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Mass Muscle FX Review – Does It Really Worth Anything?

What Is Mass Muscle FX?

There is a new bodybuilding supplement out of France, and its name is Mass Muscle FX. While there are already plenty of such supplements on the market these days, this one differentiates itself in several interesting ways. For starters, it is an French supplement that claims to have a great following back in the old bodybuilding powerhouse country of France. This in and of itself sets this supplement apart from pretty much every other competitor in the American market.

Second, its claims, if true, would make this formula one that superman himself could not say no to. With a single supplement, users are supposed to be able to eliminate and replace all of their other stacks that they formerly required. The claims this product makes are simply incredible. If they are true, every bodybuilder in America should be using it regularly. The product marketing pieces declare that users will pack on the greatest amount of muscle mass that is humanly and legally possible. All this, and the results are supposed to begin to show in only 48 short hours. Not satisfied with these lofty claims of performance, the distributor states that until only recently, only a handful of truly top of the world athletes (probably in the French markets) had access to the formula, but fortunately for weightlifters the world over, these days any interested parties are able to acquire the product for themselves and begin to benefit from the supposedly amazing results in less than two days.

Testosterone levels are supposed to be increased by a mind-blowing 400%. Users are able to actually see the rapid increase in muscle mass. Those who take it will literally feel the increases in both motivation and muscle strength as their fat is quickly recycled into mighty muscle. Despite all of these really incredible claims, the product is said to be 100% all organic and all natural ingredient based. It sounds simply too good to be true.



One troubling revelation about the Mass Muscle FX product lies in the fact that the manufacturer appears to be distantly removed from its own formula. Finding the manufacturer of this product is not an easy task, as it appears they do not wish to be found for some inexplicable reason. Mass Muscle FX Corporation makes Mass Muscle FX, though they do not market or distribute it anywhere per searches on the Internet. The company appears to be based in Panama City, Panama, but no other contact details for the company are available seemingly anywhere. This is of grave concern in the event that the product does not deliver on its many astonishing claims, as there is no way to get in touch with the original manufacturer should it fail. Fortunately, the vendor of the product appears willing to stand behind it, so any buyers will have to be prepared to deal directly with the company that sells it to them in the event of dissatisfaction with the supplement itself.


How Mass Muscle FX Works?

This product claims to work by using the body’s own natural chemical processes that happen inside a person on a daily basis. By boosting the man’s natural testosterone levels by 400% naturally through stimulating a pituitary gland, the user is able to pack on many pounds of heavy muscle at the same time as it sheds an unending amount of strips of undesirable fat. This is why the product is supposed to work so well, because the developers studied the ways and means by which the male human body actually functions. They claim that this is why the supplement is more effective than competing muscle developing products out on the market today, because Mass Muscle FX works with the body’s systems instead of against them. It helps the system that dissolves extra fats out of the body and instead changes this released fuel straight into muscle mass.

The first of the effects that users are supposed to notice is that muscle mass is rapidly increasing. The literature states that within no time at all, users will have to size up their clothing, as the weight gain brought on by the product will ensure the old clothes no longer fit. Besides the gain in weight class, users will also experience greater strength and power, along with the ultimate performance that they are able to extract from their muscles.

With only a few weeks of utilizing the supplement, users are told they will see changes in their typical days. There will be an increase of natural energy ad confidence that comes along with this improvement in overall health. Rising morale from the improved physique will also increase the user’s mental state of mind in such a positive way that it spills over into all other parts of their lives like family, work, and interpersonal relationships. This energy improvement and associated all around feelings of well being are said to make the present day seem truly enjoyable and to help the future look brighter than ever before. All of these euphoric effects are said to help users channel all of this positive mental attitudes into actions for self improvement that will make the users into the very best possible individual they can be, feeling happy and healthy and looking their best. These are all amazing claims, but there does not appear to be any quantifiable way to substantiate them as of yet.

Ingredients of Mass Muscle FX

A disquieting feature of the product is the incredible secrecy that surrounds its ingredients. The company only releases hints and riddles as to what precisely is in the supplement. On the one hand people can understand about company secrets and proprietary formulas, but on the other hand, there is no way to known what users are ingesting and if there is the real impact that is promised without knowing what magical substances comprise the product.

One ingredient only that they release to the public is a nitric oxide booster. This is supposed to be the active ingredient that effectively causes a pituitary gland to overproduce testosterone naturally inside the male body. This ingredient supposedly triggers a particular and critical chain reaction within the metabolism that leads to enormous buildup in the size of muscles and a simultaneous diminishing of fat. The substance also causes amino acids to be processed at the rate of four times quicker than usual. This is the technical explanation for how fat can be transformed directly into elegant and mighty muscles everywhere on the male body.

It is this ingredient that actively develops more of the body’s naturally occurring testosterone hormone that influences male feelings and muscle building. Increased levels of testosterone are consistent with greater amplifications of aggression, anger, determination, self-confidence, and impetuousness. These feelings also translate to more vigorous and effective training desires that help the users to attain better results from their regimen of workouts.

Other than this key active ingredient, practically no information exists as to what else makes up the supplement that is supposed to deliver such out of this world results. The product literature does drop a few hints:

  1. One ingredient is supposed to stop the testosterone to DHT conversion process of the body;
  2. All ingredients are said to be organic, without any illegal or harmful chemicals involved;
  3. Another ingredient is claimed to inhibit and to block estrogen production.

It is this 500 milligrams of the main matrix that supposedly pushes the nitric oxide level’s 35% increase.

It is also interesting to note whatever the exact ingredient makeup of the all natural all organic product may be, it is a graduated step up and step down regimen, as with some powerful antibiotics. Users who will only consume the supplement for a month are instructed to take one capsule per day throughout the first week, then step up to two per day in the second week, then max out at three capsules each day for all of the third week, before decreasing intake to two capsules in week four and back down to only one capsule each day in the fifth and final week. The consumption amount is altered for users taking it on a lengthier cycle. These ingredients and doses are what the manufacturer claims gives the supplement its incomparable potency.



Mass Muscle FX is said to impact the rapid growth of muscle mass for bodybuilding. This is accomplished through a dramatic increase in the amount of testosterone hormone found in the male body. Increasing these levels of testosterone was the goal of the makers of the supplement. This is because testosterone in any quantity more or less is not harmful to human bodies.

Increased strength, endurance, and motivation are other advantages to the supplement. Besides the bigger muscles that result from taking the product, it also leads to better strength and power. The product pushes a higher level of performance out of users’ muscles as well.

The supplement also somehow converts fat directly into solid muscles as if by magic. The maker claims that this is accomplished via a normal process inside the male body. It is the secret ingredients within the product itself that are supposed to stimulate these dramatic and highly beneficial effects on the body, which they claim will transform until it is no longer recognizable.



As part of the dearth of information or information blackout that this manufacturer deliberately or unintentionally engages in, there is no available information online pertaining to certificates for the product. Neither the Mass Muscle FX official website or general review sites on the supplement have any such information available to share.



It is in testimonials that the product seems to find its stride at last. There are a number of extremely positive reviews in the form of testimonials available not only on the official product website, but also on generic review sites scattered throughout the world wide web. Some of these are:

At the age I’ve reached now, it’s all too easy to get fat, especially as I mostly lead a sedentary lifestyle anymore. I made the choice to get into shape finally a little while ago. I began attending workout sessions at the gym. Sadly, my results were less than stellar to say the least. Muscles did not appear as quickly as I hoped they would, plus the bulging layer of fat that obscured them stubbornly refused to disappear. It was only through helping out my weight training with an effective dietary supplement has yielded me the anticipated and necessary results to keep me going. With the help of Mass Muscle FX, I was finally able to eliminate the fat, build up my lost muscles, and finally recapture my old confidence once again. – John Demos, Tarpon Springs

All my life I have struggled to have muscles. My entire life I was both slender and skinny with no bulk. I attempted to perform in sports, yet that never helped me to gain a muscular sculpture that I craved. Once I began training with weights in the gym, I found out that besides the workout, a healthy and supporting diet and relevant supplements are essential ingredients in gaining that physique that women love. I stumbled across Mass Muscle FX and tried it for a few months. Three months later, I had developed an enormous chest, massive arms, and a toned and firm stomach. I have not seen any negative side effects so far either. The girls are all into me these days. – Fred Quimby, Los Angeles

My New Year’s resolution this year was to lose weight, work out, and recover my lost form. With regular exercise training I have begun to recover form and lost some weight, but I was not getting anywhere near the desired muscle mass I had hoped for, and I know that has a huge part to play in burning up calories and losing the weight too. I began seeking out a supplement to boost my efforts. I consulted with some other bodybuilders who recommended Mass Muscle FX to me. I really like the way it made me feel and the effects I realized from it right away. This is an excellent supplement. It assist me in regaining my energy, builds up noticeable muscles, and helped me to lose the extra calories finally. This is an absolutely one of a kind supplement that I sincerely recommend highly. Everyone tells me how fantastic I look and inquire as to what I am doing differently now. I tell them the truth. I train seriously and take this amazing supplement that promises me these fabulous results. – John Paceville, Chicago


Money-back Guarantee

The vendor of Mass Muscle FX exhibits far more confidence in its product than the manufacturers appear to fortunately for first time users. They state that this supplement is entirely safe and is optimally formulated using all natural ingredients. They are so sure that it will work for any male users that they will give them an extensive 90 days trial period. At the end of this time or anywhere in between, users may return any unused and unopened product without any questions asked if they are unsatisfied for any reason at all. The vendor guarantees any users’ complete satisfaction at the product’s effectiveness. Every package that has not been opened and used will be cheerfully refunded upon return receipt at the distributor’s warehouse. Users are only responsible for the return shipping to get it back to the vendor.



None of the vendors appear to offer free shipping on Mass Muscle FX at this time. Shipping costs range from $2 to around $10 at time of checkout. As the product does not cost but twice this latter amount, the shipping cost become a major component of the final total price to order it.


Customer Support

The vendor provides an email address as well as phone number for anyone who needs live customer support to help him with his purchase or to initiate a product return for full refund of any unused and unopened portion.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The distributor’s website claims that users are on a safe and secure shopping page when they proceed to the checkout. Security certificates all appear to be in good order too.


Mass Muscle FX Pricing

Mass Muscle FX can only be purchased from the official vendor at the product’s official website, which is a positive in that it is possible to know what the true bottom price for the product actually is. The sole vendor provides the original product from the manufacturer at the lowest prices. If you don’t cancel the product within the free trial period, you’ll be charged each month by something around $143.20. The vendor warns that while other sites may claim to have the product at different price points, none of these advertised products are the legitimate item, since only the official vendor itself is authorized to carry and offer the supplement.

There are some serious concerns about Mass Muscle FX. It is true that it sounds so incredible any users will want it to be completely legitimate. It is worth remembering that any supplement that wishes to be judged by its literal merits will not make improvable claims about things like permanent muscle growth. Besides this, they should reveal the ingredient list that comprise the supplement. A last concern surrounds the money back guarantee. Any opened packaged may not be returned at all, tainting the value and validity of the no questions asked money back guarantee.

* Attention: The product was probably discontinued. This information is yet to be confirmed.






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