Megadrol Review – Can This Muscle Enhancer Give You Better Workouts?

What Is Megadrol?

Megadrol is a potent muscle enhancer that is made up of carefully blended L-Arginine amino acids designed for complex action. This is a pre-workout supplement saturates muscle tissue with essential nutrients and it also works to help improve endurance, and prevent muscle breakdowns. This helps to achieve optimal muscle gains. This pre-workout supplement is also a testosterone booster and it is a specially blended, highly potent supplement that is created from 100% all natural ingredients. This product works to help bodybuilders to burn fat quickly as well as develop massive, lean muscles better than if bodybuilders and weightlifters relied on their workouts alone. This supplement is a complex nutritional blend that is designed for all types of strength athletes. It is unique because it scientifically formulated to be used as both a pre-workout and post-workout supplement. It is clinically-tested to determine whether or not it will provide results and this supplement is designed to kick in and work hard to get the body ready for workouts. As an important part of recovery, the nutrients in Megadrol help repair tissue in order to prepare the body and muscles for future workouts. This pre-workout and post-workout supplement is specially blended with energy and muscle boosting ingredients that help get the most gains as well as the quickest recovery times. Megadrol also helps the body restore all important nutrients. This supplement comes highly recommended by other bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other strength athletes.



Megadrol is a US based company that manufactures and distributes its own high-quality supplements of the same name. Megadrol is proud of the quality of all of their products, including this supplement. They utilize only Good Manufacturing Practice Certified Facilities rated at the Sports Facility level. This helps the manufacturer ensure the quality and purity of this pre-workout supplement. Consumers should try to always purchase supplement products that are created in GMPC Facilities. Good Manufacturing Practice Certified Facilities are essential because they help ensure safety, quality, and purity of the supplements the create which means that these supplements are deemed safe for human consumption. This supplement is made in this type of manufacturing facility and so the ingredients of this pre-workout supplement are generally considered to be safe to use as an addition to a workout.


How Megadrol Works?

To be able to see results of significant muscle gains from the supplement, bodybuilders and weightlifters should take three pills before an intense workout and three pills after an intense workout. Serious athletes are advised to take this product consistently and to try to avoid missing any servings. With regular use, the body will get stronger and bodybuilders will be much less likely to experience fatigue. This pre-workout supplement helps to quickly burn fat and people that use this product report they are able to build lean muscle. Megadrol works hard to help strength athletes deliver a high-caliber performance through a scientifically developed and clinically tested formula of super amino actives. Amino acids are very important in order to deliver enough energy to the body when it is time to workout.

This supplement takes care of all aspects of the bodybuilding workouts because the ingredients in this supplement are uniquely designed to intensify workouts. After a workout, this product is designed to give the body the supply of nutrients that it needs in order for damaged tissues to quickly repair themselves in order to get ready for the next workout. This supplement is unique because is it specially designed and carefully blended so that it can be used before workouts in order to deliver maximum energy and after intense workouts in order to help recovery. Other supplements are not usually designed to be used both before and after workouts. In order to get the best results from taking this supplement, serious athletes are encouraged to eat healthy and remove junk food from their diets completely and increase fluid intake daily. Athletes should have a regular workout routine with systematic gym sessions.


Ingredients of Megadrol

Megadrol is committed to the improvement of their customer’s well-being through the provision of safe and effective wellness products. Although it has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This pre-workout supplement is safe to use and it is made with the top quality ingredients. Consult a physician before beginning this pre-workout supplement.

Arginine ketoisocaproate is an important substance in this pre-workout supplement that is used to boost the strength of a bodybuilder’s muscle pumps. This substance is also known to improve stamina as well as strength during very intense workouts. This substance also works hard to reduce a harmful ammonia in the body. This helps address any muscle damage that may impact a bodybuilder or weightlifters performance. Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate is a special salt that is made up of two molecules. This salt is helpful for bodybuilders because it helps to preserve muscle protein synthesis. The body uses ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate to improve muscle growth. This salt is also very important for the body’s cellular growth and repair. L-Arginine is an important amino acid that helps boost the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide is important for bodybuilders because it widens the blood vessels. This helps get the blood flowing better so that the body has more fuel for very vigorous workouts. L-Arginine also provides quite a bit of support for the body in order to improve overall general health.



After a strenuous workout, the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body decrease. The amino acids in this supplement restore Nitric Oxide production to previous volumes. Having charged the body with the essential nutrients in the form of amino acids, bodybuilders and weightlifters can spend three times as much time doing highly intense workouts as they did before. Taking this pre-workout supplement on a regular basis will help bodybuilders and weightlifters increase muscle mass and burn fat quickly for amazing body contour. While exercising, muscles develop tiny tears in the fibers. The body needs to repair these tears through its protein resources. This supplement is great for post-workout recovery because Megadrol makes sure that such resources are replenished.

  • Boosted Nitric Oxide production
  • 100% natural blend of powerful ingredients
  • Clinically-tested formula for amazing results
  • Delivers peak performance
  • Boiling energy and power
  • No side effects
  • Supplies all essential nutrients for intense training
  • Explosive muscle growth with ripped muscle mass
  • Lightning fast recovery



Megadrol is a somewhat new bodybuilding supplement but it is already certified as having met a variety of different compliance levels. Certificates are important to supplements because they help to validate and ensure that supplements are safe to consume. When a supplement is certified, it also means that the ingredients that are in the supplement are actually pure enough that the product label accurately reflects what is in the supplement. Consumers are encouraged to avoid supplements that do not have NSF certification. When a supplement is certified by the NSF, it is safe for human consumption and it is free of all toxins. Megadrol is certified by the NSF (NSF GMP 173).



My body adjusted to this supplement pretty quickly, although it caused me some nausea at first. It was mostly a smooth transition for me and I have not noticed any more side effects since my initial use. Megadrol is a holistic supplement so I think this may be the reason I felt a bit queasy in the beginning. I like this supplement because it gives me a giant shot of energy. I do not really notice any jitters or crashing with this supplement and for me, that is very big plus. I feel like this is a very valuable supplement because I have worked very hard for a very long time in order to chisel and perfect my body. The way my body looks is important to me. I’ve noticed that I get amazing results when I work out and I am also able to last a lot longer and train a lot harder at the gym. I definitely suggest that anyone taking this supplement makes sure to get plenty of water every day in order to avoid serious dehydration. I made the mistake of not getting enough water in my system when I first started to use this supplement so I think that this may have something to do with why I initially felt a bit sick to my stomach when I incorporated this supplement into my daily routine.

– Henry R., Los Angeles, CA

I was pretty sketchy about buying this pre-workout supplement. I have my basic supplemental needs covered already but I was looking for the perfect addition to my stack. I have tried so many different testosterone booster and did not get the results I was looking for so it felt like I was just throwing my money away. After the first couple of weeks, I knew this supplement would work out well for me. I could already see the results. I quickly lost 11 pounds of fat and gained seven pounds in muscle. The changes I noticed in my body were really pretty significant. I was impressed because I noticed these changes in my body almost immediately after I started using this pre-workout supplement.

– Paul Z., Chicago, IL

I honestly expected it to take a lot longer before I noticed any real results. I was really wrong because I could see changes after my first few hardcore workouts. After a couple of months, the changes were pretty drastic and people started to comment on the difference in my body. I look more toned and cut and I have a more extreme definition in my muscles. In general, I feel like I have smoother, stronger, and highly sculpted muscles. Everyone is different but this pre-workout supplements really worked for me. For the most part, I feel stronger, sculpted, more powerful, and my muscles are firm. At a certain point, It gets harder for me to get bigger, faster, and stronger while I work out. Sometimes I do not feel like I am getting the most out of my workout and I feel like I am lacking with the strength gains. I feel like Megadrol helps me with my training routine and I feel pretty good about my ability to meet and exceed my goals for my body. With time and consistent use, I feel and look amazing after I have taken this supplement for awhile. I really love this blend and it has fast become one of my absolute favorite supplements that I discovered. I an inclined to recommend this pre-workout supplement for any bodybuilder, weightlifter, or other strength athlete who wants to get strong and fit with an incredible body as fast as possible. This pre-workout supplement is now my go-to supplement for large muscle gains and lean fat. I am now able to train so much better, stronger, harder, and more frequently.

– Joseph C., Denver, CO


Awards & Media Coverage

Bodybuilding forums across the internet are chatting about this pre-workout and post-workout supplement and the company that created Megadol has won many awards for many of the products it has in its gallery of supplements. At this time, this pre-workout supplement has not won any awards yet because it is still pretty new to the supplement market. Although this product has not been featured in any print distribution magazines, it was briefly listed on as an up and coming supplement to look out for at the gym.


Money-back Guarantee

While results may vary, the makers of this pre-workout supplement are very confident that users will quickly see results with regular use of their product. The manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the customer is unsatisfied with the pre-workout supplement for any reason then the customer can decide to cancel at any time during the monthly shipment program and request a refund from the manufacturer. The customer will need to contact customer service via telephone in order to receive and RMA number. In addition, the customer will be required to return all of the unused portion of the preworkout supplement to the manufacturer in order to be eligible for a refund.

The product must be packaged carefully and the customer is fully responsible for all shipping costs associated with the return of any items. Each item that is returned to the manufacturer for a refund is subject to a 15% restocking fee. The pre-workout supplement must physically be returned and received by the manufacturer within 30 days of the original purchase date in order to be eligible for a refund. If customer does not comply with the requirements for product returns of this pre-workout supplement then the the manufacturer may reject refunds at its sole discretion. Once all of the requirements are met for a successful supplement return, then a credit to the customer’s credit card or a refund check with an email confirmation will be sent to the customer within 30 days.



In general, all Megadrol products are shipped from the distributor within two business days but the actual delivery times may vary by region. This pre-workout supplement is an auto-shipping supplement. Every 30 days, a full month’s supply of Megadrol will be shipped to the customer through standard USPS First Class shipping method. The manufacturers of this supplement do not offer any sort of free shipping or reduced-cost shipping offers. Shipments are sent out Monday through Friday. Shipments are never sent out on Saturdays, Sundays, or any United States national holidays. The manufacturer cannot and will not guarantee any specific arrival dates or times but they do provide estimates. The manufacturers of this supplement do not take any responsibility for shipping and delivery costs. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, including return shipping. It is important to note that shipment delivery time is subtracted from the customer’s 30-day trial period and so it will reduce the number of days reserved for the trial period.


Customer Support

Excellent customer care is at the core of every successful company. The manufacturers of this supplement truly stand behind their supplement lines. They appear to care about questions, concerns and comments that customers and potential customers may have. The company puts in a great deal of effort in order to go above and beyond their customer’s expectations. Megadrol believes that if they are loyal and also very responsive to the customer and any concerns the customer may have, then the customer will be more likely to be loyal to the company in return. The makers of this supplement want to get it right. They want to satisfy their customers and develop a positive, lasting relationship with them. Customers can contact customer service through a variety of methods. Customers that reach out for assistance via e-mail seem to get the quickest response from customer service to any issue they may experience.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers can pay for their online purchase of this product with a credit card, their PayPal account, or their PayPal Credit account. Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are the major credit cards accepted by the website. Pre-workout supplements purchased through this website are secure because the shopping cart at check out system are verified by Visa. The website is also a Norton Secured website. The website features 100% secure ordering and customers are able to utilize a safe & secure checkout. The website features 128-Bit Secure SSL Connection. This helps to ensure that each and every communication that takes place between customers and the website is fully encrypted and secure. This is an industry best practice for commerce sites in order to secure important and / or sensitive data.


Pricing & Free Trial

This pre-workout supplement costs $94.95 (plus taxes, shipping, and handling) for a 30 day supply of the product. All costs associated with the pre-workout supplement are due in American currency. Megadrol has an exclusive 14-day Free Trial offer of this muscle enhancer so that bodybuilders and weightlifters can test the product’s effectiveness before making a purchase. Each bottle of Megadrol included in this Free Trial contains a one month supply of the supplement and the manufacturer feels confident that its users will be highly satisfied with this pre-workout supplement. Megadrol is also confident that users will see benefits during the free trial offer.

In order to take advantage of the free trial offer, customers must provide a valid credit card number and that credit card will be charged a one time processing fee of $4.95. Megadrol will only ship out 250 free trial bottles per day. By entering these credit card numbers for this free trial offer, the customer acknowledges that the company will not obtain additional authorization from the customer for each monthly fee installment charged to an active credit card. By participating in this free trial progrom, the customer agrees that they will not hold Megadrol responsible for any fees or overdraft charges that are associated with the credit card due to an ongoing membership with the pre-workout supplement’s company. For as long as a customer’s membership is active, the customer will be billed and will be responsible for all membership fees.

This pre-workout product is an auto shipping supplement so it is important for the customer to contact customer service before the 14-day Free Trial offer expires in order to cancel any additional shipments of the supplement and to avoid additional charges to the customer’s credit card. The enrollment date is start date of the 14-day Free Trial offer, not the date the customer recieves the pre-workout supplement. If the customer does not cancel their Free Trial offer within the specified time frame, then the customer’s credit card will be billed for the full product cost of $94.95 and the customer will be enrolled in the supplement’s auto shipment program. This convenient shipment program will send a fresh batch of Megadrol to the customer each month (every 30 days) for the cost of $94.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. The customer can cancel the supplement’s auto-ship program at any time by contacting customer service. Customer service can be reached by telephone or email Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm EST and 9am – 6pm EST Saturday.






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