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Max Core Vital Review – Essential Aid for Your Workouts

What Is Max Core Vital?

Max Core Vital is an organic pre-workout supplement designed to fuel workout ability to help users get the most out of every workout. The core ingredients in its formula blend are Hydroxycitric Acid, Chromium and Calcium. It is posited as a safe, legal alternative to anabolic steroids and features only natural additives. It may be effective in fueling workout performance to enable users to attain more extreme results in a shorter period of time. It may also help competitive fitness professionals such as athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders gain an edge on the competition in a safer, legal way.

Some benefits to consistent use may be elevated energy levels, increased stamina and endurance, greater lean muscle mass and an improved metabolic rate. This supplement is manufactured and sold in the United States. It is designed to work with the body’s natural processes to help accelerate workout gains for a fitter, stronger physique. It comes in capsule form and is intended for use alongside an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. It may also improve metabolism, help to burn calories faster and increase vascularity and protein synthesis.



Max Core Vital is manufactured by a company called Mayfair Supplements. Aside from the detailed company policy information available on the product website, very little information is available about Mayfair Supplements online. It does not provide a company history, a mission statement or any information about its other product lines. It is believed to have been active in the fitness supplement industry for a number of years providing all-natural health and wellness products. In addition, it appears to be responsible for the research, development and manufacture of its own products.

Mayfair Supplements appears to be based in the United States. What is known is that its corporate headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida. It is not featured in any online business directories nor is it active on any social media websites. Customers curious to learn more about this manufacturer are encouraged to contact the company’s customer service department by telephone or by email.


How Max Core Vital Works?

These capsules work best when combined with a healthy, active lifestyle and an effective exercise regimen. The capsules are designed to dissolve in the bloodstream and then permeate the body, stimulating more efficient thermogenesis, greater hormonal support and improved performance abilities with which to fuel workouts. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules for a total 30-day supply. Users are instructed to take 1-2 capsules before each workout for an immediate boost in energy and stamina, purportedly leading to more calories burned and more powerful, muscle-enhancing pumps.

Essentially, the botanicals and minerals in the Max Core Vital formula blend are designed to enhance specific bodily functions that drive up strength, energy, stamina and endurance. One way this product aims to achieve greater physical performance is via thermogenesis. For those new to the world of bodybuilding, thermogenesis is basically the body’s process of burning fat. By accelerating metabolism rates and energy levels, users are purportedly able to burn more calories both at active and at resting states. The concentrated botanical extracts in the product formula may also contribute to helping the body better absorb the minerals essential to maximum myogenesis.


Ingredients of Max Core Vital

The ingredient list in this pre-workout supplement is far simpler than the vast majority of current all-natural fitness/dietary aides. Fitness consumers may experience divided opinions on the issue. Some may express an appreciation for the purity and simplicity of the formula while others may hold doubt about its potential effectiveness. There are only three simple ingredients in its formula blend: Hydroxycitric Acid, Chromium and Calcium. They are manufactured in simple capsule format and are intended to stimulate the body’s natural processes for increased energy and strength.

Chromium, the formula’s foremost ingredient, is a trace mineral that is key in supporting optimal levels of insulin in the body. A few benefits attributed to Chromium are heightened energy levels, improved circulation and rapid muscle gains. Common symptoms of a deficiency in this necessary mineral are obesity and lethargy. It is believed to be safe and side-effect free, though of course anyone considering adding it to their fitness routine should consult with a health professional to rule out potential allergies or medication interactions.

Hydroxycitric Acid is extracted from citric acid and can be found in myriad tropical plants. Hydroxycitric Acid – also called HCA – is commonly used in weight-loss supplements to ramp up thermogenesis. There is some research pointing to its effectiveness in supporting safe and consistent weight loss. It is also believed to help the body burn more fats as opposed to its default carbohydrate-burning method, which is also believed to stimulate calorie-burning. The third ingredient is Potassium Gluconate (also called Anhydrous), which is a potassium salt often used in weight-loss supplements that is also believed to assist in the bodybuilding process.



Max Core Vital may support an improved metabolic rate as well as overall energy levels. Additionally, this supplement promises results that are not just physical. Users may experience improved confidence levels and heightened vitality as a result of looking and feeling their best. It also promises to improve circulation and, in turn, to promote more effective muscle pumps as well as a faster healing rate after workouts. By improving circulation, it may promote improved cognitive function.

Max Core Vital may help users gain more lean muscle mass faster when used in combination with a quality strength-training program, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. It may also provide a performance boost in strength and stamina for bodybuilders and weightlifters looking for a safe, legal dietary aid. It may provide an energy boost both during workouts and after. Not only might it be an effective solution for anyone looking to improve their fitness level from where they are currently at, it may also be a sports enhancer for athletes looking for additional fuel in the game.



A certificate on the Max Core Vital website promises 100% premium quality, which it backs up with its buyer protection refund policies. Customers will likely assume that any company willing to provide such a comprehensive risk-free guarantee must offer a high-quality product in order to instill such confidence. With its quality label, it also promises pure, safe and potent ingredients.

This product also bears a certificate reading “Proudly made in the USA.” This will likely attract many fitness enthusiasts who prefer to buy American due to top-notch product quality expectations. Another prime advantage in purchasing American-made – in addition to helping boost one’s home economy – is the fact that all such products have likely been made in compliance with strict federal safety and manufacturing standards. Customers may want to contact customer service to be sure, but since Max Core Vital is produced and manufactured in the United States, it is probably that is was made in accordance with GMP standards. GMP is short for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ and certifies only products that have met a minimum of quality, safety and potential effectiveness.



I decided to sign up for the free trial because of how lazy and out-of-shape I’d been feeling. I started a new workout regimen three days a week and popped a couple of these capsules before each session. I felt them kick in right away, and my workouts seemed to fly by. My wife keeps telling me how much more active I’ve been since I’ve started taking this. Thanks in part to Max Core Vital, not only do I have a better body, I get along better with my wife because of the extra energy boost it gives me to get things done around the house. – Mario D., store manager in Kent, Washington, USA

My biceps have started getting a little saggy since my forties, so I decided to finally do something about it. I’d tried to exercise a couple of times a week, but I just felt too winded to do anything too strenuous. I felt a major difference within weeks of starting to take this stuff. Not only do I have the energy to finish my target workout, but I work harder during it and I’m not nearly as sore afterward. My body is looking better than ever. – Clint F., sales manager in Boise, Idaho, USA

This is the best workout pill I’ve tried. I get an energy surge right before workouts, and it lasts all day. It doesn’t leave me crashing and jittery like other supplements. My buddies have definitely noticed that I’ve upped my game a notch or two, and I’ve already passed on the info about the free trial. This is a great performance booster. – Juan T., construction supervisor in London, United Kingdom

I was looking for an extra charge of energy to get my workouts done better, and this did the trick. I used to struggle to do a squat, and now I can rapid fire them out. The more pounds I drop, the more inspired I am to eat even better and to keep leveling my workouts up. I just set an alarm to take one before every workout. I would recommend at least signing up for the free trial to see what it’s able to do. – Justin S., martial artist in Althens, FL, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The Max Core Vital website does not advertise any specific media outlets that may have featured this pre-workout supplement. Although the site does not provide any links to such, it is likely it has been (at least) advertised in the pages of such popular fitness magazines as Maxim, Men’s Health and Fitness Magazine. There are no indications it is been advertised on TV or radio. Despite this lack of media coverage, it does seem to be performing well as far as sales on a global scale. It has not been nominated for any awards in the health and fitness industry as of yet.

This product has a limited online presence as far as visibility among the fitness consumer crowd. Among the few sources wherein it can be found online, it has been reviewed by a number of fairly well-established supplement review sites. These reviews have stated that it had few, if any, negative side effects. The reviews also largely stated that it also seemed to provide a noticeable energy boost.


Money-back Guarantee

For only the cost of shipping and handling, those eager to try Max Core Vital may do so via the company’s 14-day trial program. This includes 12 days to try the product and four days for processing and shipment. Unless the buyer contacts customer service to cancel within 14 days of the initial order, they will be automatically enrolled in the company’s auto-delivery program. The program’s terms state that the customer will be billed for a fresh 30-day supply every month thereafter, for which the credit card on file will be billed. Auto-delivery members may cancel or modify their membership at any time by contacting a customer service team member.

The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to those who purchase this product outside of the trial. Return packages must be postmarked within 30 days of the date of order to be eligible for a refund. Returned items must also be unopened, undamaged and unused; opened items are non-refundable according to company policy. Furthermore, customers seeking a refund must contact a customer service member to obtain a Return Authorization Number, which must be clearly written on the package in order to be eligible for a refund. The company’s return department is not allowed to accept any package without a clearly-written RMA #.



Orders may be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. At $5.95, the cost of shipping and handling is a bit higher than the industry average. Packages are shipped using standard ground shipping, which takes approximately 3-4 business days. This applies to orders in both the United States and in Canada. US orders are shipped using the United States Postal Service while Canadian orders are shipped using Canada Mail. Customers are instructed to contact a customer service team member if their shipment has not arrived within 14 days from the date of order – the order may then need to be re-shipped.

All dates and times of arrival (for orders) are estimates only. In the event the buyer has entered the wrong address for shipment and the package must be re-shipped, the customer will be responsible for a new shipping charge equivalent to the shipping charge on the original order. The product website does not state whether it ships on weekends nor does it specify whether it ships on certain holidays. All fees associated with shipping and handling for all transactions are non-refundable; refunds are not issued for shipping charges under any circumstance.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of Max Core Vital expresses a commitment to serving its clients via exceptional customer service. Its first line of customer support is a toll-free 1-800 telephone number for those who prefer to speak with a live representative. There is also a support email address listed on the website. Customer service agents have the authority to modify and/or cancel customer accounts. They are trained to provide product and usage information as well as to clarify any issues regarding company policies. They may also issue Return Authorization numbers for customers seeking returns.

The company’s corporate headquarters and return facilities are located in Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately, there is no information as to the customer care department’s hours of operation. The manufacturer would be well-advised to include this on the website as well as whether customer support is available on weekends and /or holidays. The manufacturer also encourages physical inquiries and general correspondence via the corporate address provided on the product website. It pledges that all of its support representatives are well-trained in privacy procedures and product knowledge.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The official Max Core Vital website does not display any SSL security software trust marks. Since most supplement consumers are accustomed to seeing seals from companies such as Verified By Visa and Norton Secured, Mayfair Supplements may want to display these logos on the checkout section to assure customers their data is maximally protected. Aside from the lack of trust guard logos, the company’s privacy policy does assure buyers that all sensitive personal and financial customer information is protected by industry standard security means. It asserts that all information collected by the website is stored on a single, secure server accessible only to select company employees. All sensitive data is password protected for additional safety and security.

The privacy policy also states that is employs encryption technology to further protect customer data. For those who may yet be unfamiliar with this security software, encryption technology is used by millions of companies worldwide to scramble customer data in the event a cyber attacker attempts to hack or misuse data stored on the company server. The privacy policy also states that its employees are kept up-to-date on current security practices and that all sensitive data is kept in a secure environment. Customers with questions are encouraged to submit any further security concerns via an online submission form, though there is no such form on the site; hence, anyone who would like to speak with customer support about privacy practices may do so using the toll-free telephone number or email address.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full cost of a bottle of Max Core Vital is $85.95. The only payment methods accepted at checkout are MasterCard and Visa, which unfortunately excludes a large number of customers who prefer alternate methods of payment (such as Discover, American Express and/or PayPal). These limited payment options may deter a large number of buyers who prefer to pay with other options. The manufacturer’s terms and conditions do express that customers are responsible for fees, overdrafts and other potential charges incurred by the customer’s banking institution. In addition, buyers are responsible for taxes associated with their region of order.

Regarding payment, Mayfair Supplements states that it utilizes a streamlined ordering process to ensure all orders are immediately routed to processing and shipping. This means charges usually post immediately (upon the initial order), while refunds may take several days to process. Speed of transaction is dependent on the bank involved. This manufacturer does not offer any bundle savings discount for multiple orders nor is it currently running any special promotions. Max Core Vital is not available for resale and can only be ordered directly on its official website at this time.






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