are workout enthusiasts. The blend of ingredients are well-known and common in workout supplements. As such, they are proven to help men bulk up. The product is designed for men who already work out regularly but cannot seem to gain mass. This product simply gives the body that extra boost that it needs to get the most out of workouts in terms of mass. For some men, this may mean helping them lose that stubborn belly fat that becomes harder to lose as the body ages. For other men, the extra help needed may be in the form of extra energy. This extra energy can be just the pick-me-up needed to stick to a strenuous workout routine after a hard day at work. After all, workouts definitely do not work if they are not completed. Since there are multiple stumbling blocks that keep men from getting the body they have always wanted, the product may offer different benefits to every man.

All men have experienced times when they feel that the body is not responding to workouts. Some workout enthusiasts call this a workout plateau. This means that the fitness goals have progressed to a certain point. However, they are no longer producing the results at the same rate as before. In a nut shell, the purpose of this product is to assist the consumer in moving out of the workout plateau. This means continual progression towards physical goals. Progression towards physical goals means progression towards achieving the body that has always been desired. This achievement may help the consumer feel more satisfied with their body image, health levels, and ability to achieve difficult workouts. Assuming the product does what it sets out to do, it seems like a worthy regimen for male workout enthusiasts.



This supplement is manufactured by a company of the same name. MegaX is basically not manufactured by a big company. It is simply the only product manufactured by the company. This is not a common practice overall. However, it is becoming an increasingly popular practice by the manufacturers of workout supplements. The practice has some pros and cons. On the plus side, the product is literally the only product the company has to worry about. This means that the company absolutely needs the product to succeed. Without this product, there actually is no company. This assures that the company does everything in their power to assure the product they put out has quality. It also allows them to focus all of their research on that particular supplement. It would also make sense to say that the product is likely to have a decent shipping facility. All of these things are the benefits of a manufacturer only producing one product.

There are also a few downsides to this system of manufacturing. First of all, there is likely a smaller budget for overall operation than that of a larger operation. This is not necessarily bad, it may make production times slower. This is probably the reason that the website offers only 250 trials per day. In some cases, the smaller budget can also mean that the facility is less likely to seek certifications in the areas of safety and quality control. Of course, a certification does not make a product better than one that is not certified. It is just a statement of quality. Overall, the pros of the smaller manufacturing model seem to outweigh he cons. This is just one reason that this product is a valid choice for men who hope to gain muscle mass naturally.


How MegaX Works?

This supplement is pretty easy to use. As a pre-workout supplement, it makes sense that the product is designed to be taken before a workout. Ideally, MegaX should be taken at least 30 minutes before a workout. This gives the supplement long enough to work before the workout is performed. The appropriate serving size is 2 capsules. They only need to be taken once per day. This is convenient unlike some other supplements that require multiple doses more than once per day. The supplements can be taken with water or with food. However, it is not a requirement that the consumer eat before taking the product. The supplement is in the form of a capsule. Therefore, it is easy to swallow and is tasteless. It is also quick to consume.

Once the product enters the bloodstream, it works in a couple of ways. First, it increases blood flow to muscles. This assists with cellular growth. This helps build lean muscle. Better blood flow also increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that get to the new muscle tissue. In turn, this means a shorter recovery time from strenuous workouts. It may also mean that muscles that are already there may look more chiseled. The product also works by increasing the levels of energy. More energy means a better likelihood of actually performing the workout. It may also mean that there is more focus for the body to put towards the workout. The supplement works pretty quickly, so the benefits can be felt soon after consumption of the pill. The benefits of using this particular supplement fade if the consumer ceases to take the product. Therefore, it must be taken daily. Overall, it is not that inconvenient to do it every day since it is so quick and easy to take.


Ingredients of MegaX

The ingredients of MegaX rely heavily on amino acids. Known as the building blocks of the body, amino acids help with a variety of aspects in building lean muscle mass. The first ingredient prevalent in this supplement is L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. This is simply an amino acid that has bonded to other other substances. It has been shown to increase the flow of blood within the body. It is also thought to help with maintaining levels of nitric acid, though research in that claim is lacking. This is closely related to the function of the second ingredient, L-arginine ketoisocaproate. This is another amino acid that has essentially the same function. Both of the first two amino acids are prevalent in meat and dairy.

The other two main ingredients are also amino acids! The first is L-ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. The function of this amino acid is pretty simple. It helps to maintain muscle mass. This is useful for long-term use of the product. This works well with L-glutamine alpha-ketoglutorate. This basically also helps in the maintainence of mass that has already been established. This rounds out the main ingredients. Other ingredients include gelatin as a filler. There is also an amount of calcium phosphate, magnesium, and silicone dioxide. These are mainly there to assist with health while developing lean muscle mass.



This supplement offers several advantages. First of all, the most obvious advantage is the growth of lean muscle mass. This is usually the main reason that most people initially purchase the supplement. Many consumers have reported a significant increase in the growth of muscles. This means more strength. This is good news for the competitive athletes using the product. More muscle may also mean more endurance as well. This helps the consumer power through those more difficult workouts. The increase in mass can also give men something that no money can buy. That is self-confidence. This confidence can help men walk through life with their head high. These men can approach life with a different outlook than other men. While not every men can expect to see dramatic results, some men will see a large difference in mass. Sometimes, even the smaller changes make all the difference.

In addition to mass, MegaX also helps increase motivation and mood. This may have something to do with the fact that the product increases blood flow. This extra mental fortitude helps the consumer feel more motivated to perform workouts. It may also increase energy levels. This extra energy can have a variety of perks. For many men, finding the energy to do things after a long day of work can be hard. The extra energy may mean more than the energy to power through a workout routine. It may also mean the energy to spend more times with the people that matter most. In that way, the increase of energy can have a dramatic impact on the physical as well as social and emotional lives as well. Men who experience an increase in energy will no longer have to pick between working out and spending time with friends, spouses, or kids. They will likely have the extra boost they need to feel energized through both!



This product does not seem to have any certificates. That is not surprising for a few reasons. First of all, MegaX is new to the market. That means that the word has not fully gotten around to the creators of such awards. This should not scare potential consumers away. A lot of the time, the certificates on the websites for such products are just made-up. They stat neither the organization through which they come, nor do they explain how they make the product better. Other companies may believe that this makes people trust their products more, and this may be true in some cases. In fact, it is almost just wrong for any company to do this. That it is why it is good that this company does not participate in this behavior. Many certificates also require money. A small facility and operation such as this one may not be able to afford additional safety certifications. Even if they can afford them, they may wish to pass due to the fact that it is somewhat unnecessary.

Many people assume that every supplement has to be approved by the FDA. This is actually untrue for vitamin supplements. These supplements are not intended to treat or cure any disease. Therefore, that certification is not required in the same way that it is for medicines or food. In fact, it is extremely uncommon to find vitamin supplements that are FDA approved. Since it is unecessary, most companies simply do not want to jump through all of the hoops. This is just another reason that a lack of certifications should not chase consumers away from the product.



My favorite part about using MegaX is the increase of energy. I now have the extra energy for a workout, spending time with family, walking the dog, and developing a new hobby! I could barely get myself off of the couch after work, so that is dramatic improvement. — Sean U., 30, Little Rock, AR, USA

This product literally changed my life. I just could not seem to build and lean muscle mass. No matter how much I worked out, I just could not manage to gain muscle. I had given up. Then, I was lucky. A buddy recommended this supplement to me, and I finally have the body I have been working towards. — Jay D., 41, Sacramento, CA, USA

I like that MegaX is just a capsule. There are so many pre-workout supplements that are in the form of nasty protein powders and drinks. This supplement is so east to take, and there is literally no taste. That means it takes almost no time, requires no thought, and doesn’t taste bad! That won me over. — Aaron I., 26, Denver, Colorado, USA

This product does not take the place of hard work. It will not work without the addition of a serious diet and workout regimen. In a way, this is good. I feel like I really earned the body that I have managed to achieve. The supplement just helped me get there. — Zachary A., 37, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I had questions about using the product. The customer service staff was so helpful at addressing all of them with knowledge and patience. This was good news. I felt much better about making the commitment to purchase the product after my questions were answered. — Adam L., 32, Annapolis, MD, USA

People at the gym actually respect now. Instead of having the body of an amateur, I finally have a body that reflects the amount of time that I put into my personal health and fitness. I actually got the body that I have been working so hard for for such a long amount of time. I am so glad get I found this product. — Jake Z., 41, Augusta, ME, USA

Personal goals are an important part of fitness. Unfortunately, there can be a feeling of defeat when you feel like you can never reach hose goals. Luckily, I finally found a supplement that works. — John U., 39, Baton Rouge, LA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This product has a pretty positive atmosphere in the media. Most of the rave is related to social media. The product has positive online reviews that could match any other product. Users have reported results that have allowed them to accomplish their fitness goals. Most online users reported a good change in body type. In some circumstances, the men saw social changes as well. They had more confidence in the way they looked. They also had some added energy. This is important because online sources do not have anything to gain. It is generally the most direct and honest source for honest reviews. This is especially true when you consider that the market for MegaX is still pretty small. It is still somewhat unknown. This may be partially because the company is so small that they do not distribute to commercial stores. The only way to get the product is through their own website. Therefore, the knowledge of this product is not overwhelming.

All of that aside, social media is the most prevalent advertising tool in this generation. The media coverage that provides in invaluable. The fact that real people have taken to the Internet to express their satisfaction with the product speaks volumes. This means so much more than awards that are often made up anyway. Although not as flashy, this is the only authentic way to product real media coverage of any product. This is also the best way to spread the word, and workout enthusiasts seem keen to do exactly that. At the end of the day, the ability to back up a product on the honesty of social media is the only real award that means anything at all.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no official money-back guarantee stated for this product. However, there is a clause in the terms and conditions that talks about refunds. It states that any customer that wishes to request a refund is encouraged to do so. They state that they would rather customers be 100% satisfied. It does not say that every request is guaranteed to be granted. This may be to protect themselves from fraudulent requests. This way, they have the power to deny requests that do not seem like they are legitimate. Given their terms and conditions, it seems extremely likely that anyone with a legitimate concern will probably get their request fulfilled. The manufacturer understands that 10-14 days is not long enough to really try the product. That is probably why the trial is called a risk-free trial. The consumer can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that all requests absolutely must be made by phone. The number is toll-free, and the process only takes just a few minutes. Compared to similar products on the market, this one seems to have a convenient and easy process of refunds and cancellation. This is certainly refreshing news to consumers.

Some consumers may think that not having a guarantee is a reason to rule out MegaX. After all, there are a lot of products on the market to aid in building muscle. It is understandable to feel comforted by a stated guarantee. While it definitely looks good, it is important to state that the guarantee is only as good as the company that makes it. Many products may have a guarantee, but it may not cover much once the fine print is read. The fact that this company thought to mention their return policy as part of their terms and conditions means that the product is just as safe to purchase as any other product on the market. No consumer should be scared away by the lack of a guarantee.



Shipping for MegaX is fast and simple. The Terms and Conditions on the product state that the company allows 4 days for shipping. This is likely a worst-case scenario. In a lot of instances, the product will likely arrive much earlier than that. Of course, some of that depends on where you live and what time of year you order. The product seems to ship from Florida. Therefore, it makes sense that East Coast residents may receive their shipment quicker than those in the West. It also stands to reason that residents who order the product closer to a holiday may expect it to take a bit longer to ship. This has much more to do with the postal method than the company. On a normal circumstance, however, most participants will see their package within 4 days.

Shipping is made safer by adding a shipping container that is airtight and waterproof. This further protects the contents from the elements. The quick shipping method also protects the contents from outside damage. Because the product seems to ship so quickly, there is no time for the supplements to be damaged by the extreme elements. The heat or cold will not alter the product. This assures the quality of everything received is consistent and safe. This is very important to the company. They want to assure that everything customers receive from them is exactly the same as the product that leaves the facility is the exact same product that arrives on every customer’s door step. This is quality control at the finest.


Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of selling nutritional supplements. Every consumer has personal goals. With those goals usually comes concerns about how to reach them. More specifically, most consumers who are willing to pay for supplements have questions about how the supplement can help them with that goal. The MegaX company understands this. In fact, they seem to welcome customer questions as well as concerns and complaints. There are 3 main avenues with which consumers can voice their concerns. First of all, the best way to communicate with the company is by phone. This allows the consumer to have a conversation with a trained representative. This helps the representative paint a picture about the individual client and their goals. Keep in mind, however, that the representatives are not doctors. Therefore, they can not legally provide medical advice related to consumer health or other medications. For that, a doctor should be consulted. For any other questions, the phone is the best method of communication. If the goal is to cancel the subscription to the supplement, this must also be done by phone.

Other methods of communication include email and regular postal mail. Both of these method have their benefits. Many consumers do not like to talk to people on the phone. They feel that they can better express themselves in writing. Email is probably the best for this. It may also give the company a better chance to respond with a researched and intelligent response. The company will generally respond to such emails within 48 hours. They will also respond to mail written through the post. However, this may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive feedback, making this less convenient. Having multiple methods of communication shows consumers that their feedback is valued.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process for this product is extremely safe and secure. There are several ways that you may be able to tell this. First of all, the site has a 128-bit encryption on the checkout procedure. Basically, this means that the information is jumbled up when it is transferred through the Internet. Therefore, the personal information could not be intercepted by those who may wish to steal personal information. The only way the information can make sense is getting un-jumbled when it arrives at the destination. This is a pretty standard procedure on most websites. It simply assures that no personal information gets into the wrong hands.

The website also does not require the creation of any login to purchase the product. This is good because it means that the website is not storing any unnecessary personal information. This even applies to names and email addresses. There is no need for the company to require a login, so it is refreshing they they do not. These security features are a great way for the company to assure their customers that their personal information is secure. Customers of MegaX seem to be in good hands.


Pricing & Free Trial

MegaX is fortunate enough to offer a free trial. This is always a good marketing strategy to get new customers to try the product. The trial period lasts a total of 14 days. However, the fine print on the trial period states that 4 days of the trial period include the shipping. This means that the trial starts the minute the payment is processed. Therefore, it is likely that the consumer will only get to try the product for 10 days before they must decide to continue receiving the product. This is not really long enough to decide whether the product works for personal goals. However, it is long enough to see if you experience a rise in levels of energy while using the product. This may be enough for some men. However, other men may be better off assuming that they will need to pay for a month in addition to the trial if they truly want to see how the product works.

After the trial period, the consumer will be automatically billed $119.46. This cost includes all shipping and handling charges. This averages out to about $3.98 per day. This is $1.99 per capsule. Honestly, this is a little bit more expensive than some other similar supplements. At the end of the day, the consumer is paying for the convenience of a simple and natural pill. If the capsule did not offer some unique aspects, it would likely not be worth the price. However, the unique and easy supplement is worth the extra money. Overall, the product is a good value for the money because it seems likely that pretty much any man could see the benefits of the product within a relatively short amount of time.






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