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Mass Build FX Review – How Can This Supplement Help Your Workouts

What Is Mass Build FX?

This product is designed to boost the flow of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. Nitric oxide is a compound that is often used alone or as part of a pre-workout supplement. Specifically, it’s a valuable addition to your supplement routine because it increases blood flow to muscles while also increasing blood pressure diameter. Increasing blood flow to your muscles has a number of benefits. For one, when muscles have more blood delivered to them, they receive more oxygen and nutrients, thus enabling them to perform harder and for long periods of time, whether you’re doing strength training or cardio.

Mass Build FX is an extended-release formula, meaning that it continues to deliver blood to muscles after your workout is done. This is important for muscle recovery. Most of us will take protein or a recovery meal after exercise, and after that meal is broken down, it is delivered to muscles via the bloodstream. Enhancing blood flow means more nutrients get to your muscles, and they get there faster, thus expediting muscle recovery. This supplement is rounded out with niacin, an energy-producing and slightly thermogenic B vitamin, to help keep you focused and energized before, during, and after your workouts.



This supplement is manufactured by a company that only produces Mass Build FX. Some supplement buyers, particularly those who have a given company that they prefer to use for all supplementation needs, may be wary of a company that only manufactures one product. However, there are actually some surprising benefits to getting a supplement from a one-supplement manufacturer. One of these is the fact that it is exceedingly rare to find a multi-supplement manufacturer that offers a free trial of a given product.

A one-supplement manufacturer, on the other hand, is centered around one product, and they want you to make sure you love that product. Thus, many of these manufacturers, including Mass Build FX, will offer a trial so you can be sure you like the product. There’s less risk involved. Another bonus to buying from a one-supplement manufacturer is that the customer service staff will be more knowledgeable – they only need to know about one product, while employees of larger companies need to know about many. You as the customer benefit from employees’ specialized knowledge base.


How Mass Build FX Works?

Mass Build FX works on several different levels. Since it is an extended release formula, it supports metabolism and muscle recovery throughout the day. As a nitric oxide booster, its primary function is to increase the flow of blood to muscles. It is significant that it also widens the diameters of blood vessels. This ensures that blood pressure does not rise. Because resistance training raises blood pressure, adding any supplement that also raises it can be dangerous and predispose you to vessel rupture.

The increased blood flow to muscles helps to keep muscles oxygenated and nourished during exercise, which allows for more intense workouts. If you’ve ever felt a burning sensation during lifting, cardio, or both, then you know what it’s like to run out of oxygen. While no supplement can hold off fatigue and muscle failure forever, delaying these things can speed your gains because it allows you to get in a few more reps or a few more miles.

Increasing blood flow to muscles has the other great benefit of increased muscle pumps – this is when you have a full feeling in your muscles post-workout. Better pumps can boost confidence and keep you motivated to continue working hard. But there are other post-workout benefits, too. This supplement, by continuing to boost oxygen and nutrient flow to muscles, speeds up the recovery process, letting you get back out faster.

But Mass Build FX has some unique elements, too. Several ingredients support healthy metabolism, and this supplement can aid in a more efficient metabolism of glucose. It also can stimulate energy production and help to keep you focused and motivated. While it does not contain traditional stimulants, it can easily be paired with them to create a pre-workout supplement. Essentially, this product combines traditional nitric oxide boosting technology with some unique ingredients to make it stand out from the crowd.


Ingredients of Mass Build FX

In the beginning, nitric oxide boosters contained one ingredient – L-arginine. Now that NO boosters have proliferated, though, each nitric oxide booster has a slightly different ingredient profile that helps set it apart. Below is a listing of the ingredients of Mass Build FX, as well as a little bit about each one:

1) L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

Because this is an extended-release nitric oxide booster, this supplement contains multiple forms of L-arginine. This is because, when a given ingredient is bonded to different things, the body metabolizes them at different rates. This allows you to experience a gradual release of L-arginine, rather than a major hit at the beginning of a workout.

This particular form of L-arginine is released more slowly than the simpler salt, L-arginine HCl, listed below. It is bonded to alpha-ketoglutarate, which some in the fitness industry believe offers metabolic support. However, much less research has gone into alpha-ketoglutarate than has gone into L-arginine.

2) L-arginine HCl

This salt of L-arginine is more readily available. And unlike many supplement ingredients, L-arginine (as mentioned briefly above) has a good bit of research behind it. It didn’t always, though. In 1998, a groundbreaking study found exactly why so many in the fitness industry swore by L-arginine – it increased blood flow to muscles, allowing for more intense workouts as well as improved recovery. This study won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, adding credence to the claims many had been making for years.

3) Citrulline malate

Although L-arginine was the initial nitric oxide booster, more recent research suggests that citrulline is actually the superior nitric oxide booster. One study indicated that arginine is quickly degraded by the body before it can have much of an effect on blood flow. Some, of course, persists, but citrulline creates more blood flow with an equivalent dose. Another study found that arginine leaves a higher percentage unused in the bloodstream than citrulline does. Of course, more research is needed, but both arginine and citrulline have been proven to stimulate the flow of blood to muscles.

4) L-norvaline

This is an analog of amino acid valine, which is an essential amino acid that is not produced by the body. Although citrulline and arginine are the most talked-about boosters of nitric oxide, this compound also supports nitric oxide production. It is less commonly included in nitric oxide boosters, and it helps set Mass Build FX apart.

5) Niacin

This is a B vitamin (B3, specifically), that has an energizing and slightly thermogenic effect on the body. While many pre-workout formulations contain caffeine, including a B vitamin provides natural energy that is ideal for those who can’t handle caffeine. Additionally, B vitamins help to maintain focus and drive, which is essential during long and grueling workouts.

6) Alpha-lipoic acid

This is a fatty acid – it’s a synthetic version of lipoic acid, which is naturally produced in the body. It’s used by the body in energy production (in the mitochondria, specifically). For that reason, it is often taken alongside L-carnitine – both are used in similar processes here. This ingredient helps to create healthy energy and keep you going through challenging workouts. It also helps support a healthy metabolism outside of exercise.

7) L-histidine

This is another essential amino acid, meaning that it has to be obtained from diet and is not produced by the body. It is used in the formation of proteins, thus making it instrumental for recovery. Seeing as this is an extended-release formula, it helps in your muscle recovery as well. In order for muscle tissue to recover, it needs adequate protein building blocks to rebuild fibers.

8) Vanadyl sulfate

This is a trace mineral that is found in mushrooms and shellfish, among other things. Though more research is needed to determine what it does in the body, it is believed to help muscles take up glucose, as opposed to the glucose being sent to fat cells and turned to fat. It also may help to regulate glucose in the way that insulin does. At any rate, it’s used by many in the fitness and bodybuilding industries.



There are many advantages to taking this supplement. One advantage that stands out is the inclusion of additional ingredients that support a healthy metabolism on a number of levels. For instance, Mass Build FX contains ingredients that aid in glucose metabolism and in the production of energy on a cellular level. Another advantage is the absence of stimulants. Some NO boosters double as stimulant-laced pre-workout supplements, but yohimbine and other stimulants can cause jitters. If you do want to incorporate this into a pre-workout supplementation routine, you need only to pair it with your favorite pre-workout.

Another advantage is that this supplement does not only rely on L-arginine – it also includes citrulline as a nitric oxide boosting ingredient. As mentioned above, both arginine and citrulline are precursors to the formation of nitric oxide in the body, but recent research suggests that citrulline may actually be more effective. rather than choose one over the other, this product simply includes both.

A third advantage is the fact that this is a time-released formula. The earliest nitric oxide boosters simply hit you with a burst of nitric oxide at the beginning of your workout. While this may be a good way to get temporarily pumped up, it makes your workout challenging when it wears off and you hit a wall. The time-release formula will last not only through your workout, but all day.



Although this product has not earned any certificates of its own, it is backed by extensive research. Though it may well earn some certificates in the future, it is a fairly new product and still needs more exposure. One of its main ingredients, L-arginine, was the subject of Nobel Prize-winning research, and this certification does lend legitimacy to the product. In fact, all ingredients have at least some level of research behind them. Particularly for those who are wary of spending money on folk medicine, this is good news.



Sometimes, it is helpful to hear from users of a product before you buy. Here some words from those who have used this product:

Robbie, 21, Charlottesville, VA:

This is my first pre-workout. My dad bought it, and I tried it. I instantly loved it. I’m hitting PRs like no tomorrow and it’s only been a couple months. Can’t wait to see how ripped I can get!

Steven, 40, Palms, CA:

The older I get, the slower I get – or I at least felt that way until I tried Mass Build FX. I wasn’t sure if the extended release claim was true, but I recover so much faster now. I used to have to take a day or two off after leg day – but no longer. I’m like a new person!

Bradley, 33, Orlando, FL:

I actually started working out later than most people, and it took forever for me to find a supplement I wanted. I can’t do most pre-workouts because I have a low tolerance for caffeine. But this is perfect – I feel energized but not anxious, and my focus is so much better. Very happy with my decision.


Awards & Media Coverage

On its own, Mass Build FX has not won any awards. As mentioned above, though, it is supported by award winning science. It also has not been extensively covered in the media. However, as more research is done into the efficacy of citrulline as a nitric oxide booster in relation to L-arginine, it is very possible that this supplement will receive additional media coverage. As of yet, it has been favorably reviewed by a handful of supplement sites, but no additional coverage. Based on favorable testimonials from many users, it’s also likely that this supplement will be in the running for a few awards in the near future.


Money-back Guarantee

This supplement manufacturer does not offer a money back guarantee on Mass Build FX. However, it does offer a free trial option, which in many ways may be preferable. For instance, when you purchase a product with a money back guarantee, the onus is more often than not on you to pay for return shipping and/or obtain a return merchant authorization. Many people don’t have the energy for this hassle, and so even if they are dissatisfied, they will just keep a product they don’t like. (For more detail on the free trial option, see below.)



Depending on the quantity that you order, shipping and handling are free for this product. Free shipping is offered as an incentive. If you purchase two bottles at once, you will receive a free third bottle, but you also will receive free shipping and handling for all three. Of you only order one bottle, or if you are choosing a free trial option, you only pay $9.99 shipping and handling. These rates apply to the United States, and international shipping may be more expensive. Depending on how often you purchase this product, it may actually be cheaper to buy the larger quantities that come with free shipping.


Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, the customer support staff for Mass Build FX is very knowledgeable about the product, as it is the one that they sell. The customer service staff is here to support you whether you have already made a purchase or not. You can call, e-mail, write, or use a web form to contact them with questions about suitability, ingredients, etc. You also can contact them post purchase, as they are committed to helping you get the most out of your purchase and to meet your fitness goals.


Safe & Secure Checkout

For many, making a purchase online is a little unnerving. And before the days of encryption, it used to be much more likely that your information would be stolen. But when you buy Mass Build FX online, you can rest assured that all information is perfectly safe. According to its website, the state-of-the-art encryption is verified by multiple independent companies, so your information is safe from hackers. Additionally, this company will not sell, lease, or otherwise share your information – it stays safe.


Mass Build FX Pricing & Free Trial

Considering the amount of research that went into this product, its pricing is actually highly reasonable. If you want to make sure you like the product, you have the option of a 14-day free trial. For this trial, you pay $9.99 to have a month supply shipped to your door. You then have 14 days to decide whether you want to continue with the product. If you cancel within the 14 day period, you don’t need to pay anything. If you do not cancel, you’ll be billed for the bottle.

The pricing varies by the quantity of bottles you buy, and purchasing in bulk will lead to a substantial savings. If you choose to buy one bottle (a 30-day supply), you will need to pay $99.99. However, when you add in the $9.99 shipping and handling fee, the price goes up. You can save money per bottle when you choose the more popular option – you get three bottles (a three month supply) and free shipping for $199.98.






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