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MaxGain Xplode Review – A Brand New Product for Muscle Mass

2What Is MaxGain Xplode?

MaxGain Xplode is a pre-workout supplement designed to boost the body’s workout results by increasing endurance and preventing fatigue. The product strives to achieve such results by relying on a amino acid based formula. While this tactic appears to be effective, it is similarly designed to many other pre-workout supplements which prevents the product from offering something new to the category.

The product showcases ingredients that have shown effectiveness in individual studies. Studies have also demonstrated the effectiveness of using these types of amino acids together. However, this particular product hasn’t provided any clinical trials to prove its effectiveness using these amounts of each ingredient. The company also doesn’t provide the purity level of each of its active ingredients which can affect the outcome of supplement.

While the supplement has its advantages, it also uses some questionable practices. Oddly, the company reserves the right to decrease or increase the price at will. Increases will only be made prior to signing up, so potential customers must verify the current price in the Terms and Conditions of the product. The company also requires customer to take part in a monthly subscription program that automatically charges the customer’s account every 30 days before shipping them a new bottle of the product.



The manufacturer of the pre-workout supplement is relatively unknown, and they appear to also operate under the name MaxGain Xplode. The return address for the product is a P.O. box in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company’s physical address also appears to be in Scottsdale. They also manufacture a testosterone booster called Testadrox, which operates from the same address and is serviced by the same customer support hotline. For the other product that they manufacture, the company operates under that product’s name.

There is not a single line of information regarding who owns or runs the company. This lack of information extends to where the product is manufactured and from where the ingredients are exported. Without knowing this information, it’s impossible to know if the product was created safely.

With most businesses, potential customers can check out the company and its reputation by finding them in the Better Business Bureau’s database. MaxGain Xplode’s creator is not listed on the website under either of their products’ names. The BBB doesn’t require companies to become accredited to appear on the site, and the organization provides ratings to companies even if they aren’t accredited. Lacking a listing with the BBB prevents customers from making an educated decision on working with the company.


How MaxGain Xplode Works?

The pre-workout supplement relies on the non-essential amino acids L-Citrulline and L-Arginine to achieve its goals of effectiveness. These are essential acids that are made by the body in small doses and readily available from food. When the extra doses of the items are provided in capsule form, it is thought to increase the body’s positive response to physical activity.

Upon digestion of the supplement, the amino acids get to work. In one process, L-Arginine begins to breakdown. As the amino acid is digested, it travels through the blood system where it makes it way to all of the muscles in the body. The nutrient assists with healing any tears and rips that are present in the muscles before the exercise begins and continues to do so once the individual is taken part in an intense workout.

While L-Arginine makes it rounds, L-Citrulline begins its process in the intestines. Here, the amino acid is broken down into Nitric Oxide and L-Arginine. The extra L-Arginine joins the rest of the amino acid through the body while the Nitric Oxide also travels into the blood system and reaches the muscles as well. When Nitric Oxide reaches the muscles, it allows them to relax while also increasing the level of blood flow. More blood flow means more L-Arginine is making its way to the muscle to repair damages even quicker while the newly relaxed muscle is able to withstand more activity before it reaches fatigue.


Ingredients of MaxGain Xplode

MaxGain Xplode has a rather short list of active ingredients. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t provide the exact amount of each ingredient, and the company doesn’t provide a reason for this secrecy. The active ingredients are as follows:

  1. L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate-21
  2. L-Arginine
  3. L-Arginine Monohydrochloride
  4. L-Citrulline

The product uses three types of L-Arginine even though they work very similarly. L-Arginine is most likely chosen because it is believed to increase a person’s exercise performance. The scientific community has provided the research showing the components effectiveness, but the research hasn’t been extensive enough for information to become accepted by the scientific community as a whole. L-Citrulline is commonly chosen for pre-workout supplements because of its believed ability to increase blood flow, which has also been shown in previous studies.

The inactive ingredients are the run of the mill items that are included in almost every pre-workout supplements inactive ingredient list. The items consist of Gelatin, Dipotassium Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Magnesium Stearate. Gelatin is the most common ingredient used in the creation of the capsule that encapsulates the main formula while Magnesium Stearate serves to maintain the freshness of the product. The purpose of the other inactive ingredients is to serve as fillers for the formula.

Since the product doesn’t list the exact amount of its active ingredients, it’s challenging to compare it to other pre-workout supplements. Using the three variations of L-Arginine with a single L-Citrulline ingredient is one of the most common main ingredient combinations among this category of supplements. The product also contains fillers, so the customer isn’t getting the purest form of the main ingredients. Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide the supplement with any advantage in terms of formulation.



One advantage of MaxGain Xplode is its choice of active ingredients. The product offers a simple and uncomplicated set of four active ingredients. Neither L-Arginine or L-Citrulline are known to cause any serious side effects, so customers can avoid any negative reactions. The two types of amino acids are also known to work together well, so there is little chance of counteraction which allows the customer to get the most effectiveness out of the formula.

The ingredients also offer the advantage of scientific reassurance. Although this particular formula hasn’t undergone any professional testing, there have been previous studies on the effectiveness of both the amino acids. Such studies have been documented in published scientific journals and received peer-reviews from fellow scientists. The results are not yet accepted by the medical community as fact, but they have shown that both types of amino acids are effective in improving an athlete’s workout results.

Another advantage of the supplement is the safety of its checkout. The product can be purchased through a highly secured checkout that includes a 128-BIT SSL encryption and an antivirus. As the information is stored, it is further protected by a secured server. Such security measures may provide a sense of ease to customers regarding their sensitive information.



The pre-workout supplement has yet to achieve any certifications. As with awards, there is a limited number of certifications available for supplements and supplement manufacturers, but unlike awards, certifications can be obtained without competition. Unfortunately, MaxGain Xplode hasn’t attempted to meet the requirements of any certifications.

One of the certifications available is the CGMP, which is also the only FDA certification available for supplements. Meeting the requirements for the CGMP is relatively easy, so not achieving the certification doesn’t reflect positively on the supplement. In order to meet the requirements, manufacturers simply need to prove that the facility where the product is created is hygienic and safe for employees.

There are a few other certifications available for the product including a patent and a Certified for Sport certification. Both of these certifications are focused on the formulation of the supplement. A patent certifies the uniqueness as well as the effectiveness of the supplement. The Certified for Sport certification guarantees that the product has been tested for toxic and dangerous ingredients as well as ingredients that may be against the regulations of major sports outlets.



MaxGain Xplode has completely changed my workout results. Even though I workout consistently, I would constantly experience fatigue and struggle to make it through each workout. I take the supplement about thirty minutes before I hit the gym, and I have yet to have a session that I experience fatigue since making the product part of my routine. I look and feel better than I have ever before. – Mark S., Los Angeles, USA

This is the product that has finally allowed me to reach my ideal physique. I’ve spent years in the gym without being able to lose that final 10 pounds around my waist. The natural energy boost that this supplement provides has increased by performance enough to finally lose the extra weight. Now, I’m receiving compliments left and right, and I’ve even been approached to pose for a fitness magazine. – Sarah H., Italy

I’ve been taking this product for four months, and I felt a difference the first time I took the supplement. The physical results were visible within a month of taking the product daily. The energy I gained from taking the supplement allowed me to increase the length of my cardio sessions and the intensity of my interval training. I no longer have that post-workout fatigue that lasts through the next morning. – Jonathon T., Toronto, Canada

As a professional trainer, keeping my energy levels up was a constant struggle. Since I started MaxGain Xplode, I no longer struggle through my client sessions. I’m even left with enough energy that I can tackle my chores at home and hang out with my family. I love this product so much that I now recommend it to all of my clients regardless of their fitness level. – Bert L., New York, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

MaxGain Xplode has yet to fly on the radar of any media publications. The product claims to have made appearances in Maxim, Men’s Journal and Men’s Fitness, but these instances were actually paid advertisements. However, advertisements still serve as an introduction to potential customers, but they occur without the support of the publication.

Besides advertisements, the supplement hasn’t received any media attention. This is unlikely to change anytime soon as reputable media sources consider the product’s business model as bad business. Offering a free trial while requiring a subscription service in the small print is not a business practice that these outlets want to be associated with their name, and by spotlighting the supplement, they would essentially be providing their seal of approval.

The product runs into the same issue when it comes to awards. Pre-workout supplements based in the U.S. already have a limited number of awards offered to them, and most of these awards are provided by the same publication outlets that handle media coverage. This leaves virtually no opportunity for the supplement to receive an award.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer of the pre-workout supplement doesn’t guarantee a refund on the product, but there are certain situations that they grant refunds. Customers that were sent unordered items will be given a refund on the supplement and the shipping fee. All other types of refunds have to go through an approval process, and the manufacturer gets to decide if the refund will happen or not. If the refund is approved, the customer may then be charged $19.95 as a restocking fee.

According to the company’s Terms and Conditions, if they approve a refund for a specific reason, it’s the only refund for a bottle of MaxGain Xplode that the customer is allowed to obtain. This rule applies to every customer regardless of the reason a refund has been requested. If a customer is provided with a refund on a bottle for April because they hadn’t used all of their previous month’s supply, they are not allowed to request a refund in October for whatever issue may arise.

For refunds that the company approves, customers must provide accurate information pertaining to every part of the refund or the customer will forfeit their refund. The company allows for 10 days for the return item to be approved. After the approval by the manufacturer, the refund may take up to two weeks to show up in the customer’s bank account. Altogether, the refund process may take up to a month.



The only times MaxGain Xplode customers are required to pay shipping costs is for the trial period of the product and for returns. Customers must pay a $4.95 shipping and handling fee, which is a standard rate for trial products among pre-workout supplements. This fee is not returned to the customer after the trial period is over even though they are then required to pay full price for the trial bottle. All items are shipped through the United States Postal Service by way of standard shipping.

The manufacturer allows four days for shipping for the trial period. However, they state the product may not be shipped out for two to three days after the order has been processed. To arrive at the customer’s house, the shipping may take up to five days. The total time from ordering the product to its arrival may take up to eight days, which leaves very little time for the customer to test the effectiveness of the product in their situation.

All return shipping costs are a responsibility of the customer. This includes the shipping cost of returned items as part of cancellations and refunds or items that were defective or opened. Typically, companies will cover the price of return shipping on defective items as a courtesy to the customer.


Customer Support

Customers can reach support representatives by phone or through email, but the company doesn’t provide its hours of operation. Neither of these outlets appears to be staffed 24 hours a day, which is unfortunate considering that customer cancellations are time sensitive. If a customer wants to cancel their subscription service before their trial period is over, they may struggle to reach the support team during a time that’s convenient for the customer. Customer service is always important, but it becomes even more of a necessity when supplement companies tack on a subscription service to a free trial.

When an individual would like to cancel their subscription, the company requires that they contact the support team by phone. If the cancellation comes after the customer has been charged for the bottle, then they don’t need to take further action. If the cancellation comes before the trial is over, customers will also need to return the remainder of their MaxGain Xplode bottle. Customers will then need to obtain a Return Merchandise Number from the customer support representative. The RMN is required for the return to be accepted by the manufacturer.


Safe & Secure Checkout

One of the highlights of MaxGain Xplode is its checkout security. The site protects customer information using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). An SSL is a type of encryption that creates an invisible shield of protection around all information collected on the website, and it continues its security protection as the information journeys from the site to the server.

The server also offers up-to-date encryptions. Once the information has landed in the server, the encryption prevents outside sources from accessing the information through means of hacking. The site displayers a “Hacker Safe” logo just under the checkout form to verify it’s level of security.

The security measures are further increased with the use an antivirus. If the checkout was to become infected with a virus, it would weaken the site’s encryption defenses, and make it easier for sensitive information to be obtained. The antivirus prevents any attempts of intrusion from digital attacks.


Pricing & Free Trial

Each bottle provides a one month supply of the product which is priced at $69.95. The 30-day supply contains 60 capsules of the pre-workout blend, so it averages out to about $1.65 per capsule or $2.30 per day. This price point is much higher than the most popular pre-workout supplements, some of which offer proof of their effectiveness in the form of clinical trials.

MaxGain Xplode offers a free trial for a period of 10 days once the order is submitted. Signing up for trial automatically enters the customer into a monthly subscription agreement which is becoming an increasingly common practice among supplement companies. Although the company advertises the product as a free trial, they don’t mention anywhere on the order form that customers will also be entering into a recurring monthly program. This supplement’s trial period is only 10 days, which is much shorter than most trial periods. The company does allow for four days for shipping, but it can take longer than that and cut into the customer’s trial period.

When signing up for the free trial, customers are only initially charged for shipping and handling. Signing up for the trial also enters the customer into a monthly subscription program. Two weeks after the trial period ends, customers are sent another full-size bottle of the product, and they are automatically charged the full bottle price. This results in the customer paying over 120 dollars within a two week period.






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