Megadrox Review – Could It Cut Your Recovery Time?

What Is Megadrox?

Megadrox is a natural testosterone booster for men. It has been manufactured from organic plants that are known to boost the natural production of the hormone. It also helps the body of an athlete such as a bodybuilder to attain more muscles fast. The natural product is best for weight lifters, sportsmen and other people who wish to increase the overall mass of body muscle.

The energy supplement enhances your body’s rate of metabolism naturally. This way, food is digested fast and nutrients dispatched to various body parts promptly. As you exercise, your muscles have a steady supply of nutrients. After some time, you will start realizing a visible build of muscles on your shoulders, upper body, back, hands and legs.

As foodstuffs are efficiently used by the body, Megadrox assists you to keep off unwanted fats. Any fats that are currently deposited in various parts of your body will be burned down into lean muscle. This means that you can actually help you to keep diseases at bay.

Made with active ingredients, the product enhances your hormonal balance to ensure your body remains in its best possible frame. The ingredients are packed in average-sized pills, with a bottle containing 60 pills. The manufacturer recommends you to take two pills in a day. This means that a bottle should last you a month.

As it is safe, it is recommended for men of all sizes and ages. As long as you have attained the legal age of 18 years, you are good to go. While young men achieve an unprecedented muscle mass, older men can rejuvenate their youthfulness and feel strong again. Generally, you will achieve an impressive feeling of wellbeing.



The manufacturer is a company that goes by the same name- Megadrox. It is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. In addition, the manufacturer has various offices in other US states and across the world. This makes the procedure of delivery to customers easy and fast.

You can walk into their offices any time of the day. They are typically open between 8.00 AM and 6.00PM Central Standard Time. While the company operates every day, they are closed during major holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving among others. For this reason, you should schedule your order when the offices are open to ensure your product is shipped in good time.


How Megadrox Works?

Megadrox obtains its acclaim from a number of ingredients that grow naturally in various parts of the world. If you want to become the most invincible man in the gym, then this product is for you. Let people admire your stocky build that you can actually attain in little time.

When men grow past the age of 30, the levels of testosterone can reduce drastically, leaving the muscles weak or not well formed. Scientists estimate that the hormone can drop by 2-4 percent annually after this age. This energy booster therefore reinvigorates the production of the hormone for the benefit of the muscles.

To get the best out of it, regular exercise and workouts are recommended. In addition, a proper diet with all nutrients is ideal for the muscles to obtain a steady supply of energy. The ingredients in Megadrox help the body to breakdown this diet into absorbable nutrients.

The new energy motivates you to conduct even the most strenuous exercises. As you work harder than before, the energy is transformed into bulky muscles especially in your upper body, arms and legs. The cells and tissues in your muscles develop fast, giving you a stocky increase of up to 35%.

Essentially, your circulation system benefits from the ingredients. By removing blockages in your arteries, blood travels better and easier. As it transports oxygen and nutrients to the farthest points of your body, you enjoy an unprecedented gush of energy. This exuberance causes the once youthful feel and look to return.

Your lifestyle can change for the better, thanks to the positive impact of the supplement. Unlike other supplements and injections, you will not experience any negative effects. As long as you take the pills as directed by the manufacturer, you are safe. You will not have to worry about the authorities, as this is a 100% legal energy booster.


Ingredients of Megadrox

The ingredients of Megadrox come from various parts of the world. They have been used traditionally to boost muscle strength by ancient tribes that inhabit these places. The pills contain no preservatives, chemicals or additives that may harm the health of the user.

You see, synthetic products contain harmful toxins. Instead of aiding the supply of nutrients, these toxins introduce such harmful effects various diseases, blockage of arteries and hormonal imbalance among others. The following are the ingredients of this legal energy buster.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a natural herb that belongs to the caltrop family. It grows naturally all year round in dry climates of Europe, Africa, Australia and Southern Asia. It works by enhancing the production of luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones. Herbalists have for a long time used it to increase the levels of testosterone in men.

L-Arginne HCL

This is a type of amino acid that comes from various plant types. When introduced in the body, it stimulates the endothelial cells around the lining of blood cells. The result is a vasodilation (increase in diameter of blood vessels). This in turn causes the proper flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Maca Root

This is an herbaceous biennial plant that belongs to the crucifer family. It is common in Peru’s high Andes near the Junin Lake. The ingredient introduces energy boosting capacity in your muscles especially because you will use it daily. It is itself a high quality protein source and balances the metabolism of carbohydrates, oils and sugar. The result is an increase in endurance during sports or athletics activities.

Siberian Ginseng

Referred to as eleuthero, this plant has been grown in Asian countries such as China and Russia. Its main function is to enhance energy, endurance and physical longevity. It also stimulate the immune system while prevent flu and colds. As it increases the strength in your muscles, it helps to keep your mind alert and responsive to the demanding physical exercise.


This is a small evergreen tree that grows primarily in Central Africa. After years of research, experts discovered Yohimbine, a natural chemical that is extracted from the back of the tree. The chemical can help the body lose unwanted fat naturally. Actually, some scientists say that it can remove the stubborn fat around men’s midsection area.

Horny Goat Weed

This is a Chinese herbal plant that increases the ability of muscles to heal fast after intense workouts. It also assists you to attain lean muscle tissue, achieve energy, endurance and power with a heavy muscle build.



Athletes who have used Megadrox as part of their daily routine have reported impressive advantages. The fact that the ingredients increase testosterone levels by 30 percent is perhaps the most obvious benefit. This advantage brings a gradual rise of energy in your shoulders, feet, hands, back and abdominal muscles.

When production of hormones is increased in the body, the supplement helps the body to use them efficiently. For example, it sends signals for proper metabolism of nutrients, thereby sending the required amounts to where they are needed most. The fact that hormones are controlled ensures a careful balance.

After a few days of using Megadrox, you will experience a noticeable clearance of blockages in the system. This gets rid of undesirable conditions such as flatulence, gas and bloating. Finally, you can say good bye to an unsightly potbelly and experience youthfulness once again.

When the nutrients are used to generate extra energy, this energy causes you to endure lengthy and demanding exercises. The following are the most important advantages of the natural energy booster.

  1. Increasing the natural production of hormone testosterone in the body;
  2. Encouraging the balance of body hormones;
  3. Repairing worn out tissues and replacing these with new ones;
  4. Increasing the safe and fast metabolism of food into nutrients;
  5. Building lean muscle mass within short periods;
  6. Supports endurance, performance and recovery;
  7. Delays muscle fatigue and prevents muscle acidification;
  8. Encouraging the natural burning of unwanted fatty deposits and tissues;
  9. Increases the recovery time of muscles after intense regimes;
  10. Ensuring a general feeling of wellbeing;
  11. Rejuvenation of youthfulness for older men;
  12. Attaining an enjoyable comfortable way of life.

You can rest assured of these advantages and benefits if you use the pills as directed. In addition, ensure that exercise is part of your daily life for the pills to function effectively. While different users may experience different positive results differently, many men have reported a 30 percent increase in muscle mass in the first three weeks.

Men under the age of 18 are discouraged from using this product, and so are women. Most importantly, do not let the urge to develop muscle fast lead you to overdose the product. Take the supplement with ample drinking water after a meal and just before exercising.

People suffering from chronic diseases should obtain further information from their doctors. If you take medication for certain illnesses, it is best to let the doctor tell you whether to discontinue those before taking Megadrox pills.



Generally, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes Megadrox as safe for consumption, since it is a natural supplement. Others reputable organizations that approve it include the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The Citizens Advice Bureau, Office of Fair Trading Website, Advertising Standards Authority Website (SAW) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) also approve its use. A number of respected supplements websites and consumer associations have reported that the supplement if fit for human consumption.

That said, the manufacturer’s website does not provide medical, nutritional or any other professional advice. Even as the company strives its best to protect users from any harm, the information contained in its communication platforms cannot substitute the information that you would typically obtain from a general physician.



I have been a middle-weight competitor at a local weightlifting tournament. Although I try my best to exercise and eat the right diet, I have not moved to an advanced category as I desire. This is the reason I invested in Megadrox, after discovering it online.

After three weeks, I was amazed by the results. Not only was I able to build n unprecedented mass of muscles, but I also moved to an advanced category. Many men in the tournament are envious of my fast success.

Nathaniel, Chicago, IL

After failing with other pills and injections, I was almost giving up on the prospect ever finding a supplement that actually worked without side effects. My fitness coach saw my desperation and recommended this product to me. I was sceptical at first, but I threw caution to the wind anyway.

I did not see any results in the first week, but I soldiered on. Midway in the second week, I started experiencing an unprecedented gush of energy. In fact, I could perform the most dreaded exercises at our local gym. This further spurred my enthusiasm to greater heights. It has been four weeks now and I can proudly say that Megadrox actually works.

Maximilian, Philadelphia, PA

Being the less curious type of guy, I do not want to experiment just anything on my body. Read some articles about the adverse effects of synthetic chemicals in some muscle building products. When I first saw the bottle of these pills with a colleague at work, I got curious.

I enrolled to his gym, ordered a bottle of the energy booster and followed his routine. To me, he was more of a fitness coach than a colleague at work. Looking back at the journey six weeks later, I can’t thank my friend enough. I recommend this natural product to other men with similar problems to try it.

Jacobsen, San Diego, CA

I first ordered a trial bottle just to experiment what the product was like. By the time I had finished the first bottle, I could tell visually impressive lumps of muscle on my upper arms and shoulders. I reckoned that I needed to get rid of my potbelly, as my wife had complained that it was too big.

Today, I am able to participate in athletic better. Not only am I happy, my friends and workmates congratulate me wherever I go. I am not about to stop taking this amazing product. Since there are no side effects, I recommend it for men from all walks of life.

Alex, Phoenix, AZ


Awards & Media Coverage

Many athletes, bodybuilders and other sportsmen have derived innumerable benefits from using Megadrox regularly. As a result, reputable magazines, tabloids, journals and magazines have published feature stories concerning or related to the product. As these publications endorse the energy booster, anyone will be safe to use it.

In addition, industry leaders, veteran fitness coaches, dieticians and other professionals find the product valuable for gaining muscle strength. User review websites have published innumerable reviews from past and current users. Therefore, you will not be wrong to try the same.


Money-back Guarantee

To start your muscle building journey, order a free trial by providing the necessary requirements. The company promises you a 100 percent refund of your money should you deem the product as ineffective. Evidently, the manufacturer has great trust in the product.

Upon submission of a refund request, the company will cease from shipping regular packages. Otherwise, they will send you a package promptly after 30 days upon which they will bill you. This ensures that you never run out of the energy supplement.

Within 14 days of making an order, the company says that you can cancel it. If you cancel the order after 14 days of ordering for it has expired, the company will still bill you for the purchase. To complete a return, obtain a mandatory Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from the company’s customer service desk.



Typically, the company ships the bottle of Megadrox after a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 5 days after paying for the package. Upon submitting an order form, you generally authorize the company to initiate credit/debit card entries to your credit card.

Shipping to the US typically takes less time that to other places across the world. For this reason, factor in the distance as you make your order. It is prudent to order in advance so that you still have some pills to use in case the next order delays.

You can contact the company’s customer support desk to know the procedure of your order and shipping. Note that major international holidays such as Christmas and Easter may interrupt smooth shipping and delivery.


Customer Support

The company runs a sizeable customer support desk. You can reach them via email ( or more promptly on phone. Feel free to call the desk on (888) 224-8821 any time of the day and make a request, order or obtain clarifications.

The customer support desk may also initiate communication from to end towards the company’s customers. For example, employees may need additional personal information, clarify shipping address or notify clients of upcoming discounts among other things.


Safe & Secure Checkout

To order a package, fill an initial form free at the company’s website After that, you will need to provide additional details such as credit card numbers, age, physical address and shipping address.

Take advantage of the safety and privacy that the company guarantees all its users. The website uses an advanced 128-Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connection. This ensures that nobody has access to your most private credit card information.

Even if the company’s employees had access to your private data, they would not have a way to decode it. The company accepts most of the leading international credit cards. Examples are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal and others.


Pricing & Free Trial

Take advantage of a free trial of Megadrox in a full bottle. The company does not supply samples or sell half bottles. After that, the company will supply you with information on the cost of each subsequent order. Generally, the product is priced at $59.99. However, this value may fluctuate according to certain factors at the company.

A small shipping charge may apply for delivery to certain parts of the country. More importantly, buy additional products that the manufacturer may recommend to go hand in hand with it.






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